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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon ABS Fault Issues



  • tmarshfieldtmarshfield Posts: 3
    edited October 2011
    I had posted on here earlier when my truck starting having the ABS Break Fault issue a month or so ago. So far I haven't done anything but with winter coming up I figured I should probably get this fixed. I'm leary to take it to my GM dealer because it seems like they are pretty much useless unless you want to get screwed over with the cost to fix the issue. I have two questions if people on here could help me that would be great...

    1) What do I gain by taking my truck to GM to get a quote? I'm assuming it would be at least an hours labor to get the quote so I'm out at least $100. If GM ever gets a clue and does a recall on this obvious defect does that mean I get reimbursed? What if I do the repairs myself, would I still get reimbured for at least the parts?

    2) Where have people ordered the parts to fix this. At this point I'm just planning to replace the entire hub assembly for both right and left sides. I looked on autopartswarehouse which has great prices but not sure which hub I need and on partsgeek as well. I have a 2006 Chevy Colorado Z71 4WD truck so I just want to make sure I get the correct hub when I order.

    I did call GM parts at my local dealer but other than telling me it was $236 per hub and that was withouth the speed/ABS sensor. So why is GM so much more expensive than the replacement parts you can buy. The replacement parts online are under $200 and they include the sensors. Obviously the GM quality is crap so it can't be because the OE is better made.

    Any help on pointing me to the correct hub for my truck would be greatly appreciated. I already have info on how to replace the hubs, I just need to make sure I get the correct hub at this point.

  • I did hear from someone from GM and she wanted me to bring my truck to the dealership to have it diagnosed. (I was to pay for diagnostics) Well, because it happens so sporadically how can I just make an appt and bring it in if the warning lights for the ABS are not on there is nothing they can do. Went through that in May and the dealership charged me 36.00 to tell me they couldn't diagnose the problem without the lights on the dash being on.
    I read someone else's post that they also have problems with the ABS and no lights coming on and that happens to me as well. So far I have not had any problems with the ABS on the highway it has only been at low speeds, thank goodness!
    I have to wonder why, if my lights suddenly go on and I pull over to shut my vehicle off why does it reset and then I have no problems for another month or so?? If it truly were faulty brakes wouldn't the warning lights stay on whether you kept the vehicle running or restarted it? This doesn't make any sense and it's sad that GM won't look into this safety matter more for us.
  • kooltruck500kooltruck500 Posts: 5
    edited October 2011
    I see a common theme of ongoing issues in these posts on brake and ABS issue with the Colorado / Canyon. My 2008 Colorado 2WD started having ABS issues at 18k miles just before the 36 month warranty was up, I took it to the Chevy dealer thinking it would be covered under warranty. However, they told me "it wouldn't be covered because there was rust on the brakes" and "rusty brakes are not covered under warranty". I fail to see how a vehicle with 18k miles and still under warranty should have any issue with rusty brakes that would not be a warranty-related design or manufacturing flaw, but I digress.

    Now a few weeks after the warranty has elapsed, the ABS light and weird peddle shudder is becoming more frequent, and I can't help but think I was scammed by the dealer so he didn't have to deal with a warranty fix that he makes no money on (he offered to work on it if I paid). Does the GM customer service person still monitor this forum? If so, I'd like their advice ... I've never had luck with the GM customer service 800# ... they always seem to defer things back to the dealer. Bottom-line, if this problem is so common, why no tech service bulletin or recall?
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    From a 22 year GM mechanic, a few things about working at a dealership.
    1. Warranty work pays the technician at a lower hourly lower rate than customer paid work.
    2. The technician is seldom paid for diagnostic time on warranty work unless "the book" specifically lists the amount diagnostic time.
    3. The tech is paid for all non-warranty work diagnostic time which is billed to the customer.
    4. All warranty work and most customer paid for work is paid by "the book" hours. If "the book" says it takes 1 hour to replace the brake pads then that is what the tech gets paid no matter how little or long it takes.
    5. On warranty work, multiple part replacements are only approved in special circumstances.
    6. On a customer paid for job if the tech finds and adds additional items to the work, then the tech gets paid additional "book" time to replace those items. On a customer paid for repairs there is no one watching how many parts you replace.
    7. On a return repair the tech does NOT get paid for fixing your car with the same time problem a second time.
    7. Most younger techs only know how to read the Tech2 scanner and replace parts based on the error codes read. If there is no error code then you will be charged for his time and sent on your way.

    Under the above work rules guess where the service adviser and technician wants to steer you when you show up.

    There are some specialties like diesels, or transmissions, or engine swaps that get directed to specific techs. Other other than that, all work goes into "the pool" of techs and is usually called drivability issues. A tech in "the pool" who has never worked on a specific low volume model vehicle like the Colorado may well be assigned to work your Colorado.

    In the end, all of this encourages people to stay away from a dealership for non-warranty work and causes them to be afraid to bring in potential warranty work because they might be billed $100 or so for diagnostic time. If you bring in a low volume vehicle that requires some diagnostic time, it is a crap shoot on whether the problem will actually be found and repaired. The tech makes more money by spending 15 minutes running a scan and charging you a 1 hour minimum time for a no trouble found repair ticket.

    The only way to get these unusual or intermittent items repaired is to keep complaining to the customer service number or the zone office until you get satisfaction. Keep all repair receipts and when your problem finally does get repaired, ask GM, not the dealer, for a refund of all items that you should not have been billed for. It works some of the time.

    Good Luck
  • I have always done all of my own work to my vehicles including engine swaps and building motors. I'm not a certified mechanic but know what I'm doing and have all the tools to do it. My 2004 2WD Z71 Chevy Colorado has just 55k miles on it and was just about due for new pads and rotors(before winter). I saw the issues people were having with their ABS sensors after their brake job. I thought, well they probably weren't careful during the removal/installation process. How sensitive can it really be?!? Let me tell you, I did everything perfect, to the "T"! I get the truck back on the road and no sooner the ABS engages and ding ding ding, my ABS light comes on. It's like the ABS sensors are designed to fail when you remove the rotors conveniently after the warrenty is up! Now I'm looking at a $300-$400 repair in replacement hubs w/ ABS sensor. Why would I bring it down to GM after the comments I've read? Or deal with the customer service people? It's out of warrenty, done deal! Thanks GM, should've stuck with my gut and got a Toyota!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations. Can you email me your VIN? Have you discussed this with GM Customer Assistance? If so, please include your case number in your email. I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I would recommend asking the dealer about installing a recorder. Give them a call. Let me know of any updates! :)
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I am sorry to hear about your concern. I would recommend contacting your local dealer for more assistance. We can also look into this for you on our end. Please feel free to contact Christina by email for more assistance. Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.
  • kooltruck500kooltruck500 Posts: 5
    edited October 2011
    Hello Christina,

    Thank you for your offer of assistance. I have since e-mailed to you my truck's VIN and GM Customer Assistance case #.

    My original phone conversation with the GM customer assistance was a bit disappointing ... they were leaning on the fact that I live in NY State as the problem (road salt in winter) so it would not be covered under warranty per their reasoning. I explained to them that the ABS fault was my primary concern, the tendency for the rotors to rust is secondary. They apologized that even though my mileage at 19k is low, I'm a month out of warranty and they "couldn't help me". I reminded them that the vehicle was looked at by the dealer before the end of warranty, and they reluctantly agreed to pass the case onto a district guy for follow-up ... hopefully that will lead to a better outcome than I've had so far. I'll keep you posted. :confuse:
  • kmartickmartic Posts: 12
    Remind the zone tech that when you bought your truck no one said the warranty would be voided if you lived in the northeast where the use of salt on roads is comonplace! It is definitely just an ignorant response in an attempt to get out of fixing your truck. It is ridiculus, please keep us posted of your results
  • kooltruck500kooltruck500 Posts: 5
    edited October 2011
    I spoke with GM customer service again, but with the dealer insisting that my brakes were rusty, they are now sticking to a scripted response that rust is the issue and rust is not covered under warranty and won't let go of this angle. I asked them how an ABS issue was related to rust, but they didn't know. They told me that my "lack of maintenance" caused the rust, so I asked them for the page number in my owner's manual that listed special brake maintenance or service intervals required for this condition, but they couldn't provide that. I asked why the dealer had no diagnostic info to support the ABS brake system was working properly, they couldn't answer. I asked if they could go back and obtain the ABS error code now if they would cover it under warranty? They said "no, because my vehicle is now out of warranty." I reminded them that it was into the dealer before the end of warranty for brake problems, and they paused for a long while, then said, "rust is not covered under warranty." ... this is like a bad comedy routine, but I'm not laughing :mad:
  • heyjoeheyjoe Posts: 1
    hi, my wifes new car back in 2001 ,mitsubishi, had a breaking problem and the dealer kept saying that a break problem is a normal wear/tear issue and therefore not covered on warr. I,several times, argued that it only had 12,000 miles on a 36,000mi. warr. this is not normal & nobody needs to replace breaks on 12,0000miles.they would not give in on wear and tear crap. so I called the warranty people myself & same result. the girl had no clue about breaks ,never mind defining normal wear/tear issue. I hung up after a minute I called back& trhankfully another person answered. much more polite, sounded very interested and asked questions. she also said it is an issue of wear/tear item and i then explained to her how 12,000 miles is ridiculous for NORMAL wear/tear. I then asked for her name, I>D> etc. for my records and said that when the breaks fail and my wife and child end up in an accident it will be info I give the attorney to show when we originally reported problem etc. she put me on hold and came back to say the dealer will be contacted and will call me. they did the next day! yup. no argument now. they got car right in there and fixed what turned out to be a problem w/rotors and put all new breaks etc. all around. they were so polite now cuz warr. dept. ok'ed it. please give the warr. dept. a call and try more than once if you must.
  • Apiotrowski,

    I feel your pain. I have a 2005 Chevy Colorado Z71 4x4 (120,000kms) and just had the pads and rotors replaced. 2-3 days later ABS fault lights comes on. WTF! I've had my truck for 3 over years and never once has that light come on... I'm reading the posts on here and sounds like im going to be spending some money on new Hubs w/ Senors....Good Times! Oh and my driver's power window motor is starting to die which is also a common problem with this truck. Is there no recall for this crap???!!!! I still have extended warranty for a few more months ($100 deductable) , but I'm assuming hub/senors is not covered??
    This might be the last GM this guy buys.
  • I just googled abs fault and found this forum. I own a 2004 Canyon, it has 65,000 miles and I have done most of the work on the truck. Just recently, my ABS fault light came on and I have experienced the same peddle problem when the light comes on. Just as someone else posted, when you shut off and turn it back on, the light goes out and the ABS works for a while. Obviously, my warranty is up. Is this problem worth fixing? If so, should I take it the dealership? Earlier this year, I had to have the engine rebuilt since I lost compression in a cylinder due to a service bulletin for a problem. It was covered completely under warranty. Why can't this be covered, if there are so many problems with the same problem. It only makes sense to fix the problem. I like the truck and I'm also having problems with the driver and passenger side window motors.

    Can anyone offer some advice.
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    When the Collie first came out you had to buy the whole hub to replace a wheel sensor. We had so many of them fail that in 2006 (I believe) GM started making those sensors available as a stand alone part. You can get them aftermarket for $45.00 or less. No need to replace the whole hub.

    Also the sensor is a low voltage pickup. It's clearance is critical. Most of the time the sensor is not bad and you can make it work again by simply tapping the sensor into the back of the hub slightly with a plastic tipped or a very light hammer. The GM tech does not make much money doing this 10 minute fix so they will not try it.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I’m sorry to hear that your Colorado hasn’t been a satisfactory vehicle for you. If you were to email Christina your VIN, she could look into your extended warranty information.

    GM Customer Service
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    I should have added that you need to look up the sensor part number in the GM parts manual for a later year. The last time I checked when GM made it available they did not go back and add it to the 2004 and 2005 parts listings. Look for a 2007 or later Colorado / Canyon.
  • kooltruck500kooltruck500 Posts: 5
    edited November 2011
    My case was elevated by GM customer assistance and was given to a specialist who was very helpful (thank you Cynthia!) in locating another Chevy dealership who was willing to take on this work under a "good will" warranty.

    They scanned the codes, found the source of the errors, and replaced the right front ABS hub & sensor; I only paid the NY State sales tax ($30) for the work. So far so good ... thank you Paul at Heinrich Chevrolet! It looks like I can still consider a Chevy for the future (just not my old dealer)!

  • '05 Colorado, 40,400 miles, excellent condition, maintained, NOW IT HAS AN ABS PROBLEM.
    Every once in a while the "ABS" light will come on, the breaks might go into that ABS slipping thing... tho sometimes it is only the light.
    Took it to the Chevy Dealer.... diastonic check... $75.00 ...which I paid...... results...
    quote "Scan tested abs systems "fond" both hub assemblies and wheel speed sensor failures Vehicle needs both front wheel speed sensors and wheel hub assemblies"....
    cost (Are you sitting down?) $1,500.00....This is a crock of BS.... Can anyone HELP????
    Had planned to purchase a 2013 Colorado (new design... looked great).. Even talked my wife into a trip to Wentzvillle, MO. to see it being built ... now GM can shove it. Been a Chevy person my entie life... have a "Bow Tie" neon, a Chevy Clock, and Bow Tie shirts...
    Loved that Colorado... now it's going to be traded for a Tacoma.....
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    In 06 due due to so many sensor failures GM started offering the sensor without having to buy the whole hub. You can also buy just the sensor on the aftermarket.

    Usually the sensor is not bad, it is just out of adjustment. Since you paid the the dealer for diagnostic work, they should have given you the error codes they read on the ABS. The codes will tell you which sensor is reading bad. Usually the sensor is just out of adjustment and all that has to be done is to tap on the back of the sensor with a plastic hammer and seat it back in position in the hub. It is a 10 minute fix. If you do not have the codes on your receipt, go back and ask for them for the codes. I seriously doubt there were codes for both sensors stored.

    Oh yes, find another service location. There is no reason to take it back to some dealer who was trying to rip you off.
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