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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    You must get a different Consumer Reports, the 9-5 has been a recommeded vehicle both new and used for years.
    Also, read some car rags, the new 9-5 is on the way. If you are familiar with Saab, they keep a model style for about 10 years, then again, so does Volvo, BMW, MB, and Audi. I am on my 4th Saab since my 86 SPG, so I am a repeat offender. Leather, better than Acura, Lexus to name a few, very durable and strong, not soft and thin. Leases? must of these cars in this segment our company car leased cars, if not, they are still written off (your discount) that way just as the rush for SUV's were for this year. I am not a dealer, and I am not standing up for Saab, GM or knocking any other brand, but if you do your homework, buy new, lease, buy certified and have a warranty, I don't believe your experience would not be pleasurable. Tell me another car that gets the gas mileage of a Saab, the interior room, standard features, and can hit zero to 60 under 7 seconds? Non of the luxo brands in the Saab price range (street price, not MSRP).
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181

    do not misread my posts please.
    i do love my saab with 100k miles.
    i do get 32 mpg at 85 and 90 mph (no a/c)on long trips 1500 miles .and if i behave ,at 55 to 60 mph on i95 i do get 42 to 46 mph.(take 2 to 3 mpg off with a/c ).
    hard to believe but true.
    and i do change my oil and tranny fluid myself every 3k miles.
    now with a viggen exhaust and other mods to the cat i have lost some torque .but have gained a smoother running car at over 125 mph.
    do carry a spare dic in my trunk.

    regarding consumer reports, when new this car was highly rated. now ,it is black rated mostly due to the oil sludge problems that are destroying the engines.
    that is why i now have an 8 year unlimited mileage warranty on the engine.(courtesy of the gvt. of course).

    my problem with the 06 , i have posted , is that it has been left behind by competition and the other stuff i mentioned.

    today i took a spirited backroads ride in conn. no it is not as much fun as a 911 or nsx ,but it does seat 4 .
  • tomwtomw Posts: 31
    Well, it has to be better than the "stereo" in my 9-3 Linear, which is absolutely atrocious. Between what is an intentionally bad system - somebody approved it for production that way - and the other quality fiascos, I'm done with SAAB. When the lease is up in a couple of months, ADIOS!

    This after a 2000 9-5 and a 2002 9-5 (my wife's). Both were great cars.

    The 2006 9-5 is essentially a holdover that was designed before GM took full control of SAAB, so may be OK (if you can get past the headlight treatment that makes it look like it's wearing goggles).

    But the 9-3 demonstrates that now that GM is in control, the content and quality is being ratcheted down to GM levels. NO THANKS.

    Accorging to the car magazines, it appears that future SAAB's will essentially be re-badged Opels (in the same vein that the 9-7 is a re-badged TrailBlazer).

    NO THANKS. I want a quality vehicle, not a GM vehicle!
  • wthmwthm Posts: 4
    It would be nice if this bulletin board were restricted to customers only. Saablcp has stated that he is a Saab dealer, and therefore obviously is biased towards Saabs.

    The leather is a subjective issue, but you cannot twist the facts that Saab 9-5's have had two major engine problems : ignition cassette failures and oil sludge, which federal govt forced Saab to admit these defects.
    This has directly led to Consumer Reports downgrading
    their reliability recommendations.

    Combined with this is the poor customer service at many
    dealers in the Boston area (Reading MA, Andover MA,etc),
    and I have registered a complaint with the local BBB
    about the Andover shop. My Toyota and Acura dealers have
    been great in contrast.....I believe I am neutral since
    I dont sell cars : I am an internist who simply wants
    reliable transportation.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    All of my posts regarding the 9-5 have been reasonably free of pro Saab bias.I try and stick to the facts and dispute and challenge that which I consider to be opinions stated as fact and factual misrepresentations .You have stated that Saab has de-contented the car....I challenged you to make a list to counter my list of additions to the model.Your response.The Consumer reports recomendaton of the car is a matter of record.Your opinion regarding the Leather is totally subjective and my response was only to point that fact out.You also misfired on the audio system which was and still is done by Harmon Kardon.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We have a lot of very helpful salespeople hanging out in the Forums. They are a valuable part of our community. And for the record, I've seen several salespeople state that they like and/or drive cars other than what they are selling. I don't think you can just automatically assume bias.
  • Wow, did not realize so many bad vibes on the 9.5. I have a certified 2001 V-6 (been off warrenty for 1 year now) and it has been a great experience, esp. compared to my prior Audi's. At 74K two repairs off warrenty were a front R wheel bearing and new battery. It is a great winter car (Maine) and the dealership is great with nice Saab loaners. I get 29 mpg highway and 19 around Portland, mainly stop and go crap. Love the stereo, the automatic heater function when car parked (keeps dogs warm up to hour at 25F in winter, tons of room with seat down, and car has been dead reliable. Anyway, sorry to hear of all the problems as I have been recommending 9.5's to all my friends. I am planning to get Certified 2001-2002 V-6 Wagon next year as those have the vented seats and the weather band radio (which is use all the time during sailing season) and they are cheap. Finally, did get a recall on the Cassette but installation not until March.

  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Here's a generalization based on 21yrs.sales experience:The two groups of people who make internet posts regarding their cars are those who LOVE their cars and those who HATE their cars.The vast majority of owners who fall in between are largely unheard from.They vote with their dollars, expressed as brand loyalty.For the most part Saab owners are intensely loyal.Those who post negative experiences outnumber the positive posters by a huge majority .That is largely attributable to basic human nature.Ever listen to sports talk radio the Monday after your football team loses vs the day after a win?Which scenario generates more callers and more passion?The other result of our extreme dependence on our cars in this society is the opinion we form when our ONE car lets us down,inconveniences us and disrupts our day to day routine....not MY car (singular) is a lemon,no....these CARS(plural,as in every one ever built!!)are lemons!Just one man's view from the trenches!
  • i had seen some pics and thought the new redesigned 2006 looked better and caught my eye more then the older 9-5. now i am not gonna lie, i am not a saab loyalist...i have never owned one and just as recently as the new 9-3 even became interested. maybe this is why Saab did what they did,--to bring in more then just the loyalists.

    anyway, on to the drive.

    upon approach the car is very low to the ground. the front end is very long and "beak-ish" if you will. the wheels look good but imo, need to be 18's. i beleive the 9-3 has 18s and the 9-5 is a bigger car and has a lot of gap to fill. the Pirreli tires are nice, but replacemet will be expensive. the grill looks good to me and the headlights , for some reason, appeals to me. i wish the US version could get rid of the amber corners. i do hate we have to have those on cars here.

    the back end looks good, but i dont care for the cheap looking plastic covers on the tailights--the rippled red covers do not appeal to me.

    i entered the car and for you who may be worried about traditional saab headrests, they are still there. i have seen some mention on some boards that Saab "GM-ized" the headrests--no worries. the seats were comfortable as always. Volvo still makes the best seats in the biz, but these were nice, no doubt. i for one do not like the extremely busy 9-3 dash. too many buttons! the 9-5 has "GM-ized" the dash some, but for the complainers, i think its for the better. the only thing it lacks imo is the temp dispay for dual zones. the dials are easy to reach and read. i like it. i bet the NAV looks better--the pics i have seen looked better, imo. the drive was nice. i am always amazed at how Saab's 4 cylinder engines put out. always could add more power, but the 260 is plenty for passing and needed fun. the steering wheel is good.

    back seat always could use more room, but again, plenty for the class and size of the car. i love the car colored door-handles. i hate the black ones, and i am glad the 9-5 doesnt have the black plastic piece running the side and back of the car much like the 9-3 has.

    overall i was impressed. i am 25 and will soon be in the market for a new car. i must admit i am after the Lucerne right now...of all things--a Buick for a 25 year old, but the new 9-5 does appeal to me. its an odd bird. always has been and still is, just less odd.
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    You know, I really get tired of the GM/Saab talk. Hey guys, platforms are platforms. The 9-3 and 9-5 are Saabs.
    The 9-2 and 9-7 we know is rebadged, but every manufacturer has done this since the 1940's. Maybe your not familiar with the cars like Camaro and Firebird?
    Ford owns jag, same tired post there, GM make a Vette, nobody bitchn there? Ford makes the GT, no bitchn there. But you talk about a 20-40K car and everybody pinches their pennies thinking they can drive a Malibu and get the ride of the new 9-3 combi V6 turbo. If you like it, buy it
    GM will have the new Camaro out in 28 months, you won't [non-permissible content removed] about it either. If thats the platform for the new Saab 9-5 will you [non-permissible content removed]? GM saved Saab, so there would be no Saabs left. Plenty of work for Sweedes and Germans cause of GM. Saab will outlive all of us, either drive one, drive something else, but please, we all know the corporate structures. Hey I took a bath on GM stock, took a batch on 4 Saab retained value vs a Honda Accord, but I sure enjoyed my time behind the wheel. PS, the NSX is sooo old, you need to try a GM Vette for half the price and twice the performance. New NSX next year maybe.
  • I bought a 9-5 Sportwagon after reading the good reviews in Consumer Report. It rated highly with only the Acura TL and Lexus ES300 getting the same high marks; yet neither of those companies make a wagon. We love the wagon so far; unfortunately too much because we are WAY WAY over on the lease mileage. So far so good. No sob stories here.
  • I had a 900 turbo in 1990. it was a great car which unfortunatly was crushed by a tractor trailer. I bought a new 9-5 in august. Its an arc with harmon kardon stereo. We had to remove the radio for some service and it is labeled panasonic on the back. Its performance is mediocre. The engine runs well. paddle shifters are a joke, fuel economy is good, suspension is a farce. The car bottoms out in road dips. It handles like a boat. No driver feedback. Mushy ride. very dissapointed....Captain mike
  • ort11ort11 Posts: 4
    Hi: I have read the last few posts and as an many Saab owner would like to post a couple of thoughts.

    1) I think the 9-5 platform (1999-present) (not the new ones, have not tried one yet) is one of the best platforms out. Resonable (fairly) in price, power, performance, etc. I have a 1999 9-5 V4 auto and manual and I like them both. Problems that I have seen are the displays (have gone though about 4 of them in our three 9-5s (other is a wagon v6). Yes, Saab did replace one for free after I compained, a bit on the phone with Saab USA, one other was under warrenty, but not the other two (found cheap on ebay).

    2) The V6 GM engines I would simply say away from. I have a 1995 9000 V6 that the timing belt failed and took the engine with it. Hard to understand interference engines in a car like the 9000 when they had the v4 turbo available. Now I am not sure what I am going to do the 9000. If I had known at the time it was a GM engine, I would NOT have purchased the car and held out for the v4 version.

    3) We brought our 2001 v6 9-5 wagon in for 60k service. This include the "free" timing belt replacment. The dealer tried to "scare" me into also replacing the ideler pully and a few other items during this change that would have cost $800 more, saying that the mechanic said that the dealer rep said that there are seeing issues (I have seen other costing from $400-$1200 for this). Saab corporate HAS to look into this practice and let us v6 owners know if this is a real problem or not. It seems like Saab / GM does not want to own up to a v6 timing belt issue and can say "I told you so" if the v6 belt fails and you don't get the $800 service (just like the one did in my 1995 9000). I am really debating whether to sell the V6 wagon for a v4. My take right now, just stay away from the v6 Saabs.

    Other issues I have seen is the DI in one of my 1999s. I just lost a serpinine belt idler bearing in the other 1999 (130k miles though).

    Anyone know when the DI recall is really going to happen? I can just see us getting stuck with the wagon when one or both of the DIs fail.

    Again, Avid Sabb owner of the 9-5 platform. Would not purchase any of the new models, will have to look at the new 9-5 platforms and decide then.
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    Since 99 we have the same 9-5 platform on the Saab.
    I had a 99 SE V6, only one service visit other than scheduled maint in three years (lease). One of my favorite cars. Have a 02 Aero Wagon. Like the 4 Cyl more, 30 mpg @ 70mph on the highway. 22 mgp @ 82 mph on highway. Take off the traction control, put on the sport mode and this car will burn rubber. The above poster who saw the panasonic sticker, on the Harmon stereo, that is the CD drive, not the stereo. I know audio way better than cars.
    Many CD "drives" are panasonic, very good drives by the way. Harman makes JBL (james b. lansing), Infinity, Harman Kardon, Clarion, Mark Levinson, etc., so when your buddy in his Lexus brags about his Mark Levinson sound system, tell him you have the same amp in your Saab, different logo. Refer to my earlier post to learn how to boost your amp in your Saab amp, the manual is now been wrong for 5 years for every 9-5 and 9-3 owner. What a shame that the amp is set at 32% of the power level from the factory and no directions on how to boost it. 98% of Saab owners don't ever get to enjoy the nice unit they have in their car. This unit will crank!

    As far as safety, I don't know what car is safer, but if it is a Saab, they sure and the hell aren't telling anyone unless you dig deep or visit a dealership. Then again, I like having a car that I don't see five others just like it on the road, so its really no big deal to me, plus I dumped the GM stock after getting rocked this past year.
  • could you give us the post number with that info to boost the amp? please and thanks!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You can try using the Search This Discussion feature. It's located right above the first post and just below the last post on this page. :)
  • Saab still makes great cars. I have had six of them, have four 9-5's right now: 2-1999; 1-2001; 1-2002. They are great cars, I love them. There is only one problem: GM. They are up to their old tricks when it comes to warranty and any customer service. Once a customer buys a Saab or any GM car, they become a legal liability in GM's eyes, and are treated as such. So here I am, the owner of four 9-5's, and treated like a pain in Gm's rear. I even took a couple of problems to Saab.Usa, to the president of Saab, a Ms. Kelly (hyphenated) something or other. She replied with two form letters, both obnoxious and mundane in content--and no help. I was as much as told that my problems were tough "%$#^&), and it really didn't matter to her if I bought more saab's or not. Said to resolve with with my local dealer and gave me a toll free number for customer service. So I called Saab customer service. Might as well have peed in the wind. First I asked the lady who answered if she could speak slower and more clearly, since I couldn't understand her accent. She was insulted that I could not under stand her English, which turned out to be not English at all but some derivative.... I really tried to understand her, just couldn't. I finally did understand that she wanted me to talk to my dealer. I asked if she had ever been to a saab dealer (she hadn't). I asked if saab reps ever went to my local saab dealer and tested them on even basic saab knowledge. The answer was no. I told her the truth: my local dealer had such a small knowledge of saab's that I had already forgotten more than the dealer knew. She got huffy and said she refused to be insulted (I think that's what she said),and said she would hang up if I didn't change my tone of voice. So I changed my tone of voice, told her that her status of minor bureaucrat at GM gave her no instant respect and if she couldn't earn respect she didn't deserve it. She got even more insulted, so I said please let ms. Kelly (whatever her name is) know that her Saab division of GM should abandon the slogan "Born from Jets" and adopt this slogan: Saab: "great cars, born of a stupid Company" (how they can be so stupid and build great cars is truly a mystery). Will I buy any more Saabs? What do you think? ssjackson. Reno.
  • dabeasdabeas Posts: 8
    I’ve been a loyal Saab customer since 1969. In that time I’ve owned four Saabs. A 1969 - Saab 96 V4, a 1978 - Saab 99, and 1987 and 1995 - Saab 900s. I traded in the 1978 at 163,000 mi., the 1987 at 247,000 mi. and I’m still driving the 1995, 203,000 mi. and counting. All were new, 2dr coupes with 4 cylinder Saab engines and manual transmissions. In thirty-six years I have never had a major engine repair. A couple of clutches, a couple of transmission seals were the worst engine related issues. Yes, I’ve suffered thru a fair share of problems - seatback cables, seat cushion heaters, alternators, water pumps and the ubiquitous “serpentine belt”. Overall, I would have to rate my satisfaction as very high. I’ve always held the opinion that as much as I’d like to be driving a new car, I’d rather have years of no car payments as long as I could live with the “reliability“ factor. Yes, I do think that the overall quality of the product has declined since GM acquired Saab. (Our local dealer, who had sold Saabs for twenty-five years, finally sold his franchise after GM squeezed the profit margin, to a point where he couldn’t make any money on a sale, and hassled him on unsold inventory.) But from what I’ve seen of the early reviews of the ’06 9-5 I wouldn’t hesitate to continue my allegiance to Saab automobiles.
  • ort11ort11 Posts: 4
    Well, the posting is #1982, and must only work on the HK version. This peaked my interest becuase I had fooled with the settings for a custom phone cradle that I had made and integrated for my treo 600.

    There is a start setting for the regular audio and one for the telephone setting. I had to set the phone start settting on max so when I switch to telephone mode if was loud enough.

    I have the non-HK (Pioneer I think) and the start setting is indeed the start setting and not the gain. I tried 00 for start and 25 for start and confirmed and then cranked the vol, it was very close to the same.

    Hopefully you HK users can use the gain setting to blow out some speakers.
  • geojoegeojoe Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my 9-5 year 2000. 4 cyln. wagon and the dealer is no help. I would really appreciate any help you can give me. My message is no. 938 in the Saab wagon forum. geojoe
  • I'm wondering if someone else out there is having the same problem as I am with my 2004 Saab 9-5 Aero. Overall it has been a GREAT car with one exeption: I have owned it for 18 months and have replaced 6 (six) Pirelli Z rated tires on it. I keep getting bulges in the sidewall(s) that the manufacturer calls road damage and won't replace. We Live in Richmond Virginia (no hills or off-roading here) and the car is really driven only in the suburbs or the highway. Yet about every 3 months, one of the tires has to be replaced (at $300 dollars a pop). The dealer told me getting bigger rims and a different kind of tire would defeat the purpose of the car's design, but these pirellis are getting expensive. Anybody know if putting different rims and a different tire is an option? Thanks
  • yngveyngve Posts: 12
    Sounds like you've got a problem...but I'm curious about a few things:

    1) Why keep replacing the tires with Pirellis? There are plenty of other manufacturers out there. Check out for their reviews.

    2) Why replace both wheels and tires? Going larger than the 17" wheels on your Aero would likely yield a harsh(er) ride, and make the (very expensive) wheels more susceptible to road damage due to the short sidewalls on the tires. Stick with the 17's, and head for something other than Pirelli.

  • I am partial to Saab although I have not owned one for years. I am in the market for a reasonably luxurious car that is fun to drive.

    Pro: A lot of content for the money (try pricing a comparable Cadillac CTS or some of the imports), excellent safety ratings, a proven platform, excellent MPG for the power, a good local dealer (have to check on that some more), a unique vehicle.

    Con: An obsolescent platform, GM policies for warranties, higher maintenance costs than I am used to, no rear side air bags.

    Unknowns: how reliable now, build quality, is this a good buy for a guy who normally keeps a car eight years or more.

    I would appreciate any thoughts on this.
  • yngveyngve Posts: 12
    I haven't had my 9-5 long enough to be authoritative, but I would offer you the same advice my dealer offered me - find an off lease CPO 05, and you'll have a longer warranty than if you bought a new 06. In my research, Saab's CPO plan is the best in the biz.

    Good luck...
  • wthmwthm Posts: 4
    Saab's are definitely unique compared with other cars, and have a lot of features for the money. However long term reliability has been a problem. Like other reader suggests, we bought a 9-5 (2001) off lease, certified (6yr/100K) warranty, got a good deal. GM was actually good in honoring warranty. But such poor reliability, car kept going into shop, traded it in early, lost a lot of money on the trade-in (depreciated at 6000 per yr x 3yrs we owned it = 18,000!). Consider leasing it instead, I wish I did.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    in my 2000 aero i have the oe xm m or is it mxm anyhow ,the first set gave me over 62,000 miles and i had 5k more left on it.

    the second set has 42,000 miles and not even 50% wear .

    i have always had problems with pirelli in my other cars so i avoid them.they do not have the quality of the michelins.
  • ort11ort11 Posts: 4
    Please see the following link for a VERY detailed information sheet on the 9-5 audio setups. The "normal" AS2 style is Pioneer across the board. The AS3 system's are HK amps. etc.
  • bc92bc92 Posts: 1
    I have a Saab 9-5 that I am currently experiencing problems with. The car will not turn over. The battery is fine. It just won't start. I checked the direct ignition and there is a yellow film on it. Has anyone had any experience with this? Do you think that the direct ignition is bad?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi, welcome. Sorry to hear of your difficulties.

    You might also want to post this in our "No Start" Problems discussion while you're waiting to see if someone here can help.
  • Now I understand...I had no idea about the DI recall until I read this forum. I have a 2001 95 Aero CPO...the DI "went bad" two weeks ago while on the parkway going about 70, everything shut off, couldn't restart and had to coast to the shoulder...tried to restart twice and got a lot of smoke from under the hood and burning wire odor...had it towed to a dealer who said the DI "shorted," which in turn fried the wiring harness (hello GM!?), he said "we get them all the time..." Heads up, there was no warning, it just happened.
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