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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • nobeenobee Posts: 194
    I'm happy to report that I'm once again a BMW owner. Just finished the paperwork yesterday on a '04 325i w/ PP, Cold-wx, STEP, Xenon, Jet black w/ tan interior (a great combination, I might add). $30,475 + an outrageously high $1200 tranport cost--still below invoice so I can't complain...
    I was going to wait til the X3 came out but my last kimchee car got flooded and destroyed pretty much everything inside and plus I have a baby on the way so I needed something that would safely transport him from point a to b ;-).
    imadrone Good to hear that there will not be a price increase! My dealer was still waiting to see if there was going to be one. Heard the automatic rear sunshade is an option on the '04 (at least for the 325i) and they also included the BMW assist into the premium pkg. Does anyone know what the BMW assist consists of? Integrated phone? Shark-fin antenna?

    Glad to be back,
  • nobeenobee Posts: 194
    Oops, spoke too soon. Someone posted the latest 04 sedan price listing on another board. ing.pdf

  • ...Are where exactly?
  • nobeenobee Posts: 194
    That seems to be the biggest increase.
  • nobeenobee Posts: 194
    Can you repost my comment? I don't think it was me that said that. Safety wise, I believe BMW goes above and beyond most manufactures. For instance, I was looking into the Jeep Grand Cherokee the other day and they wanted to charge over $400 USD on front and rear side-curtain airbags. A company that think airbags are optional does not hold safety as one of their core values thus does not earn my $$.

  • I'm being transfered to Canada and would like to take my 6 month new 2003 325i (5 sd,premium,leather,xenon) with me from Texas. The company will ship for me.
    Is anyone familiar with the costs/issues I will have in bringing it over the border? Is the warranty still valid?
    The alternative is that I sell it. What is a realistic amount I could expect for showroom condition... 4400 miles
  • yama330yama330 Posts: 9
    I suspect that your best bet would be to sell your car in the US and buy a new one in Canada. All warranties and free service would be valid in Canada, but you may need a cold weather upgrade if your car does not have it. You would also need to have the DRL's enabled. In any case, check the Canadian MSRP build-your-own pricing at before you decide. Note that the standard package and options are slightly different from the US model.

    Taking into account the currency exchange (US$ = 1.40 C$) and sales tax, you should be able to get a 330i for the same price as a 325i. GST (federal) is 7%. The provincial sales tax would depend on the province you are moving to. For example Ontario has an 8% PST and Alberta has no PST.
  • msknet1msknet1 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2000 323ia w/premium package CPO from a BMW dealer(production date 7/99) with 45,600 mi last fall (paid $24,900). I now have 62k mi and just love this car. During the winter I put on Dunlop Winter sport tires on Borbet wheels from tire rack. I previously owned an 1998 Olds Bravada. Given the nasty winter in New England it was an extreme test for the car during poor weather. I drive 53 miles one way to work. What a great vehicle in the snow. So secure and stable.

    The car drives and handles nicely and is easy to drive on long trips. Fuel economy reaches 29-30 mpg (calculated)during my runs to work. No problems, very reliable. Dealerships were great.

    Make sure you check these cars over before purchase. I suggest a dealership and make sure you get all of the CPO paperwork. The work done in checking and preparing my vehicle was extensive. You won't get this from an independent dealer.
  • nobeenobee Posts: 194
    Back in 2002, I ran into the same predicament that you are in. I purchased a '02 325i (metallic paint, STEP, xenon, PP, Cold-wx Pkg) through the diplomatic/military program in Germany and found out a few months later that I was being transferred to Korea. Since I didn't want to take it to Seoul, I decided to have it shipped over to Seattle and try to sell it there while transferring from Germany.

    Once the vehicle arrived in port, there were a few problems with a broken windshield being the biggest. No problem...I got an estimate and they cut me a check. What was interesting, however, was that while all the other cars received carwashes, they refused to touch mine saying that they didn't want to damage the paint with their rough sponges! You gotta respect the paint, dude! ;-)

    To make a long story short, took possession of the car in Dec '02, shipped it in Jun, sold it in Sep for ~28K. Overall, lost ~2K USD on the deal (purchased it for 30K USD) but I had to sell it quick. I think you could do better--but not too bad since I drove it for over 6 months and put over 8K miles on it.

    Good luck,
  • for my 03 325Ci that I just got. I didn't get the sport package therefore I was looking for the clear corner and sidemarker lights. I found a couple of sites but they only advertised for year 99-01. I can;t find a site for 03's. PLease help! Thanks
  • I have a 2001 325XI and my Goodyear Eagle RS-A's (205/50/17)are about worn out after 32K. Does any one have a recommendation for replacement tires? I called my local BMW parts department and they can order me another set of Goodyears, Continental ContiTouringContacts, or Michelin Pilots. The Goodyears and the Continental's are about $150 a tire and the Michelins are >$200.
    I live where it snows and do not want to mount snow tires in the winter. Thanks for you Suggestions.
  • I have a 2001 325XI and my Goodyear Eagle RS-A's (205/50/17)are about worn out after 32K. Does any one have a recommendation for replacement tires? I called my local BMW parts department and they can order me another set of Goodyears, Continental ContiTouringContacts, or Michelin Pilots. The Goodyears and the Continental's are about $150 a tire and the Michelins are >$200.
    I live where it snows and do not want to mount snow tires in the winter. Thanks for you Suggestions.
  • you should check out the you can't beat the prices or selection. i have ordered several sets of tires from them in the past few years and have been very happy. the only thing is that you'll have to have someone put them on for you. perhaps you bmw dealer or local reputable tireshop
  • tcn2ktcn2k Posts: 277
    I just purchase some continental touring contacts on tirerack website for only 74 bucks a piece. It is being shipped directly to the preferred installation sites on their website. The cost with balance is 15 bucks per tire. It all came to be much cheaper. I called the installation place and they said they use plastic german wheel installation machine so that your rims won't get scratch. I am bringing it in tomorrow; we will see how they do. But they quoted me more for the same wheels, and they did recommend me using tirerack since they work with that site fairly often.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    This year I bought a set of ContiTouringContacts for my wife's 323ia. Bought 'em thru my local BMW dealer. He charged me only $75 each (of course there are additional taxes, disposal fees, etc.). I also bought a set for another car thru a local tire dealer. He only charged me $64 each (plus taxes and fees). But these are low performance tires. If you want a more aggressive AS tire, you might look at the more expensive ContiExtremeContact.

    If it snows, you really should consider snow tires. They are recommended even for AWD and 4WD vehicles.
  • Are all the exterior parts such as sidemarker lights, taillights, and corner lights the same for all E46 models?
  • What is the deal with BMW Assist in the Premium Package? Seems like it would be worthless without the NAV system.
  • nobeenobee Posts: 194
    I don't understand this as well...Someone on another board thinks it'll be kind of like On-Star. I on the otherhand hope it'll come with the NAV type of a display minus the Nav capabilities w/ a direct voice link to BMW reps...Hopefully, we'll find out this week.

  • The E46 coupes and sedans do not share many exterior parts, but the 325's and the 330's do.
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    Are you sure? I am pretty sure that although the cars appear very similar, actually few, if any, of the exterior body parts will fit both models.
  • Hello all.....I have a 2001 330i (PremP,SP,STEP,TitSil/Blk), and I am currently at 35,200 miles on the odometer. The warranty will expire in another 800 miles, and I was wondering if there is anything I should be worrying about and having checked out BEFORE the warranty expires. I have heard rumours that BMWs require a tremendous amount of service as they age, but, I want to keep my car for 10 years if I can. Any thoughts?
  • tcn2ktcn2k Posts: 277
    Has your brakes been changed? My dealer said it will cost 800 bucks for all 4 wheels. But they do offer extended maintence warranty up to 50k. So if my brake does not go out by 36k, i am purchasing it. It cost 400.00 bucks for the extended warranty, well worth it in my situation.
  • I have always wanted a convertable but have never taken the plunge. When my lease is up within the next year I will most likely "re-up" for another 3 series, I like it that much.
    Can anyone give me their opinion as to the trade-offs of rag top to sedan and coupe. Also, living in the North East how will it be to drive a convertable in the winter (I know, it would be cold with the top down!)

    Thanks in advance for any data, opinions.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    As you've discovered, there are a lot of clueless idiots who pass on third-hand misinformation about BMW reliability and service costs. Most of these morons haven't even sat in a BMW. In actuality, the only BMWs that tend to bruise your wallet as they age are the 7ers, 8ers, and neglected M cars. Aside from scheduled service, my 82K mile 1995 3er has only needed replacement of the front brake pads and the serpentine belts. It still has the original battery. We took it on vacation this summer, driving it for hours on end at 85 mph(4250 rpm)in 95+ degree temperatures. In 1500 miles it used less than 1/4 qt. of Mobil 1 15W-50 and averaged 31 mpg. I drove a 1987 535is to 140000+ miles and all it required was a water pump, fan clutch, clutch slave hose, and rear shocks. I sold it in 1992 and it's now on it's fourth owner; at 300000 miles it finally needed a head gasket.
  • I have decided on a 2004 325 Cc (considered the 330 Ci heavily but felt the 325 was enough power for me although after test driving the 330 my resolve was shaken a little.)

    These are the options I am considering:

    leather (although wavering due to the past discussions on the 'ette. Would have to get leather if I got the gray interior)

    Titanium Silver
    sports package

    The invoice price for these options is 33,800.
    Has anyone had any experience on how much above invoice for the 2004 models are going for? Also is there any other options that are a must have?

    Also the sports package comes with the 17X8 alloy wheels with performance tires. I would prefer the 16X7 five spoke allow wheels with all season tires (last longer). Is this a difficult switch? and would I lose out by making this switch?

    I live in the SF bay area and any recommendations for the best dealerships would also be appreciated.

    Sorry for rambling but ready to buy my dream car and worried about making any mistakes.

    Thanks for any feed back.
  • I own a 3 series (which needs servicing already for a broken seat and a cruddy transmission) and I have many friends and family who are current and past owners. All the past owners parted ways with their bimmers for the same reason: super high cost of repairs. Current owners outside of warranty have been hit with $4k bills for a tranny (540ia), $250 for a battery at the dealer (M3), etc. They swear by their cars but also swear at them when things break. CR and others confirm it too - BMWs are not reliable vis-a-vis japanese luxury cars like Infiniti and Lexus and anybody who is honest will atest to the general high cost of post-warranty ownership. Yes we all can point to anecdotes but in the end the data speaks more loudly than the guy with a 3 series that's been driven 700,050 miles with the same oil, blah, blah, blah.
  • tcn2ktcn2k Posts: 277
    Well, got my new tires put on. Along with that, two rims of mine are now scratched really badly. This is a second time Big-O mess up, i do not recommend them as a install dealer. Although works like a charm. Anyone know any tire place that can fix scratched rims?
  • This should be a recall...The service advisor agreed w/ me...The interior door trim has drooped off for the second time since buying the car in 1999. Both sides came off in the summer of 2001. The dealor replaced them (mileage: 23,000ish). The rubbery felt finsihed trim cames off of the door trim again 2 weeks ago(dealer quote, parts & labor: $700ish). They cannot replace just the part that comes off but the whole door trim. Current mileage: 57,000ish. I took the car in......The same dealer that replaced them said that they could not replace them again under warrenty........called them back and talked to the same service advisor. He promised to call me's been 3 business call.......I would appriciate any advise on this matter..................thanks.......
  • Does anybody know whether 2.9% financing incentive expired on Sept. 2, 2003 or are the dealers still offering that through BMWFS?
  • I have a 2002 325ci with less than 10k miles that has had the door trim replaced 3 times. Two times for the passenger door and once for the drivers. I had the second door trim replaced after 6 weeks of having it replaced the first time. The service advisor admits it is a problem, especially in the south Texas heat. It is very frustrating and an inconvenience. I had a 2001 330i and never had the problem.
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