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2011 Honda Odyssey Discussion



  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    It's hard to describe but I will give it a shot. The key is knowing whether VCM is on or off without looking at the ECO light this will help in your determination.

    Torque converter judder will occur on acceleration when the VCM system is off (all cylinders firing). Typically happens around 1500 RPM under light load. The vibration is a pulsing or "wobbling" type action.

    In my experience, VCM vibration does not shake the entire car. It is a buzzing or continuous noise felt through the steering wheel and heard behind the engine firewall. Again, it helps if you can identify when the engine goes in & out of ECO mode.
  • Nice Honda Service I see. I bought a set of mud flaps for my Dodge pickup on line from Mopar & my local Dodge dealer put them on for nothing when I had an oil change. Who came out ahead?
  • patnicpatnic Posts: 27
    Good question, I would like to know as well. Luckily, my husband was able to change ours in our 2003 Honda van. We got really ticked off when we had to change it.
  • Virtually all, if not all, overhead cam engines use a timing belt which does require periodic replacement. Timing chains last the normal life of the engine. Since Honda engines are overhead cam design, they have a belt.
  • ciao888ciao888 Posts: 24
    There was a HONDA TSB on how to check for torque converter judder

    Test-drive the vehicle on a smooth road, preferably one
    with a slight incline, at speeds between 30 and 60 km/h
    with the shift lever in D4. Let the vehicle shift into 4th
    gear. While maintaining a steady speed, press lightly
    on the accelerator pedal; this action causes the
    transmission to rapidly engage/disengage the lock-up
    clutch, placing the lock-up clutch in the partial lock-up

    I believe I have this judder and it occurs at when holding RPM at 1500, incline works best but this can be duplicated on flat roads, key is to hold rpm steady at 1500, feels like driving over a washboard, turn overdrive off, rpm will ramp up and judder is gone
  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    For those of you who have had this problem already with your new 2011 Ody, do you have a remote starter? I don't want to be told at the dealer on Saturday that my remote starter is causing the problem because we all know that some dealers will grasp at any straw. Thanks.

  • patnicpatnic Posts: 27
    I have a 2003 Honda Ody and of course, had my transmission replaced at 83K. I'm looking at the new 2011 Honda Ody, but wondering if they have changed or fixed the previous problems so I won't have this problem again.
  • odysseybuyer1odysseybuyer1 Posts: 14
    edited January 2011
    Can you guys share your experience on real world mileage with 2011 Odyssey? Thanks
  • pn334pn334 Posts: 2
    Bought 2011 Odyssey EX-L late Nov '10. "Batt Low" "see manual" warning came on occasionally starting in early January when opening the side door before turning on the car, and when turning off the car with the key still in the ignition. It progressed to happening every time although it never failed to start.

    On the phone, the service dept at the dealership where I bought it (in Pittsburgh) said it was happening because of the way we were using the car - lots of short trips - and I needed to drive it more, but I convinced them to let me take it in.

    They serviced it this morning - at first it was the same story about "the way cars are these days." After taking a look, they said the battery charge was really low, and they would do diagnostics once it was charged (which was going to take 90 minutes). Maybe 30 minutes into the charge they said it was clear the battery was bad and they put in a new battery and said I should have no more problems. Drove it home - a 25 minute drive, 15 miles - and got the same "Batt Low" error message when I turned the car off. Tried a short drive a few minutes later and the same thing - "Batt Low" both when opening the side door and when turning the car off. Infuriating!

    The service dept is closed now but I will call again Monday. I really regret buying this car, but maybe they will fix it somehow.
  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    I had a long discussion with my sales manager on Thursday night after attending an information night for new Honda owners. He told me that Honda is definitely aware of the problem but they don't know how to fix it yet. This is the first year they are using this technology. He is basically telling all new owners that there is a possibility for this to happen and to watch for it. They checked mine this morning because I have had this happen to me 2x and my battery, unlike yours was in great condition but I'm to keep on eye on this warning signal. Other than this glitch I have no regrets.
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    If you plan to keep the car over 100k miles then I would look at a Toyota Sienna.

    The Odyssey still has transmission issues specifically the torque converter judder and premature failures. Do a Google search or check other Odyssey club forums.

    Also, the VCM system is too complicated and results in vibrations that worsen as the vehicle gets older.

    If you trade-in or lease, then the Odyssey is the best van on the market right now.
  • I don't have a remote starter, and I supposedly had it fixed in late December (reset Battery Management System they said) but it has come back again.

    I can say I have been reading this forum and another and I haven't seen anyone actually get stuck here the car wouldn't start....just lots of warning lights. Small piece of mind, I know.
  • I am perplexed why there are very few buyers for LX trim. If I do a search on this forum, there are hardly any buyers there for LX. Compared to higher trims, one can argue it has decent content overall. And I do have couple of questions about this LX model.

    (1) Those few folks who have checked out the LX, does this trim have one armrest on each second row seat or can one expect to get captain chair type setup with armrest on both sides. There are zero LX pictures on honda's website so can't check there.

    (2) Could USB interface be bought as an accessory on LX so one can hookup iPod type device?

    (3) Could one connect iPod through the aux input jack? If so, would the controls be on the iPod device or the stereo unit?
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    A van with hubcaps and no power sliding doors is not that appealing to the masses.

    Bargain hunters probably end up with the Toyota Sienna base model. You can grab one of these for $23k! Includes one power sliding door and alloy wheels.
  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53

    I can't remember all the technicalities between the 2 trims but one selling feature for me was the back up camera on the EX. I backed up into a low post with my 1995 Ody and dropped the bumper a few inches and didn't want to do that again in my older age. There were other features too that I liked but can't remember. I'll have to go back and look.

  • You might get real pictures at where you can see all of the LXs in the US, if the dealers posted pictures. I'd also find a comparison of the two models to see what all you will not have if you buy an LX. I have read that about 70% of Odys sold are EX-L or higher, but we bought an 04 EX then a 2011 EX. We never considered the LX due to the hubcabs and other appearance items that tell the world it is a base model. With the EX, you cannot tell from the outside (other than the sunroof) that it is not an EX-L. So, I'd recommend you go ahead and get the EX, especially if the LX does not have power sliding doors. Just my two cents.
  • Note that the EX does not have a back up camera, the EX-L is the one with it
  • I agree EX has enough upgrades to warrant paying the extra $3k but then once a buyer makes that decision, it is only another $3k to go with EX-L. And then on we go. Honda has done their homework on putting features in these models to move buyers to higher trims. :)

    Any pointers on the three questions?
  • aokiaoki Posts: 11
    I was having the same wandering issue with my van, the 2011 Touring model with approximately 2000 miles. I checked the tire pressures today and found them to be about 2 psi (cold) below the 35 psi recommended for both front and rears. I pumped all 4 tires up to 35 psi. Amazingly to me, I immediately felt a change. While running errans, I drove on the freeway and on city streets and found the directional stability to feel much better. After putting on around 70 miles, I can say that for my vehicle, the change was dramatic and the wandering was mostly gone. The steering "feel" was still light compared to my previous 05 Odyssey Touring with PAX tires, a good thing, but the handling of the 2011 feels more neutral and agile. Check your pressures and see if you get some improvement.

    I too have the distortion in the driver's outside mirror and actually see some in the right side of the front windsheild. Mileage has been great with 27-28 mpg seen on straight freeway driving and 19-21 around town. Yes, I agree with most of the complaints about what Honda has done with the van, including the styling, but after one month with it, I know I bought the right van for me. Even the styling--which almost had me crossing over to the Sienna, is growing on me.

    My rants for the record: Making the roof rack and side mouldings extra cost accessories, not including side hazard warning at least as an option, not hiding the too large sliding door hing "groove", no operating rear (not center) windows, very limited transmission gear selection controls, less efficient rear overhead heating/AC vents, and maybe, not including middle row center seat arm rests, HID headlights only on Touring Elite, no remote starting available, and possibly, using cloth rather than vinyl on third row seat backs, and not making 6 speed trannies std (or at least optional) for all models.

    Still, the number of improvements since the last "new" 2005 Odyssey came out are impressive. Gone: Adjustable brake and accelerator pedals, covered third row storage bins, lazy susan storage, PAX tires--thankfully, dual glove box, and feeble sounds from audio system equipment.

    Just my thoughts FYI
  • As to your questions, I looked at for you and saw a pitcure of an LX with armrests on the middle row seats. You might want to look for yourself. We have plugged an ipod into the aux and it worked, but it was controlled from the ipod, as I recall. I do not know about usb accessories.
  • thanks much for answering those questions. Much appreciated.
  • jdc6jdc6 Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 EXL model, and a few thoughts for those interested, after 2K miles. First, read the New York Times review, as it seems fair and accurate. Notable pluses: seats all around are quite comfortable, as are the logical placements of all controls. Road cruising is a pleasure, and the engine is reasonably powerful. For us, having the capacity to fit three car seats in the second row was critical (compare the Sienna, which does not allow this), but the lowered height of the roof does make it a bit tricky to lift in the snap in middle seat carrying our infant.

    Other minuses, in my mind: cheap plastics for a vehicle costing this much (they are largely the same as the Fit, which we traded in for this, but the Fit cost less than half). The economy is terrible: we have yet to average over 20mpg for a tankful, which frankly should be an embarrassment to Honda; our Prius, after 100k miles, still averages 45mpg. Secondly, and most disappointing, is the steering: road feel is gone. It is akin to driving a '85 LTD. So much for the Odyssey being the driver's minivan -- I suppose their feedback suggested that this is what americans want, but not this one, at any rate. Ah well, it is a minivan, after all. Just don't expect this iteration to be particularly fun to drive; it isn't. Comfortable, useful, and well designed, yes.

    I for one thinks it looks better in person than on the page, and we have had many compliments from strangers on the appearance. Go figure.
  • Has anyone experienced "squeekling" coming from the sliding doors? We have annoying/loud noise coming from both sides - seems associated with weather "rain or snow.
  • Yes, I did notice that in my 2010 Honda Odessey. Gave that report a few days after picking it up (Sept. 2010). But Open Road Honda, Edison NJ said, there is no problem. It is normal. I have to get used to it. But it is really disturbing not to have a quiet cabin. I understand you totally.
    But my biggest concern right now is the problem with filling up the gas. Everytime the gas station fill up the gas tank, the "click" thing from nose nozzle and it will stop filling up, I realized I am not yet totally filled up. Brought this problem to Open Road honda again and again and now service department said, they can't do anything about it. They don't see any problem.
    Based on the manual, total gas capacity is 21 gals. Given a +/- 3 % allowance, it should be +/- 20.4 to 21.6 gals. Last time, I was able to run my car for another 26 miles after the gas light turns on and reach the gas station to totally filled it up. Again, the hose nozzle and it stop at 15.72 gals. According to the Open Road Technician who went with me to fill up the gas during my 2nd visit to Open road, the gas station that I go to doesn't have problem with their hose nozzle (new, actually this gas station just opened 2010) and the facility is normal. Not in anyway, elevated to cause any tilting on the pavement thereby causing the gas tank to be tilted as well. So everything is normal then.

    The point is even though the car is not TOTALLY EMPTY WHEN I FILLED IT UP, given 2 gals (light turns on minus 26 more miles driving *16 mpg*)) plus 1/2 gal. allowance after the hose nozzle click (which the technician said should be), the total capacity is still 17.22 - 18.22 gals only as compared to what the Honda claim to be 21 gals.

    The worst thing also is that, the meter wouldn't reach the letter "F" on the meter even if I add another half a gallon after the hose nozzle click and stop filling it up.
  • 18 MPG City actual - over 2 months . Touring model. No real highway mpg yet.
  • Bought the same car and color you did - November 2011. Have you had issues with loud rubbing and squeaking noises coming from the sliding doors when moisture is around - rain - snow. Assuming it is the rubber gasket/seals. Live in northeast and when the snow hits the noises are incredible. Not sure if moisture is the problem that seems to be the culprit at this point.

  • I have just experienced the same problem. It now beeps & warns me after I shut the car off, and also, as soon as I open the door handle. The car starts fine, but it continues to "warn" me, and therefore, it worries me!

    Anyone found a solution to this problem yet? I do not have a remote starter, and I also unplugged my phone charger, portable navigation, etc. It has been very cold here- down to the teens, so maybe that affected it? I drove it for at least an hour today...and it still warns me.

    Help please!
  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    Bring it back to your dealer. They will test your battery. If it's low they are supposed to change it. If it's not low then off you go until the next warning and until they find the solution to this unexpected problem. One fellow talked about a battery sensor being reset. So perhaps they will do that too.
    I would worry if your battery is low. But you won't know that until you bring it in. And I don't believe that it has anything to do with driving your vehicle. I drive mine over 50 miles a day and my warning still came on so don't believe that bull.
  • Well I found this on another forum... so now I feel much better!

    It says this...

    "After having the Van check and the dealing gave the van a full charge everything was fine for a few days. It is now doing it again. We contacted the dealer and they have contacted Honda. According to my dealer this is a new feature for the 2011 and they are getting a lot of complaints. They said the low battery signal is just an indication the the battery is charging and been monitored. If problem occur with the battery a different warning will come up. They said " If Honda gets enough complaints on this feature Honda will notify the dealers to disable it"
  • 2011 Touring Elite. After moving down to a Honda because of the great quality hoop la I have heard through the years - I am seeing that the quality is suspect and the vehicles really are not built that well - should have read forum before I bought a $45,000 minivan - I even ordered it and had to wait for it (it is a Honda for crying out load). Bad steering, warning lights for no reason, terribly loud squeaks coming from sliding doors when raining or snowing (moisture on door gaskets rubbing), poor dead foot position, terrible front windshield tint positioning - too low in line of sight and the list just goes on and on. What is next - 1st and last Honda! Lets see if the dealers resale value pitch is true - will be gone in the spring.
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