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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • This is #4 of 4 messages about motor acceleration problems for the XG in the last 30 days or less.

        I just got a call from Hyundai service dept saying car is repaired already! (just took it in 4 hours ago, this service dept is great!) My '05 XG350L had a CD changer defect in addition to the lack of throttle response. Service advisor told me the throttle sensor (drive by wire system component) was reset and that should eliminate the problem. He's heard of the problem before and that solution seems to fix it. Hope so, the defect causes potentially deadly situations while driving.

        I love almost everything about this car, including the great value for the price paid, BUT, if this defect ever rears its ugly head again I may dump the car in favor of an alternate, probably a new Nissan Altima 4 cylinder with every option available, to try to bring it up to a level of luxury close to the XG. On second thought, since I don't want family members or others killed because of a lack of accelerator response, I guess I should check the boards here on any possible replacement cars to make sure they don't have this or a more serious problem too.

        I wonder if Hyundai USA has anyone reading this board.

    My immediate family has owned 5 new Hyundais and a Kia over the last several years. Here's hoping we survive this one.
  • 2005 XG350L. Current mileage 1100 miles. Each tank driven mostly (90%) in town. MPG at Gas tank refills so far:, 19.10, 20.68, 17.52, 17.84 . How are the rest of you doing? I'm pretty satisfied, but hoping for 25 mpg or so at 75 mph on future all interstate trips.

    My '04 Kia van with a 3.5 liter motor improved MPG significantly after a couple thousand miles.
  • This month, a local dealer is advertising a 2005 XG350L for $18999 after factory rebate and owner loyalty rebate. But in addition to the $18999 the dealer asks $399 for window tint film, $699 for an added security system, and $200 for theft identification registry.

    So, for $20297 (plus tax title and license), what do you all think of the deal? The MSRP on the factory sticker is $26594 and includes only factory standard equipment and shipping.

  • The extra $1300 for grossly overpriced crapola that you don't want is a pretty transparent ploy to boost their profit on the deal, if you ask me. There is a dealer in St. Louis that does much the same thing on every new car on their lot. This turns me off big-time, makes them look like scam artists, and not very good ones at that! What do they say if you tell them to delete the window tint film, the security system, and the theft ident registry?
  • But even with the crapola it is still a 24% discount from MSRP on a 2005 model. The window film is worth probably 1/2 of the $400 they ask for. I have not seen many ads for 24% discount on Honda Toyota Nissan. The Hyundai rebates on mine were $2000 rebate plus another $1000 owner loyalty discount. The rest of the $ off sticker was a reduction in dealer profit and/or a secret manufacturer to dealer incentives. If the cars are being sold at the ad price of $18999 for a $26594 MSRP car, I'm guessing Hyundai and the dealer are not making any profit. I wonder how many cars the dealer would really sell for the $18999.

    Or, do you think maybe they just need to unload them before the new Sonata and new XG come out later this year?

    I'm interested in what price (excluding tax title and license) these cars are actually being sold for.
  • Oh, it's still probably a pretty good deal even with the superfluous add-ons. But one thing to consider is that the new Sonata has been taken up-market to such an extent that it competes rather directly with the present-day XG. That sure isn't going to help the marketability of the remaining XG's.


    We paid over $25,000 for our 2002 XG and I can tell you it is not pleasant to realize that it is now worth no more than $10,000!!! It has been a pretty good car, now has 45,000 miles on it, but hasn't been trouble-free by any means.
  • johno111johno111 Posts: 114
    The gas pedal failure solution was to replace the Accel Sensor part no. 35357-3B011.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    Window tint is not bad. If you live in the south, it could be wonderful. I'd tell them to keep the security system for that price as the XG already has one on it. The theft registration (window etch) is priced right and can be great if your car is stolen.
  • I read that U.S. production of the new model Sonata begins in May of 2005. I did not want to wait that long. The interior of the new Sonata does not look luxurious in the pics I've seen. I have not heard when the Korean built new XG (TG?) will arrive in U.S. for sale, but am guessing fall of 05. I read Sonatas will have a 162 hp 4 cyl or a 237 hp 3.3 liter V6, and maybe 253 hp for the new 3.8 liter in the updated XG.

    Is that a Kelley BlueBook trade in price for your used 2002? I think the trade in price is pretty close to what we'll get if we sell to a private party.
  • I paid $21,800 for my 2004 350L and I thought I was getting a pretty good deal, $18,999 is out of sight, are you sure that was the price for a 2005 350L. What city is that dealer from? "Something is wrong in Denmark", as the old saying goes.
  • pricing report for my 2002 XG350L shows trade-in value $9,592 and Private Party sale at $10,950. My wife thinks that we should respond to this disconcerting situation by driving it until our last trip is to the junkyard!


    I was under the impression that the new U.S.-built Sonatas would begin to deliver somewhat earlier than May. ... Press reports suggest that we will see an unveiling of TG (or whatever it is to be called) in Korea next month, with U.S. deliveries beginning sometime this fall. Everything that has been leaked about it thus far sounds favorable but, judging from the spy shots, I am a bit apprehensive about the appearance of the front end of the thing. Hopefully I am merely witnessing a really clever disguise job!
  • Yes, it is a 2005 XG350L, MSRP of $26594. No trade-in. Odometer reading 14 miles at purchase. Powder white pearl with tan leather. No extended warranty. Only dealer added options are anti-theft window etchings and mylar window tint. 8 CD changer in trunk and mats on floor included as standard equipment. I had my choice of 2004's or 2005's. I think a 2004 would have ended up about $1100 lower.

    The dealer advertises itself as the world's biggest dealer. I'm convinced it is one of the best. It is in Gilbert, AZ.

    I have sent other interested car shoppers to that dealer. I think the low price was their way of thanking me. (They ended up selling it to me for well under the advertised price and threw in the tint and etching for free.)

    When comparing the 2004 XG350L to other new cars I think $22000 is a bargain too. What other similar car is a better deal?
  • The last time I sold a used Hyundai to a private party, I advertised it for the Kelley trade-in price plus an amount equal to sales tax. I was awakened by a ringing in my ears very early the first day the ad ran and sold it to that caller the same day for full price. Maybe I should have asked for more. The similar cars listed for sale that weekend were all at least $1000 higher in price and all but one had more miles than mine too. Maybe I should have checked out the competition before placing my ad.
  • As a an x-owner of an 03 XG 350L which BTW I really liked and had no problems except the very touchy gas pedal but alas my emotions prevailed and I fell for the Kia Amanti. Same auto company different cars. The Amanti is worth looking into when considering an XG.....I do not think one is necessarily better than the other just different in different ways. Having both, I will stay with the Amanti. All I am saying is either car is a good choice but at least drive the Amanti and you might be surprised.......
  • My 2000 Elantra paint flaked and peeled off every exterior plastic piece. Every one: mirrors, spoiler, bumpers. It all occurred before the 3 year/36000 mile paint warranty expired. Dealership repainted all of it. Definitely a manufacturing defect in my case.
  • I have 1300 miles on a 2005 model and infrequently after shifting from Park to Drive the car jumps forward when the gas pedal is slightly depressed. This has happened just 6 times, but with enough force it could cause a lot of damage or the car could jump into traffic if the brake pedal was missed. I took the car to the dealer who adjusted/reset the electronic ignition based on a service bulletin. It didn't fix it. He is clueless now and waiting for district rep next Tuesday. Any ideas about what could cause this, or - better yet - a remedy?


  • Maybe I should have test-driven the Amanti before buying the XG. I looked at it and sat in it but no test drive. I read it was 400 lbs heavier and a little longer and had more rear legroom but figured the XG might handle and accelerate better and maybe get better gas mileage too. When I compared epuipment on the XG350L versus the Amanti, the Hyundai had much more including leather for less money. Also, Kia cars do not have a J.D. Powers quality rating as good as Hyundai cars. Considering all models in the line-ups in fact, it ranks Kia dead last while Hyundai enjoys a tie for 2nd best with Honda, ranking below only Lexus.
  • How much did replacing the timing belt cost you?
  • In less than 24 hours, my baby black XG350 will be traded on a 05 Tucson GLS V6 AWD. I'm gonna miss that car. Everyone stared at it wondering how this young guy afforded such luxury and style.

    I still remember Michael Jackson selling his red Bently Arnage(i'm sure that's what it was), and I was comparing the similarities between it, the XG and the Maybach's design cues.

    Now I'm not a MJ follower, although he did crank out some rockers in his day. Just as that XG I'm trading will be remembered as a sweet black sleek machine that I once drove for 88,000 KLMs without any trouble, and always felt good riding in style.

    I'll probably buy something like it again, perhaps the Amanti, it is sweet as well (drive one as someone has posted, and you'll want to switch your XG too). But hang on it's got its own style verve happen'in.

    But tommorrow it's the Tucson I'm after. That cute ute caught my eye. The snow up here sucks so much and our family needs dictated it. Were too young for a minivan, or such a fancy car as the XG for now. Many LS and Acura owners stared at that XG image burning in their eyes. Sweet! And that's what lured me as well. But time to move on.

    Lets face it. Hyundai, and Kia are the talk of the town. Their designs are crisp clean and are hitting the nerves of the public. Where the other car makers have lost touch with their customer base by jacking up prices and reducing content and offering really quirky ideas, Hyundai keeps making them scratch their heads and stealing away their customers by giving simple straight forward, and refreshing designs. Go Hyundai!

    The Korean companies that make other products are also doing very well. LG, Cort Guitars, Samsung are positioning themselves very well in our lifestyles, and meeting our needs.

    I for one am gonna give them every chance I can, cause as far as I'm concerned, North American companies couldn't care less about consumers nor employees,...only profits. And their profits are dwindling from real competition in real markets.

    The XG provides a real alternative to Hondas bland style choices, Nissans quirky style, and Toyota's higher than thou attitude.

    The new XG looks like it is going after higher end cars like BMW 5 series, Acura RL, Infiniti M etc.

    I think they should stay different, just like the new Sonata will replicate the Accord, a copy cat XG won't fair well. Thats my opinion. Market analysis isn't one of Hyundais strong points as of yet, but like their cars they are getting better with making products to match our needs.
  • My last service interval for 88,000 KLMS, I spoke to my dealer about the tip in of the line, and they did an ECM reprogram with new software. Apparently it has been available since July 04, but only change if customer is experiencing throttle nigglies. It's freem and made a nice difference in the start-off of the car. The power is still there, but you have to put it to the mat to spin tires, and a normal push will accelerate very smooth and powerful, like a big car should. This motor is very good and strong, just needs a tweak of the Engine control management.

    Everyone should do this, and you will be pleased.
  • suzyefsuzyef Posts: 3
    Hello people..

    Check these websites. U can see the new XG (TG in korea) 11405&page=1&select=&content= 11404&page=1&select=&content= 11403&page=1&select=&content=

    well, I like the look of the front but back of the car is too much like Accord.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We are having an annoying problem that is breaking links of a certain length. Below are the links suzyef posted in working form.

    Link 1

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    I'm told the link issue will be corrected shortly. Meanwhile, the site is useful.
  • type "
    in a browser!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Click here for the link to the film.
  • johno111johno111 Posts: 114
    I watched the 2006 xg film a few times. I think I like it. Looks like they retained some of the lines from the previous model. Interior is super. But I think I'll have to wait to see it in person for the final evalution and pricing. Currently have a 2001 xg, bought it early after introduction and ended up paying full sticker, not going to do that again. If I like it, I'll give it a year before I buy.
  • johno111johno111 Posts: 114
    I'm currently in the process of switching my wheels out on my 2001 xg from the ugly 15 inchers to 16 that I picked up on e:bay. My question is what is the air preasure posted on the door for say a 2003 or 2004 with the 16 inch wheels. Also I'm debating between 2 different tires to go with. 1st is Cooper Lifeliner SLE H rated 50k tires, and 2nd is Goodyear Comfortreds 80k tiress Price differences is only $108 more for the Goodyears. Anyone have experience with either tire. Currently have Bridgestone Potenza RE950's, nice tire, real sticky, can run thru 2 inches of standing water like nothing a little noisy but wear is very poor, 12,000 miles and they are just about done for.
  • Last July we replaced the original Michelin tires with Bridgestone Turanza LS-H P205/60R16, ordered via internet from The Tire Rack. We have been very pleased with the transaction and the tires. BTW, these tires have to cope with Iowa weather.

    I had felt that the Michelins were just "OK" but saw quite a few complaints about them on the message boards. The impressive thing about the Tire Rack site is all the factual information about the relative performance of the various tires. This revealed that the OEM Michelins really are el crapo, and that is what got us to looking at alternatives. The published data on the Turanzas is very impressive and our experience tracks with that.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Posts: 559
    2005 XG is recommended, Amanti is not. XG's many features for low price and good assembly noted. Consumer Reports implies that if you loved your new Buick back in the 1960's then you'll love your new XG now. I'm curious what XG owners most closely compare their new cars to. A 10 year old Jaguar XJ? Or a 5 to 10 year old Infinity I30/I35 or Maxima GLE? Camry XLE or Avalon?
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