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2011 Honda Odyssey Discussion



  • Had my battery sensor that sits on the negative terminal somewhere changed and so far so good. No more warning signal so I would demand that they change this piece.
  • mainesail55 said:
    Virtually all, if not all, overhead cam engines use a timing belt which does require periodic replacement. [snip] Since Honda engines are overhead cam design, they have a belt.

    Sorry but that is simply not factual. Yes, it is true that a belt requires periodic replacement and a chain typically lasts the life of the car but the use of either a chain or belt is really the preference of the manufacturer and not a function of the motor being OHV. Case in point, Nissan, Ford and others choose to use a chain for their OHV engines. Honda and Toyota and others choose to use a belt. It used to be that belts were quieter than chains but in modern cars it really is hard to tell.

    All the cars that I have ever bought, except my first, had a timing chain. Can you guess what happened to my car that had a belt?
  • amazonamazon Posts: 293
    Actually, Accord L4 has had timing chain for quite some time. It's important to change oil regurlarly. Otherwise the chain may wear out. :sick:
  • I like that car :surprise:
  • Greetings, everyone. My family is considering an EX-L with navigation but would probably like a DVD player for the rear passengers (we have one daughter but plan for at least one more child soon). In order to have both the navigation and the rear DVD player, we would need to upgrade to either the Touring (the standard DVD player) or the Touring Elite (the 16 inch split screen DVD player). There are of course many aftermarket solutions for DVD / video entertainment for backseat passengers, many much cheaper, although none as elegant as a factory installed overhead system.

    And there are of course many other upgrades included in each package besides just the DVD systems, but I am not sure if the several thousand dollar premium is worth it for the Touring or the Elite. What are your thoughts about the value and practical usefulness of other options included in each package, such as the parking sensors? The sunshades? Fog lights? Memory seats? Sunshades? Acoustic windshield? Blindspot system? 3rd row armrest? HID headlights? There are obviously many here and I realize each has its own merits, but does anyone care to analyze or summarize the overall benefit / value of the Touring and the Touring Elite packages in light of their cost premiums? Are they worth it? Any regrets one way or another (wish you upgraded or wish you didn't upgrade)?
  • erik_herik_h Posts: 77
    I bought the an EXL and have no regrets. I would have loved to get the 6sp auto and the fog lights to mention a few of the options but it wasn't worth the money to me. I didn't even bother with the Nav since I have a Garmin GPS and my phone has 2 different gps systems in it.

    I also opted to forgo the RES since I like some of the aftermarket systems better.
  • To me the EX-L w/RES covers the needs of what a family car/van is for. You mention that you seem to like the nice integration of the RES, and I agree, it looks good, it is very simple and intuitive.

    But anyway, it is up to what gadgets/features you like and will really use. The only thing I can say is that if you want to go the Touring way I'd go for the Touring Elite, the Touring seems a little bit sandwiched in between the EX-L and Touring Elite, no much added value for the price difference IMO.

    My only argument with the Touring Elite (cool vehicle), is that it is still a Honda (not an Acura). Just keep that on mind, especially when looking after interior/exterior upscale finishes/features and actual post-sale service.
  • just did a 3000 mile trip to florida. this vehicle is the best thing on .the road. gas miles 30.2on highway 26.7 overall. comfortable ride no problem passing cars at 70mi. plenty of room for luggage and passengers
  • Wow! That's a very impressive mileage for a mini van. I am glad I made the right the decision to buy 2011 Odyssey
  • gene00gene00 Posts: 113
    I'd vote for getting the EX-L + NAV since that best seems to match your needs, then add a $500 iPad + mount for rear seat entertainment. Movies look great on it plus you'd have all of the other functionality-to-go it offers. There are lots of mounts available:
  • hkbnyhkbny Posts: 3
    On my 2011 Ody EX, I have experienced an occasional HESITATION at slow speeds in response to the accelerator. This hesitation lasts 2-5 seconds before the engine (and tachometer) responds. This is a DANGEROUS situation. So far, I have found only one other message that mentions this problem - message #27538 in the Prices Paid and Buying Experience forum. This message should be in this forum and not the Prices Paid forum. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this problem.
  • aokiaoki Posts: 11
    Just read under the "odyssey heading for pinging noise" that many owners had pinging issues and a tsb was issued, #tsb08-071, to replace defective knock sensors that were improperly installed. Also a head shield tsb was also causing a similar sound. Check it out. When I service my 2011, I will be asking to have my knock sensor and heat shield checked out.
  • ricpicricpic Posts: 2
    Originally post problem under wrong discussion group.
    From day one, noticed dangerous hesitation at speeds 10 to 25 MPH. Accelerator goes dead for 1 to 2 seconds without response, then kicks in.
    Immediately spoke to dealership. Sales rep said he has not heard of problem but said Elite has new transmission.
    Right after Christmas drove to FL. Encounter problem several time. Thankfully avoided being run into rear when I could not accelerate immediately.
    When I arrived in SW FL went to local Honda dealer immediately. First appointment was in one week. Service Rep who scheduled appoint did not ever hear of problem but said Elite was all new.
    When I went to drop off car a different Service Rep said he had heard of this problem but there was NO FIX. He explained problem in detail just by reading my scheduling notes stating “hesitation in accelerating 10 – 25 MPH.” He said it has been happening in previous year Hondas.
    Was checked out by different Service rep, He said tech drove car but could not recreate problem. Connected to computer found no problems. Service rep said he checked online to see if this was a reported problem or if there was any updated but both were negative. Said to check back if problem continues .I TOLD HIM THAT THE SERVICE REP WHO CHECKED ME IN SAID IT WAS A KNOWN PROBLEM HOWEVER THIS SERVICE REP SAID HE WAS UNAWARE OF PROBLEM!!!
    Now have 3000 miles and problem is occurring more often. Waiting to return home (NY) to have local Honda dealer check out.
  • shockerxshockerx Posts: 4
    Just picked up our 2011 Touring in Smokey Topaz. Have to say that we're very excited with the improvements, in general it seems like a nicer, tigher vehicle than the 2008 Touring we turned in. The darker Truffle interior is SO much nicer and will help hide the inevitable blemishes from kids and heavy use.

    I did encounter the TPMS error that seems to be common in the industry (not just Honda) from cell phone interference but it appears there is a quick software fix. We'll see.

    We really enjoy the Touring because we have both the navi and the DVD player. Sure, navi is on most cell phones but that is a hassle. The DVD we don't use much unless on long drives, but the total integration is superb. We LOVE the fact that our iPhone contacts can be completely transferred over, something not possible without the Navi. Not sure if Bluetooth Audio is available on other trim levels, but it makes the USB integration almost useless... we can connect our iPhone as an iPod wirelessly.

    I do miss the individual tire pressure readings we had on the 2008. Not sure why that was taken out but enjoy the ability to customize the door lock/unlock prefs, lights, etc. It's only been two days but we're loving it!
  • kazmazkazmaz Posts: 13
    There have been so many complaints about the Odyssey transmission failures (previous models). Does anybody know if this 2011 transmission is any different? Is it a complete redesign? I'm surprised to see so many "happy" owners after such a huge uproar over the aforementioned transmission failures on this site (and many more on other websites!). How can you possibly be so confident that Honda fixed the problem in the new Odyssey if they failed to acknowledge the problem in the older models? Add to this: premature failure of hydraulic motor mounts, very expensive. Honda has a lot of work to do in order to convince me to replace my old Odyssey with a 2011 model.

    Does anybody know something that I don't?
  • shockerxshockerx Posts: 4
    Well, this is part of the reason we lease... we never have to worry about it. Both our 2004 and 2008 Odysseys worked just fine with no transmission problems. We seemed to have the "Honda crunch" when shifting into drive but my Acura does the same thing. Our 2011 Touring doesn't do this, but it's also three days old.
  • I am experiencing the same hesitation problem on my 2011 Touring Elite. I just got it registered locally so haven't yet taken it to the dealer. Sounds like a generic problem. How do we set up a link specifically to follow the progress of this issue?
  • kazmazkazmaz Posts: 13
    Sensible reply. My 2002 Odyssey LX has been terrific except for the potential for transmission failure -- driving through the desert in a foreign country is no place to lose a transmission. I truly think Honda is shooting itself in the foot. If they owned up to the problem then far more people, like ourselves, would buy another Odyssey (as soon as the old one died, of course!). Instead I'm looking at a Toyota Sienna, there is little else to choose from.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    edited March 2011
    Somewhere in Honda’s advertising for this van, I recall reading about "improved" sliding door mechanism, smarter than its predecessor. I didn't know exactly what they meant, because upon trying the new van, to my shock it was not improved over the previous generation, which is the most stupid system among minivans.

    I really like the Odyssey in general, and I think it is much superior in most regards over the competitors (although I still can't look at that disgusting exterior design), but I must give credit where credit is due.

    The sliding doors in the Chrysler minivans are the best design IMO. First, you can always override the power doors manually, once the "system" feels that you want to do anything manually, it "shuts itself off" and let you do what you need to easily. Another good process, if you're opening the door by mistake, and you want to close it, pressing the button or pulling the door handle will reverse direction immediately. You can go back & forth as many times as you wish. That's "smart thinking" IMO.

    Now over to the Odyssey. Once you open the door, there is NO WAY to reverse direction. You must patiently wait until it SLOWLY opens fully, and only then start to close. And vice versa. Should you press a button or pull the door handle in the middle of moving, the door will stop sliding and beep, like screaming in protest "what the heck do you want from me? Let me finish my job...!!" and upon pulling the handle again, it will continue to open fully, while you stay there (in the cold, heat, or just big rush) and wait for the door to finish opening, so you can finally close it.

    Again, this is the most stupid design I have ever encountered. When I read that Honda improved the sliding door design, I was sure that this issue is what they’re talking about. But boy was I mistaken!! And please correct me if I am wrong. I WISH to be wrong!!
  • kazmazkazmaz Posts: 13
    That's why I always go for the manual doors. But even they "stick" unless you coat the seals with silicone (which gets on your clothes......)
  • pricewpricew Posts: 18
    Just wanted to correct your statement that iphone integration of contacts is only possible with NAVI.

    I have EX-L without Navi and all my contacts transfer just fine from iphone. Additionally bluetooth works just fine on EX-L and any trim that has bluetooth.

    Interestingly one can setup IPAD to stream just like the iphone. There is a slight lag between the movie picture on ipad and the sound coming out of the van speakers .

    Bought my van 2 weeks ago in Dallas area
    33K +TTL
    EX-L with wheel locks, all season mats, door edge guards, mud guards, door sill garnish, and window tint for the front two windows as the rest already have privacy glass.

    pricewala at gmail dot com

  • sjampulasjampula Posts: 3
    I recently bought 2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L w/RES. I noticed vibrations coming from the floor and from driver seat. I can feel the vibrations coming from the seat to my body. This seems to be increasing with speed and road condition. For shorter drives, this does not seems severe, but it adds up in the longer drive resulting in back pain. Previosly I had another min van which was 10 year old and drive was smooth. On the same roads, now I feel lot of vibrations. I took it to the dealer and they said it is not a problem and newer models are all like that and have lot of road feel. Any one else also has the similar problem?
  • ken1000ken1000 Posts: 1
    You are forgetting about the Nissan Quest.It is a sharp minivan and very reliable.
  • gene00gene00 Posts: 113
    You may like the looks, I don't care for them personally. And I don't see how you can say it's very reliable - there's no reliabilty data due to it being a new design this year. And previous model years of the Nissan Quest are much less reliable than either the Sienna (most reliable) or the Odyssey (next most reliable minivan) according to Consumer Reports.
  • kazmazkazmaz Posts: 13
    I think the Nissan Quest looks great, personal taste. However, I agree in that it has a so-so reliability record.

    I still maintain the Odyssey is unbeatable -- great steering, perfect ride (firm, very European), smooth transmission, and one of the best engines out there with fuel economy to match -- except for the obvious tranny design fault. How can Honda ignore this? Convince us all they've fixed the tranny and we'll gladly buy (I back ordered my 2002 because they were so highly rated and hard to get). From the ton of available information it seems Honda used substandard clutch pad material that just falls apart and clogs the tranny (check out how many civics, accords, and Odysseys had the same problem between 2001-2003, it's uncanny:
    Civic 2001: (ouch!!)
    Accord 2003:
    Odyssey 2002:
    Not so for other models, including the CRV.
    Another explanation is you can't clean the internal filter, unless you drop the pan. But I see other recent models have the same setup. strange.

    Until Honda shows credible evidence explaining tranny failure I won't even consider the Odyssey; a pity cos it's otherwise the best minivan on the market, and seems to have less cheapo interior than the Sienna!
  • kazmazkazmaz Posts: 13
    This is sad: the new Odyssey still has tranny problems! One thing I never understood: why do certain owners go through so many replacement trannys, many of which fail earlier than the first? It sounds as something else is malfunctioning outside the tranny. Could it be computer related. Some say the rebuilt tranny has to be fitted with a new computer module. Such things happen: "sluggish" CRVs were recently revitalized with a computer upgrade (TSB 10-077 issued Nov 2010, better late than never: Owners report this transformed the car, with more than adequate power and no hesitations. Just imagine how much damage could be done to a jerky tranny that isn't properly programed.
  • new13new13 Posts: 5
    I am wondering if anyone has had problems with motion sickness with those new little windows in front of the side view mirrors? I have driven twice the 2011 and find them bothersome...trying to decide if this is something I will get used to or wondering if there are options available to cover them or stick with my older model...

  • sjampulasjampula Posts: 3
    I recently bought 2011 Honda Odyssey EX-L and have also noticed the motion sickness. I am not sure what is causing this. I have noticed more vibrations in the driver seat than in the previous models. I was thinking it may be because of that, but it may be because of those little windows too. It is over 3 weeks now and haven't got fully used to it.
  • erik_herik_h Posts: 77
    I haven't had any problems with in the close to 5 months I've had it.
  • queenv1queenv1 Posts: 53
    No problems for me either for the past 4 months
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