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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • I assuming that the lack of input here is because the XG 350 owners are not experiencing any problems. I hope I am right because my car now has 6,000+ miles on it and I am still ecstatic about it.
  • Our 2002 XG350L has just passed 30,000 miles at 23 months of ownership, and I would have to say that we have been very pleased with its performance and reliability. Nothing has happened that you could classify as a "failure." There were some things that "weren't right" when it was new, but they got fixed.

    If there is anything that causes concern it is the practice of the local dealer to "recommend" a lot of expensive maintenance that goes waaaaaaay beyond with the Owners Manual calls for.

    We are scheduling it in for "30,000 mile service" next week, and are going to try to get them to do what the manual calls for, at a reasonable price, rather than a big list of things in their service dept. brochure for 30K service that contains some really expensive stuff that Hyundai does not call for. Will report back here when we have made it through this offensive process.

    It is this kind of crap that would bias my inclination to buy another Hyundai, and I would think that Hyundai USA would want to try to put a stop to it. It may seem to be a lot of car for the money when you are in the purchasing mode, but if routine maintenance costs are out of line the word about that is going to get around.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    All you have to do is request what the manual calls for and the service will be charged accordingly. All the extra crap they try to make you do is not required and you can refuse to do it without warranty concerns. Hyundai is not alone in not being able to control extra dealer charges. Any dealer tries to push unneeded service in hopes to make extra profit. Some buy into it and thus the dealer continues to do it.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    I just wish, like you, that more people would see through the greedy frontloading the dealers do with these "Recommended Maintenance" lists. The key word folks is RECOMMENDED, which is NOT the same as REQUIRED!!!
  • bear101bear101 Posts: 1
    I was very impressed with the feel and interior of the XG350L. I used to drive a Sedan De Ville and a Fleetwood back when I had money to burn (remember the late 80's?)and the style of the interior, while 'dated' per the critics, is exactly what I was looking for, but at a bargain price. I also don't mind missing out on the V8 for a far more economical V6 with power! The ride in the 04 is smooth and the handling crisp enough for my tastes, plus I haven't experienced any of the problems I've seen posted on the '01-03's in my first few thousand miles, but time will tell. Any company willing to back up their engine with a 100,000 mile warranty must be pretty confident in their engineering.
  • idforedidfored Posts: 19
    For my XG350(year 2002,15 month old, works two shifts for me and my wife)'s 30,000 mile service, I did not go to the dealer. My mechanic replaced oil/filter, air filter, coolant according to the owner's manual and inspected few things yesterday. He said "To be honest, there aren't many things to do for 30,000 service" which I understand for a fairly new car. He charged me $112. Did I save money or not?
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    It sounds like you got a fair deal, especially if they flushed the coolant, did an oil change and changed the air filter. However, for peace of mind, and to avoid any disagreement over whether an inspection would have detected a problem earlier, I recommend going to a dealer for the 30K and 60K services when they supposedly do all the inspections. Then you can rebut any claims that you weren't maintaining the vehicle properly in between those visits.

    Just don't let them bilk you for unecessary services and parts. Tell them you want exactly what the manufacturer recommends, nothing more or less. You should have received a maintenance schedule along with your owner's manual. That's what you go by.
  • jrbjrb Posts: 1
    I test drove a 350L yesterday ... great ride, great driving experience ... I'm kinda scared to make the commitment based on some of the things I've read on this Board. But guess one takes their chances with any change of vehicle. The only reason I am considering trading my Linc Cont is because of the requirement to use premium fuel and/or the MPG.
  • You may be interested to learn that I replaced a 1999 Lexus LS400 with XG, and also had owned a 1990 LS400 for over 7 years. (Bought both of them new).

    It may surprise you to learn that my wife and I feel that the XG experience has some remarkable similarities to Lexus LS400, but moreover there were some DESIGN deficiencies in the Lexus that are not apparent in the XG.

    I was very active in the ClubLexus web site and can assure you that ALL LS400's from 1990 through 2000 model years had temperature control deficiencies in the automatic climate control system that are significant and ridiculous. It is an insult to owners that Toyota corp never bothered to fix it. And, to add insult to injury, if you look at the list of "enhancements" that they touted for LS430, fixing this is among them!! In contrast, I have no serious problems with the way that the automatic climate control works in the XG. (We have now had XG350L for two years and 30,000 miles, operated over wide a outdoor temp range).

    Also, the 1999 LS400 has the notorious "throttle by wire" feature, and this results in some pretty bad driveability problems when accelerating from stop. Specifically, when transmission shifts from first to second gear, there is a period of startling deceleration before the car starts accelerating again. I have confirmed this design defect through two Lexus dealer service departments and other owners at the ClubLexus web site. The XG has some oddities when it comes to control of the transmission, but they are nowhere near as aggravating as what we experienced with the Lexus.

    When I said sayonara to the folks on the Lexus web site, suggesting that one might legitimately compare LS with XG, of course I was flamed unmercifully, but believe me there is some legitimacy in that when you consider the difference in price!!!

    By the way, my wife often will take a group of rather jaded design engineers to lunch in her XG, and it is commonplace that (a) they have no idea what kind of car it is, and (b) they guess that it most probably is a Lexus.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    Have you seen the latest JD Power results today? It will make you smile! Just hope they keep Chrysler away!

  • abhi1abhi1 Posts: 1
    A new comer here and planning to buy XG300 . Its the best car i have driven. It really compares with Nissan, lexus and even mercedes. i had a taurus and its no way near it. i am not sure about problems with engine or electrical component or even transmission part of it. it has a few junks on the hinges of doors and bonnet and also the horn .
  • hugohugo Posts: 6
    We are looking for a car and there was a nice article in the local newspaper about the XG350. Remembered that a guy I used to know, who worked for a US car mfg, rented this car a while ago. We rode in it and it was a nice car! My colleague complained about his car company not being able to come with a similar car for the price.

    The only fear I have is about the reliability. Are there any data about reliability of this car? We got an offer of 21,560 for the XG350L which sounds like a good offer. Any comments? Any info about reliability would help. For example should one buy extended warranty as it seems that the Hyundai bumper-to-bumper warranty does not cover as many parts as it should.

    Thanks for the help.

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    My friend owns an 04 XG350L and has been very happy with it. No problems so far. It's a beautiful car and feels like its well built. It will be hard to find any longterm reliability data since this car sells in such small numbers.

    As for the warranty, the bumper to bumper covers almost everything. The radio and paint aren't covered past 36k, but thats standard across every company. The powertrain warranty covers most of the expensive parts as long as you maintain the car properly. I have owned 2 Hyundais and never felt the need to buy the extended warranty.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144

    I can't imagine why you think the bumper to bumper doesn't cover as many parts as it should. To my knowledge, and based on the owner info on, the only items not covered are bulbs, wiper blades and brake linings AFTER the first 12 months or 12,000 miles. That seems darn reasonable to me. The stereo system and tires fall under a separate warranty, the first for three years/36,000 and the tires are covered by a pro-rated warranty through the tire manufacturer...all pretty much normal procedure.

    As for history, do a little more research and I think you'll find that abrupt acceleration (throttle position sensor issue) and some transmission logic problems have been the main complaints. Make sure you test drive any car for at least 20 minutes and in city as well as highway conditions, if at all possible. Otherwise, the XG350 is considered a very good value for the money, as long as you plan to keep it at least 4 years, due to low resale. For the same price, though, I'd recommend you also test drive the new Chrysler 300s which are also great values for the money, IMO.
  • hugohugo Posts: 6
    Thanks a lot folks. I got a lot of good info and advice. A funny thing happened on the way to the Hyundai dealership. A Kia dealer called me and offered to sell a base Amanti for the same price as the Hyundai dealer was offering for the XG350. I had read in these fora that the Amanti was perhaps a more luxurious car than the XG 350 [don't know if this is true], thought it would be good to buy the Amanti. The Amanti warranty on the internet was quite explicit and stated that the bumper to bumper was warranty was all inclusive as you folks had suggested.

    So, off I go to the Amanti forum to record my experiences with that car. It has been wonderful in the first 200 miles.

  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    Congrats on the new Amanti!

    Please keep us updated here on with your experiences.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The adventures of hugo and his new Amanti: hugo "Kia Amanti" May 16, 2004 4:32pm

  • johnmjohnm Posts: 4
    I received papers filed on behalf of owners of the2001 XG300.The horsepower rage again.Though I
    had already agreed to Hyundai to have them give me another year or 12,000 on my warranty,this suit seeks more.Hyundai has agreed to settle by offering a debit card for $100.00 or the option of
    $135.00 credit at a Hyundai dealer for parts or service good for two years.They had mistated H.P.
    by 10.192 instead of 182,the true horse power for
    the '01.The suit was filed in CA,so I don't know who is covered.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,374
    The coverage is nationwide.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • jetlagjetlag Posts: 1
    Thanks for all the info.however,other XG350 owners claim to be getting about 25mpg.or dealer says nothing is wrong,just grin & bear it.
  • plumbeeplumbee Posts: 2
    If you requested other options they would have paid one month of a vehicle loan or offered another cash equivalent. You accepting a check from Hyundai is what they needed for compensation to their contractual misrepresentation of the horse power. You could have voided the sale all together if you really wanted to fight them on it.

    On another note, beside reading how batteries burn out quickly has anyone experience other problems relating back to the electrical system?
  • johnmjohnm Posts: 4
    How do you back out of a sale after 3 years?I live in hot climate,so
    batteries don't last more than a year or so.I now have a Die Hard with 3 year full replacement guarntee,Hyundai does not even offer a comparable one.
  • plumbeeplumbee Posts: 2

    When you buy a vehicle you are enterint into a contract. There are 3 basic parts to every contract. 1) Offer 2) Acceptance 3) Condideration.

    If a you accept an offer based in incorrectly publish information, that is material misrepresentation and thus you accepted offer is voidable, even if 3 years after the offer was accepted. If one was willing to get a lawyer to fight it out, you could have one. It is the same premise for Lemon Laws. You accepted an offer for a functional vehicle not something that doesn't work.

    There is your Business Law 101 lesson for the day.
  • jolijoli Posts: 1
    I've driven 2 copies of the 350 and each had brakes that shuddered at times (as did a Kia Amanti I drove). Is this a persistant problem as it may keep me from buying this car that I otherwise like? Would really appreciate responses.
  • We have 37,000 miles on 2002 XG350L, and have no complaints about the brakes.

    By the way, just replaced the original Michelin tires with a set of Bridgestone Turanza LS-H P205/60R16, and indications are that they are going to be outstanding.
  • rgrrgr Posts: 7
    Have a recently purchased 2004 XG350L (one month), and have there has been absolutely NO shudder, vibration, grabbing, and/or "anomalies" from the braking system/components. Frankly, after driving numerous other brand/model vehicles (+40 years) find the XG350L braking performance superb. Moreover, have done a LOT of stop/go (constant usage/heat, etc.) in my travels every day, and there has been no occurrence of anything (shudders,..) but great performance. The Electronic Brake Force Distribution feature really does quite well..
    As a historical note- Hyundai even increased the brake disc size (for 2004 model year) to achieve even enhanced/expected capability..
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I've been driving my friend's 04 XG350 this week. It has 6900 miles and there is no sign of rotor warpage. The brakes work well.

    My only complaint with the car is the extremely aggressive throttle. It lunges off the line real fast if you don't feather the throttle lightly. You have to concentrate to get a smooth slow start. The upside is, the power is quite impressive and puts a grin on my face. It's just annoying sometimes when you don't want or have the room to get near full throttle acceleration.
  • rgrrgr Posts: 7
    Appreciate your re-affirmation of the XG350L's brake performance; to me one of the best (if not overly agressive..) systems I've encountered.
    Particularly took note of your issue with the XG350L's throttle- I've discovered similar operating aspects. For me: on "fast" starts, just great accleration, power/torque quite good and pleasing; on "slow" starts (dense traffic, erratic speed/stops due to other vehicles..), I find it somewhat difficult to achieve a "light"/smooth acceleration sequence, and to my tastes an overly long shift pattern for 1-2. Like you, find that "feathering" lightly achieves an OK (not great result).
    I'm having the dealer take an intense look at the XG350L Transaxle and throttle system (underway now), to see if some adjustments can be done to possibly the: TCM, adaptive learning, ratios, etc. or combinations thereof.
    Hopefully, there'll be a good positive result or at least some minor improvement (power is great; but in it's proper time/place)...
  • I purchased a XG350L this past Sat. mainly based on what comments were made here about this car, the positive remarks out weighed the negative remarks by a rather large margin and so far I am very happy with it, my wife and I bought it to replace a 93 Lexus ES300 which has been a pretty reliable car and we were planning on buying a new Lexus in the near future but for the price difference, a new Lexus ES330 could be bought for about 33,500 after the haggling process was over, and this car has almost everything a Lexus has plus rides just as nice, the problem I am having is this, maybe someone here can help me out on this one, on the Edmunds site it says the TMV(True Market Value) is a little less than 22,000 with the 2500 rebate that Hyundai is currently offering, they say this is the price other people are paying, I will assume they mean the average amount, I have read some comments here whereas some have gotten the car for as little as 20,000 fully equipped in some parts of the country, I paid 22,050.00 for our car thinking that was a good deal based on what Edmunds said. Are these people that paid as little as 20,000 for this car the exception to the rule and does this mean some people paid as much as 24,000 for this car to get an overall average of app. 22,000, is this what Edmunds is trying to tell me, or are they wrong and I paid too much for this car. Thank You, Phil
  • rgrrgr Posts: 7
    First, congratulations on your new XG350L- your research, goals, and end-results were quite similar to mine. Overall, the XG350L is certainly (in my opinion)a superb value and a very competitive (features, quality, warranty, etc.) vehicle...
    A few direct questions on your XG350L purchase/options, did you get: the 8 CD in-trunk item? Carpeted mats?, rear mudguards?, any other accessories/options? Does your $22,050 include everything other than tax-license?
    Overall, I'd say you're in the "ballpark". Prices for autos are dependent on a LOT of variables: model, "success" of model, time of year-month-week, dealership inventory, area dealers-competition, etc.
    I find the "steals", "way below invoice" experiences great for those who can acheive such. But, they are in my opinion not the norm.
    I find the TMV a good "guide" and reference point, which provides a starting point for a somewhat informed consumer.
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