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Cadillac DeVille



  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    A few thoughts.......NO codes......Dying when hot............

    Where do you live ? If snow, ice and salt land a rotted gas line may
    be the cause of your problem. Even a garage kept, lo mile car.........

    A crank position sensor is another..........Common failure item.
    Will throw no codes.
    Has the cat converter been checked...May be plugged.
    Fuel pressure regulator........Another common item.
    Easy to check.........Just pull off the vacuum line. If the line is wet...

    Open your e-mail addy (in profile only)...........I have a few more ideas
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Concours.............They are hard to find. I think the "oldsters" didn't
    like the buckets and floor shift idea not to mention the $$$$ over
    the price of a base DeVille or Fleetwood. So not many sold.

    When were they made? 96 thru 99?

    Me...Still on the hunt. Sure is a chore rowing my own gears.
    Gas has dropped almost .50 cents a gallon in the past week so it makes fueling my truck easier! :P
  • Yes, the Concours I am looking for was made between 96 and 99. They actually did some tweaking to the 97-99 models which made those years much more desirable than the 96. One disadvantage was that the Northstar of that vintage only ran on premium. I have yet to use 87 octane fuel in the 2004 but like having the option if gas prices keep rising. I saw a base Deville in gold on Friday and it is
    to my taste a much more attractive car than my 2004 in light bronze mist. My 98 was also a gold and really a beauty. Am happy to have the 2004 model with features like Onstar and improved handling but wouldn't mind having the older model if I could find one in good condition and at the right price now that my larger garage would fit both cars.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    BTW..........Currently in NJ on a roadtrip. Seems my cruise has
    "healed itself" or I am getting better setting those confusing
    steering wheel controls. Cruise ran rock hard steady thru the
    hill n dale of NY, Pa, and NJ....................

    Wish they would move them to the top part of wheel and put
    the radio or onstar buttons on the bottom !!!!!!!!!!!

    Hows your cruise been doing?

    After my 96 it is a treat using 87 in the 03!
  • Ok, you should be able to email me now through my profile.

    We live in Huntington, WV, so we do get some occasional snow (maybe like 2 or 3 inches at most the past 5years), they do salt the roads if they think we'll be getting any snow, and we do get ice, but not bad.

    I just spoke with my sister a little while ago & she said she went to put gas in her car and at 8 gallons it kept stopping like it would if the tank was full. Her gas gauge when someone had replaced the fuel tank I'm guessing, is a little off, and so her "empty" line is at 5gallons.This is the 1st time it has acted like it was full & wouldn't take anymore gas. She did eventually end up getting gas in it.

    Thanks alot for all the help & suggestions :D
  • Cruise control is working about the same, I have become accustomed to the lose
    of about two miles an hour after I set it so I generally am prepared to hit the accelerate button once or twice after initial setting of the button. I watch for traffic behind me just in case it fails to take hold as it sometimes does. While I am living with it as is at some point I may try to resolve it with the dealership which has had it three times and could find no problem. Suspect it may be a defect in the buttons on the steering wheel. The service department of the local dealership here is not all that great and the next nearest Cadillac dealership is 125 miles round trip. Most of my driving is short trips, if I were to plan a long trip would probably give one of the dealerships another try at resolution. May call Cadillac Corporate again, they were not much help in the past.

    I have not tried 87 octane gas yet but from what you have reported I am encouraged to try it if prices continue to rise sharply.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    OH YEA....................87 will run fine.....Not a problem running it
    compared to my 96 prem. only model. The 96 would buck, stall,
    and ping on anything but prem.

    25+ mpg. to boot !
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Your e-mail not listed
  • Do you get the same performance out of the Northstar system on 87 as you get using 91? While I know it will run on 87 was wondering if I would get the same acceleration on 87 as I get on 91?
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The Concours model of the Deville was acutally in production when the car was remade in '94 It was the first Deville to have the Northstar standard until 1996 when all Devilles had them.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    This sight still shows that Caddy still breeds a rare breed. All of mine started up everyday for me. Try that in a Merc or Bimmer.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Hemi...........Your right about that one I think !

    Brem............Never tried prem. in my 03. It still boogies when ya
    nail it ! Sure needed it the last few days up and down the GSP or
    Trunpike here in NJ.

    These left lane campers holding up traffic and causing others to
    manuever like maniacs in ALL 3 lanes to get around them sure
    disrupts my 70 mph on cruise in the slow lanes with the BOSE
    thundering !

    That n-star sure goes to 100 plus to get away from that mess
    quick! OOOPPPssssss watching for cops !
    Sure is handy on on ramps too !!!! :P
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    What model is your Deville geo? Mine is a '03 DTS loaded with every option that Caddy offers, including Night Vision(not many have them). This thing is ROCK SOLID. I've owned a lot of cars, but this one for some reason has the right combination of everything. Only problem in 2 yrs and 22,000 miles is my gas bill because I love that Northstar soundtrack: American Muscle. When the 'boss gets tired of driving the 'vette and takes the DTS, I hop in our '05 STS V8 AWD and really carve out corners. Me being a long haul trucker, I stripped out my back a long time ago, I bought the vette for the wife so that she could stay out of the Deville, but as you can see, that didn't work. I am looking into purchasing the '06 DTS performance model. I think that I may wait another year to let GM get the usual kinks out. The Vette is out of the question because I can't squat to get in it. The STS. while a very responsive ride, doesn't have that pillowy soft ride of my Deville.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    I have a base DeVille with the goodie pkg. IT HAs THE roof,
    bose, bun warmers, chromies, and pearl paint pkg. for around
    $2k after a pkg. discount. Sticker was $46K

    After rebate, Gm employee disc, Caddy owner loyalty, GM card $$,
    it was a shade under 30k minus my 96 trade................

    29k miles,so far. Only dealer visit was a emission recall/PCM flash
    and a quirky cruise control issue......................... :shades:
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Do you have theVogue tires? I Have the Vogue package that the dealer sold me for no extra charge including wheel/tire, carriage top, metal trim, and emblem package. The car was supposed to sticker for about $67,890 with the package but it then decreased to $55,459. Then I got military, employee,gm card, gmac discounts for a grand total of $23,613.09 cash out the door. How's that for wheelin and dealin. I think its about time to replace the Vogue tires because they are getting noisy. The dealer quoted me $241 A TIRE!!!!! I could get Michelin's with the thin white wall ring like on my '97 Deville D'Elegance for $93 a tire. I am pretty sure that I would get the same if not better quiet ride. Just curious if anybody had them on their car. I do like the look of them with the white and gold rings around them, but gee-whiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Has any 1 noticed the price DECREASE in the new '06 DTS. The price has decreased dramatically. An '05 base Deville stickered at $46,045. The new one stickers for about $42,000. And thats with more standard equipment. I guess GM really did stick to their promise and lower the price of admission and abolish their stock crushing rebate program. Yet another great move from GM.
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Just the stock blackwalls.............
  • How stable is your Deville at 100 MPH, would assume rock solid but was curious.
    Does driving even for short periods at 100 MPH shorten oil life? Do you know the rated top speed for your Deville? I have often described Deville as a sports car in a business suit. They really have excellent power. Would these Northstars be able to compete with a 5.7 liter Hemi? I wondered in that the Hemi is rated at 340 Horsepower and the Deville 275-300. What role would gear ratios play in performance of the Hemi vs the Northstar?
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Not really anyplace thats safe to run over 100 mph. in
    my neck of the woods......
    That was a 1st time and a fluke to get away from the idiots !!!!!

    I have had rent a Caddies in Vegas at 120 plus in the desert......
    Rent a Lincolns TCs shut off at 117.....The FWD Lincolns shut off about
    100 like my GM truck does............................

    But rock steady anyhoo in a straight line on a smooth road ! :P
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The 300C's axle ratio is about 2.8-2.9:1. They do have a 5 speed transmission. The Deville's axle ratio is 3.11:1 or 3.71:1 depending on what model deville you have.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The HEMI may have a little edge on the DeVille. But the STS V8 RWD would flat smoke it because of two reasons: Its a lighter vehicle and it has better gears and transmission. I would like to see the STS-V go up against the SRT-8 300. Just to humuliate that Chrysler. As for 100 mph stability, i've got mine up to 141 mph in Arizona ( can't say which city lol lol) until the top speed limiter cuts the fuel supply. Most 275 hp can go about 130 mph. I have a DTS, so it goes 141. Great for a 4500 pound vehicle.
  • Thanks for your interesting post regarding performance. It is my impression that the Northsar is a more modern technology than Hemi, am I correct in that regard? I don't get to drive that fast in that the speed limits around here are either 55 or 60 MPH. I like having the reserve power on two lane roads, have had a few instances where it was necessary to pass a car going under the speed limit, while I was in the left lane passing, the slower vehicle has on occasion sped up, the reserve power has gotten me through each time so far.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    You are ABSOLUTELY correct about the Northstar being more modern than the Hemi? That Hemi dates back some 50 years. That Northstar motor is one of the hightlights of not just domestic but foreign automotive advancements in our lifetime. This engine is so sophisticated that the JAPANESE (ie: Acura, Lexus, Infiniti) are still baffled at it. Now this Northstar motor is in its 2nd generation application with the start of the 320 hp SRX, then the XLR, now the STS. And now they are about supercharge it to develop well over 450 hp. That Hemi doesn't come close to how buttery smooth that dual overhead cam motor is with it's old-tech "pushrod" truck engine. Here's an example: My partner and I who are State Troopers participate in annual events in our state. This year he brought his 300-C in hopes of shredding my DeVille. Little did he know I was bringing the STS V8. The cars were side by side and all you could here were those pushrods clattering. The Hemi was so loud compared to my car that I made the mistake of restarting my car after it was still running. Thank God that GM made the starter with an override in it because I would fried my starter. To put it short, The Northstar is the guiding light for the Hemi. GET IT LOL
  • I recently got my first Caddy. 05 Deville base model, no options. Love the car. I have been using 87 octane since I got it. I have taken 2 long trips with it , and it has plenty of power. Owner's manual says that 87 is normal. You can use higher for better performance or towing. I have not found it necessary. I would like to try 91 sometime to see if there is any difference. Not really needed to run car with normal driving. A Deville is not a race car. It does have a lot of power and gives you the things a Cadillac owner wants: Comfort , Ride, Room, and Trunk space.

    I have other comments, but will save them for other messages.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The hemi in the Chrysler 300C is a new design and has nothing to do with the hemi of the 50's. So, if anything, the Northstar is the old design.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I use premium in the 2002 Seville LS (275 hp version). I find that the premium provides a slight improvement in performance during shifts, but otherwise no obvious difference. My choices here are 85 octane or 88 octane ethanol or the premium.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The hemispherical design of the 1950's Hemi engines combustion chamber is the same as those found today. Today's Hemi is a modern design, but far from ground-breaking. Whereas the Northstar just keeps evolving-hence the new SRX, STS, XLR with the gen-2 Northstar. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the raw power of the Hemi. But it is not quite as smooth as a Northstar. As I've stated before, the Northstar's engine was a from scratch design in 1993 with introduction of the STS. The Hemi still uses yester-year architecture, which is not a bad thing either. Look at GM with the fifties-something small-block V8. Look at their venerable 3800 V6. I say if a good thing works, use it. But the Northstar is newer design.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The northstars stroke is identical to the 4100's. I do not mean to say that the northstar is a DOHC version of the 4100, but I suspect that the 4.5 liter pushrod engine was a target size. Of course they also wanted it to fit into the FWD cars, so that limited it too. I suspect that they experimented with overhead cams on the 4.5 liter engines before designing the final northstar.

    The new hemi is not based on the old one. Sure they are using a hemi head, but the design is all new. OHC designs existed long before GM worked on the northstar. One thing that the northstar had was coolant loss protection, which was a first I think. The Corvette's engine is new, it is not related to the 50's 265. The 3800 has been re-engineered a number of times, with the 91 & 95 redo's resulting in a very high tech cast iron V6.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    financial position to do this now, I am considering (ok, re-considering) replacing my 2004 Crown Vic with a 1-2 year old DTS...DTS has more HP, if it gets anywhere close to its rated 27 mpg highway, it will beat my CV by 5-7 mpg, even tho the CV was rated at 25 mpg hwy, DTS probably has the same interior room and trunk space of my CV...

    And, I believe the DTS has 4 way lumbar supports for driver and passenger...

    And, having no bearing whatsoever, the DTS can be equipped with midnight blue leather...

    Any comments, pro or con, on a 2004/2005 used DTS...any major problems crop up that Caddy refused to repair or deal with??? the leather good quality or is it cheap???...what should a used DTS sell for, assuming no more than 20-30K miles???

    To those who own one, would you buy it again, assuming you could afford the new, redesigned 2006 DTS???

    Or should I just wait a year until the 2006 DTS is now used, and save $$$... :shades:
  • You can find fair market prices for the DTS right here at the Edmunds web site. I have used Edmunds in calculating buy and trade values for my last several cars and have found the dealers respectful of the buy and trade offers I have made. My preference would be the DTS over the CV. As you said more power. The one question you did not ask but may want to consider is front wheel vs rear wheel drive in the CV. This is NOT an issue for me but there are some that favor rear wheel drive (CV) over front wheel drive (2004-05 DTS). Probably best bet is to test drive and see if you feel any significant difference. Cadillac is now offering rear wheel drive in some of its' models (CTS @ CTS-V I think).
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