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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • gjkamgjkam Posts: 2
    Sorry folks, there is no 10 year / 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty for Hyundai. It's 6 year / 60,000 miles on 500 PARTS! You can buy a Hyundai extended warranty that will make that 1700 parts if you want. Take a look, if your air conditioner breaks in 3 + years you will be paying to have it repaired! The devil is in the details.
  • Just got my XG 350. A couple of questions. Is there no underhood light? And can the door locks be programed for autolock feature like other manufactures? Thanks.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    No underhood light. I've never seen one on anything other then American cars and maybe high end European cars.
  • The door locks on the XG are different from many other cars in two respects. First, there is no autolock feature and, second, the first push of button remote unlocks ALL of the doors.

    I think that Hyundai has made excellent design decisions in both instances. I have had other cars that were designed the other way, and I disliked it in both respects.
  • xgfanxgfan Posts: 1
    Hi folks, are any XG owners experiencing poor paint quality and if so, has anyone opted for a paint shop clear coat? If so, what has been your experience?
  • Yes, 10 year/100,000 mile warranty is mostly for the engine and transmission. It is not for all parts but it does give Hyundai owners little comfort. Even without it, XG is still a good value, I think. I did not care warranty too much when I bought mine because I put about 25000 miles/year. I will use it up in 5 years.
  • I have 2001 XG300L with 29K miles on it. In the last few months, I noticed steering wheel vibration at various speed. I took it to the dealership and balance, tire rotation, and so on. After few attempts, while vibration still exist, the dealership is saying that I need new set of tires and wheel alignment....After all, I replaced front tires, which worn out inner sides and had wheel alignment done in a independent tire shop. HOWEVER, the vibration still existed.
    (It is nociceable around 60MPH, and getting worse if brake appied...) I took it back to the tire shop and re-balance and re-check alignment. Those were OK. The tire shop guy is saying that there are strange noise from front wheel, when shaked in the air. Anyone has similar problem?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Can anyone who has an 02-04 XG350 let me know what color the gauges are at night? Are they green or white? What about the center console lighting? Thanks!
  • I purchased my XG 350 L in Feb. of 2002. I love the car, but have had strange issues on and off - has anyone else experienced any of the following issues, or have suggestions on how to correct them? I'm just over 60,000 mi, nearly all highway.
    1) Check Engine light - had a real issue at about 10,000 mi ongoing through 30,000, and was difficult to pinpoint - the service tech told me to "stop overfilling the gas", which I NEVER did - they replaced some canister a couple of times, and that helped, and now the only thing I can attribute the occasional daylong flicker of the light to is going through the car wash(?). It seems to shut itself off.
    2) Strange high-pitched whine on deceleration/coasting... the car has always done this, since it was brand new, and the mechanics never seem to "hear" it - what is it?? Do they all make this noise?
    3) Weird "bubbly" or frothy noise when rainwater is on the moonroof. I asked the dealership to check the seals, which they've said are fine. It hasn't leaked, but will it? Just wind noise?
    4)More weirdness - a very strange rattle on slow accelerations - barely heard it a couple of times, a sound just like my old Volvo 4 speed used to make when I tried to drive it in too high a gear. This morning - heard it very distinctly on a gradual incline, and brought it to my own service guy (no more Hyundai dealerships unless absolutely necessary - this guy does it right the first time, and now that I'm at 62,000 mi.. I'd rather go to him)... anyway, he couldn't get the car to reproduce the noise, but I had him do the 60,000 tune up and timing belt change I'm due for(a possibilty for the noise, according to him) to the tune of - ack - $1000. I'll drive it tonight and see if the noise is gone - knock on wood, it is.
    5) Vibrating brakes?? Tires checked out okay, and the Hyundai guy "resurfaced" the brakes which worked great for about 2-3 weeks, but then the vibes started again. Is this some sort of design flaw? Do I need a realignment/totally new brakes?

    Any similar experiences out there? I really depend on this car - long-distance commuting. I don't want to hear it's a death rattle I heard!!
  • On the 2004 XG350 the gauge lighting is white and the center console lighting is green. Hope this helps.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I don't have an XG, but I do have an 03 Tiburon with the V6. My automatic also makes a high pitched whine when decelerating/coasting, and this has been mentioned by other owners (Tiburon, Sonata, and Santa Fe), so I think its just a Hyundai tranny noise. The bubbly noise you mention could be the rainwater going down a slightly clogged built in drain tube. As for the vibrating brakes, the only cure would be to get new rotors. Everytime you have the rotors turned, you take away some of the metal and make them more susceptible to warping from heat or sudden temp changes (cold water splashing on very hot rotors). I would suggest you upgrade to the 04's larger brake rotors, which should greatly reduce the chances of rotor warpage.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Thanks for the quick reply!
  • I just purchased a 2004 XG350L and it seems to be a great car. I have one small problem though. No matter what I do I cannot seem to get any air through the vents at the back part of the center console after depressing the rear ventilator switch (located to the right in the climate control cluster). I have tried all modes of airflow and rotated the air flow control knob for these rear vents --- all to no avail. I called the dealer but he just said "it should come on but don't expect much air out of there". I feel just about nothing at all. I've found there can be "tricks" with this car that are not in the manual such as needing to have engaged the parking brake for the driver's seat to automatically go back when the key is removed from the ignition.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about how to get that rear air flowing?
  • I have the same car and I can feel air blowing out of the rear vent, it is not a strong as the front vents but it does do the job. If you feel nothing I think you should bring the car in for repair. Again you should feel something but not like the front vents.
  • Yes, mine is XG350 2002, 25000mile for a year. I noticed whining from the day one. I first thought it was siren. Tried at two dealers for a couple of times without success. Now I gave up and does not bother much. At one dealer, I and mechanic test- drove one and heard same whine. So, its Hyundai's "characteristic" so called? Now a days, I'm busy turning off A/C whenever it comes "on" for whatever reasons. Other than those, I'm enjoying driving my XG.
    Hope you would have good luck with yours.
  • Like in # 1539 I had the same problem whith the "engine light" twice about 18600 mi and got the same "stop overfilling the gas".On first time it shows only one wrong code,on second visit(2 houres later) computer show 4 wrong codes.My tank was only 3/4 full.They replaced some canister a couple of times and some filter (it was soak with gas).
     So its look like gas spilled out of the tank to inside.
  • A little advice to all the high mileage XG owners out there - remember to have your timing belt replaced at or before 60,000. My acceleration "knock" immediately stopped after I had it replaced, and the car is back to like-new condition.
    I also just purchased some new tires for this car - in my opinion they are head and shoulders above the original equipment Michelins in quality and performance, and much less expensive. If you've been annoyed by the sloshy handling of your XG on the Michelins, go out right now and get yourself a set of Falken ZE-512's. They're H-rated performance tires, just rated tops by Consumer Reports, and they are (for now anyway) a steal - less than $70 a piece. I'm in my fourth day on them, and am completely enamored. What a huge difference!!
  • Are the Falkens as quiet as the Michelins?
  • Are comparable in terms of road noise levels to the Michelins - perhaps a bit quieter.
  • Recently I replaced my XG300's floor mats. The mats that came with the car allways struck me as rathery tin and flimsy. In particular, the mats in the rear passenger area would allways bunch up when my 13 year old son would ride back there. After 45,000 miles, the mats were loosing the "XG300" labels and looking tired. I wanted a different look, so I did a Google search for coco mats, which I remembered from the 70's as a rugged, attractive alternative to carpet mats. I found the site, and found what I was looking for. The price put me off for a few months, but I finally decided to invest in a set. I'm glad that I did! They fit great and look really good. They are layered on top of really thick natural rubber with a non-slip surface. These mats dod not bunch up, and they do not show dirt and other debris they was the black carpet mats did.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Coco Mats from this particular vendor as an upgrade from Hyundai's mats or from anything you would find in a auto parts store.
  • I bought my wife the XG350L with the Infinity sound system and the multi-disc CD Changer. Does anyone know of any way to cause the changer to play the CDs and tracks randomly? It's pretty much a linear world and I like to use the cd changer more like a radio where we have picked the artists, but like to have them mixed up.
  • mort7mort7 Posts: 1
    I spent yesterday looking at the car, hate shopping and having to work the price which when given is not realistic.

    The main thing is in looking at things via Edmunds from owners.

    One area they are very good, then I read about CHECK ENGINE LIGHT COMING ON



    I have only had big cars, this XG350 has everything but a comfortable rear seat, it is beautiful but I am worried about getting aggravation and problems.

    If you answer here fine, but also I am always on

    Do I buy or look elsewhere ?

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The XG350 does have a timing belt, not a timing chain. This means you will need to replace it every 60,000 miles. If you don't plan on driving that far, then don't worry about it. If you do, then it will cost about $600 when it needs to be changed. Not a big deal at all. The check engine light can occur to any car, and most are caused by a loose gas cap or a bad oxygen sensor. The XG doesn't have a higher instance of it then other cars. As for the vibrating brakes, this problem has been limited to the 01-03 XG, thanks to undersized front rotors. The 04 XG350 received larger front rotors, which should alleviate the problem. Vibrating brakes is a common complaint on many new cars due to the thinner and more fragile rotors that are being used today.
    If you like everything about the car, then I would buy it. Most Hyundai owners are quite happy and rarely visit the dealer. I'm on my second one and wouldn't hesitate to buy another.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I just thought I would tell everyone how much Hyundai appears to be concerned with customer service. I've never seen a manufacturer go out of their way as much as Hyundai has to make a dealer follow through on a promise that has nothing to do with Hyundai corporate. Here's the story:

    My local dealer promises a $100 birddog fee to a customer if they refer another person to the dealer and they buy a Hyundai from them. Well, I bought an 03 Elantra GT for a friend of mine back in May of 03 (I got $100 after a week of hassle). In November, my boss said he was interested in looking at a Sante Fe for his daughter and asked my opinion on Hyundai. I told him I've been happy with 2 Hyundais and had no problem recommending one to him. I referred him to the local Hyundai dealer where he bought a Sante Fe and my name was mentioned as the person who referred him. I talked to the saleslady during the buying process. I even went down to the dealer in person, provided the info she asked from me, and expressed interest in buying an 04 XG350 from them. I purchased an 03 Diamante instead since I got a better deal. My friend then came into town and the new car bug bit him after seeing my Diamante. He was interested in trying to trade up to a Sante Fe. He drove one (same saleslady) and was going to try to buy it. However, since I was disgusted over how the dealer had bs'ed me for over a month now, while we test drove the Sante Fe, I suggested we stop at Mitsubishi and take a look at what deals they were offering. My friend liked the Endeavor better and tried to give the Sante Fe back to the dealer but the saleslady wouldn't accept it back, telling him to drive it longer. Long story short: my friend traded in his Elantra for an 04 Endeavor. The saleslady was furious when the Mitsu dealer returned the Sante Fe to her. It had been at least 6 weeks since my boss bought a Hyundai from the dealer and the saleslady kept coming up with excuses as to why she couldn't get the money. After knowing I bought a Diamante and my friend bought the Endeavor, she definitely wasn't interested in trying to get me the birddog fee anymore and I was going to let it drop since I was tired of dealing with it. Step in Hyundai....

    The Elantra was serviced for the brake recall the same day my friend bought the Endeavor. Hyundai called me to do a survey...:) Well, I said I had no problems with the repair service but I did let her know I liked Hyundais, had bought 3 of them, and because my dealer renigged on their $100 promise, Hyundai lost a sale to Mitsubishi. The survey lady appeared very concerned and interested in my story. Not 2 days later, I received a call from the service manager telling me that he and the OWNER of the dealer had heard from Hyundai about my complaint and they wanted to make things right with me. The service manager even asked me to return his call to his personal cell phone because this matter was so "important" to them. They told me that when I receive the JDPower service survey in the mail, to bring that in to them and they would give me my $100 and fill up the tank on my 03 Tiburon. Yes, a little bribery was involved, but, I gave them what they wanted (a perfect service rating on the survey) and yesterday, I got my $100 and a full tank of gas! So apparently these surveys do matter a lot to the dealer.

    Kudos to Hyundai for caring about something that was really a policy of the dealer not Hyundai corporate and putting the fire under their bad dealer to make me happy. If anything, Hyundai increased my faith in their company and their ability to get things accomplished fast.
  • lkydflkydf Posts: 1
    I have an '04 350L. The shifting is more than a little bit sluggish, particularly from first to second gear and when downshifting for passing. Shifting manually produces the same sluggish transition.This has been the case from day one. Dealer says it's normal. Is this a charachteristic I'll just have to live with or can it be fixed?
  • beer47beer47 Posts: 185
    just a dressed up Sonata or is it a different platform? I know it has 3.5L motor. Do they share same A/T? Other components? Is it worth the large price difference? (I know, to each his own). It seems like a lot of car for the $. But if it is on the same platform as Sonata, then the Sonata would seem to be the screaming buy. Thanks.
  • Though they may seem similar, the Sonata is definitely not in the same class as the XG350. We purchased our 2004 XG350 this past August and spent considerable time driving both it and the Sonata before selecting the XG350L. The ride, standard features and comfort are definitely a cut above for the XG. My wife was pretty well convinced that she wanted the Sonata when we got to the car lot. We had done months of research and checking the Sonata out and when it got right down to it...the XG350L won hands down. We have taken it on several trips (one from Maryland to Florida and back) and the ride is wonderful. It is her car and it was her choice and she loves it. I get to drive it on the long trips and I can't find anything about it I don't like. The Sonata is a very fine car and I can't think of a single reason not to seriously consider it especially for the price break, but the XG350 is definitely a different car.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The XG350 and the Sonata is not like the Camry and ES330. The XG is a bigger car and uses a different engine and transmission, larger brakes, and different suspension tuning. The platform is loosely based on the Sonata, but it was made longer and wider.
  • A '97 with the Sonata and an '02 XG... and they're apples and oranges. No comparison can really be made. The XG is head and shoulders over that old Sonata. I never drove a newer version of the Sonata when I went to trade my '97 in due to the fact that they didn't have it in a stick (which was all I would consider until I drove the XG, and I fell in love despite the blasphemy of me driving an automatic). The two models might be more comparable in the newer versions, but I'd still put a wager on the new XG as a better overall value (and a much nicer vehicle).
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