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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • I had this same problem w/my 2003 XG 350L. My speedometer wouldn't let me go over 40 mph for over 10 miles, then the speedometer needle went to 0 and wouldn't move. Next, my odometer quit, too. This all happened one mile before I hit 60,000 (warranty out after the 60). I fought the dealership on this one and won after many phone calls to Service Mgr. and Gen. Mgr. I ended up having the speed sensor replaced and haven't had this problem since. Unfortunately, since turning 67,000 miles.......I am having many problems one thing right after the other...Getting ready to trade it in for something that is not as costly as this car has been with all of it's service recommendations. Very expensive to have your plugs and wires changed out... $156 in parts...4 hrs. labor at $80...I'm tired of this car which has become a money pit after hitting 67,000 miles. Get your speed sensor checked (it has to do with the c. control, too)
  • My 2003 XG 350L does this continually for the past year and a half. I am now reaching 68,000 miles and it seems one thing after another keeps going wrong with this car.... Trading it in since it has become a money pit.
  • My 2003 XG is at the dealership now having plugs and wires changed. Very expensive labor that takes 4 hours. The upper plinium (sp?) must be taken off and the tech has alot of work to just get to the plugs and wires. $157 in parts...with 4 hrs. labor... Battery went out while he was doing this work, then three hours later they called to say that my driver's airbag module has gone out..Wondering if they shorted this out somehow??? The new module is $500 without tax or labor... I can't afford this and the module wasn't out when I took the car in for service. Any ideas of how this module just happened to go out when I just had a new battery put in or is this just a coincident?
  • I had the exact same thing happen with my 2003 XG. They replaced the speed sensor that has to do with the cruise control. Tech should be careful not to knock anything loose on the a.conditioner. This happened to me and I had to take it back due to something not being put back properly.
  • jaymagicjaymagic Posts: 309
    Finally traded my pearl white 02 XG350L (76K miles) on an 07 Azera Limited with the Ultimate package. Other than finding out very early that if you don't unstick the wipers when iced you will blow a fuse, I had no problems with any features or functions on my XG. Only thing that ever needed replacing was a head light bulb (luckly just under 50K miles).

    My only complaint ever with the car, was the worthless Michelin tires that came with it. Had to replace those squeeling bad boys at just over 20K. Went to Kumho Ecsta ASX and never looked back. In winter I had studded Hankooks. Better than 4 wheel drive.

    Really enjoyed my XG, but wow driving the new Azera makes up for it.
  • Well I bought my 2001 xg300 sight unseen and without even driving it for several reasons 1. The reviews.Consumer reports were favorable at this time2. The warranty. After working in the automotive most of my years I wanted a car for my wife that all I had to do was change oil. 3. The price. Window stickered for 25k and I got it for 20k.
    4. Interest rate. At the time it was .9% with no one else offering this kind of rate at the time. Now five and a half years later one thing is for sure, I will never buy another green car. I would say another Hyundai but there is no way they could stay in business if all their cars were as bad as mine. To start off since the day we got it the radio will come on by itself but of course it works fine for the dealer. The trunk has opened by itself along with the doors locking by themselves and the passenger mirror moving on its own but always works fine for the dealer. The surging problem I had too and wound up being a short in the wiring. The transmission had to be replaced but it took 4 times to the dealer before that happened. First time the fluid was burnt and they said that was why the trans shuddered so I changed filter and fluid. Second time fluid burnt and they said that was because I did nit flush it so I paid them to flush it. Keep in mind I know that extreme heat is the only thing that will burn the fluid but what can you say. Third time trans is shuddering on 3-4 shift but fluid not burnt yet so dealer informs me of tsb and flashes ecm. Forth time trans now shudders from 4-5 and dealers says nothing wrong so I inform them of tsb that says to replace trans which they finally do. Are you starting to get the picture. It took three times taking it in to get the compressor replaced because the car would slow down 5mph when the ac kicked on. Today I picked it up from the dealer after 19 days there getting stuff fixed and now the radio acted up for them but it only has a two year warranty. I had the timing belt replaced because of a growling noise and I am glad I did. The tech pulled the top cover off and it was very loose. When paying they had us sign a document that we were the original owners which we thought we were at least that is what our finance contract with the dealer said but we found out that there was a previous owner and that means no 100k eng/pt warranty. Any lawyers out there? So you get alot for your money on this car used considering its resale value sucks but I still would not own another one.
  • My '05 XG350 had another incident of not going over 5 miles per hour/refusing to rev past 1K recently. As before, when I took it in there were no codes to be found, and no records of anyone else having this type of problem. My paperwork noted "Could not Duplicate." I was expecting this, but still was irritated, since I know several of us on this forum have taken our cars in with the same problem. So I called Hyundai Consumer Affairs and so far am pleased with their response. A district service manager is coming to town this week to look at the car. My local service manager may never speak to me again. I'll keep you posted. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had their problem fixed. Thanks.
  • hscrchscrc Posts: 5
    This happened to me on my 2002, which currently is approaching 100k Miles. I shut the car off for a few minutes, re-started it, and it was fine. It happened just after the car turned 60K mi., and I was charged $100. to be told that, "we really don't know what's wrong with your car." The problem has never recurred. I tend to think of it as maybe a computer freezing up and needing to be restarted. No big deal unless it happens in the passing lane on a highway. I also have a 2005, with 22k miles, that has had no issues (yet) whatsoever. Good luck with yours. Vic
  • Well, it's been a few weeks now and so far so good. The regional service manager brought a flash drive containing a fix for the XG's "linear" movement. It is supposed to cure everything from the jumpy accelerator to the not wanting to go more than five miles per hour problem. So far the car is behaving better than it did when it was new. So there's hope after all. The service bulletin is brand-new for this month, so your service department may have to do a little research. I'll keep you posted.
  • shumandushumandu Posts: 7
    My friend I am experiencing the same issues. I showed this thread to my dealer service rep and he was very interested to know what region you are in and what dealership you use. He knows the seriousness of this problem and would like to resolve it for me. He says my computer is flashed to the latest revision, and can not find a bulletin regarding a fix for "linear movement". This is the second time I have it in the shop, the first time the engine light came on they only found "Ghost Codes" they cleared it and sent me on my way. It happened again this weekend. The transmission won't shift out of first, it starts to break up and buck at about 2 grand on the tach. I noticed that if I put it in the manual shift slot and kicked it into 2nd gear myself it would then run fine. When I shut the car off and re started it the engine light remained on but the problem went away. I would really appreciate your help. If my dealer can contact your Regional Hyundai Service Manager he may be able to identify the fix and help me and others.
  • joe131joe131 Posts: 996
    Could you please post that service bulletin for the rest of us too?
  • I also own a 2005 XG350 and have experienced the same problem of the car not exceeding 5mph in drive and also in reverse. I have to turn the car off and restart to fix the problem. This has happened five times in the past 3 months. I brought it in for service yesterday and was told by the mechanic that they could not find anything wrong. Spoke with the service manager today (3/8/07) , advised him of the bulletin that you had written about... faxed him the info...and he has not gotten this bulletin yet. Could you please post any info regarding the bulletin # or code? I would like to get this problem taken care of ASAP, for I feel unsafe driving my car. Thank you for your time! Arlington, MA
  • shumandushumandu Posts: 7
    After much investigation my dealer replaced the, Accelerator Position Sensor, no charge, on my 2001 XG. It has only been four days but so far so good. I have to commend the dealer service department here in the Buffalo, NY, area. They spent alot of time trying to resolve this issue. They haven't sold a ton of XG's over the years so this problem is new to them. After driving my car for several days they were able to experience the problem. They had a lap top hooked up and said the codes indicated this Accelerator issue. Of course the issue with a 2005 XG may be different. I do wonder if it has something to do with a computer flash also since many people started to experience this problem around the same time with different year XG's. I'm told the flash is by model not year. Maybe re flashes during service down loaded a bad program?
  • whitetopwhitetop Posts: 36
    Sorry I haven't checked this forum for a while - I thought no one was using it any more.

    I copied this information from the work invoice:


    20B007A1 TSB #02-36-007 PCM FLASH 911 WH
    PART # 39106-39350
    TSB # 02-36-007

    I got the idea that since my car received the fix before the release date it is kind of a "guinea pig." However, so far it's like a completely cured car. The hesitation did not occur often, and only time will tell, but the general acceleration behavior of the car is greatly improved. I am very impressed.

    I live in SW Missouri. Good luck, everyone. I know it's frustrating when they don't know what to do to fix your car. I got mad that they kept telling me they couldn't duplicate the problem so I called the national customer service line to start a claim. My car was fixed in a matter of a couple of weeks. I can't say my local service advisor was thrilled with me but something got done, which was my goal. As I said, the fix was actually released in February, so it is a new one. Hope this helps!
  • carl0v3rcarl0v3r Posts: 2
    My XG350 "forgets" to accelerate after about 15 minutes in stop and go traffic (traffic jam). I can give it the gas and it does nothing until it decides to, then WHAM it goes. I've had it to the dealer three time and it's IN SPEC...RIGHT. I finally got info from the tech center...they weren't supposed to tell the customeer. The issue is that the '05 (and I'm not sure how far before) is completely electronic "linkage" for the accelerator. The earlier half electronic, half manual had a s/w download to fix the problem. No such fix for this model. It's dangerous and a pain. I'm going to file for the Lemon Law because I've had it back 3 times in less than a year with no known fix...that qualifies for the Lemon Law.
  • 350gx350gx Posts: 6
    I got the same "can't duplicate the problem" so we can't fix it....used the lemon law to get a full refund
  • whitetopwhitetop Posts: 36
    My '05 is behaving much better since they updated the software. Whatever they changed affected all aspects of the car's acceleration.

    It's true that it is difficult to get used to the electronic acceleration on these cars. A lot of high-end cars use a system like this one. I saw on a Honda Accord commercial the other day that the Accord features it now, as well.

    If you like all the other aspects of the car I would try showing your service department the information I posted. I'm impressed with the difference it made in my car.
  • hammer65hammer65 Posts: 1
    Our XG350 Is doing much better since the software update.
    It seemed the real bad hesitation happened when the weather was cold. So will not be sure if it is cured until winter.
  • amazingdamazingd Posts: 1
    Were you able to find the solution? I have a Hyundai XG300 with 48,000 miles and I am having the same problems with my car. While I am driving suddenly shudder and automatically change to the 3th gear and is not able to change it, starts to make a funny noise, the engine light turns on. I was told it is a problem with the transmission. I don't want to take it to the dealer because I don't know how much will cost. If you found the solution and you are willing to share it with me, I would appreciate it.
  • shumandushumandu Posts: 7
    Read all the replies in this thread. I had my transmission replaced in my 2001 XG300 in it's second year. But the current problem I experienced was a faulty, Accelerator Position Sensor, after replacement all seems fine.. If you are the original owner the trans is covered for 10 years, so is the sensor. I would take it to the dealer if I were you.
  • whitetopwhitetop Posts: 36
    The two times my car refused to go were after we had a cold spell lasting a few days. The other similar condition was both times it happened I was driving forward from a parked position without backing up. Both times I was able to get the car to work again by pumping the accelerator a few times, which would lead a person to believe the position sensor was the problem.

    However, the software fix has made a world of difference in the general behavior of the car. I guess we'll find out next winter whether or not the fix is long-lasting.

    Glad yours is working better.I'm really glad Hyundai came up with a fix. I guess they got tired of taking cars back due to lemon laws.
  • johno111johno111 Posts: 114
    Anyone having trouble with the car alarm. My is in the process of making me crazy. Last week it went off in the middle of the night, then the lights quit flashing when you push the lock or unlock button on the key fob. Now the alarm goes off about 10-15 minutes after you lock the car with the key fob. I'm going to look thru the online manuals before I make a trip to the dealer. Oh it's a 2001 XG300.
    Thanks John0
  • shumandushumandu Posts: 7
    Squirrels are setting your alarm off. Just unhook the alarm wires. Who the heck is gonna steal a 20001 Hyundai
  • joe131joe131 Posts: 996
    I find no rhyme nor reason as to which of the two memorized seat/mirror positions will present itself when I unlock and enter my car. The manual is no help in explaining it.
    Anyone have a theory? Or better yet, anyone have a written instruction and/or explanation from Hyundai?
  • johno111johno111 Posts: 114
    This is true. I took a look at the online manuals and I'm going to try to unplug the left connection from the ETACS unit and see if that stops it and find out what else doesn't work once that is unpluged.
  • johno111johno111 Posts: 114
    If I remember correctly I believe that you need to set the parking brake on or the seat and mirror stays in the same place.

  • joe131joe131 Posts: 996
    That is an answer to a different question, not mine.
    I know the parking brake needs to be set and the auto button turned on so the seat will go all the way back automatically (1) when the car is turned off and (2) when you unlock the door before entering. That feature just makes it easier to get in and out of the car.
    My question is, how does the car decide which of the two memorized driving positions the seats and mirrors will automatically go to when the driver is ready to drive away?

    Anyone have an official word on that? Or experience which has proven correct?
  • johno111johno111 Posts: 114
    Well if it's anything like my Ford Explorer the memory works off the Key Fob.
  • joe131joe131 Posts: 996
    Maybe no one understands my question. I'm saying that the car decides somehow to go to memory 1 or memory 2 all by itself. I want to know how it chooses and whether I have any influence over it in the automatic choosing of one or the other.
    Yes, I use the key fob to unlock the door. The key fob has a lock and unlock button, but no buttons for memory 1 nor 2.
    Does anyone understand my question?
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