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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mslynnmslynn Posts: 2
    The website is and they normally offer 2% above invoice plus TT&L - that's it! I believe the guys name that I spoke to was Ben - he was very nice about it! One thing that I learned when I bought my last car: I figured exactly what I wanted, and the price I wanted to pay. I called the dealership that I wanted to buy from. I told them that if they would accept my offer with no other fees attached, I would be over to pick up the car. They guy checked with his SM and called me back within 15 minutes. It was a great way to buy a car. They held up their end of the bargain too! Good luck Linda - please let me know what happens!
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    The dealer holdback is funny. I think the dealers have it in their minds that the holdback corresponds to a direct cost (the cost of capital), and so is not part of the cost. But the fact of the matter remains that the amount they pay on the invoice is 2% less than the gross invoice amount, and how fast they turn over the inventory is up to them.

    In fact, we are offering to place a factory order. In this case, they would get our money thirty days ahead of when they finally pay the invoice, assuming they pay their bills in thirty days, so they're earning interest on our money for thirty days, on top of the 2% they're already getting from Toyota.

    The dealer cost is, in the final analysis, irrelevant. What counts is that you get the lowest price in a competitive situation, and it sure sounds like that's what you did. So you know you got the best deal you could, and the cost doesn't matter.

    For this forum's information, we are looking for a 2000 Sienna with UN UP TO EF. We have collected about ten initial bids and are proceeding from there. We will keep posting to this forum with our progress. Wish us luck!
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    Excellent price! Congratulations!

    Was there a tradein involved that made them more willing to do this deal?
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    In San Francisco Bay Area, we seem to be reaching bottom at 24,500 cash (excl $45 doc and TTL) for this vehicle. Maybe that's the price of living in sunny CA :-(
  • tzstzs Posts: 17
    We've poured over these for weeks, so went really prepared. There was no trade, just two people who got a lot of help from all of you out there. Our gut instinct after numerous stops and e-mails was to deal with only two dealers at the end. We were ASTOUNDED at how wonderful the process was at Don Jacobs Toyota in Milwaukee, can't recommend them highly enuf. Good luck and good shopping to everyone else.
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    You didn't finance through the dealer, did you?

    Looks like we've hit bottom at 24,500. Even the Costco (Sam's Club to you?) price is 24,700. Only some of the dealers will get to that price, and nobody will beat it. Heck, one of the dealers stopped at 25,000. Let's see if any of the dealers has a change of heart overnight.
  • tzstzs Posts: 17
    No, we financed through our credit union. What area are you dealing in? After reading all these postings (again) we find that the midwest seems to have the best prices. We actually had several dealers near this price. We went with the dealer/salesperson we felt most comfortable with. No pressure, knowledgeable, friendly, one of the few lots where a salesman didn't come running out when we looked at the van. We did follow advice from other postings, told them immediately that we've used Edmunds, actually knew more than some sales people, (see GAMES DEALERS PLAY here in Edmunds), spent about two weeks preparing, calling and saying, we'll get back to you. When we went to the dealers yesterday, we knew EXACTLY what we were willing to pay and what we wanted. Told everybody up front "we know you need a profit, but we'll go with whomever meets our price and treats us well." Two dealers, actually asked almost $1,000.00 more than what we paid. We didn't waste their time or ours.
  • tzstzs Posts: 17
    We are trying to decide on extended service contract (extending to 6yr/75,000). We are planning on keeping vehicle, last new car purchase was in 1993. Realize that this is insurance and would probably do better investing the money and Toyota's reliability is pretty good, but right now in this region, the "Toyota Tent sale" is on and they are offering 'Platinum plan' (No deductible-covers most everything) for $590. The normal price is $890. Interested in hearing from others on extended service contracts. P.S. we are Chrysler owners (enough said).. OH yeah, still don't know what TOYO guard is??? from previous postings/ sounds like T.urn O.ver Y.en O.nce !!!
  • lakebreezelakebreeze Posts: 2
    A brief history of Toyota cars I've or a family member has owned.
    1985 Corolla 108,000 mi. 1 oil sensor replaced. Car totaled after another car ran a red light in 1993. (Body was in excellent condition- no rust- despite Wisconsin winters and parking outside.)

    1994 Camry 88,000 mi. Still running, no rust. 1 wheel alignment early on to correct bad tire wear.

    1985 Cressida 140,000 The power sun roof
    failed at approx. 40,000. Got rid of car when it became a 3rd car in a two car family and the right rear wheel needed replacing.

    1995 Avalon 40,000 My dad's car. No problems, rides like a dream.

    2000 Sienna 1,076 mi. Yeah, it's early, but what do think I can expect?

    The only maintenance done is brakes, belts, oil, and in the case of the Corolla and Cressida, mufflers too.

    All cars are in Wisconsin winters. Never bought an extended warranty. Keep your money. :)
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    That price you got is amazing -- to me at least. We've been bidding dealers against one another and have really hit a wall at 24,500. One of the out-of-town dealers grudgingly went down to 24,650 but then refused to go further. We have had several dealers match the price but none go further.

    We are in the San Francisco bay area. I suspect it's part of the price of living here as I got an immediate quote significantly more favorable from a Los Angeles dealer. I'm almost tempted to fly down to LA to pick up the car there.

    Regarding the extended warranty: No way would I purchase one ever again. I have once had one, and my wife has too, and they're not very useful, particularly for a car as reliable as the Toyota.

    Don't think of it as an extended warranty, think of it as an insurance policy. Do you really need to insure yourself against mechanical trouble in your new Toyota? Save the money, buy Toyota stock instead, and use it to pay for the repairs yourself should the vehicle ever break down.
  • tzstzs Posts: 17
    Thanks for the input on warranty. You need to know our car history: Eagle Premiere (Renault/AMC/Chrysler mutt) extended warranty paid about $2500.00 worth of repairs, Chrysler Concorde, about $900.00 plus AFTER warranty work in the past year about $2,000.00 more. Can you figure out why we're buying a Toyota? Our fear is that our curse will extend to this van too. Our brain tells us you're all correct, but our heart is looking at that empty bank account. We still have time to consider. Lakebreeze, we're "Up Nort'" in Sheboygan...know about these winters, you made a lot of sense.
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    Worst case, you have 3 years / 36000 miles in which to save up $2500 for unexpected repairs.

    Look at it this way: you would be paying $600 for the warranty, right? Save another $50 a month for future repairs, and at the end of three years you will have $2400 saved up. Plus interest, which probably would contribute another $200 or so. So you have $2600 at the end of three years. That will pay for some pretty hefty repairs, which are exceedingly unlikely in a car as reliable as the Toyota.

    By far the most likely outcome is that you won't touch the car for ten years. Toyota knows this, and that's why they're willing to sell you the warranty for $600. They're still profiting handsomely.
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    The $24,500 for our LE with UN UP TO EF appears to be a solid floor. No dealers are willing to budge below that. It's almost like there's collusion: everyone's agreed to sell cars for $xxx above invoice, minimum. I had several opening offers at 24,600 that only went down to 24,500 and then stopped cold.

    I can recommend as they did come in with $24,478, beating the other dealers by all of $22.

    I imagine we might be able to get a better price by walking out of dealerships. But I really don't know, and don't want to spend a whole lot more time with this.

    We did the whole thing via phone and email, and definitely found it worked better talking with the fleet managers / internet sales managers. They were able to deal, whereas a couple of times we got stuck with a salesman, who had to go to the sales manager to get everything approved. For what it's worth, the salesmen had by far the worse attitudes.

    I calculate the dealer is making $1,000 on our deal. That is assuming they do in fact pay $400 to Toyota for advertising, as they have claimed.

    Either way, it's not a bad day's work for them.

    Best of luck to all shoppers out there!
  • ash007ash007 Posts: 1
    Hi friends,
    I am in the look out for an LE in CT. I have contacted most of the Toyota Dealers in Connecticut. They all are quoting much above invoice. Is there any dealer in CT from where I can get around 2-3% over invoice? If you know some body please let me know.


  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    The advice I offer regarding your situation is to forget about the invoice. Use it just to communicate to them that you know what you're an educated buyer.

    One of the risks is that you are quoted a certain percentage above an inflated invoice figure. Additionally, the invoice they show you is the gross invoice, which is actually reduced by 2% for the holdback. Read the previous discussions about what should and shouldn't be included in the "invoice".

    I recommend laying out a fairly standard configuration that you're comfortable with. The extras such as cargo net can be either added later or purchased aftermarket for probably less than the Toyota invoice. Then ask for quotes on that configuration. After you have collected a few quotes, challenge the highest quote to beat the lowest. Then challenge the next highest to beat the new low. And so on until you reach bottom.

    I felt it was important during this process to radiate niceness and gratitude. Getting confrontational with the people I was talking to didn't seem to help in the slightest.

    Also, check out They actually got slightly below my $24,500 price, but by that time I was already in final commitment with a dealer.

    For the extra step, go into the dealership with the final low, and go over the numbers with them. Then thank them politely and tell them it's more than you wanted to pay and walk out. If they bump the price down again, you have a new low with which to work. Of course, this step is a tiny bit risky and will be time consuming and difficult.

    My experience was almost eerie. We negotiated fine and then suddenly hit a wall at 24,500 for the LE with UN UP TO EF. No dealer would go below this price, though about half would match it.

    We will pay about $900 more than we would have had we lived in Wisconsin, about $400 more than if we lived in southern California, and about the same as in the eastern U.S.

    Good luck!
  • linda963linda963 Posts: 7
    I am in San Antonio and wonder how many Texas Sienna owners there are on this board and how negotiable the Sienna is here. I've been reading about people who get very good deals and people who have reached a floor in their area. Also, do most of you think you have to pay all those advertising fees etc. or will dealers knock those off?

    We just recently looked the Sienna and were impressed by the safety, reliability and quality of the van. We were originally looking at the MPV and liked what we saw, especially the magic seat, we think it might be better for us to pay a little bit more (hopefully, "little!") for the Toyota reputation.

    Thanks for any help.
  • tzstzs Posts: 17
    You may really have a good price, sounds a BIT low but follow everyone's advice and work the REAL invoice. See our posting #34. This was the first offer from one dealer, others we had to haggle with several times to get near it. It was clean and simple. Everyone does seem to pay TDA (Toyota Dealer Advertising), it varies from region to region as to how much. Check with at least one other dealer as a back up. If the invoice they're quoting is the same as Edmunds's and you just add $100.00, maybe they're just slow moving in your area and you can believe it. We were at about 1.5% over invoice. Edmund's has a "Fair Price" formula you can use for an idea of what to expect, but some of us are doing better. And yes, of COURSE, they're still making money, don't worry about them too much.
  • tzstzs Posts: 17
    Please, I'm staying awake nights...can somebody PLEASE tell us what Toyo-guard is?
  • tmnkwdtmnkwd Posts: 4
    The Toyota marketing department discovered that people were losing interest in their cars and the buying process as they slept. So, the masterminds came up with Toyo-guard. With Toyo-guard, you will now lay awake at night thinking about Toyota. It is just one of the many ways they try and brain wash us ;-)
  • mgripsmgrips Posts: 1
    Hi everyone,

    We discovered that you can indeed buy a Sienna @ invoice.
    We visited Dry Ridge Toyota in N. Ky. and let them know going in that we were looking for an "Invoice deal". (No trade-in).
    The price we paid for our XLE was $23,930 plus we paid invoice price for all options:
    SK...$80 + $68 install fee*
    RB...$365 + $140 install fee*
    SD...$33 + $14 install fee*
    EF...$36 + $27 install fee*
    * The van came from the factory without these items, and we paid the dealer to install 'em...
    seemed reasonable to us.

    So, do your homework and stick to your guns!

  • camvancamvan Posts: 1
    could someone tell me a dealer i could contact in la,tx,miss,ala, ect who will work a deal without all the so called dealer fees that jackup the price.
  • sherryj1sherryj1 Posts: 1
    Well, we went down and picked up the van at $100 over invoice tonight. Took the kids for a spin in the van and they loved it!

    Again, thanks for all the advice. It does pay to do your homework. If all possible, deal with fleet managers. I went through for the fleet manager I used. He was great!
  • buycar5buycar5 Posts: 4
    I read that the Toyo guard is a rubberized film that they spray onto the inside of the tire rims to help with corrosion?!?
    I am currently playing the e-mail game with 10 dealers in Eastern NC. I think as someone above said, you do the best for where you live. I don't have the opportunity to go to Milwaukee to but a car without all the costs. So as long as I get the best convenient deal I will try to be happy, then stop reading this string so I don't get depressed reading all the low prices!
    Some of these extra fees are clearly negotiable between different dealers, just based on the prices that are coming back to me. My question though, is all the people that are quoting "100" above invoice, is that the consumer reports, KBB,Edmunds invoice minus the holdback, or the dealer telling you what invoice is and saying "100" over? I've had a few dealers use their own "cost" figure as invoice, which includes some of those bogus Toyota fees(advertising, Toyo guard etc). So when they tell me 2% over invoice, they really mean 5-6% over what I know as invoice!
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    Your price is good but not as good as I got on an initial bid from Longo Toyota in Los Angeles. Regrettably I live in the bay area so it didn't make economic sense to go to LA to buy a car.

    If there's one lesson I've learned from this board it's: FORGET ABOUT THE INVOICE! The first step is to forget about the MSRP as a reference, the second step is to forget about the invoice as the reference. The dealers know everybody knows about invoice, so they play all kinds of games with the invoice price. Never lose sight of the fact that the invoice is already padded by 2% holdback, not counting Toyo Guard, "dealer installation costs", "holdback" and so on ad nauseum.

    Only use discussion of the invoice price to communicate that you're not a hopelessly dumb buyer. After that, the reference price is NOT the invoice price, but rather is the lowest bid you've gotten so far. You MUST make the dealers compete with each other! Only then do you know you've gone as far as you can go.
  • ewessonewesson Posts: 24
    I have no idea what is real on the invoice. I believe the Toyota advertising may be real -- a real, invoiced charge paid by the dealers to Toyota Inc. -- but what cracks me up is the dealers claiming "holdback" on the invoice. So if I get this straight, they're trying to charge me for their cost of capital, when Toyota is already crediting them 2% of invoice for it! Tricky tricky tricky!

    The toyota advertising cost may vary by region, too. That may help explain regional differences. It also may vary by dealer, with higher volume dealers getting less charge per car.

    If the Toyota advertising is not real, the dealer is making $1400 gross profit on my deal. If it is real, the dealer is making $1000 gross profit. Either way, not a bad way to make a living.

    As I noted in other messages, you'll drive yourself nutto worrying about what the dealer's profit is. Just make 'em compete and quit worrying about it.

    By the way, if you try walking out in order to push the price lower, please let me know how well that works. I am not going to try that but am very curious whether it would have worked.

    And if anybody's interested, I built a dealer profit spreadsheet model to compare the quotes. Email me at and I'll send it to you.
  • veehbveehb Posts: 1
    FYI - Below is summary of my experience trying to get a good deal on Sienna LE in Atlanta area.

    Sent out 10 email requests for out the door pricing using format from previous posting. Basically, I listed invoice info for Sienna LE, Options TO, UN. Gave color pref Sailfin Blue and interior Gray Cloth. Tax rate for Rockdale County is 6%.

    Rec'd answers from all dealers. Best quote from Heyward Allen in Athens, GA. Quote was $24,942 OTD. Decided this was very competitive and did not want to dicker back and forth with other dealers after they initially came in with higher quotes. Probably could have got matching or slightly better - but my loyalty was with the guy providing the first quote back that made sense.

    Internet Sales Mgr has been very helpful and hopefully will stick to quote when I go to pick up. I will be really surprised if this isn't the case. Vehicle has been delayed from factory - so Heyward Allen Toyota has offered a loaner Sienna for trip next week if my vehicle is not in by that time.

    I figure this is somewhere around $490 over invoice depending on how you figure it.

    Hope this helps someone.
  • tzstzs Posts: 17
    Thanks for the input, also had posted in Sienna Minivan and there was a response (#388). Sadly, it appears to be some type of corrosion protection etc. that some dealers in the South East are getting away with. Isn't this the kind of thing that's not supposed to be necessary? There's quite a bit of info in the posting. Check it out yourself. RE: invoice, we've always used Edmunds numbers, then they can't confuse you. But feel free to dicker, even after a quote. We dealt with one dealer where the salesmanager's quote price was $400.00 below his salesman. Due to other contacts, we ended up dealing with both and where surprised this would happen.
  • I am so disgusted with the whole car buying process. It seems as though I need to wear boots every time I visit a dealership...the BS is so deep.

    I have done a lot of research, thought I had a decent deal by NY standards (1000 over invoice). Told the guy we shouldn't have to pay 430 advertising fee. He made the mistake of telling me to look on Edmund's website to prove that we had to pay this. We found the section in Edmund's which said we SHOULD NOT pay this! Went to the dealership today to pick up the van (or so we thought). We showed these guys the article. They kept saying there was nothing they could do about it. Finally, they knocked off $200 from the price of the car, but a short time later informed us that the labor cost on the dealer-installed center console and rear bumper protector would be (surprise!) just about $200. In addition to that, when I inspected the car, the driver's armrest was broken. The sales manager tried to prove to me that it wasn' was merely the way I had the seat tilted (do they think everyone is an idiot?) I told him I had test driven these vans twice and sat in a couple of others. After safety, comfort is my top priority (which is why we didn't go with a windstar or odyssey...odyssey dealers are a piece of work too but we won't go there). Anyway, I know my armrests. They said they didn't have anyone available to take a look at the armrest (despite the fact that there were service people around...again, we must all be idiots). So, with our check and insurance, out the door we went. They will contact us Monday to let us know what the story is with the armrest. Don't you think that nothing should have to be fixed in a new car???

    Anyway, what i did was email a few dealers telling them exactly what I want...base price and options at invoice plus 3% profit (they can now forget about getting a grand from me) plus tax plus destination plus document fee, title, registration. I don't want to give them their advertising fee either.

    Does anybody have anything positive to say about NY dealers? Has anyone been successful in paying the 3% profit and no advertising fee in NY?

    Thanks for your input...This is a great website. I have learned a lot from everyone's comments.
  • gb9gb9 Posts: 16
    nomoregames: I'm afraid I don't have any answers for you. Please post again if you do find a dealer who is willing to be fair. I'm on Long Island.

    Good Luck
  • cooliconcoolicon Posts: 4
    Does anyone know if the Sinenna has pop-out windows in the MIDDLE. Not on the back, but for the sliding doors??

    Thanks Ed
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