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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon ABS Fault Issues



  • kpokpo Posts: 24
    I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry.... How do you and your counter parts sleep at night? Try the Honda and Toyota approach, " When can we fix your recalled part?"
  • pequeapequea Posts: 1
    WOW! I just found this site because I was looking up my ABS headaches with my Colorado and see all of the posts that describe EXACTLY what is happening with me. It is heartbreaking because I bought what I thought was a perfect truck for me two years ago. A 2005 Colorado crew cab Z71 with only 30k miles! I began having the ABS problem after about 4 months and it has been going on since. My mechanic thought that it might be caused by the excessive rust (that the dealer also had concealed very well with undercoat paint) in the area of the ABS sensors. But after reading all of these posts, I don't think that is it. My symptoms are the slight noise first, then (usually at slow speed stops), the ABS activate, the warning bell sounds, and on comes the light and fault message. It can stay on for minutes, hours, or days at a time, and then can stay off for the same. Also heartbreaking to know that Chevy isn't doing anything to help us out. I pride myself in buying American, but this doesn't help to bolster my reasons for doing so. I guess I'll watch for updates on this site from now on. Thanks.
  • Have you had this looked into by one of our GM dealerships in addition to your mechanic? I understand if this isn't a viable option, just wanted to let you know we'd be willing to follow up on any diagnoses performed with us.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Pequea, Please ignore any answers from "GM Custsvcs" on this site. They have no genuine intention of getting your problem fixed. If you go back through the pages here, you'll see what I mean.

    Now, as for your ABS fault problem: I've experienced the same things with my 2005 Colorado for several years now, and have learned to live with it. The ABS Fault indication always goes away when I shut the ignition off and start up again. Until the vehicle becomes totally inoperable because of this, I'm gonna keep on driving it. I really do like my truck and have had no other problems in 7 years other than an oxygen sensor replaced. It really causes no safety concerns for me as long as the brakes work, especially when I read here about folks who've paid thousands of $$ to have the ABS system "fixed" and are still getting the fault code. You ought to consider the same thing. Good luck.
  • kpokpo Posts: 24
    brewerguy and pequea,
    Listen to all of the Colorado owners who have tried to be honest and fair with GM. The GM Serv Reps and GM don't do anything but use delay tactics. 'Tactics, then, are isolated actions or events that take advantage of opportunities offered by the gaps within a given strategic system.' Their strategy is to wear you down with delays, expensive diagnostics at the dealer, and multiple statements or comments of "I'm sorry" followed by a explanation of why GM (Chevy) Will Not do anything with the design and manufacturing flaw that they continued to create and manufacture for several years and that still exsists with the Colorado ABS Failure issues.
    Chevy Runs Deep!?? How about: Chevy runs away! or Chevy runs deep into your pocket!
  • kpokpo Posts: 24
    The last post is not only an angry Colorado owner, but also someone who is not afraid to tell the truth about a situation with a greedy, self serving and profit-only motivated bureaucratic corporation. Could their lack of customer focus and loyalty be the reason why they almost went Bankrupt. What goes around, comes around. You sew what you reap.
  • buyusbuyus Posts: 4
    Since GM will not do anything to resolve the ABS problems on their vehicles I suggest to everyone here that you either fix your own or find a competent independent mechanic to repair your ABS. I bought both bearing hubs with sensors, brake rotors, pads, and calipers all for around $600 and did the entire job myself in about 6 hours. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say the job has a difficulty of 5 or 6. If your mechanical skills are lacking you should be able to have your mechanic install the parts for about 6 hours labor charge. If your brakes are newer you will not need pads and calipers but I would suggest replacing the rotors if they haven't been replaced while it's apart.....your mechanic should know this.
    I shopped the best deals on parts both on the internet and local parts stores. With all these parts replaced the ABS works as designed and the brakes haven't given me any trouble in 30k miles. Anyone suggesting you drive your Colorado with the ABS light on is suggesting you risk your life. The ABS system DOES NOT WORK with the light on and, as noted by many people on this forum, malfunctioning ABS can cause dangerous situations.
    For those of you waiting for GM to do something about your ABS problem, Good Luck with that!
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    Unfortunately everyone here has about the same story with the same experience with GM service. The Customer Service Rep that monitors this site appears only to be doing damage control for GM. I have never seen any posting here from anyone that came back and said that GM "fixed their problem for free" after contacting GM customer service for help. It is always take it to a GM dealer who charges $100 or so to read the Tech 2 scanner and tell you what you already know and that is the sensor(s) are failing. Then for another $500 or more per side we will fix it for you. I also monitor 2 other GM Colorado/Canyon forums. The story is the same over there.

    A few years and 40,000 miles ago I "fixed" mine by re-seating the front sensors with a plastic hammer. Now it is starting to do it again. I have seen it twice this summer when the Outside Air Temperature was over 90 degrees F. Unfortunately during the second occurrence when I looked down at the Instrument Panel to see what the alarm was on the display, I missed seeing the traffic light changing to red in front of me. When I realized the light was red and tried to stop, I slid sideways into the intersection. Luckily the cross traffic had not started across the intersection yet so no damage was done other than maybe some flat spots on my tires. When you get the alarm, the ABS is shut off and that truck is very hard to keep headed straight in a panic stop without any ABS.
  • kpokpo Posts: 24
    Hi cig1952,

    Welcome to the land of GM/ Chevy ineptness and design flaws. We (Colorado owners) have all had the same ABS problem(s) along with many other issues and problems that are examples of premature wear and / or design flaws. I am not surprised to hear that you found plastic parts in the brake assembly components. All GM wants to do is have the dealer replace the hub and sensor and call it a 'wear and tear' issue. The hub and sensor was re-designed in later years so you would have two separate parts, but dealers are still replacing BOTH parts sinc e they don't know what they are doing and simply want to make more money off of the owner/ consumer. Of course we will almost do anything to avoid the death defying episodes of BRAKE FAILURE due to this ABS issue. It will take a few deaths to get somone at GM to "own up".
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    We're glad to hear that the dealership helped you get to the bottom of the brake concern you had been having on your Colorado. Keep us posted if anything should come up as we're available to follow up on this with you and your dealership (we can be reached via email at [email protected] and ask that you include your name and contact information, as well as a summary of the situation and the last 8 digits of your VIN).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I am thankful to say that I haven't had one problem with my ABS brakes since I pulled the fuse.
  • kpokpo Posts: 24
    I used to think that GM. the manufacturer, and their dealers, were the biggest deceivers and tellers of 'woppers' till I started to pay attention to the ads, news videos and debates of the upcoming candidates for public office. Not everyone can be right and then blame the other for being wrong!
    So, congratulations GM, you're now in second place of the biggest liars in the USA. GM says in response to ABS complaints, " There's nothing wrong with your ABS system; it just has worn out parts like other wear and tear parts, like tires and brake pads, that must be replaced over time." I say, OK, but how long should brake system parts (not pads) last and how should we know they are 'worn out' before we die on the road from BRAKE FAILURE. Even brake pads have a 'squeeler' to warn us of worn 'pads'. Shouldn't sensors and hubs last for more than 35,000 to 40,000 miles; brake pads (and practically all of the over 10,000 other parts) do.
    How is that?
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    Mine intermittently fail. Probably about once a month. It is a sensor and I believe it is the right front but I have never been able to catch it. The dealership was absolutely useless othe that to say for big bucks they woudl replace both front hubs an sensors. I reseated both front sensors a couple of years ago and that pretty much took care of it except for the once a month failure.

    The last time it failed I was doing 55 and the alarm went off and I looked down to see the message. While doing that I did not see the light in front of me change to red. When I looked up again and saw the red light, I nailed the brakes forgetting that I now had no ABS and put the truck sideways into the middle of the intersection. I hit nothing so the only damage was some flat spots on my tires.

    In 19 pages of postings here we have beat this subject to death. GM will not fix it and so we will live with it. A quick inventory of replacement hubs and sensors sold by them for these trucks would easily establish that there is a problem. They are not interested. It is a dead product that is no long sold and the manufacturing plant is closed down so do not expect much from them. There is a follow on truck scheduled for next year being to be made in Missouri. All one can hope for is a redesign of this area on the new product.
  • kpokpo Posts: 24
    Colorado = :lemon:
  • marroemarroe Posts: 7
    Let me correct that- General Motors= Lemon

    I was hesitant in buying my Colorado because of previous issues with General Motors. My wife commented that the Colorado was a "piece of crap" after test driving a brand new one at the dealership. No more General Motors products for the rest of my life. This Colorado is the last one.

    Don't get me wrong, there is so much to love about these trucks. I still love mine. It just keeps giving me more and more reasons to hate it. ABS issues, power windows may or may not work, had the leaky third brake light, a quart of oil per tank of gas, radio and speakers have a mind of their own, etc... I filed with the NTSB because of the ABS problem. Now I can not get rid of it because my VIN number is associated with a known problem and the CarFax tells the story to the world. No one wants to give me anything for it. I will just keep it for when it snows or I need to haul something on the weekend. It is way too unreliable as a daily driver. Luckily I can afford a second car and I learned to drive in the snow before ABS brakes existed. Never another GM product. (Which really sucks since I am part owner of the company as a US Taxpayer)

    Please everyone, be safe. This is a dangerous defect that we will have to live or die with.
  • I am having the same problem with a buddy's truck, 2005 colorado Z71 ls 3.5l. I changed his rotors and now we are having all of the problems listed in this discussion. Has anyone found a solution?
  • kpokpo Posts: 24
    We all have all the same problems due to GM design flaws. I have discovered by trial and error (including your errors), that if your brakes stop functioning 'normally', which was never that good when they do work, I simply pull off the road turn off the motor sit for about 25 seconds and then restart. This will most times reset the ABS and the brakes function again without the horrible sounds, fading and the blinking "ABS" light. I say this means it is not physical worn out parts, but simply (like so many other issues) an electrical design blunder.
    GM has paid back their Bailout Loan with all of their 'corner cutting' schemes, at our expense. EXAMPLE: All of the high rear mount Brake Light Assembly leaks are because they made the assembly INCORRECTLY: Foam gasket (what a joke). only two screws (one on each end) on an extra long light unit with insufficient pressure to seal water out. All of these require the consumer to get parts and labor from the dealer, who splits the profit with GM. GM stands for "Greed Mongers". As described by The Free Dictionary. com:
    greed (grd)
    An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth
    mon·ger (mnggr, mng-)
    1. A dealer in a specific commodity. Often used in combination: an ironmonger.
    2. A person promoting something undesirable or discreditable. Often used in combination: a scandalmonger; a warmonger.
  • mgilly1mgilly1 Posts: 2
    edited December 2012
    I too have just had to get a new hub to fix this. While in I also needed to get a NYS inspection which the vehicle failed, On-board computer was not ready to be tested. Service department told me to drive the truck 100 miles or so to clear it, 10 miles later I get a check engine I need to get a head replaced. The dealership has been super nice which leads me to believe somethings up...then again if somebody just paid me $1,000 and was on the hook for another $2,200 I'd be super nice too.
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    There is a 7 year 100,00 mile coverage on that head. GM had a problem with a lot of them due to soft valve seats and they extended warranty. Ask the dealer, better yet tell the dealer, because some of them act like thy never heard about it. Be carefull about dealer add ons if you do get warranty coverage. Some dealerships have been padding the bill with non-warranty items and charging the owner.

    If the dealership acts stupid on this, call the GM 1-800 number in your owner's manual or post again here and I'll go find the letter that GM sent out.
  • Thanks for the info. unfortunately I have had the truck for 7 and a half years only 75,000 miles though. I will discuss this with the dealership. Thanks again - Gilly
  • I replaced the ABS sensors in front hubs of my 2004 colorado. Is there a right or left or doesn't it matter.
  • I just changed front brakes on my 2006 Colorado 4WD. Now the ABS fault light flashes. I have checked the connection. Does the ABS sensor need to be reset?
  • I had several problems with my 06 Chevy Colorado. Recently, i am showing abs faults, communication problems, MAF sensor and a couple of others. I also have my heater blower only working on high. I changed the resistor twice and still the same. i learned to deal with it but enough is enough, i also had a sunroof install when i purchased my car and that is now recalled. I am looking for assistance. i would like help from Chevy with the lemon I was sold by one of their dealerships. I dont want to play an arm and a leg to repair items that both the dealership and GM corp. both know is faulty and refuse to recall so the consumer pay out of pocket for the repairs. Boycotts, protests and bad publicity is never good. Who wants to lose a paying customer, especially during this economy. Motor companies are already making cut backs. NO more Pontiac or Saturn, what brand is next!!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Have you already contacted Customer Assistance? If not and you would like for us to check into this further, please email us at [email protected] with more information (including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    The blower motor circuit is the most common posting on the Colorado forums. A new thread gets started there at least once a week on this problem. One of the threads was reported to be 60 pages long. Another was 38 pages the last time I looked at it a few years ago. We got so tired of typing the same responses to the problem over and over that I put together a summary response here: bout-blower-motor.html#post1876908

    I see you replaced the resistor twice. Did you also replace the cable that includes the connector for the resistor? Was the pins on either the resistor or the connector burned brown? GM has had so many failures of this assembly that they also offer a repair cable with a new connector. These parts are also available in the after market on sites like on Rock Auto. The cable is a simple replacement.

    If the connector and resistor pins are OK, and the resistor is not burned but is indeed open, then there is a little fuse like component as part of the resistor assembly. If that is what it blowing then you are drawing too much current through the resistor assembly. This draw is caused by a bad bearing in the fan motor or a restriction dragging down the fan. If replacing the resistor is all you need to get it going again with no burned pins, then I suggest in the future that you do not use position #3. That position draws the most current through the resistor assembly. Position #4 bypasses the resistor assembly completely so 1, 2, and 4 are safe to use. Also removing and lubing the fan motor bearings or replacing the fan motor might be in order.

    Here is a link to the wiring diagram for the blower motor:

    Oh yes, we also have a GM customer service person monitoring over on the Colorado forum. He is as useless as the one here. It may be the same person using a different name. If not, it probably is the same department.

    I can not help you on the MAF or Communications problems.

    ABS / Traction Control problems are the second most common failure. This almost always is the front wheel sensor or sensors. You can usually fix those by simply tapping on the back of them with a plastic hammer to re-seat them. If that does not do it, then replacement is in order. Again after market parts are much cheaper and available for this high failure item. Check Rock Auto or your favorite auto parts store for the sensors without having to buy the whole hub like GM dealers usually sell.
  • Just be aware that "your GM rep" will ask for your info and then do nothing. This has been going on for years with this junk. No recalls just lip service. I recomend you try to sell it or scrap it and never by any gm, gmc, chevy what ever. There are way better vehicles out there and their reps listen to you and get things fixed but not gm. I'll never own another. Your'e wasting your time with these folks. Keep fixing it yourself and write it off. Oh how many times have you had to replace your'e tail lite module? Thats another thing. Brick Anti-GM from now on. Proud owner now of 2 toyotas no problems for years they run like a top.
  • n9cvn9cv Posts: 30
    Do you know how nice it would be to see a posting here from someone saying:
    "I contacted the GM rep on my blower motor resistor failure. They shipped a new resistor and cable assembly to my local dealer with instructions to install them for free. I was in and out in 30 minutes and my blower works fine now."
    The real value of the whole thing would be around $40.00 retail in parts and 15 minutes labor).

    I'm just dreaming I know but this is all it would take to get some real good PR for them.

    I would even happier to see them do something like this with the wheel sensors and the evap vent valve. The evap vent valve is available for $15 in the after market and takes about 1/2 hour to install.

    I just woke up and realized it was all just a dream. Oh well, one can dream can't they.
  • kpokpo Posts: 24
    General Motors has pocketed $5 billion in net profit
    GM replace or fix an American Product Faulty Part?
    Not going to happen. GM is losing the American "loyalist" due to their poor quality products, poor quality PR and Customer follow up, and poor "Loyalty to the loyal customer". They build them and don't back them. They throw most of their profits to business growth opportunity gambles in Opel Europe and the Asian market; waste 39 million per year on a soccer promotion, but don't replace $15 faulty American GM auto parts and simply give Americans the lip service and European sports the GM profits, Now, GM, who bought the products that paid the profits in the past to make you so BIG?
  • buz5buz5 Posts: 5
    2006 colorado abs fault. Replaced hub and sensor. No more problems. Sensor came with hub. Tried to replace just the sensor would not work.buz5
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