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Jaguar S-Type



  • My wife is wanting a Jaguar we will more then likely get a used one if we do.She likes the s-type best but likes the x-type too.My billfold like the x-type our nearest dealer is 70 miles away so we've not try any out but read alot about them.I was hoping to get some REAL feedback
    from some people who owns them and what I need to look for.
  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    I just took my 2003 Mercedes E320 and traded it in for a Jaguar S type 3.0. Now wife and myself have same car. I had a 2001 E430 and 2003 E320 and after 37 automobiles I can promise you the Mercedes is way over-rated. As for exterior styling and interior creature comforts the Jag S is miles ahead of the Benz. OK- it costs more, it may be more impressive to associates and clients but that is not what I need.
  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    Don't even think about an X Jaguar. A woman would always want the very best cloth coat instead of the very worst fur coat and the X Jag is the worst fur coat and looks it. Cheap and cheezy. The X accomplishes only one thing: It gives the owner a Jaguar name on a registration. Reminds me of the old Mercedes 190. Junk box with prestigious name. Phooey!! Look for a used 2003 instead of 2000,2001,2002 Jag S. Interior refinements and mechanics much improved on '03 models....and the front passenger does not have emergency hand brake positioned up against their butts. Also the dash of the 03 S looks like the desirable XJ. All the editors of auto magazines talk about the 'dreaded J gate shifter' really don't know what they're talking about.
  • ivyfchuivyfchu Posts: 21
    Have you seen the 2005 S Type - The tail was redone and it seems to look even better! (I always like the S type styling but the tail always reminds me of a Ford/ Hundayi)
  • S-type will set you back 15-20K more than X and all you get is a little more of styling.

    X and S both are lemons. So why not grieve a little less by choosing X to satisfy the madness. Also, XJ is a road boat and only good for Geezers, who incidently are its buyers.

    Overall, Jag is good for insecure people who link numbers on road with exclusivity.

    Jaguar was great 30 years ago but now they need top reliability and some excitement which they are finding impossible to achieve.
  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    Last week I GAVE my 2003 E320 Mercedes to a dealer for a 2003 Jaguar S and got almost $5k check during the swap. What I did not get for $52k last year from MBZ was special paint, 6 cd player, subwoofer, leather-wood wheel,electronic lumbar adjustmenbts (MBZ are hand cranks!!) 3x the interior wood.fold down rear seats and so much more I cannot put it all in this memo. Now wife and myself both own 2003 S (6 cyl) cars and love them. After two MBZ, they are way over-rated and way overpriced and AIN'T worth the money for sure. Prestige? Yes, reliability? Questionable.
  • I drive an 2004 XJ8. Fantastic car.
  • Very nice cars, and with the improvements for 2003, they are even better. I just traded a 2001 4.0 S-type that was trouble free for 40,000 miles. I am sure you'll have the same experience.
  • cmnottcmnott Posts: 200
    that the new S-Type is now on the top of my list for its class. Who knew that a little cosmetic surgery could make the car absolutely stunning? I had no idea the saggy derriere affected its style so much. While it is much less XKish, it still is all Jaguar.

    Is that cindy person for real? The new XJ is phenomenal, probably the best Jaguar EVER.
  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    If most people with open minds would test drive a Jaguar XJ8 or S type BEFORE buying a Benz I think they could be easily swayed. It is a lot more car for a lot less money. Good luck 2U2.
  • I'm considering various S-types. I have looked around and desided it's the car for me. Any opinion on my options.

    1) Certified 2002 with 18000 miles (3.0 and loaded). I would probable outright buy this car.
    2) Lease a 2004 3.0 now or wait a few months.
    3) Wait for the 2005 and lease. I've only seen pictures but hope to see one soon at an auto show.

    I read most of the boards over the last 2 months and see all the problems with 2000s. The 2002 appears to be about the same car but I'm assuming a lot of fixes. Is this correct? I'm not an aggressive drive and I'm not sure a more ridged body and some upgrades in suspension is worth 10,000 but I do like the interior style of the 2004 and the 6 speed automatic was very nice.
  • ivyfchuivyfchu Posts: 21
    My personal opinions as followed:

    - Wouldn't want 2002 as the interior has not been upgraded yet (Only from 2003 on)

    - 2004 lease - This is an OK option but I personally want to see what the kind of upgrades they are offering for 2005.

    I guess I will lease and I will wait for a 2005. Firstly, the 2005 will have a new exterior (rear) and potentially more interior options as well. If at that time you decided that you still like the 2004 better, you can get a great deal for the 2004 as it would have been a 1-year old model by then.
  • You expressed close to my present thoughts. I will at least wait until I see to 2005.

  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    I saw detailed photos, NOT drawings of the 2005 S Jaguar. The taillights are changed ever so slightly it is hard to notice. As for the interior you will be able to get two color leather seats. If you don't like the wood dash you can have brushed aluminum dash appointments. The most noticable exterior feature is that the tops of all 4 headlights (12 o'clock position) are on the same plane as the top of the radiator grille. If these minor tweaks are not that important to you, go for the 2004 (or 03) and start enjoying the vehicle now. Unquestionably will cost you less, too! Good luck!!
  • I've seen lots of photos of the 05. Only minor differences to me. Just got back from the Grand Rapids auto show ( they truck the cars here after the Detroit show and before the Chicago show) But no 05. One dealer told me today I would be October but the web site and another dealer said May. I have made up my mind on not waiting (no two tone interior for me).

    Now it's time to work on price. I'm beginning to wonder if all jag salesmen are deaf or just don't think a consumer need to know the facts. I have to ask repeated for cap cost, money factor and residual and they look at me like I'm dumb but can't provide this with out being asked 2 or 3 times. I swear I will walk out on the next one that does it to me. It’s insulting.
  • Thanks all for the help. Just lease a 3.0 and had them throw in a set of 4 Bridgestone Blizzaks. They will delay delivery for a few days but they will install and store for free and free change out. Seem to be a very good idea for west Michigan
  • Congrats and the new lease. Do you mind sharing the details of the lease - like pmt, cap cost, miles, etc.? Just wondering what is in the market nowadays.
  • MSRP 46995 Cap cost including extra tires(about $650) 45000. money factor .00128, residule 49% 39 months 12000/year $703/month with tax. no cap reduction etc.
    These numbers are off the top of my head but are only off a few dollars if any. The money factor is the equilivent of about 3% and saved several thousand dollars on that.
  • As an owner of a 2000 fully loaded 4.0 S-Type for the last 4 years and two months, have conversed with many S-Type owners in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, I can truly say, the car is gorgeous, but reliability sucks to the highest. Customer service from Jaguar when you have problems sucks! Jag Corporate is famous for their song and dance routines, i.e., "I understand your problem sir, but there is nothing we can do to help you at this time. Dr. Collins, is there anything else I can help you with today?" My vehicle has spent 148 days in service,you have to fight and threaten to sue them for a rental (because Jag has allowed the dealers to either discontinue the loaner program or initiate it at their discretion - if you didn't buy from that dealer you may not get a loaner, if you did not buy from that dealer your car is taken last for service, sometimes my car sat on the lot for 30 days, is currently leaking anti-freeze, changing a license plate bulb, caused all rear lighting to go hay wire, yes I did use Jag bulb from dealer. Have had new engine, new trans, new gear shift, new a/c, new heat assemblies. I am not sure of the reliability of the '01-'04, but I can say if they have fixed some of the problems, it hasn't hit a service bulletin yet. (i.e, can't park on steep hills, or the gearshift with lock - CAUTION, excess pulling on lever will cause it to break, consult Jag, they will tell you that you have to rock the vehicle in your tux if this happens, Jag removed the low coolant sensors due to defect, has not come up with a fix. Car ran hot last month in snow and ice due to the missing sensor). Met gentleman at service station who shared his experience: came off exit ramp, all four brakes locked up, car did flip on guard rail, no airbag deployment. In pulling the computer information in the passenger door, indicated he wasn't speeding or doing anything wrong, car just malfunction. Jaguar rush to replace car with R Type in hopes of avoiding suit. This is just the tip of the ice-berg for this vehicle. Have you ever wondered why you can buy them cheap used, because they don't hold their value. Most dealers don't want them, they wholesale them. They will only give you Kelly Blue Book on trade (which is the lowest trade-in value vs. Edmunds or N.A.D.A.) Why would you want to waste your money. With zero down, most cars hit equity at about 2.5-3 years, Jag about 4.5 years. In short, ifbeauty is more important, buy Jag, if reliability and resale is more important go Lexus, or Acura. By the way, my buddy purchased a 3.0 about a year after my purchase, ironically, he is having the same problems I experienced, I hope he doesn't have to replaced the engine because a thermostate going bad.
  • Interestingly my wife has a 2003 V8 S-type and is having intermittent problems with the warning display showing low coolant levels. We have taken the vehicle back to the dealer three times for the same problem (only 4500 miles on the vehicle now). The first two times they just topped out the fluids. The third time they said that they had to readjust a clamp but we had the same warning message after driving home 10 minutes from the dealership! After returning they said there was an air bubble in the system and took the car up 10 minutes and then when they returned everything worked fine. We have been driving the car for a week and haven't seen the warning message again but would be very surprised if it never reappears.

    Is this a case of an oversensitive sensor or could it malfunction and actually not warn us when the coolant is actually low?
  • Low Coolant warning light came on within one hour of purchase (approx odometer reading less than 50 miles). Purchase vehicle in Delaware, light came on while driving the NJ Turnpike. Took to dealer in Maryland, was informed it had to be removed according to service bulletin. No fix to date. In addition to this, Jaguar response center was continuously receiving airbag deployment signals from my car, which dealer was unable to fix. Response center removed me from call sequence. So I guess if I have an accident, pressing the call button won't do any good.
  • car85car85 Posts: 1
    I recently bought a new 2003 8 cylindre S type jaguar. From day 1 I had problems. The command system and the cell phone are terrible. What is scarry is that the dealer told me they often do not believe the customers when they complain about the phones!. 2 months after buying the car the entire break system had to be changed. There was a fault in the electric hand breaks that burnt the system. The electrical system in the car is very poorly designed.
  • I purchased a new 2003 Jaguar S type last spring & since that time I have had to replace 5 of the center caps on the wheel. The dealer tells me they are being stolen but I know they are not. One came off in my hand when I was wiping away brake dust. Is anyone else having a problem with this??

    My brakes also "sceech loudly" from time to time. The dealer tells me this is because of the type of brake pad that has to be used and to spray pressured water into the wheel. It happens so often that I really wonder if something else is going on. The dealer tells me everything is fine and not to bring the car in until the 10,000 mile warranty check. Anyone else have this same problem?
  • I have had the same problem with the center caps. I have purchased at least 10 so far. The parts guy at the dealers informed me that they were informed by Jaguar to keep plenty on hand. They crack easily, and the prongs that fits into the center of the wheel breaks off (poor grade of plastic)and once you hit a bump they pop out because there is nothing to keep them in. It is evident Jag knows about it, but they aren't will to replace free. They are making a forture charging $20 each. But then again, I had an Acura NSX who's plastic center cap cost $75. As far as the brakes goes, I haven't had any noise problems except a faint squeak here and there. However, I do pressure wash my wheels at the do-it-yourself wash. Also, checkout That's where Jag owners hangout. Someone there may have experienced the same problem.
  • My wife complained about screeching brakes too. They readjusted the brake calipers 2 times before the noise went away. One of the times I drove an X-type for a loaner and heard the same noise so it might just be a sound that is characteristic to Jaguars or the brake pads they use.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Consumers' Most Wanted Vehicles for 2004 Survey is posted and ready for your input!
  • Just bought a Jaguar S Type and although I did notice the pause in the shifting, there is something else. I notice a hesitation in the engine........almost like it is missing slightly, or wanting to chug. Anyone know what this is?
  • wcollinswcollins Posts: 45
    texas_2004 you will have to get use to strange occurrences from Jag. As an owner of a 2000 S-Type for 4.5 years, I've had all sort of things go wrong, small and major. I know I will never by a Jag again. The customer service people, and people at Jag Corporate sucks big time. From reading different Jag boards, I have come to the conclusion that there are some Jags that are trouble free and many more that are troublesome. I believe if you start having problems in the beginning you will always have problems. Mine started 25 miles from the dealer and has not stopped since. (i.e., new engine, 2 trannys, new phone system, new heat and air units, leaking coolant container, new exhaust silencer, and the list goes on. One big thing, I strongly suggest and wished I had done. BUY THE EXTENDED WARRANTY!!!!
  • wcollinswcollins Posts: 45
    It appears, that the standard equipment battery provided by Jag has a life expectancy of 36-40 months before failing, and some has failed within 24 months. The bad thing about this, is that they fail without warning, no slow cranks or anything, just stop working. Don't get caught like I did, with having to tow the vehicle to find out what happened. I didn't think it was the battery because it operated fine prior. 5 Minutes ago it was fine, then nothing. In addition, after reading different Jag boards, it is apparently known to the British that the Jag batteries are of an inferior grade. Please opt for a more quality battery at less cost. I paid $210 for a Jag battery when I could have gotten a better one with a longer warranty. Try Auto Zones's Duralast 49-D (7 years-2 yr. free replacement)$64.99; Advanced Auto Part Autocraft 491 $64.88 (6 year-3year free replacement); Interstate's Mega-Tron-Plus MTP-92 $106 (85 months warranty); or the new spiral cone generation yellow top battery by Optima for under $129.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,564
    in the trunk? If it is, it'll need the vent tube that comes on the stock unit so that any overflow and the gases are vented overboard.

    Those with Lincoln LS's (which does have the battery in the trunk) who have gone with a "superior" (and far less expensive) aftermarket replacement have often ended up with corrosion and/or damaged paint. Plus which, it's a bad plan to have hydrogen venting into what is essentially the passenger compartment.

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