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Jaguar S-Type



  • Bill, thanks for the response, I bought it, over time I will post how it turns out.
  • Can my US Spec. 2001 S-Type be converted to day time running lights?

    I believe they were mandatory for Jaguars sold in Canada. Could it be the car is wired for this feature but not installed in the US.


    Jacksonville, Oregon
  • This weekend I just purchased a 2000 S-Type 3.0 for $15,000.00. When I test drove the car it seemed fine. Now that i brought the vehicle home, the problems have begun. First thing I noticed the drivers side rear window,it is either off the track or needs a new regulator (looking into that today), the odometer is not working(maybe dealer disconnected this) probably will void my warranty without it (5 year engine and transmission) Went to pick up the car and they told me the windshield wiper motor was dead (the only thing they fixed for me)(how is this motor bad in a 5 year old car?) Next my engine light is on, was told its a oxygen or fule tempertaure sensor (maybe this has something to due with the idle not being stable at all times) And most importantly being that winter is here, my heat does not work, but the ac does. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated, any good jauar mechanics in the bronx area would also be appreciated. I think im gonna bring the car to the dealeer and do a full diagnostics test. Should I have to repair all this or is my dealer part responsible. I dont want to much time to pass if he is.. Any laws to prtoct consumers from this? He told me that his guarentee is 30 days on tranny and engine, but he aslo told me everyhing was fine on the car. OOO my mirros dont work either, maybe its just a fuse hopefully. Love the car, just wanna fix it and hope that there arent a lot of problems around the corner...
  • vtwovtwo Posts: 1
    i have a 2000 stype and on the passenger rear side the the break lights and the lamp does not come on. the bulbs are good on both lights. has anyone else had this problem or reccomend something

  • I brought a 2000 stype in june of this year for same price as u. and now i am haveing simialr problems. just wondering if you have found any help for the problems. my heat does not work and they told me to replace thermosate
  • I have a 2000 Jag S Type with 84k miles on the odo, recently I've been having problems with both front lower ball joints. I have the 100k extendeded warranty and the dealer claims that the joints would not be covered due to wear and tear. According to the warraty it should, but they refused to fixed it at no charge. Do any of you know of Jaguars Customer Service/Consumers Affairs phone number. I would like to verify what the dealer told me. Apart from the above problem, I have enjoyed my Jag trouble free.
  • Did they say how much the thermosate costs? The heat in my 2000 S-type is not working properly. It's blowing out cold air. I can get a little heat if I leave the temp on high and leave the level high. When I raise the level I get cold air. This just started as the weather got colder.
  • Yeah i called dealer said part is about $50 and the labor is $150.00 but i am trying to see if anyone other than dealer can do this cause the labor price is crazy. once i start to drive the heat starts to work but idilling or short distance i get nothing
  • roksobroksob Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 2002 S-type. The car was delivered with a pouch containing a variety of information ... Operating Highlights, Audio Systems Handbook, Passport to Service and a number of Supplements to the Driver's Handbook. However there was no Driver's Handbook. As a result, I'm having a problem figuring out how to program the driver's seat memory. Can someone tell me how?

    Anyone have a spare handbook that's looking for a new home?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 3,017
    Some owner manuals are available on line here:{308E06A9-BEE7-- 410A-96FB-B29E647A233D}
    2016 BMW 340i
  • tms0407tms0407 Posts: 13
    i went and had the diagnostic test done and they said not thermostat it is a leak in the coolant resovouir which cost $360 to fix. called around and can get done cheaper
  • I have a 2001 S type Jaguar, It has been to the dealer for wind noise and they cant seem to figure out where its coming from, they said the windshield and doors are fine along with the moonroof. The rubber seal on my moonroof has been replaced twice, and the top squeaks when it takes turns. any suggestions on wind noise?? Also my steering wheel shakes it seems like its a common jag problem. :sick:
  • In october i purchased a 2000 S Type jaguar. i've found that repairs are rather costly for this vehicle, so I am looking into purchasing an extended warranty. I hear that a lot of these companies are scammers. Can anyone recommend a reliable warranty company and reccommend coverage I should get.. I have 72,000 miles currently
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Has anyone had an iPod connection or other auxillary audio input installed in place of the CD changer?
    If so, how well does it work for you?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    How do I know what's a good price? How close to Kelly Blue Book Retail price is a reasonable transaction price on Select Edition? I know most used cars are marked up by a huge amount to allow for negotiation.
    For instance. Check out this car
    It has 3 years and about 50,000 miles remaining on the warranty (6 year/100K for Select Edition) and the dealer has priced it at roughly KBB retail value for "excellent" condition for the mileage and equipment listed.
  • I have had an S-Type R for 3 years and it has been awesome--no mechanical issues--no instrumentational issues--nothing...the z rated tires wear quickly, but that's because of how I drive. It's awful in the snow, but that's the price you pay for racing tires, rear wheel drive, and huge horsepower. There's nothing original about owning a BMW or Benz--I get compliments from everyone on the S-Type R and I've yet to meet anything on the road that is significantly quicker...Suck it up and buy one, you won't be sorry--(asking if you have problems with your jag is like a pregnant women asking people about their experience...all you get are the bad stories. I promise you that there is more good experience with Jags than bad)
  • 2b1ask12b1ask1 Posts: 1
    I have experienced the exact same problem with my 2004 S-type. In addition to the "hanging" of the gear shift in low speed, intermittently the car will shift into 2nd gear very roughly (like the tranny jumps). This occurs mostly
    when making a left turn (from a stopped position).
    The dealership states they can not find any problems. The tranny service light have come on 3 times in the last 6 months. Each time it (service light) has come on it has been after dealership hours and on the weekend. I will drive it directly to the dealer if it ever comes on doing dealer operating hours. Car has 28.5k miles on it. I'm still searching for answers from dealership. Like You - I Love the car but these issues are starting 2 irritate me..
  • mkovalskmkovalsk Posts: 114
    The trans service light sets a code in the PCM when it's on. That code will stay in memory for about a month after the last time the light was on. Take the car in even if the light has gone out.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A national newspaper is looking to interview consumers who have had to replace a car key, which ended up costing over $200 or $300. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] no later than Monday, April 2, 2006 containing your daytime contact information, the cost to replace your key along with the make and model your vehicle.

    Chintan Talati
    Corporate Communications
  • mjd39mjd39 Posts: 2
    Just bought a 2003 S yesterday in Houston. 26000 miles and paid 28K. KBB put the price between 26 and 29K I felt I got a good deal. We shall see.
  • delmydelmy Posts: 2
    I was wonderimg if somebody responded t your post. You should get an extended warranty. I have one but it could be better. Apparenly Jags brake down alot. But i still love mine.Mine turn on a tranny fault on the dash board, i was wondering if any body knows what could this be.
  • bazabeebazabee Posts: 1
    Could someone tell me whether the 2001 'S'Type wing mirrors fold right back to the car automatically - using electrics - or do I just have to open the window and pull them in? I have the wrong owners handbook and I know the later model is electric.
  • hero70kbhero70kb Posts: 1
    have cylinder misfire po304 cylinder 4, had plugs and coil replaced, mis fire still there, could possibly be internal engine failure??? anyone seen this???
  • jordycajordyca Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 S-type 3.0. The brake pedal feel is very inconsistent. Sometimes the pedal is firm with good feedback; othertimes the pedal is soft and very little feedback.

    I complained to the dealer (Hornburg) and they said they could'nt find anything wrong!

    Any ideas?


  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A reporter would like to talk with current and former Jaguar owners. Please respond to [email protected] no later than Friday, May 26, 2006 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your ownership experience.

    Jeannine Fallon
    Corporate Communications
  • worrickjworrickj Posts: 2
    I have a 2000s-type. Just tried to change the rear light bulb, and now nothing works. Could anyone give me so help.

  • worrickjworrickj Posts: 2
    I have a 2000s-type. Just tried to change the rear light bulb, and now nothing works. Could anyone give me so help.

  • mylemon2mylemon2 Posts: 21
    Just got your message today. Usually reporters give you some leeway with their deadline. I would really like to speak with this reporter!! Please email me or have the reporter email me.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Use the email address KarenS referenced. She doesn't have anything to do with this; she just posted the message for the PR department.
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