Overhead Console Temp/Compass Display

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My display stopped working, dropped it when re-finishing the header. I have a 1999 Blazer

Ordered one from a junkyard online. The original one has 6 pins, the one from the junkyard has 9 pins.

There are only six wires in my blazer and the plugs are shaped differently.

Tried to see if I could exchange it or return it but am not getting a reponse.

Is there some part I can buy or way to get this to work. Guessing not but any help let me know, worst case I am out $45 and can put the item on ebay.


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    Sounds like the original was for compass and temp, and the replacement is for compass, temp, and trip computer. If you can find a schematic for each, I am betting it could be made to work. The way GM does this harness is to provide ALL the data lines to the connector in the dash above and behind the headlight switch, but from there up to the console only run the wires that are needed. That same harness can have only the dome light wiring, all the way up to compass/temp/trip computer/mirror lights/lighted visors/dome light. They just install the harness to match the options. In fact, if you can get the harness from a vehicle with the trip computer, you can swap the harness and get the full function of the display. It isn't real easy to swap the harness, but it can be done without dropping the dash forward. Small hands and nimble fingers are required. :)
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    2001 ford explorer sport overhead temp/compass stopped working .fuse is good what could it be
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