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Jaguar S-Type



  • 2003 "S" w/41,000 miles getting clunking noise when backing up and turning the wheel. sound is like a cv joint going out except i have rear drive. Had struts & bearings replaced couple months back. Thanks, Ben
  • My newly purchased 2005 Jaguar S makes a fan type noise when accelerating. I've taken it into the dealer and was told the noise is normal. Anybody else have this noise? Is it normal?
  • kyberkyber Posts: 1
    I also own a 2005 Jaguar S and I have noticed that upon acceleration there is a similar noise. I do not know if it is normal, but at least two of us have noticed this noise.
  • 00jlm00jlm Posts: 1
    yes I got your e-mail off a jag site I have a problem with my jag it’s a 2002 s-type and I just changed the tires on it and when I went to get in and drive away it goes in to gear and even peels out in drive and reverse but will not actualy move it feels like it wants to to you have any info for me thanks
  • thank you for your reply. i also notice i had poor gas mileage (between 13 and 15 mpg) how is yours? thanks again.
  • haroldsharolds Posts: 1
    Just had an accident on Saturday. Started to pull out of a stadium parking lot. Surge hit, slammed on the brake, shot across the lot, hit an SUV broadside at about 10 mph. No injuries, no air bags, much damage to the SUV, almost none to Jag. Scared stiff. If at a red light on a busy road, would have been killed! Dealer could find nothing wrong with electronics. Add me to the list of ex-Jag owners.

  • runyonndrunyonnd Posts: 2
    Howdy All:
    (2000 S-Type 3.0) The drivers side electric seat backrest will not move towards the back seat. If you continue to move it forward it will move that way, but then you can call it stuck. This was doing this before, only that it was the opposite scenario where the backrest laid all the way back to the rear seat and wouldn't move back up forward. I took it to the dealer and they pulled the seat out and supposedly cleaned up some kind of limit switch and reinstalled the seat. This little visit came to $350. (They did wash the car though) They told me if it would happened again it would be $900.00 to fix. It lasted maybe a month and now it's acting up. Has anyone had this problem and have taken a look at fixing it yourself ? Is there a website that would show some detail on HOW TO - pull the seat and what to look for ? I'm definitely going to take a crack at it myself. What could I do wrong, break it ???
  • alorasdadalorasdad Posts: 4
    How do you change the bulb in the front left turn signal? It isn't in the manual...
  • nimbusnimbus Posts: 19
    For practically the same money I can buy either an 06' S-type or Caddy STS. From what I am reading here I am leaning toward the Caddy.

    S-Type only had 9K miles on it while the STS has 17K, but is $2k less.

    I thought consumer reports said S-Type got most the bumps hammered out with the 2005 remodel. Thought anyone? Advice?
    I assume buying a car plan from Carmax would be a good idea for either? Please let me know as I want to buy/not buy in the next few days.
  • wshflwshfl Posts: 24
    Given all the horror stories you read here, go with the STS
  • nimbusnimbus Posts: 19
    I keep thinking that, but I used to work for the public and know people tend towards writing only bad things. It seems like the exception to the rule that people write "Wow I love that (fill in the blank)." From what I keep reading though...and the fact that the Caddy Dealer is 10 min from my house and the Jag dealer an hour....I am leaning STS.
  • mlimasmlimas Posts: 2
    Hello All,

    I am new to the site and was considering buying a 2002 S-Type w/70K miles....The vehicle has been pre-qualified w/a 3-year, 45K mile warranty, which I intend on purchasing. After reading all of the previous postings I am second guessing whether or not I should purchase the vehicle. I only need the car for a couple of years before I buy something else. Should I purchase the vehicle? If I intend on buying a Jag should I put a little more down and buy an '03 S-Type or newer? Obviously I'm sure many of you will recommend the newer S-Type but the dealer I am looking at, who is apparently the nation's leader in pre-owned Jag sales has a price difference from an '02 and '03 at about $4K. Any Suggestions. Thank you for your help in advance,

  • I recently test drove a 2004 S-Type with 83,000 miles . It comes with a 4,500 mile warrenty. What power! My concern is the hesitation between the time I depress the pedal and there is accelertion. Such responsive steering! My concern is the whining noise I hear during sharp turning. Quick breaking! I wonder why my foot sinks ever-so-slowly to the floor? I REALLY DO love this sexy, elegant, stylish car whIch exudes curb appeal! 'any ideasas to what is wrong with the car by my descriptions? I'd like an idea as to what this European beauty will cost me should I decide to take it home. The dealer tells me there is nothing wrong with the car. (Who's surprised?) Thanks.
  • wshflwshfl Posts: 24
    I suspect you know the answer. Run. Don't walk. AWAY!
  • xjsguyxjsguy Posts: 8
    I had the brakes done on my XJS by a very reputable local shop and, after I got the car back, the brakes squealed.
    I took the car back and they checked everything and could find nothing.
    They sprayed the brakes with a compund which stopped the squear for a couple of day and, it came back.
    They replaced the pads with non-metallic ceramic pads and the squeal came back.
    They are contacting the mfgr(probably Raybestos) to ask about this.
    The brakes function properly other than making this noise.

    The shop is one I've gone to for years and, they are honest and treat me and others decently.

    When I depress the brake pedal softly, the squeal begins and is there for a second or so after I take my foot off of the pedal.
    If I press hard on the pedal, they do not squeal.

    Has anyone experienced this in their XJS?
    If so, can you tell me what either corrected it or what you think?
    thank you.
  • neotabneotab Posts: 1
    Shortly after buying my 2004 Jag S-type with 40,000 mi. about 8 months ago, I realized that three things don't work. No back-up warning system (beepers), the side mirrors do not rotate flat against the car for tight parking situations, and after about 10 minutes of driving (usually at low speeds, 30-40 mph) the amber warning light comes on, saying that cruise control is unavailable (even though I don't try to use it, and never have). Mechanic says it's not fuses and says a Jag dealer must replace a computer. Everything else is great. Any ideas before I take it to a dealer?
  • I was wanting to know if anyone knows the location of cylinder #3, I know the firing order is 1-4-2-5-3-6
  • I have no sound coming from the radio, CD or Nav System yet they are all on - The radio was working fine then nothing - I cannot seem to get the sound back even after depressing the mute button on the steering wheel. I also need the plastic trim piece above the front side glass on the passenger door any locations other than the dealer?
  • xjsguyxjsguy Posts: 8
    My 93 XJS will do that at times.
    It has to do with a connection problem.
    I don't know the diagrams for your Jag butt, I have found that, if the panel under the steering column is not clipped on, this will happen.
  • Well after reading many of the postings, I may be asking a question I know the answer to...I've been looking for a stylish sedan to replace my 740 BMW with 180K, while the BMW has been far from perfect, it's been a great ride, now too big, while my logical side says get a Lexus, this like new 2000 S looks sexy...but hey I'm looking for fewer repair bills not more...thoughts.

  • Steve, I've had my 2000 S since 2005. It had 49000 on it when I bought it, has 110000 now. I've had to replace the condenser coil, $4k, had some leaks to deal with and now I'm getting a "Transmission Issue" on the message lights. With a sealed trannie, I can't even get it serviced - my only option would be replacement. My 1999 Forester with 210,000 miles has had fewer maintenance issues. Given the option, while the Jag was a dream car for me, I'd drive something else.
  • I considered a 2001 S-Type in October with 60,000 miles. After having it looked at and discovering it needed $1,700 worth of repairs, immediately, I'd decided to do what you are now doing, before making a final decision. needless to say, I did not buy my dream car. If this would not be your primary vehicle and you have unlimited income, in these trying times.......... then go after your sexy car.
  • I agree with previous reply. I bought a 2002 SType new. While still under warranty, I had several leak issues from the rear differential. They finally replaced the entire rear end to resolve the problem. Then, the year after my warranty expired, at 75000 miles, I had to replace all 8 of the injector ignition coils at a cost of $2000, and a couple months later the transmission went out which cost another $5000. I now have 97000 miles on it and so far, so good. A piece of advice I wish I had an extended repair policy if you can get one. The car is the nicest looking and riding car I have ever owned (still looks and drives like new) but the repair costs are a killer.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Sound advice. I've owned 3 Jaguars now - 2 X-Types, and, now, an 06 S-Type. These are not cars you want to own unless you have an extended warranty on them. I bought my S from a dealer as a "certified" car with the 6 year - 100K factory warranty..

  • cloemcloem Posts: 3
    I have the Jaguar S-Type 2001 that comes with CD and burrow ribbon.
    I asked representative of the Jaguar of I can change the CD and
    burrow ribbons of the panel for a DVD with GPS navigation.
    The representative of the jaguar told me that can make that
    and that compatible DVD is ALPINE IVA W5005 with GPS.
    I still didn't decide on isso,porque have doubts if she won't bring
    problems for my Jaguar.
    Did anybody already make that change in the panel of S-Type?
  • never had one and need info. this car was a fleet car. low mileage, 15 k, absolutely beautiful but never owned an import. Is maintainence such as oil change expensive compared to american made? Any pros and or cons from current past jag owners appreciated.
  • All parts are more expensive, but a tip. Most can be replaced by Lincoln parts as Jag was owned by Ford but if it is a 2005 that may no longer be the case. I have gotten 4 good years out of mine so far but the tranny started going bad. Don't believe their "sealed tranny" stories, there is a fluid check knob hidden in back and if you don't check it and it gets low it will hurt the tranny (as it did mine).
  • aidemoiaidemoi Posts: 2
    I had a front and rear clunk sound. I replaced the rear suspension damper and the front sway bar frame mount bushings. The car is rock solid now!
  • davidngadavidnga Posts: 2
    This is probably too little too late but I experienced the same thing with my 2001 S-Type. Had pads replaced and rotors turned but within 2 days the squeal was back. Took it back to my mechanic, he made a call to Jaguar and the reason was the "high speed rotors" were most likely warped. Turns out rotors were supposed to be replaced, not turned(whatever that means) anyway, replaced with "normal" rotors for much less money and problem solved. No noise ever again..except the crunch when I was rear ended by a 1993 Full Size Ford Explorer.. of course the driver had no insurance. thats how I learned all about the computer modules located in the floor of the trunk..and totaled my Jag.
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