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2011 Honda Odyssey Discussion



  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    Damn it, now that you said it I'll be fixated looking at them when checking the side view mirrors :surprise:

  • cito1cito1 Posts: 5
    edited March 2011
    I took mine in just a few days ago for the same thing. Only owned it @ 2 weeks but noticed it occasionally (only when I pull out into traffic and have someone coming the other way). I was told that the Odyssey has electronic acceleration. so if you press the gas and brake at the same time or very close to one another there might be some hesitation. Now, I know better than to drive with two feet and don't 99.9% but in heavy city traffic it comes in handy. And that is when it only happens for me, when I really need to pull out quick and there I am waiting, waiting, waiting... and it goes. So I'm learing to drive with one foot 100% of the time now.
  • cito1cito1 Posts: 5
    Hi, We purchased the EX-L W/Nav for the reason that having the entertainment system is nice but we did not want to have it always there for the kids to constantly ask to put it on. For the $2k premium they charge on that system you can buy 4 IPads (now have 2) and that way the kids can play games or a movie during a trip (with headphones). We would of gladly bought the Touring or Touring Elite for all it's extras if it had the option of not having the entertainment system. I think they are slowly going to go away as a mandatory item for the premium packages and might be a resale hinderance like a old style built in GPS. But the other options actually do add up. I bet the extra wheel base, bigger tires, and 6-sp make a noticeable difference.
  • Thanks for the very helpful reply. This may be the explanation as I always drive using both feet. I will try to refrain and see if that solves the problem.
    Thanks again.
  • martyc3martyc3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 ex 2nd row bucket seats are great. I just got a 2011 exl and after a week we realized the 2nd row seats are not bucket seats but a bench seat with a removable center that also folds down . THERE ARE NOT ANY CENTER ARMRESTS. The seats are not comfortable for adults who are expecting bucket seats for a long trip. If your main use for a van is to carry 4 adults on trips this may not be the best choice. To Odyssey owners looking to update check each seating arrangement before buying.
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    Or buy an LX trim for this reason alone. As far as I can see in the pictures, the LX does come with 2nd row armrests. :)
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    Wow that's a huge step backwards. Everyone I know that owns an Odyssey uses the 2nd row armrests with the jumpseat removed.

    When we travel with the grandparents, they sit in the 2nd row and the kids in the 3rd row.

    Besides the huge price increase, I should say no EXL/NAV/RES, that's a major deal breaker for us.
  • shockerxshockerx Posts: 4
    We couldn't disagree more. The new seats are MUCH more comfortable, especially if you plan to seat three across in the second row. If seating two in the second row, the fold down third seat becomes the arm rests, but it now includes cup holders.

    I suppose in instances where you wanted the two second row seats but the gap between them the lack of arm rests might be a problem, but I'm not sure how often we would ever operate in that configuration.
  • also had problem with batt low light. took to dealer. They gave me a prepared comment(published 3/11/2011) from Honda stating that this is a normal characteristic of the vehicle and that the battery light and sensor are working properly and that it is due to taking multiple short trips. I am not an enginner, but it seems as though they did not match the vehicle demands for electricity with the appropriate battery/sensor system. I am not happy with this vehicle and am unlikely to buy another Honda unless this is remedied.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    edited March 2011
    Did you just realize that a week after being purchased? Would any research and thorough test drive help you next time? It is not a mid-cycle refresh model, it is a new generation one. I hope you have noticed that by now
  • ciao888ciao888 Posts: 24
    "normal characteristic" allows them to hide any issues until they find a fix if they so desire, whenever they say that there is a design / manufacturing flaw (assembly / components), normal for their vehicle but likely no other manufacturers
  • cardudefccardudefc Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    When I was test driving the 2011 odyssey (EX-L, but I don't think it matters), both my wife and I noticed the left foot rest for the driver to very high - I believe to make room for the wheel well. I am talking about the foot pedal/rest area to the left of the brake pedal.

    I'm wondering, for folks who have had the car for a longer time, if this is an issue for you when you drive? I am especially thinking about mid-long car trips, where your leg can feel cramped and your knee almost feels locked in. Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    No, no discomfort noted
  • ourhouseourhouse Posts: 4
    you drive 3600 miles a year......and you expect the battery to keep a full charge?
    bottome line is........EVERY car will have a dead battery if not driven enough. If you let a car sit for a few days without driving it, and then take a short trip......I'll guarantee you'll have a low battery. Just common sense.
  • ourhouseourhouse Posts: 4
    Fuel economy to match?????????????????? you have to be kidding. A lousey 24 MPG! No thanks....not this day and age. That's a ton of money lost over the long haul.
    BTW.....I am assuming you know more than consumer reports, Edmunds, Healey from USA today.....motor trend, car and driver....need I go on?
    They say the Odyssey is the #1 Van made.
    Oh......the quest is nothing more than a look alike Ford Flex.
  • ourhouseourhouse Posts: 4
    i just have to ask this many of you are Trolls....? how many of you are either Nissan or Toyota sales people trying to get people to not buy the best van made today? I bet if you guys would spend more time on the phone drumming up business instead of passing all this negative info, you might end up being something in your life.
    A few of you simply need to grow up.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    edited March 2011
    I'm sure you'll get the answer you are looking for, especially after joining the forum a couple of days ago. But what about you? Are you one?
  • I have had the 2011 Odyssey Touring Elite since December, and yes, the foot rest is very high. I am 5'6" and I find it to be uncomfortable. So does my husband at 5'10". I've tried adjusting my seat further back, but it doesn't help. I haven't taken a long road trip with the car yet, but I would say the foot rest will really annoy me since it already annoys me around town. I was wondering if anyone else notice it!
  • zeiksodyzeiksody Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2011 Odyssey EX-L two weeks ago. We just took it on a 2300 mile trip. It was the most comfortable car i have ever ridden in. I found no discomfort with the foot rest. I actually was thinking that it is ver y comfortable. I also have an 03 accord and i think that the foot rest there is too narrow. The Odyssey is very large and provides a very comfortable place to rest your leg. If you need to stretch there is room between the rest and the brake pedal. In addition to that, the EX-L has a lot of adjustments with the seat so it does take a little while to find that perfect fit but when you do, it is an awesome driving machine!! I should also note that with it loaded up with kids and luggage we still got 25 miles to the gallon at 75 MPH. I am recommending this car to everyone I know.
  • nohonda2nohonda2 Posts: 2
    Had the same problem with the Batt low light/alarm coming on when I opened any door. Apparently I ran the battery down when I was loading 18 CD's into the player memory. Took it to my dealer and the service tech advised me there is a reset button on or near the battery which he reset, it's been a week now and haven't had Batt low come on again.
  • nohonda2nohonda2 Posts: 2
    I am also a disgruntled 2011 Honda EXL-Res owner, with only 500 miles on it who has the same problem. This is a very scary and serious situation when this happens, with the thought of someone following to close behind and rear ending me when it does. Have taken it back to my dealer and of course when out for test drives problem did not happen. Howeve he has promised to dig in to it deeply with Honda and keep me advised.
  • It's been about 2 months since purchasing 2011 Odyssey EXL. So far the vehicle is amazing. My wife drives it mostly and she loves it. I drive my Acura TL moslty, but would not miss the chance to drivei t during weekends, This is an amazing driving machine with superb handling that gives car like feel. Sometimes, I tend to foget that I am driving a minivan, not a car. For anyone who is in the market for minivan, I would recommend to do a test drive of 2011 Odyssey before you decide.
  • erik_herik_h Posts: 77
    I've had my EXL since October and no problem so far. Love the vehicle, it drives very nicely and is quiet and comfortable. Gas mileage is great on the HWY and average around town, but what do you expect with over 2 tons of mass to move.
  • mrwhy300mrwhy300 Posts: 2
    I just want to share our recent experience with picking out our new van. With two little children (a 2 years old, and a new born infant), we are looking for a minivan to replace my wife's 2003 BMW 325i.

    We started looking into the market since around Oct 2010. At that time, Sienna was our first and only choice (nothing wrong with domestics but we decided to go for imports based on past experience so far). We were focusing on the LE and SE as we thought the limited is just too much $$ for a minivan. We hesitated due to its poor interior and bad driving experience. The dashboard and door panels are made of very low grade plastics with no padding at all. I am okay with that for an entry level vehicle like Echo, but spending close to 40k, I expect something better. Integrated radio antenna should also be standard for all models, instead of only available in the limited model. These little details may not show the overall quality of the vehicle. However, we left with the impression that they are cutting corners in many ways, I guess to improve on the exterior look and six speed tranny. The test drive experience was not satisfying as well. The engine is powerful. The ride is quiet and smooth but the steering is just too loose, with no feeling of the road at all, to a point that we don't feel comfortable/ confident. We realize we are testing a van, not a performance vehicle. However, there must be something better in the market, so we decided to wait a few months for the 2011 Odyssey and Quest.

    The Quest came out in 2011 and we were really excited as we had experience with Nissan Elgrand in the asia market. It is advertised as the "king of the minivan" over there, and I think it is the best van in the world today. Unfortunately, Quest is a trimmed down version of the Elgrand. The front and rear exterior is modified as well but the general interior layout is pretty much the same. The test drive was very impressive for us. The quality of the interior material is outstanding. You feel like driving an Infiniti. The ride is as smooth and quiet as the Sienna while the steering is much more "precise". Only drawback are the CVT transmission and the bland exterior. If they import Elgrand straight from Japan without modifying the exterior, we would have made our offer.

    So at this point, you probably know we have ended up with the 2011 Odyssey. We only have our Odyssey EX-L for a few weeks but so far we are loving it. Touring is nice but EX-L seems to offer the most for the buck. The interior quality is fine (not as great as Quest but far better than Sienna). The exterior is quite subjective, depends on who you speak to, my folks think it is ugly and too aggressive but we got a few compliments in the parking lot (mostly in the 30's and 40's) Personally I think the lighting bolt looks alright. I wasn't so sure about our decision before the delivery. However, once I received the van and have the time to look at the details. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of many little things. And that's the reason why I registered with Edmund and submit my first post to share the experience and my appreciation towards this amazing van.
    The only issue we have so far is with the width of the vehicle, it is definitely wider than most vans. It probably won't fit in those "small car only" parking spots in busy shopping malls. Other than that, we just hope we won't have to go through the tranny issue and the TPMS error that some people here experienced.
  • gene00gene00 Posts: 113
    I was curious, so I looked it up - exterior widths of current minivans:

    Honda Odyssey: 79.2
    Toyota Sienna: 78.1
    Kia Sedona: 78.1
    Nissan Quest 77.6
    Chrysler T&C: 76.9
  • wehrlewehrle Posts: 4
    I went to the Honda dealer and looked at the new Odyssey EXL-RES. They quoted me $470 with 2000 down. Sound Good? I usually shop these all over but it appears to be a good deal and its right around the corner for service? The sticker was about $36800. I'm told the invoice is $33 and change.
    Thanks, Rich
  • bobbo380bobbo380 Posts: 4
    I was getting so irritated by my low battery signal and having to get the battery charged every month or so (it kept going down to 65% after each month or so of driving) that I contacted the Better Business Bureau and filed a claim against my dealership for not telling me that if I don't drive it enough it will come on and Honda America for saying in essence "Too bad". I think if everyone who has this problem would flie a claim, maybe they will finally do something about it.
  • bobbo380bobbo380 Posts: 4
    I got so tired of my low battery signal coming on all the time and not getting any satisfactory answers from either the dealership or the Honda America rep that T filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau. Maybe if everyone with the problem did that Honda will do something about it.
  • erik_herik_h Posts: 77
    It doesn't sound like a very good deal. You can get a 6 year loan with 2K down for not too much more if you just wanted a low payment. There's lots of posts about leasing in general on Edmunds and you need to look at the cost of the vehicle, residual value, amount down and rate to see if its a good deal. The payment will follow. There is plenty of deals listed under the prices paid forum for the Ody, in general you should be down around invoice which on an EX-L w/ReS should be around 33.8K w/destination charge.
  • Hi PW~

    Would you mind telling me where did you buy your Odyssey EX-L? I live in Dallas and have plans to buy one in a near future

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