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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • Just returned from local dealer for a test drive in new XG350. I also have an 01 SantaFe. Sticker price was $23,656. No moonroof or heated seats (not needed in LAS) Anyway, I was favorably impressed but not really ready to buy. Salesman wasn't pushy, but plunked down in front of me an offer to sell for $19,900. Apparently Hyundai has to cut prices deeply in their top line cars just like Buick has to do on Park Avenues. I think I can do even better than $19,900. Any opinions? Thanks
  • Correction to 1261 message. Guess I can't type correctly. MSRP on the car was $26,656, not $23,656. While dealer offered to sell at $19,900, today I see his ad at $18,999. Prices just don't mean anything any more.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    Prices for an XG350 appear to be soft because Hyundai is planing to come out with a new XG for 2004. My dealer told me that the new XG will look more like a Sonata and will be out in late spring or early summer.
  • The thrashing noise coming from under my hood ('01 300L) is the air conditioning compressor after starting the car in warm weather. The noise goes away after about 15-20 seconds. My Hyundia dealer, who has given excellent service, told me there is nothing he can do to replace the compressor until it goes out - stops working. That's the only way Hyundia will cover the compressor under warranty....
  • As a postscript to message #1259 - we just got back from the 750-mile holiday trip and I have the following to report:

    On flat, smooth section of interstate highway, in which the road was curving to the left, I noticed that the car was "shuddering." I asked my wife (who was driving) if she noticed it. "Yes." Have you noticed that before? "Yes; it does it when you are turning to the left, not when you are going straight or turning to the right."

    The same phenomenon was observed three or four more times during the trip. There is no audible noise accompanying the shuddering.

    Has anyone else observed this quirk?

  • Just came back from the Intl Auto Show in LAS. The XC350 seemed to be attracting more attention than any of the other Hyundai models displayed. It was, of course, a 2002, not a 2003. Their literature depicts the 2004 model, so we know there won't be a 2003. However, except for changes to the lower grill, the car looks just the same as the 2002. Maybe there won't be a 03 so they can clear out the excess 02 inventory.
  • jayliujayliu Posts: 17
    Guys, In the cold morning, when you start your car, if you set your Climate Control to "AUTO" will it automaticly set the blower direction to "LEG" and Fan Speed " 3 Bars"?
    Because mine is and it's blowing cold air at my feet. Is it a normal behavior?
  • sartiesartie Posts: 10
    Hi, jayliu!

    I've commented on this before, and I'd like to know more about the decision tree for the Auto Climate control. I've got an '02 XG350L and here's what it does on startup on cold mornings:
    1. With temps cold, but above 39 degrees F, it blows cold air on my feet, with 3 fan blades showing.
    2. With temps below 39 degrees, 1 fan blade shows, and fan speed increases as the engine warms up. This seems like the way it should work.
    3. With temps around 32 degrees F, the Defrost light comes on with 1 fan blade showing. After a few minutes, the Defrost light goes out and the system works as in 2., above.

    I'd like the fan to stay off until the engine develops enough heat to deliver warm air to the cabin, but in 1., above, this is not the case. Is it time for a nose-to-nose with my dealer?
  • Further to post #1265 -

    I went on a 40-mile jaunt this afternoon on twisty back roads, to try to get a better feel for the problem.

    I don't think that "shudders" was the best word I could have used to describe the symptom.

    During left-hand turns, at highway speeds, and especially while accelerating during the turns, the car produces a continual, repetitive, rapid series of what you might call "thumps," or "pounding" or "bumps" that you can hear, and feel through your butt, but are not transmitted noticeably through the steering wheel.

    I'm wondering if front wheel bearing or CV joint could be the culprit? I don't have any experience with the mechanicals of front wheel drive cars.

    BTW, I don't see any uneven wear on the tires.

  • Who's your dealer?
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    I'm a very happy Elantra owner and am comparing the almost universal positive comments on those boards with the largely negative XG posts.

    I don't think this is a matter of perception. People expecting more with an expensive car. I think the XG is probably the most trouble prone of any Hyundais. I'm not sure what the age of the XG platform is, undoubtedly it was sold in Korea for some time before bringing it over.

    There are no "never buy a new car" warnings with Hyundai. The new platforms seem to be better than the old in the first run of the car. Thus the Elantra seems to be doing better than the Sonata because the platform changed in '01 rather than '99. Hyundai seems to be making these kind of qualitative leaps with each re-engineering.

    That being the case, it's too bad this car was introduced when it was, given Hyundai's plans for a new up-scale division. IMHO they should have waited for a new car.
  • newxgnewxg Posts: 34
    There are a number of consistent issues that the XG300/350 seems to have (window seal noise, bad batteries, floormat clips, and a variety of transmission behavior complaints), but overall this needs to be kept in perspective. A good many of the issues discussed here have been dealer related. If this forum is an overall indicator, most major problems seem to be isolated to specific instances (only one mention of oil leak problems and only of course the really bad abs brake problem).

    To call this car a yugo, as someone did about 20 posts ago, is totally off the mark. My guess is that overall reliability is on par with most American cars, maybe better. All manufacturers create occasional lemons, but I don't think this is the rule here. I paid $23,000 in November 2000 for the base XG300. This car at under $20,000 is an absolute steal. It does have a very high level of content and fit/finish that would cost a lot more in other cars. I have a dealer who has delivered a high level of customer service, and my insurance for my XG300 is no different than it was for my old Subaru Forester. The smooth shifting (most of the time) 5 speed automatic transmission is one of the main reasons that I selected this car.

    I think that expectations may be part of the issue here. I compared this vehicle against similarily priced competitors like the Maxima, Avalon, and Sabre. To expect Lexus and Infinity experiences from a car under $20,000 is just unrealistic. Overall I've been pretty pleased.

    2001 Base XG300 White
    32,000 miles
    Alpine XM Satellite Radio system
  • leirexleirex Posts: 50
    I am sure that I must have gotten a lemon as I have experienced more than 10 different problems three of which occurred two, three and four times. The engine noise problem seems to be still with me after three tries, even louder now. One thing that I want to mention is that Hyundai seems to have dealer selection problem. The dealer that I have taken mine in for repairs seems to be unable to fix the problems. The engine noise started to bother me ever since the dealer replaced alternator due to computer scan result without further diagnosis. I would think that it was unnecessary replacement which caused one persistent problem.
    When it comes to expectation, I agree with newxg. When I bought mine, the XG was standing out of similarily priced competitors in terms of number of features and options. Not any more, I guess. For example, the Honda Accord EX V6 has just about the same options as the XG350 with more powerful engine short of memory seat and automatic chromatic rearview mirror. The Accord has dual climate control though. MSRP is only several hundred dollars apart. In my book, Hyundai should work hard to stay competitive with the Accord. The Toyota Camry XLE V6 at just about the same price is far behind in options though. This is why I opted for repurchase plan. To add, Hyundai at least in my area has been responsive and quick so far. The first problem showed up at 2252 miles on odometer. Current odometer reading is 29,100. Good luck to every XG owners.
  • newxgnewxg Posts: 34
    I have to agree with you that the new Accords have compelling features for the price. The Toyota cars always seem a little pricy when options are added on. Here in the southeast we also have to deal with a regional distributer who get's to charge what is effectively a "tax" (some times in the form of pricy junk add ons like fabric protector) on all Toyota's sold in the region.
  • carspy01carspy01 Posts: 137
    I posted it before (months ago) somewhere, and one of the previous posts is correct: we will not get an '03 XG. It is correct that the 2004-model will come out in spring 2003 in Northamerica. The front is a little different and the rear as well, but definitely NOT Sonata-like. Relatively minor changes. Only few inside.
    That's the reason why you get SUCH GREAT DEALS!
    Expect the 2004 to be shown in Detroit. In Korea, this new XG is on sales since this summer.
  • carspy01carspy01 Posts: 137
    I guess some posters only express that they expect from a low to mid $20K-vehicle something like of a $50K vehicle. And please believe me, most of the a/m "problems" are found in vehicles with the "Star" or "Bavarian logo" every week - owners just tend to take those vehicles to routine service at their dealerships, and things get fixed in "silent recalls"....
    Most of the XG-owners know that they have a great vehicle, which is still kind of the "best kept secret" in the industry. But, honestly, WE like it that way, don't we??????
  • I read about “engine oil leak” on a previous posting and I mention this to my Hyundai Dealer. They claim they don’t have this problem on the XG350. They also suggested not overfilling during oil change and 5QT on the XG350 is overfilling. The spec said 4.5 US QT but they only put 4QT and it measured Full on my XG350 with a K&N Oil Filter, don’t know if this has any relevance with causing an Oil leak, just though I mention it in this forum.
  • I don’t see a lot of major negative posting for XG350, only for the XG300. It seems a lot of the problems on XG300 are fixed for XG350. My only regret on my XG350 purchase is I did not upgrade to XG350L. I had a buddy that just purchased a 03 Accord with a 4 cyl, which he paid 1k more compare to my XG350, and he wished he would have known about my awesome car.
  • jayliujayliu Posts: 17
    Hi Sartie, Thank you for the reply. My XG350 is doing exactly the same, well at least I know i am not alone... I guess I'll just need to wear boot then.
    Also I did notice, when I start my car in cold morning, if i turn on the AC, I do get lots noise coming out from the air conditioning compressor. (that's my guess , because when I turn the AC off, the noise goes away) once the car warms up , the noise would die down ...
  • sartiesartie Posts: 10
    Hi, Jayliu--I'm still a bit concerned about the fan automatically coming on at high speed when it's only 40 degrees F outside. My wife's '03 Subaru Forester XS with Climate Control doesn't do this. It waits until there's heat before it blows at you.

    Re the A/C Compressor noise, there was a recent post about this. Apparently, one dealer said that Hyundai wants the compressor to break before they replace it under warranty. I used to get a clunking noise from the compressor on startup in the summer. But it only clunked once per day, on the initial startup in the morning. Now, with 7000 miles, either it doesn't clunk or I don't hear it.

    With the snow in the Northeast U.S., I've had a good time playing with the Traction Control System (TCS). In the default "On" position, the TCS light flashes when over-accelerating on snow or ice, but the car tends to go straight ahead. With the TCS switched off, the car slides sideways, following the crown of the road down into the right hand gully. How did we ever live without this stuff?
  • What's the preset temperature?
  • phdepphdep Posts: 9
  • My wife and I drove this car last Sat. and loved it.
    Anyone get this car for under 20K???
    The dealer was offering 19,500 for a car with one hundred miles.
    Anyone else see this or better???
  • At $19,500 the car is a phenomenal bargain.
  • That's an awesome deal, I paid $20.5K for my XG350 Base.
  • I was offered $19,900 two weeks ago at Planet Hyundai. Keep in mind that this is a 2002, and the fate of 03/04 is still unknown. Otherwise, you are right. This is a lot of car for that kind of money. Offer $19,000 and see if they bite.
  • Ref: Messages #1319, 1323

    It took one false start, but in the end the dealer did a great job of diagnosing and fixing this problem which I would guess is very unusual if not unprecedented.

    It turns out that the problem was a missing part in the right front axle assembly. According to the repair order, the stub shaft is a two-piece design, and there is supposed to be a clip that holds the two pieces together, but it was missing.

    I would be interested in receiving comment from a mechanic who is actually familiar with this design.
  • Parts used in the repair:

    49557-39291 Clip - fr axle diff
    43119-39010 Seal - oil
    51720-38000 Bearing - fr wheel

    [Note: Initial diagnosis was wheel bearing; they changed it out and it made no difference].

    Are you familiar with the "clip"?

  • The two shafts are held together by a CV joint, not by the clip.

    The "stub" shaft is the inner shaft.

    (The drawing is labeled wrong; It shows RH, righthand side assembly)

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