Toyota Highlander Keyless Lock Remote

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Just bought wonderful 2004 Highlander with many features (It's a 2WD w/3.6L v6, sunroof, window tinting, 3rd row seat etc. w/48K) but there was no remote fob provided with the keys by used dealer, they just told me the car doesn't have keyless remote. I wondered if they knew or just guessed, because we are looking to have it installed. Want to make sure it's not there first and maybe just needing the remotes before I budget for the system.

Any ideas how a very novice car person like me can check to see if I already have a keyless lock remote system sans fobs? Or do I have to take it to a shop? Thanks for any help you can offer.


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    Well, I can answer my own question now and will post here in case anybody ever needs the answer. Which, of course, is the VIN. Called a local Toyota dealer and they were able to tell me from the VIN that we do indeed have a keyless lock system already installed. Seems new remote fobs will cost about $200 each through Toyota.

    Contacted Carmax where we bought the car and they offered to give us one fob free of charge. If we want a second we'll have to pay for it. Very happy, that is quite fair.

    Also hoping the Toyota dealer was right and we already have the system, lol.
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    Yes, the dealer will financially rape you for anything they do or sell you. I was quoted about the same for my 2001 avalon remote from dealership. At the end of the day, I bought two remotes off ebay for $20 and found instruction on the net and it was done in 20 minute.

    I am still looking for correct procedure for 2008 HL to add new remote. I am not as agressive here as this is an extra remote. I am also thinking about adding remote engine start which would give me another two remotes (not from dealer). So if the "remote engine start" installer can do it, so can I.
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