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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi, Can you introduce me to your contact at the dealer. Their listed price on the website is a bit higher than what you mentioned. I am looking for a similar model. Thanks
  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    Email me at [email protected] I'll give you here contact.
  • logylogy Posts: 5
    Hello, Pooch2 and Rjhamnani - I am in the market for a sienna or odyssey and live in NJ, let me know if you want to pool in for better deals.
  • Sure, how can I contact you? By the way I am in touch with Fitzmall at this time working on the price.
  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    edited August 2013
    If you don't mind going little further. R&H Toyota at Reisterstown have XLE with navigation for 34,700 OTD with 0% financing. I believe it's comparable to Fitzmall's price. But they don't have the base model...

    They are a great dealership too! I would bought my car there if they have what I wanted..
  • logylogy Posts: 5
    Thanks, I live in NJ and you can reach me at goraug3atgmail
  • Hey, Thanks for the information. R&H are a bit closer for me. However, their internet listed price does not include 'delivery'. So, I chatted with the sales guy and he gave me a total price which was a few hundred (~350) more than what I got from Fitzmall. When I told him so, he agreed to match that price. But your price of 34,700 seems to be better than what I got for either of the dealers. Did you get that over the phone or went to the showroom? I am so far that I cannot go once to just look around and negotiate and again to actually buy. Is there anyway that I get that price? Appreciate your help!
  • timnashvilletimnashville Posts: 3
    edited August 2013
    I just signed a contract for $36,100 on an XLE with Nav, Dual RES, Blind Spot Monitoring, Remote Starter, Paint Film, Cargo Mats, 2 extra headphones including all Toyota related fees, destination, document, advertising.

    I do ok?
  • logylogy Posts: 5

    Is that XLE 7 pass. AWD or XLE 8 pass.FWD ?
  • timnashvilletimnashville Posts: 3
    edited August 2013
    Just the 8 Passenger FWD. I didn't see any AWD vehicles available in the TN. It did have captain chairs in the second row. Not sure if this is standard but I really liked it.

    And the dual screen is mounted as a single screen to the ceiling like the new odysseys in a double wide format, not like seen on Toyota's website as two screens directly behind each front seat headrest.

    Price included $1500 rebate.
  • lucasqlucasq Posts: 20
    I went and talked to the dealer face to face. I think that 's the best way to get great prices.
  • logylogy Posts: 5
    Thanks, so is this price before tax ? or OTD price ? sounds like a good price.
  • It was price before Govt, i had tax tag and title on top of that, or about $1500.
  • hafaf1hafaf1 Posts: 2
    any price information on sienna extended warrant
    thank you
  • adomahadomah Posts: 6
    Option added.

    C7 - Convenience Package includes: Cargo Organizer, Roof Rack Cross Bars
    CF - Carpet Floor Mats & Door Sill Protectors
    TO - Towing Package (3,500lbs)
    V4 - Remote Engine Start

    $27,800 (all discount applied). I am in Ohio so that's just about under 30K OTD. Is that a fair price? Thanks.
  • This sounds to me (IMHO) like a fair price for what you're getting including the added options. Maybe even a good price. I wouldn't consider it a great price to jump on unless you're tired of shopping around.
  • adomahadomah Posts: 6
    Thanks. I just committed to the deal. I am done looking. I might save a couple hundred bucks by calling around some more but I got the color I wanted.
  • I just received a quote for a 2013 Sienna limited AWD Blizzard pearl paint with Navigation and DVD for $43,721. The price does not include sales tax, tag and any processing fees. Just checking to see if this is a good deal. I'm hoping to get a great deal since 2014 is coming out this month.
  • What's the sticker? Which dealership?
  • Molle Toyota, best prices. Check my prior posts.
  • A year ago, I purchased a 2012 Sienna Limited AWD with Premium Package, Convenience Package and Carpeted Floor Mats/Door Sill Protectors, and had these stats:

    Sticker $46,620
    Invoice $43,468
    Sales price $42,200 plus tax and tags

    I think you can do a bit better.
  • Received another quote from Newark Toyotaworld in DE for $42941 plus tax and tags with 2013 limited AWD with PT package (this includes the $500 rebate and 0.00% APR for 60 months).
  • Please provide the sticker price on these. Then we can assess the full discount you are receiving.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,052
    A reporter would like to speak to a car shopper who would rather use the internet to do most of their shopping than go to the dealership showroom. If this is you, and you'd like to share your story, please send your daytime contact information to [email protected] no later than EOB Wednesday, September 11, 2013.


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  • We needed the Sienna just to carry people and occasional large item around, so going for the LE base model. Went to the dealership today, and the best price I can get is 26500 pretax, pre-everything.
    MSRP is $30135, invoice is 27,875.
    I am ready to jump, is that an ok deal?
  • $14,694, Stratosphere Mica with every option. 125264 on the odometer.

    Overall liked the van, but got 3 things that I was not happy about:

    1. The remote for the DVD is not the original, it does not work.
    2. Got a flat tire the next day, side wall separation, was a new el cheapo tire.
    3. The rear gate at times does not want to close.

    Tried to called the guy in charge Marco Kudor, left a couple of messages, but no response at all.

    The dealership is Manhattan Beach Toyota, the guy in charge's name is Marco.
  • Could you tell me how you got the price? Did you negotiate? The quote I got was 31829 including tax and all the fees. I expected to get more discount because 2014 model is coming around the corner.
  • Hi,

    Just bought a 2013 Sienna XLE with Nav along with Preffered accessory package, mudgaurds and all weather mats for OTD price 35100. Did a trade In and also got the 0% APR. Hope its a good deal.
  • Would you please separate the car price, fees and taxes separately and also if you used Toyota 750 cashback or plain 0 % financing.
  • pradazpradaz Posts: 3
    edited October 2013
    I just received a quote was wondering if
    a good deal

    invoice 31900.00
    msrp 41500.00

    offers prices $ 35500.00 plus Tx in md
    is this a good deal ?
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