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2011 Honda Odyssey Discussion



  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,895
    To be fair, the Sienna SE has a suspension, steering and wheel/tire combo specifically tuned for improved handling. I don't think it means that Honda is bad, as much as Toyota came out swinging in '11. I don't think we will see an Odyssey Si anytime soon.

    15.5 XC70 T6 / 16 Soul EV / 17 Toyota 86

  • gene00gene00 Posts: 113
    I finally test drove a 2011 EX and was surprised by how soft the suspension felt. It was a little disappointing. Anyone else able to compare a recent model to the 2011, ride & handling-wise?
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    Whatever others say, I personally think this is the ugliest van ever. The Aztek of minivans (outside only).

    I wish Honda should have released 2 versions, the regular minivan design and the polarizing, and see which sells better..

    Or at least ,make a survey among all Odyssey owners and ask for their opinion... I am sure Honda will be surprised!

    The problem is, that most new cars are being designed to get some great rating in critics magazines etc. rather then to cater to simple drivers. I am sometimes surprised to see as some ugly vehicles are being rated so high for the striking design, and good old designs are being ignored. I am shocked that the Aztek was never CAR OF THE YEAR due to the polarizing design..

    Maybe it's just me. I hate extreme changes. I like to blend in with traffic, and not looking for attention and to stand out from the crowd. For example, in new small sedans, I love the new Chevy Cruze, which is being totally ignored by most reviewers, and hate the front-end of the upcoming new Elantra, which most reviewers are so excited about.

    Yeah, maybe it's just me.
  • gene00gene00 Posts: 113
    It's not just you as others seem to really hate the looks of the new Odyssey. I am not one of them. I have a very slight preference for the 2010 style, but that will fade in time and the old ones will look dated like the pre-2005's do now. However, I was driving up 101 and saw an Odyssey (I'm attuned since I'm in the market for a used one), and it wasn't until I was right off of his passenger side bumper that I realized it was a 2011. Taken as a whole, it's a pretty mild redesign on the exterior. It has a long way to go (and would have to pass the Quest and every Caddy along the way) before you could compare it to an Aztek.
  • Hi,

    Looking for some guidance. I'm shopping the EX-L RES 2011 Honda Odyssey and here's what my local dealership is offering me:

    Retail: 36,830
    Savings: 2,315
    Selling: 34,515
    Trade: 17,000 (My KBB value is 19,500)
    Fees: 667.00 (Doc fees are 499)
    Sales Tax: 525.45
    Net Sale Price: 36,122.45


    $0 Down puts me at 503-513/mo
    $500 Down puts me at 587-497/mo

    Anyone willing to give me some insight would be greatly appreciated. My state (NC) does not have a minimum doc fee so the 499 to me is a hefty fee.

    My target mo/ ideal cost would be $415 with $0 down and not sure what angles I can approach this to get it lower. I know my vehicle has $2500 in equity based on online research but they won't go higher than $17k.

  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,895
    You might want to go to the Real World Trade Value thread and ask those guys for the trade value of your car. It is exceedingly rare for ANY dealer to give you KBB trade value. Dealers usually work off of auction prices, not KBB or the others.

    15.5 XC70 T6 / 16 Soul EV / 17 Toyota 86

  • gene00gene00 Posts: 113
    edited December 2010
    You are getting no deal at all. The doc fee is all profit for them (they have salaried employees to fill out the docs, it's all computerized so it takes about 15 minutes to do, so in reality it's costing the dealership nothing because they're paying that employee whether they're filling out docs or not). Your trade deficit erases any discount you're getting on the new Ody, so you're basically paying full retail + $500. If your kbb trade value is $19.5, try putting it up on craigslist for $20.9k and negotiate down from there. I'd jump at the chance to buy a private party car for near kbb trade-in value. I've sold cars on craigslist in less than 6 hours if they were priced right, so not too much hassle. It's worth a try, if it gets to be too much of a hassle, you can always go back and get this "deal".
  • Thanks, I will do that.
  • My current trade is a lease... so there's no selling it on Craigslist. Thanks for the feedback gene00, I really do appreciate it.
  • Have any of you owners of 2011 Odysseys noticed any excessive wind noise (swirling and roaring noises) at speeds above 55 MPH? If so, was your dealer able to pinpoint the source and correct the issue?

    MY EX-L is very quiet at low speeds, but has very annoying wind noise above 55 MPH.

  • erik_herik_h Posts: 77
    My EXL is pretty quiet at 80. I'm very happy with the noise level. On some roads, a little to much road noise gets in but It's not constant.
  • gurgs24gurgs24 Posts: 10
    edited December 2010
    Keep in mind that comparison was Sienna SE vs. the Odyssey. The SE is tuned for "sport" driving as others have said, so one would expect it to be more of a drivers van. I for one, hate the ricer look of it though.

    Most other magazine comparisons of "standard" Siennas vs. Oysseys have the Ody coming out on top in term of drivability. I agree with them, altough it wasn't a hug difference. I did find the Siennas engine slightly punchier though.
  • This light and awful sound started a week ago...back to dealer and told the battery had to be recharged. Sat for an hour and half, left and next day, bat to same annoying sound and sign.

    Next day 12/24/ sliding doors are longer operational and have to manually open them.

    How many electrical problems do we endure before we call into play the lemon law?

    Not very patient with misleading excuses...waiting to see what the dealer had to say about this now...afraid to go out an start my car, or rather see if my car will start!
  • Owned an EXL-RES for 3 weeks now and yesterday the low battery warning was on. Turned the sliding door main switch off and the problem went away so far. I believe it's draining the battery somewhere. The battery looks too small for so many electronic gadgets in the car.

    Other than this, the door lock knob was repaired. (a hook was poped out or didn't fully engage in assembly line) Missing a plastic trim piece covering the 2nd row seat anchor.

    Hope it's not a sign for future troubles but I'm not confident at all now.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    The battery looks too small for so many electronic gadgets in the car.

    In reality, all the battery does is start the car. When it's running, it's up to the alternator to provide electrical power to the accessories.
  • In reality, all the battery does is start the car. When it's running, it's up to the alternator to provide electrical power to the accessories.

    You mean, IDEALY, not in reality.

    The car needs a bigger capacity battery in reality because you still need to operate the sliding doors, tailgate, radio, etc while the engine is not running. Some drivers may not do these a lot, some do. The engineers at honda should have considered this. But that will cost them a few bucks more for each odyssey. They cut corners here.

    Above assumes there is no flaw causing the battery drainning, ideally.
  • hyinghying Posts: 1
    I purchased the 11 Odyssey Touring on 11/20/10. I've had the low battery warning come on 3x. The first time, I tried to start and the engine would not turn over. I went out and bought a charger and after re-charging, it started fine. The next two times it happened, I didn't try starting. Instead, I returned to the car 1/2 hour later and the message did not appear/ car started. I'll be taking this to the local dealership at some point. Will ask them to look into it.
  • nymom1nymom1 Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    I got my touring elite in late october. the second week of december it started giving me low battery warnings... i use the power doors often b/c i have two small babies... i called the dealer (nardy honda in smithtown, NY) and they told me I have to DRIVE the 2011 odyssey to charge the battery, can't just let it run idle (which I did one day for 40 minutes with no effect)...

    i am lucky enough to have a one mile commute to work and the kids' daycare is in between. i don't have any reason to spend an hour in the car, but now i will have to take a drive to nowhere just to charge the car battery?? anyone else find this ridiculous?? don't even know if one hour will be enough?? what if it takes two??!? UGH!!

    I never felt so UNlucky to have a short commute!!!!
  • That is ridiculous. My 2011 EX has been sitting in our garage for the past 3 days where we are experiencing -25 degrees C temperatures without the wind chill factor (-35+with the wind). I had no problems starting her up and got no warning battery signal either. Our batteries should be similar I would think.
  • I want to kill someone at honda right van isnt even 2 months old and Im also getting low battery warnings......I expect that from a battery that is 3 years old, not a few months. What crap. of course there is nobody to talk to today, but come Monday, oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, nice to know there are plenty of others having same issue......I dont feel so silly when talking to repiar people and they start making it seem like it is your fault battery sucks after 2 months instead of 2 old mpv had the same battery for almost 7 years before it needed to be replaced
  • My wife and I are in our mid-40's and this is our first minivan. We replaced a 2002 Acura MDX that had 125K miles on it.

    That was a great car but fundamentally we outgrew the MDX. The 3rd row seats in the MDX, and all cars of that SUV class, are too small for teenagers and adults.

    Of course we never saw ourselves as "minivan people". I had my sights set on Toyota Sequoia until I spent a day in one traveling to a sporting event with two families. The ride, the electronics, and mileage, are so compromised in that car that it really opened our eyes to something else.

    We were concerned about the all-weather capabilities of a minivan. Weather isn't too much of a concern here in Northern Virginia but my wife and I have jobs that don't permit "snow days." The 30" blizzard last winter didn't help our decision making.

    To make a long story short, we closed a deal on a 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite in Smokey Topaz in November.

    The new Sienna was an obvious alternative. My kids thought the 2nd row seating was more comfortable in the Sienna, but otherwise the Odyssey was better in almost all respects for us. For me, the deciding factors were the quality of interior materials and the ride quality. The Odyssey interior has a hardy, modern interior quality as compared to the Sienna, IMHO.

    The ride quality is no comparison. I'm "a car guy" (my other car is an Audi S5) so the floaty, isolated feel of the Sienna was a turn-off from the moment I test drove it.

    On the other hand the handling of the Odyssey is outstanding. It is a big car, no doubt about that. I'm still overrunning curbs in it when i turn. But the road feel, responsiveness, and overall Noise, Vibration, and Harshness, are incredible.

    As far as all-weather capabilities are concerned, I mounted a set of Dunlop Winter Sport 3D's on our Odyssey a few weeks after delivery. We've had a couple mild snowfalls and the car has performed exceptionally well. Front-wheel-drive + Snow tires = perfect for the mid-Atlantic.

    I won't say I look forward to driving the Odyssey over my S5, but I don't avoid it.

    OK: I actually look forward to driving the Odyssey when it comes to trips over 30 minutes with my two kids.

    From my perspective, this Odyssey is the best engineered car I have ever owned. It is not perfect. At this price point, the lack of an auto-tilt-telescoping steering wheel and key-less start is ridiculous. Also, the Bluetooth functions are buggy, at best. I'm hoping for an update at the dealer soon.

    The looks are in the eye of the beholder. My wife and I were turned off at the first pictures but now we absolutely love the look of this car. I understand how polarizing the 2011 could be but for us, we think it is fantastic.

    My kids (14 and 11) are now planning long road trips this summer when they hated going anywhere over four hours in the MDX. Maybe that's the best testimonial.
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,895
    Good review; thanks for posting it.

    15.5 XC70 T6 / 16 Soul EV / 17 Toyota 86

  • mfletou1mfletou1 Posts: 508
    I have 2000 miles on ours and we haven't had the battery issue at all. However, the more I read about it, the more I'm convinced that it isn't actually a battery issue at all, but rather the fault of a new monitoring system--the new battery monitoring system (BMS). From the sounds of it, the BMS software has some bugs and is triggering the low battery warnings when they aren't warranted. I've seen this happen with tire pressure monitoring systems (not on this vehicle, but when they were newer technology.)

    Obviously you still don't want a warning light coming on in your van, but by suspicion is that Honda shortly will have a software update that dealers will be able to perform on these that will elimate the problem.
  • delthekingdeltheking Posts: 1,152
    edited January 2011
    A very good review. Thanks. Even though I like the floaty ,isolated Toyota ride - the interior cabin materials is a step down from the previous Sienna. The new Sienna's exterior styling is better than Odyssey IMHO, this is subjective though. But the hard plastic dashboard even in the Sienna XLE and Limited trims is inferior to the Odyssey. ;)

    I feel Sienna cut costs in visible places- plastic dashboard and interior,cheap headliner but they are better equipped with keyless ignition ,HID headlights,Laser cruise, standard backup cam even in base LE trim, 6 speed AT with a more powerful engine. Odyssey cut costs where it is less visible- no keyless ignition, 5 speed AT except in top trim Touring,no laser cruise and no back up cam in base trim. But the dashboard materials quality is much better. Also road noise is supposed to be less than the previous version. But it costs more too. :shades:

    So I think it comes down to personal preferences. I dont need a minivan anytime soon [non-permissible content removed] I have a Lexus GX and Camry but I am eagerly awaiting the new larger Prius [ maybe a wagon or mini-minivan] . Maybe 3 yrs down the line I may buy one of those especially if its fuel economy is closer to 50 mpg and it has a 3rd row. Would love sliding doors on it instead of regular doors !! :P
  • delthekingdeltheking Posts: 1,152
    Boy , that TPMS tire system was a real pain when it was first introduced. I dont know why the makers dont conduct more research and stricter tests for these new electronic systems before dumping them on the public . :lemon:
  • msbachmsbach Posts: 1
    Well, I turned in my keys to my trusty 13 year old Subaru Outback to purchase a mini-van that would ensure I would not get stuck in a broken down car with my toddler and soon to be born twins. On the drive home from the dealership in my new 2011 Odyssey, the Low battery signal came on. I called them, they admitted to seeing the signal before handing over the vehicle to me. How disturbing. They said Honda said it just needs to be driven.
    Well it has been 3 days, it is still on. I took to dealership, they charged the battery. Warning is still on. I had an emotional breakdown at the dealership, it doesn't help that I am way pregnant, and that I emptied my savings account to purchase this car.
    Now what? Do I worry? Do I ignore the signal? If my Subaru would fit 3 car seats, twin stroller and diaper bags, I would have kept it. Now I am wondering if I should have squished us all in there.
  • nymom1nymom1 Posts: 2
    Don't worry too much... my warning has been on for 3 weeks... every time I open a car door it comes on... so don't worry about the car not starting, I don't think that will happen.

    After talking with friends who "know a little about cars" they suggested it is probably a defective sensor in the car setting off an alarm and that the battery itself is plenty charged and not going to die anytime soon. Like I said I have been driving the car 3 weeks like this with not one problem. Doors still open and teh car still starts.

    I think what we all need to do is go to the dealer for service. not only to make them aware of the problem, but also to establish a record for ourselves. I will take this car in every time the warning goes, until they have it fixed. By having a record of a problem it protects us from future costs when the warranty runs out.

    Good luck with the car and lots of luck with the babies!!
  • ericfhericfh Posts: 2
    Great to hear an S5 owner (the BEST all-around high performance coupe on the market, IMHO) thinks so highly of the '11 Odyssey. Thanks for the review!
  • whodeywhodey Posts: 19
    Thanks for the great review. We're also located in northern VA and looking forward to replacing our 2002 Odyssey in the coming months. My wife's #1 choice is an '11 or '12 Odyssey so I'd be very interested in how your negotiations with the dealer went and if you have any recommendation on dealers to visit and avoid.

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