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Chevy Equinox No Start Problems



  • 2007equinox12007equinox1 Posts: 2
    edited August 2015
    I have a 2007 Equinox- bought it from my mom at 14,000 miles. I've been having the no-start-in-the-morning issue for over two years, to where every morning I would get up earlier and go out to "not" start the car so that it would actually start an hour later when I was ready to go to work. This all started 48 hours after I bought the car after Best Buy installed a GPS unit and was later found to be directly wired into the BCM. I finally had the BCM replaced and it fixed the issue. Then it started happening again two months ago, and I've once again been told the BCM is bad. In the interim they've also replaced other electrical components. They said the BCM took out the Junction Block and the Transmission Control Module. Today I was told by another dealership the TCM is fine, but something about the break module is damaged and is the reason for the Stabilitrack errors. Oh, and I have the spark plug defect and I have a plug cracked in half. It never ends.
  • I am having similar problems. I bought my Equinox one year ago new 2014. It was cold and raining last Sunday morning and it was a hard start when it did start the hazards turned on, the wipers turned on and squirted water and my fm radio didn't work. It is still a hard start first thing in the morning when it's chilly but it's fine throughout the day. The hazards have turned on a few more times when starting, the radio problems and once I couldn't work my heat at all. Just wouldn't turn on. It was like 25 degrees out which is nothing compared to what's to come I live in New England! Did anyone get to the bottom of this? My last car was a RAV4 I put 200,000 miles on that bad Larry and nothing like this ever happened. It scares me.
  • The no start on my Equinox was caused by a simple dirty MAF sensor. I cleaned it and trouble was gone. This should have been the first thing any decent mechanic would have checked.
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