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Navigator won't start HELP

pioneer2pioneer2 Posts: 4
edited July 2014 in Lincoln
My 99 navi started to mess up a few months ago. got gas and went to start it up. It tried then died. after 5 mins. it started with no probs. It did the no start thing a few more times since. I filled the tank a week ago and it did it again. After I got home it hs not restarted at all. checked fuses and relays all seem OK. replaced fuel filter left one line off and tunded the key afew times , Seems that no fuel is going thru filter . check fuel shut off on pass side kick board and it looked OK has not poped out the reset yet. What should I check next? or do I need to drain a FULL tank to replace a pump or strainer. Thank you for all your help.



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You might get some insights from the Lincoln Navigator Start Questions discussion.

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  • Thanks , but I had read all thou's before I even posted my ? hoping to get it repaired.I am not sure how to make sure pump is getting power to pressure fuel lines or if powers being stopped because of the theft system or some thing. just strange that when it 1st started I had bought fuel and this time I filled up again. Navi's run great for the last6 years or so I've had it.

  • Does it make a buzzing noise? Check out this Edmunds link:

    What you discuss happened to me as well, and I got a new fuel pump. I drove it to the grocery store, and it would not start again. It ended up being a relay. Now, since getting the new fuel pump, my mileage has gone from 15.9 to 13.3. I was just about to enter a question regarding that to see if others have had an issue when I saw your question.

    Good luck with your problem.
  • Thanks for the advise. :) . I went to the parts store and they only had two in stock as I was going to replace all three from under the hood, But YEPPIE it starts. THANK YOU again. As I'm disabled it was going to be a while before I could have replaced the fuel pump. Back still killing me from replacing the fuel filter. I'm going to buy the other relay when back in stock to be safe.My Navi had no codes or anything just only did not start for time to time and there was no buzzing just would crank and not start. Relays were very cheap and from now on I will always look to them as a possable cause.
  • Shoot. navi wont start again. This time heard clicking replaced 2 small relays in dash. started afew times..... sat over night and now its back to not starting.... I have found that at one time wires had got crispy by steering colum. someone added a after market keyless unit. . How do I remove the theif control from the navi so maybe it will start just with the key I know all 3 keys I have have good chips but something is stopping the car from restarting after it sets over night
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