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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • Six bad gaskets?? Did they indicate that this is a "known" problem, and that the design of the replacement gaskets is different from and a definite improvement over the ones being replaced?

    I certainly can't blame you for being a bit perplexed right about now.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    The dealer's extremely poor service was just another problem that I have. The dealer did not make any comments at all. I guess the dealer is as ignorant as I am about its possiblity of being a known issue. I suggest every one on this list should check if his or hers is leaking. It seems that this is known problem on the XG.
    The service rep that I have been talking to was trying to rip me off saying that A/C belt and alternator belt had cracks and that they needed to replace. He also said that they were not covered by warranty because they are maintenance wear and tear items. At around 27,000 miles, those two belts have cracks? If it is true, Hyundai has another quality issue for me. If not, the dealer was trying hard to collect free money from naive customers. This is kind of service that Hyundai has to have full control of, in my book. Anyway, I have been without car for about a week now.
    I wrote a letter to Vice President, Service at Hyundai Motor and wonder what sort of response I would get from him (more likely from someone else from Service related department).
    Now I am a complete convert from a strong Hyundai supporter to the very opposite of it. I think I have been very patient for 14 months with like 20 or more different problems, both major and minor on my XG300L. I am afraid that I have yet to learn how to be even more patient with upcoming problems whatever they might be until my XG300L breaks down completely. I bought mine on the off chance that Hyundai has finally gotten quality to live up with. I am sorry to conclude that Hyundai has proven to remain as a off chance on quality, at least to me who once was sold on the XG. Alas!
  • Did you do it with the power on or off?

    I tried both and didn't get it to work. With the power on, when you press both buttons simultaneously, the temp indicator will go down and the fan speed goes up. I held both buttons there for more than 10 seconds and nothing happened. With the power off, nothing happens. I even tried it with the engine on.

  • px260px260 Posts: 42
    Thanks for the UAL address on used Camry/Accord. The details are very vague and it seems to contradict what Consumer Reports publishes. In any case, from my personal experience, I used to own a '87 Integra, driven 180k miles in 8 yrs, original clutch (lots of freeway driving), the only items replaced other than maintenance were radiator, brake master cylinder, and head light bulbs. The four cyliner 1.6L enginer was still running strong up until it was hit in an accident. I wonder if your XG350 can match that in 8 yrs.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    As some of you might recall, my XG300 is still in the shop patiently waiting for the gaskets for 8 days now. I had to call Hyundai consumer affairs department yesterday without much luck. What the customer service agent at Hyundai said mostly was "I don't know." She also mentioned that each dealer was independent and that Hyundai had no control over dealers. In my book, Hyundai must have certain level of control though as dealers represent Hyundai and as they are authorized by Hyundai. Anyway, that was what happened and I am still without car. As of yesterday, little bit leftover of HOPE for Hyundai has completely turned to total disappointment. I now feel very sorry for all those people who bought XG300 listening to my extolling XG300 to the skies. I am also sorry for Hyundai that Hyundai has not realized they had had customer service problem, let alone long-time quality problem. I just hope that all on this list do not have service and quality problems that I have gone through since I bought it on 9/9/02. To recap, it has a little over 27,000 miles on it and has been in the shop for about two months in total for a slew of problems like paint peeling off, alternator, air bag light continuous on, wind noise and the current oil leaking, just to name only a few. The paint peeling off, the noisy alternator, the wind noise problems are still with me after two tries for each. What next?
  • Hyundai has no monopoly on feckless "Customer Service."

    I bought a new 1999 Lexus LS400 and was well aware of all of the hype about their customer being king.

    On several occasions, after exhausting the path of trying to work with the dealer to resolve a problem, I called their "Customer Service," and discovered that all they would do was put me on hold, call the dealer, then come back on the line and simply repeat to me what the dealer had already told me - in several instances, only a few minutes prior to my call to Lexus USA.

    Needless to say, I found this extremely insulting and of no value whatsoever.

    Thus far I have made one attempt to get Hyundai USA to intercede on my behalf with a dealer, and I got the "have no control over their dealers" runaround. When I pointed out that they DO have the power to renew or not renew the dealer's franchise, they said that yes, that is true, and if I would care to send them a letter it would be put in the file for consideration the next time the franchise came up for renewal (in a couple of years, I gathered).

    Since that particular dealer moves more Hyundai product than just about any other dealer in the country, you can imagine just how eager they would be to yank the franchise.

    This was a fraud allegation in the selling process; Hyundai suggested I contact the appropriate Better Business Bureau. Thanks loads.
  • saber86saber86 Posts: 128
    The customer service is nothing more than a call center. They will pretend to listen and act like they care but they don't. Customer service is about as useful as a you know what.
  • I tried to warn my friends about buying a Hyundai 18 months ago. Now after hearing all of their problems and reading about the onew in here I am glad I didn't do what they did.

    I was shopping for a car the same time they were and ended up buying a Japanese made Camry. I haven't had a problem with it. None. The more I drove the xg the more it told on itself. The interior smell, the cheap interior parts, the potential for great loss on resale.

    I used to hear alot of people taking about how great the warranty is. But I don't hear that anymore. I'm glad I didn't make that mistake.
  • The next thing is to check your state's Lemon Law. File suit under that statute if you qualify. Sue Hyundai USA by having the suit papers served on their registered agent or other permitted service of process. Contact your State Bar to see if there is inexpensive legal help for consumers. Fight for your rights and make them take the car back!
  • I posted about the lemon laws several months ago. If you have had all these problems over this length of time without checking into them, this situation may say more about you than it does about Hyundai.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    Regarding the lemon law, my understanding is that the same problem should occur three times within warranty period. I wonder if it still applies to certain number of different problems. Of course, I still have engine noise and wind noise problems after two tries for each problem. I was tired of taking the car in being afraid that it may take another week or longer. I reported the wind noise problem when I took it in for leaking problem. I was told that it was fixed and wait to see. My car is still in the shop for 9 days now.
    Yesterday the Hyundai customer service rep called me to inform that the dealer was still waiting for one gasket while the rest came in.
    Does anyone have any brilliant idea of what I need to do? Again I wonder how special those gaskets are. Probably Hyundai special. I will look into the lemon law once again if I am eligible. I reported to Better Business Bureau and California State Consumer Protection Committee, Auto Repair division. I wonder what they can do though.
  • I don't know about other states, especially the ones dumb enough to vote rethuglian, but here it gets the job done and ALL your money back in as few as 6 weeks! Been there, done that--- TWICE, first an 89 Merc Marquis with 64,000 miles,all the money paid including tax and extended warranty less 1100$ for use miles, 2nd a 94 Crown vic --- ALL THE MONEY LESS $109 Regards, Jack
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Glad to hear things worked out well for you.

    I do need to ask you to withhold that sort of political comment/slur -- this is not the place.

  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    Finally, I picked it up on last Friday. Dealer claimed that the wind noise and leaking were fixed. That remains to be seen.

      For those who have had quite a few problems as I have, here is a web site of Better Business Bureau to file a complaint against car manufacturer. This is not local Bureau but national office which handles complaints against car manufacturer. I already filed one. Hope this helps us and Hyundai to improve quality and customer service too.

  • azstanazstan Posts: 74
    Thanks everyone who has contributed here. I was very close to signing on the dotted line when a friend suggested that I read what has been written here.

    I have decided not to purchase the Hyundai XG350 although it is no doubt the most car that can be had for the money. But...after purchase, who needs all that hassle? Seems like this is a Yugo made in Korea.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Where is the 2003 XG350? All of Hyundai's other models are out for 2003, why not the XG350? I have heard that they plan to come out with an all new XG in the spring and it will be a 2004. There was no Tib for 2002 so maybe there will not be an XG for 2003.
  • Looking at an add in Nov 11 2002 Fortune, page 116, I see no changes but will compare the picture tomorrow. I am no longer a hot buyer, too many horror stories here cooled me way down!!!
  • Most of the horror stories here are from XG300. It’s too early to tell if the same goes with the XG350. I only have mine for 4 months so I can’t really say, everything are great so far. Also, the dealership I purchased from seems to be customer oriented, Hyundai of Tempe (AZ). I went to two Hyundai dealerships when I was shopping for my XG. If you are from Phoenix AZ, don’t ever go to Earn Harts, I had a bad experience.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    I finally finished submitting all necessary info to BBB as I mentioned several postings ago. One day after I called and initiated filing a complaint with BBB, regional service manager from Hyundai gave me a call to discuss the problems that I had had and still have. First of all he offered to take mine to another dealership for thorough checkup (he was not clear if it is only for the problems that I still have or general checkup). Of course, a loaner was offered. I did last night. Surprisingly, the loaner was Elantra. Anyway, filing a complaint with BBB seems to draw attention from Hyundai.
    In passing, I remember some owners including myself in the past complained about weird cruise control. I noticed that the Elantra does not do the same strange thing on its cruise control. It seems to work as I expect. In summary, cruise control on XG works like,

    1. when accelerating with accelerate switch, rpm goes way over 3000 from 2200 or 2300 all of a sudden. It stays at over 3000 about a minute or so, it goes back down to its normal rpm.
    2. when resuming cruise, the same rpm hiccup happens.
    3. when you release gas after you speed up over set speed, the same rpm hiccup happens when the speed reaches the set speed.

    Any of these did not happen with the Elantra. Actually, cruise control on the Elantra works as any other cars that I have driven except the XG. Hyundai designed cruise control on XG this way, I don't know.
  • Cruise problems 1 and 2 seem easy to figure out: the car is probably downshifting one gear as it accelerates. When the rpms drop back to "normal" it has gone back into the highest gear.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    I understand the car is probably downshifting one gear as it accelerates. But why does it downshift from the highest to one gear down when it is accelerating? It does not make any sense to me.
    When resuming, shouldn't it speed up gradually? Why does it have to jump from 2400 to 3500 or more all of a sudden acting like a sport car? Even the Elantra speeds up nice and gradually from 2300, 2400, 2500 etc.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    I got an interlocutory report on my XG from the service rep. It was reported that my GREAT XG still has the same oil leaking problem and the same wind noise problem and engine noise problem. The first two problems were supposed to have been fixed a couple of weeks ago after 9 days in the shop. These three problems were all verified by this dealer recommended by Hyundai regional service manager. Now some necessary parts to fix these problems have been ordered supposedly. Well, this simply makes me speechless.
    To recap, this is the fourth try for the wind noise problem, the third try for the engine noise problem and the second try for the oil leak problem. Folks, I really am speechless. Either the first dealer service department has been completely unable to fix these problems so far, or my GREAT XG has decided to leave me in the lurch with continuous problems. What should I ask Hyundai to do to resolve this? I have become paranoiac. I am not superstitious but start to think that this XG has been bringing bad luck to me.
  • "Downshifting" IS the shifting of gears from whereever it is to the next gear down (5th gear down to 4th, etc.). This is how an automatic transmission operates when your engine accelerates. My last automatic did that on cruise. Otherwise it would take too long. My Elantra is a 5-speed, so I can't explain the automatic on that model.
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    I am glad to report that complaint with BBB really works and that quickly. BBB rep called me for a hearing setup yesterday. Hyundai rep responded immediately and offered either replacement or repurchase.
    Now, I am to decide on one option. Should I go for replacement option to try a XG350 to reinstate my faith in Hyundai or should I just obliterate Hyundai name in my memory and opt for repurchase? Any advice? Someone was asking if the XG350 is better than the XG300 with some of known problems fixed several postings ago.
  • azstanazstan Posts: 74
    Take the money and run!
  • bsappbsapp Posts: 21
    Similar situation with me and a Chrysler Concorde in which I opted for Chrysler to repurchase the vehicle after which I purchased something else from another manufacturer. I agree, take the money and run........

    By the way, I considered very strongly a XG350 when I purchased a new car last March. I didn't even get so far as a test drive. The salesman brought the keys to the XG I was interested in and when I started it up, it knocked and ran rough. The salesman told me to rev it up and the roughness would go away. I commented that should not be necessary with a fuel injected vehicle. Then with the car sitting still and idling away, I went to pull the inside hood release to take a look at the engine and the hood wouldn't open, like the release wasn't attached to any mechanism that allowed the hood to pop. Right then, I told the salesman I was no longer interested and wished him the best. I walked to my car, didn't look back, got in & left. I feel I made the right decision after reading all the problems mentioned here.

  • I have a 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche and a 2002 Hyundai XG350L. I was so startled when I received the insurance bill for the Hyundai, I got a quote from another company. It was even higher.

    Even though the purchase price of the Avalanche was 50% higher than that of the XG350L, the insurance for the Hyundai is much higher in the Comprehensive, Collision, and Property Damage categories, and a bit higher in the Bodily Injury and Medical Payments categories. The mind boggles. Either the insurance rate category for the Avalanche is unusually low, for some reason, or the rate category for the XG is unusually high.

    Have other XG owners run into this phenomenon? If so, have you received a plausible explanation for it?

  • I experienced my first thrashing rackets coming from under the hood last night that a couple of you mentioned earlier. The car ran fine the night before. It was quite loud and went on for about 10 seconds. Hopefully, it's just the a/c compressor and nothing worse.

    PLIBASSI and Specialdoc2002: Did you ever find out where the caused the noise?

    The dealer that I deal with seems to be quite helpful in getting things replace. I even got the radio replaced without much complaining, but we'll see.
  • I found the "air conditioning compressor" theory plausible and have not pursued the matter further.

    My wife drives the car on a daily basis and it is rare that I get much exposure to it. But we will be taking a 750-mile trip with it over the Thanksgiving holiday, so I may have something to report when I get back.
  • My XG300 was manufactured in Sept.00.I have never had any problems nor wind noise,engine noise,etc.
    On a recent trip I tryed the cruise control,and it worked flawlesly.Maybe Hyundai is just the
    oppisit of GM,Ford and the others made in America.
    Whose first cars off the line are dogs.Maybe the
    Koreans take great care in the first few cars made,and then slack off.Re:insurance,mine is lower than my Camry,and my state has very high rates.
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