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Cadillac DeVille



  • trainiac1trainiac1 Posts: 13
    Thanks for the information, Bolivar. You were right on, it was the blower. I had it serviced at Colonial Cadillac in Danvers, MA., and I must admit the experience was very good. Parts and labor was $671. A little steep, but the job is done right. Car wash included!!!! I am one of those who would rather spend months trying to figure a way to fix things myself, rather than go to a dealer, but in this case it worked out well. BRAKES! 60K and they were just done at Midas. No problems ever! Lucky, I guess. With all of the complaints in this forum about Cadillacs, it makes me hesitant about getting another one. I got a line on a 2003 Seville STS, loaded for under $20K, with 17,000 miles on it. Private owner. See what happens. Thanks, again.
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    Hi I have a 2004 deville and would be interested in the names of the dealers who offer the discounted extended warranties online. Thanks
  • 04cad04cad Posts: 131
    According to the dealership on a 2004 deville you should use the lowest available grade of gas that meets the requirement listed in your manual. That is what the engine was designed to run on and any higher grade is a waste of money and may harm your engine.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Zapper1, please drop me an email at your earliest convenience - pat AT - thanks!
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    My owners manual, for a 2002 Seville LS, clearly states that I should use a grade of gasoline with at least 87 octane. Here that is a mid-grade since we have high altitude gasoline. The owners manual goes on to state that higher octane fuel, premium, will provide better performance.
  • cappy4103cappy4103 Posts: 48
    Traded in a 2000 Lincoln for my 2002 DeVille. Compared the the Lincoln, my DeVille sounded as though it had a wind noise coming through the moonroof. Since it didn't leak, I lived with it. About three months ago I developed the pulsating brake problems caused by a caliper hanging up, and observed a coolant leak in the driveway. Brought the car in for service for all three issues. Dealership fixed the coolant leak and said that they replaced a water pump cover seal under warranty. Now I wonder...maybe they just put JB Weld on it? ;) They claimed caliper was functioning as designed and didn't replace it, which I subseqently had to do on my own. Lastly, they claimed that the wind noise from the moonroof was normal as there was no deterioration to gasket present. As of last week, brake problem still unresolved. From the posts on this forum, looks like I had more problems forthcoming with this car, so I didn't plan to keep this car beynd the warranty period. That and the lack of dealer support while the car was under warranty facilitated my next purchase. Traded in the Deville for a new 2005 Avalon yesterday. I'd consider a Caddy in the future but not until quality control and dealer attitude improves.
  • trainiac1trainiac1 Posts: 13
    Yeah! My sentiments.The 98 De Ville I have has 60,000 miles on it and I was considering another Cadillac, a Seville STS. However, with the issues posted here I'm wondering if it is worth it. The 98 has been good so far except for a few minor problems. Since the value has deteriorated to the point where I won't lose much by keeping it I'll probably run it to 100K+. That new Toyota Avalon is one that I have looked at and it appears as though it is a copy of the Lexus 330. Very nice car with very low risk of problems. I don't know why GM can't do the same? They get cheaper as time goes on. You would think for $55,000 you'd get something of value, but it doesn't look that way. In any event, good luck with your choice of a new car.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The new Avalon is actually a bigger car than the Lexus ES. The Avalon is probably a very good choice.
  • zapper1zapper1 Posts: 15
    Aside from being $pendy...... its still a 6 banger camry with leather. Even if it says lexus.................

    IMO: The new STS is no bigger than a CTS for less $$$.

    A current year used 04 DeVille base can be had for $24k in my area.

    I can't live without a large fullsize FWD V-8 car and the DeVille works for me here in snowland.
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    The new STS has more passenger and cargo room than the CTS.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,316
    >The new Avalon is actually a bigger car than the Lexus ES. The Avalon is probably a very good choice.

    The Avalon used the Camry chassis, only lengthened, right? They call it new because they're used the newer Camry chassis vs the previous Avalon which used the previous Camry chassis.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • zapper1zapper1 Posts: 15
    No matter how fancy and the gold trim pkg. makes it no better looking.

    Now a nice CTS or DeVille is a sweet ride with style..........

    Does anyone here EVER give a camry a 2nd look?......(chuckle)
  • garybowgarybow Posts: 6
    I drove a 2001 Avalon for 50,000 miles and it was a great car. Waited anxiously for the new design, but Toyota shot themselves in the foot for me when they did away with the bench seat, and reduced the trunk size to 14.4 cu ft. So, bought a 2004 Deville. It has all the "geezer" gadgets, a large trunk, and I have had no problems in the first 15,000 miles. Changed the oil at 10,000 at Jiffy Lube for $34.
  • trainiac1trainiac1 Posts: 13
    Yeah! I'm still looking at the Seville STS. 2003. I have not looked at the new ones yet. I'm 6'3" and 215 lbs and the Seville seems rather cramped in both head room and width. I'll probably go for a used De Ville at short money. DTS of course. The Avalon is a nce looking car, but I agree I would miss the V8. It's tough to leave a Caddy!!!!
  • zapper1zapper1 Posts: 15
    I see posts at other Caddy forums about the new STS having LESS interior room than a CTS in side by side seat of the pants comparos from guys that are 6 ft. or taller..............

    Heck......I see the old generation late model SLS/STSs in the paper for a HECK of a deal ......loaded V-8s too...........Quite the bargain !
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi zapper1 - did you get my response to your email? I need for you to reply to it, thanks.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I've used the mid-level gasoline and regular. I've never noticed any difference in gas mileage, power, or anything else. Regular here in NM is 86 octane but that's what I've used (always Chevron or Exxon - never any off brands) and I averaged 31 on the last road trip (all highway driving).
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I used to drive Buicks and after the local Buick dealer (and zone office) refused to fix the creaking noise from one of the struts on a 2000 LeSabre (the car had 10k miles) -which I later learned was a faulty strut bearing -I sold the Buick and eventually bought a Cadillac. The local Chevrolet-Cadillac dealer says that Cadillac is very concerned with owner complaints and as long as the car is under warranty will do anything to resolve a problem. This is not the case with the other GM brands apparentely. I had a problem with wind noise from the right rear passenger door. After a new door weatherstrip did not solve the problem, the technician discovered -using a stethoscope - that the noise was coming from the middle of the vertical channel that the window slides up. The dealer ordered a replacement "part" which ended up being a whole assembly including the fixed glass. This is a $690 piece and it was installed which took several hours. I can assure anyone on this list that I will ALWAYS own at least one "certified" Cadillac. The manufacturer certainly stands behind the product. By the way, I did not purchase this 2003 Deville at my local dealer. I had a better selection in Ft. Worth -400 miles away. I have several other GM cars that are serviced here and am a car buff so I know the local service guys pretty well but the bottom line is that Cadillac service is top notch.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I bought a 2006 Camry Solara SLE Convertible the other day and am not at all impressed with the ride. The car bounces quite a bit over city streets and yet the car writers praised the "smooth ride". My 2001 Malibu rides like a Cadillac compared to the Solara. I was interested in your opinion of the ride of your Avalon compared to the Deville. I have a 2003 Deville with 40k miles and haven't had any major problems thus far. The car was "certified" and when I got it it had 28k on it. I'm considering trading this new Solara in for an Avalon. What is your opinion thus far?
  • cappy4103cappy4103 Posts: 48
    I actually went to the dealership to buy a new 2005 Solara SE convertible, but bought the Avalon instead. Coming out of a DeVille and two Lincoln Continentals before that, the Solara was just too small and agree, the ride was horrible - very stiff! I loved by 2000 Lincoln Continental but thought I'd give a 2002 DeVille a try. Caddy ride was too soft and steering too vague for me, coming out of the Continental. I missed having the sportier ride and I couldn't afford an STS. The Avalon rode more like the Lincoln, with responsive steering and a more stiff ride, but not stiff to the point where I was going to jar a filling loose! Definately more stiff than the Caddy though.

    Zapper1 - I liked the Caddy and a lot of things about it, like the looks, size, and the 275HP Norstar V-8. I didn't enjoy having the few problems that I had, that went unresolved by the sole dealership in my area, nor the way the car depreciated. Maybe I got a bad one? It happens. I'd consider a Caddy in the future, but I was ready for a change. The Avalon isn't for everyone, but it was a great decision for me. It is built off of a modified Camry chassis but it is definately not a Camry. The front bucket seats and center console in the Avalon were a draw back for me coming from the DeVille with a bench seat, but many other attributes of the car were favorable. The back seat in the Avalon feels bigger than in the DeVille with more leg room, and the seat backs can recline several inches. Also, that hump in the center of the floor in the back seat of the Caddy isn't present in the Avalon. The trunk is smaller, but still substantial in size. As for the six cylinder puts out 280HP and something like 260 ft lbs of torque, and is estimated at 22 mpg city and 31 mpg hwy! It performs equal to or better than the Norstar did in the DeVille, in my opinion so far.

    One thing to keep in mind though, the Avalon is not built to compete with the DeVille, and costs about 60% as much. However, it provided me with a big car feel like the Cadillac did, and has an engine that is reminescent of the Norstar. It isn't as "plush" nor is the ride as "soft", but it appears to be a luxury car worth considering.
  • trainiac1trainiac1 Posts: 13
    I wouldn't buy a new one, STS, since I don't really care for the look. The one I'm interested in is a 2003 STS, loaded, Pearl White with a beige top. The problem is that my 98 De Ville runs so good without problems, that I hate to give it up. The STS is a little cramped for me. If you go to a dealer they will tell you to recline the seat so it feels as though you have more leg room, but you don't. Always with the gimmicks!!!! No rush, we'll see.
  • cgm707cgm707 Posts: 5
    I have a 1990 Cadillac DeVille with about 86,000 miles on it. I bought it from someone who seldom drove the car obviously. However I have had to put a fair amount of money into the car. The mechanic told me that some things that have to be fixed include:

    - Transmission mount

    - Exhaust manifold

    - Struts & shocks

    The car also leaks quite a bit of oil and I am told that to fix this would be very expensive.

    Anyway, I want to sell the car and am wondering if these things should be fixed first, and what a fair price would be?

    Thanks for any help.

    Chris Milligan
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    If the exhaust manifold is leaking that could be dangerous and so should be first. Not sure about the rest. How much oil do you have to add? That might not be worth doing.
  • zapper1zapper1 Posts: 15
    That 90 has the pre N-star engine 4.5 0r 4.9 ? 180 hp. I had one and it ran like a
    bear and troublefree for 6 yrs. and 120k miles.

    Your not talking a dealer mechanic are you? Sometimes all those service guys see is BIG $$$ on a older car repairs or don't want to mess with it.

    Tranny mount...Hmmmm........Cracked manifold.......Bad exaust pipe donut gasket maybe?...Muffler shop will check for free.

    Are you showing any trouble codes ?
  • propdrpropdr Posts: 1

    I am a current Cadillac owner and have had DeVilles befor. The most recent was a 93' new program car.
    I am getting rid of it only for upgrading and getting a different col;or.
    Can anybody tell me what I can expect for future problems or noted known resistance if any?

    Would like to here from any one about this car.


  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    2000 Northstars are known for having the Crank Position Sensors (there are 2 of them) fail. This will kill the car dead in its tracks, at speed......

    If you can research the car's service history, try to see if these have been replaced. If not, if the car suddenly dies, then re-starts immediately, without setting any codes, it's these sensors.....
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I appreciate your comments. It is really tough to get rid of my SLE with less than 100 miles on it but my wife likes it and since she is a realtor and spends $50 everytime she fills up her Avalanche she plans on driving it. I'll wait till fall and order a new 2006 Malibu Maxx and get rid of the 2001 Malibu. The Maxx rides like a Rolls Royce compared to the SLE convertible but my 2001 still has a nice ride after 75k miles. The ride does improve on the SLE though the faster you go on a smooth highway. I don't really like Toyotas but was thinking about the Avalon since the dealer would then cut me a deal with the SLE but I really like the ride of my 2003 Deville and don't really want any stiffer a suspension. The Deville only cost about $27k in January of 2004 because it was a Certified used one and has a great warranty -much better than a new Cadillac. I'll probably replace it in 2007 with a 2006 DTS. I'm glad that you agreed that the ride was lousy on the convertible. I thought that I was the only guy who ever had anything bad to say about the ride. Every car writer without exception praised the "smooth" ride. I don't know what they had driven before -perhaps an Echo.
  • cappy4103cappy4103 Posts: 48
    I've been reading the posts and saw the replies you were receiving. They are just two completely different cars. The Cadillac DeVille is one of the largest and most soft riding cars out there. The Solara, with a stiffer suspension and shorter wheelbase offers a completely different ride, one that I didn't care for coming out of a DeVille myself. I preferred something stiffer than the DeVille but more forgiving than the Solara. The Lincoln Continental was perfect for me, but they aren't made anymore. Avalon was a great compromise to me. I am new to the Toyota product line so I am not a diehard fan...yet. But I like what I've experienced so far. One favorable attributes of the Toyota(s) that I'm seeing compared to domestics is much higher resale values. In the event you do decide to dump the Solara, I suspect you'll do okay getting out of it compared to a similar situation in with a domestic car. However, if the bride likes it, keep it. That's a battle not worth fighting...regardless of the ride! ;) Good luck!
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I drove the top of the line Avalon and it rides very well. Unfortunately as I said, my wife doesn't want to turn in the SLE. I may be able to convince her to get rid of it this fall when I get a Malibu Maxx. She refuses to get rid of the '04 Avalanche either. We have four cars for two drivers and the Avalanche gets lousy mileage. Actually I probably should have driven the new 2005 Mustang convertible before I got the SLE. I've rented Mustangs before and never had any problem with the ride. Too late now unfortunately to make a switch.
  • guamdtsguamdts Posts: 1
    I just recently purchased a 2000 Deville DTS with 67,000 miles at a local dealership. I was just wondering if there are any unforseen problems that I might encounter with my ride??? Any information on this topic would be a great help.
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