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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    thanks! so, this is helping me. i will narrow my search to 4 cylinder models. in the 2001 9-5, it appears their are two 4 cylinders. both the same, with different turbo's i am guessing? also, if the DI dies, does it leave you stranded like my VW coil issues did?

    i am looking at the "lower" models. the "aero" kits are a little too intense looking for me.

    i also like the wagons, though they aren't too easy to find.

    so, with the 4 cylinder, in the 2001 model year, what else do i look out for? automatic transmission is solid?

    THANKS! i am seeing pricing from mid $16s for models with 41k miles, up to mid $20s for models with 30k miles. all dealer pricing.
  • rob999rob999 Posts: 233
    Ahhh - so you know firsthand about VW coil packs!!! ;>(

    Yes, if a DI fails the car will not run. When you take delivery of your car, put in a new set of plugs with the proper gap and you should be fine, given the general good reliability of the DI system.

    In 2001, the Linear 4 cyl has a Garrett turbo, the Aero has a Mitsubishi turbo. Each uses a different ECU.

    The Saab 9-5 uses an Aisin-Warner auto trans, as do some Lexus models. It's perhaps one of the best in the market.

    If you could swing the bucks, the 2002 models have a 5-speed A-W auto, improved suspension and more engine HP in both the Linear (185) and Aero (250).
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    yes, all too familiar with VW. can't help it - i love VW. but gonna try a different Euro brand this time. i thought in 2001 the base turbo 9-5 was increased to 185. are you sure it was 2002?

    good to know about the automatic.

    thanks for the information. and for the quick responses! i might be in here again once i narrow down a specific car. :)
  • rob999rob999 Posts: 233
    I thought the HP increase came in 2002 but I could be wrong.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    about horsepower per model year and anything else can be found right here - check the blue Used Cars tab at the top.

    The 2001 2.3t sedan has 185 hp increased from 170 in the 2000 edition. =edmunds.u.prices.leftsidenav..6.Saab*

  • rob999rob999 Posts: 233
    The EPA highway MPG estimate for the 9-5 Linear Sportwagon is 28 MPG. However, I consistently get better highway mileage at the following rates:

    55-60 MPH: 34-35 MPG
    70-75 MPH: 31-32 MPG
    80 MPH (with giant Yakima Spacecase on roof): 28

    Do any of you have similar results?
  • Maybe the gas usage computer on my 01 is a bit off, but I've never gotten more than 26 mpg doing about 75 on long drives. The car definitely gets mediocre mileage on the regular commute or around the burbs (21-24 mpg), and performs better on long hauls. I do not use the Sport function and am careful witrh the turbo. Someone a few weeks ago mentioned the rusting lugs. If you have the standard warranty, you can get free replacement of these (or so I'm told by the service writer at International Motors here in Northern Virginia). Otherwise the car is a delight and the spacious cabin is a great way to get through daily life.
  • stu15stu15 Posts: 9
    Anybody having cold start problems? I have an 03 Arc (V6) with 11K miles. Once a week it stumbles on cold start (ie car sits for 12 hours). Sometimes it stalls completely and other times it stumbles and almost stalls.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    i have to agree with the mpg listed by mpg.

    my aero 95 2002 has 70,000 miles and on trips to florida i average 33 mpg ,but,my speeds are 85 to 90 with an average of 79 mph overall.

    when driving at 55 i get 42 mpg without the a/c on.

    overall mpg around town is 22 to 24.but it can drop to 19 if it is nyc.

    holding 65 on a 5 hour trip to vermont from ct. i did 32 mpg going north and on the return at the same speed i got 34 mpg.more of a downhill ,i guess.
  • skday1skday1 Posts: 13
    I get 23 mpg in city driving (average mph 28 per computer over 8000 miles) with my 2002 Linear. I only got 19 when I first got it -- so excited, I guess!

    I still love my car and have had no problems over the last 14,000 miles. (I bought used at 14,000 miles) I get a groan at low speed tight turns, too - which I just assume isn't a problem.

    For my last oil change the dealer told me I needed new rotors and brake pads and new rear tires for $455 and $385 respectively. This seemed high so I thought I'd look for an independent Saab shop. Does this seem high to you? If so, does anyone have a recommendation for an independent Saab shop in the Boston area (I live in Roslindale). Thanks!
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    i too was almost screwed by the dealer.

    they tell you it needs new brakes and rotors.bull.have it check out elsewhere.

    at 23,ooo miles i was told the same and i got 45,000 miles from them
    now at 60 they said the same thing .car now has 73,000 and brakes still good.

    wait until they have to do front rotors anyhow.

    i have found many of the dealers to be not very honest.
    i was told i needed new muffler,new head gasket ,new windhield cowl ,and other .....when my 2000 9.5 reached 52,000 miles.
    i had asked the dealer to check everything at 48,000 miles to take advantage of warranty and they stated all ok.
    i came back 2 months later for oil change.
    now this,

    i told them that all looked all ok and that i did not see any oil leaks.
    they stated that they have special equipment and that only they can see the oil leak.
    this is bs.

    i have had this approach on me before at a merceds dealer. same bs...oil leak but only we can see it.
    it has been 2 years and 22,000 miles and no oil leak ,no water leaks in the cowl. and the muffler is still going strong and so are the brakes.

    i have seen dealers take work orders,accumulate them on the service desk,and every 1/2 hour or 45 minutes take them to a date machine and stamp work done.....

    a way to inflate the hours worked in your car to charge you more...this latest i observed first hand at a dealer in the d.c. area where my car broke down.

    when i came in the said it was a major repair and that i better get a motel room.
    when they found out i had a warranty , they fixed the cooling fan that had stopped working ,in 25 minutes and sent me on my way.

    the dealers are a major problem.
    and you have to go in there with knowledge ,or suffer the consequences.

    and, this is not unique to saab.
    it is a very common practice,and my experience with most new car dealers is very much the same.
  • Can the oil pan gasket be easily
    changed on a 1999 9-5 SE automatic?
    2.3L Turbo

    Thanks, all..........AccSell
  • rob999rob999 Posts: 233
    According to the Saab WIS (workshop info system)you need to remove the upper and lower engine covers, oxygen sensors, turbo bypass pipe and the exhaust pipe to get clearance, then remove the oil sump.

    I'd just paste all the steps here, but the 'Copy' operation is disabled in that software.
  • Car mechanics . . . trying to rip people off? Oh my.
  • skday1skday1 Posts: 13
    I have been looking into brake repairs on the 9-5 boards and 30k for brakes on the 9-5s seems to be normal; according to the posters because of the pads Saab uses.

    It is true that my brakes are not squealing, but I was going to go ahead with the repair when I found a decent shop. Maybe not....

    Thanks for your help.
  • saabgirlsaabgirl Posts: 184
    I have a '99 Saab 9-5, 4 cyl, 5-speed, sport exhaust, 102K miles. I've had my share of Saab quirks, but love driving mine and listening to it bark. A relatively new quirk is a miss or hesitation that comes in briefly at 1700 rpm, when in 3rd gear, especially on a slight upgrade. It feels almost like it hits a gust of head wind for an instant. By the time the tach gets above 2000 rpm, the "wind gust" is gone. Passengers don't notice, unless I alert them to it. One answer, of course, is simply to wind it up more in 2nd gear but, in suburban neighborhoods, the exhaust note is a little too attention getting. The direct ignition cassette was recently replaced, and this problem predated that repair. The dealer said he noticed the little miss but, since the engine tests fine, it would probably cost more than it's worth to hunt down the cause of this minor hiccup. Any thoughts?
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    Whenever the morning temperature was 40F - 55F, I needed to start the car twice. Sometimes, the car died but sometimes it wanted to die.

    I took the car to the dealership twice for this problem and it seems to be ok now.

    They told me the car had alrady got the most updated software version so they did the followings:

    1. Decarbonize the engine
    2. Replaced throttle body (2 parts - throttle body & O-RINGTHRTLBDY)

    Hope this helps.
  • Hello experts. I am running up to the end of my new car warranty on a 2000 9.5 V-6 SE which has a continuing issue with a very bad, rotten egg-like smell intermittently. I seem to notice this only during stop & go driving and it seems to be more pronounced during spirited driving. Dealer has made one attempt at a correction which included "hotter" spark plugs. No help. Does anyone have any experience with this...or resources for resolution? Thanks
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    Are you sure it's the pan gasket? My persistent leak was eventually found and it was a crack in the oil filler down tube. Seems like someone may have twisted it too hard putting the cap on.
  • Talk about synchronicity -- I just found the board and am looking at "new" used cars to replace my '92 SAAB 900S. One of the cars in consideration is an Infinity, so I looked up recalls, etc., on the model. Turns out one involved a rotten egg smell. Of course, I can't find the exact post, but I do remember that the fix involved the catalytic converter. Something about the sulfur in the gas. So get them to check that.

    And, just to give a perspective on longevity, my car has 164000 miles on it. The problems didn't start until around 150000. And even now, I don't want to part with my SAAB. Reading the posts here have reminded my I love it. Forget the Infinity - I'm finding another SAAB.
  • BCool.........thanks for the tip.
  • mtgmanmtgman Posts: 18
    I'm considering buying a 2004 9-5 Aero sedan, automatic, xenon lights, touring package for $33,700. Is this a decent deal? MSRP is $42,785.
    What type of lease payments should I expect with excellent credit, 12,000 miles/year, 36 month, zero down?
  • I'm looking for a used 9-5; 2000-2002. Is there any reason to look for the 4 vs 6? I read somewhere that the 4 was more desirable, if so for what reason?
  • Go for the 4 - it's the traditional Saab engine and seems to be the most bulletproof. Get the 2002 - upgraded suspension over the 2001 and prior models. Look for premium sound - much better sound IMHO. Saab has also been decontenting the 9-5 in little ways. No stainless steel exhaust in 2002, for example. Good luck! Donn
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    I just bought the 2004 Aero Wagon for about the same price. I don't think that you'll do much better in price. Maybe you can get them to throw in the 8 year/80K warranty. I considered a lease, but a purchase, with less down than the lease required, was just a little more $$ - the 4% interest rate through my credit union helped. Good Luck.
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    Does anyone have experience putting traction devices on a 9-5 Aero with 17 inch wheels? The manual says that chains will cause interference problems, however, I'm wondering if cables will work. I considered putting on a set of smaller 16 inch wheels, but the dealer thinks that they would not fit over the larger Aero brake calipers.
  • mtgmanmtgman Posts: 18
    I live in central Iowa and the Saab dealers are less than sales/service excellent. Where did you buy yours?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    As you can see in the Rules of the Road (linked at the top of the page), neither links to dealerships nor names of salesfolks may be posted. I had to remove a couple of posts.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  • I drive a 2003 9-5 Aero, and I decided to use 16 inch winter rims and tires. It is true that steel wheels will not fit over the larger brakes. I was able to get relatively inexpensive SAAB alloy wheels directly from my dealership.
  • Pat, you may have a heavy hand here. On the BMW boards people post dealership names (although not individual sales guys names)), dealer locations, pros and cons of deals with dealers, etc. Same thing with the Land Rover boards (take a look at the LR3 board, for example).
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