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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • neuroguyneuroguy Posts: 34
    A1: Take your car to the dealer and have them track down this rattle/noise. Lexus dealers, at least the good ones like mine (Hendrick Lexus in Charlotte, NC) are real pros at tracking down noises like this. Recently, I thought I had a rattle from the right rear door - I think there's a TSB about the insulation. But when I took it in for routine service and mentioned that noise, they tracked it down to the back of the front passenger seat and fixed it. My '02 ES300 is totally quiet again!

    A2: Did you get a car care kit from your dealer when you bought you car? If so, use the leather cleaner then the leather conditioner. If not, then when you got in for the above, check out the parts dept. and see what they recommend for your leather seats in the way of cleaning and conditioning. See this site for proper leather seat care tips:
    Instead of using an applicator, apply the leather conditioner with your bare hands. That way you won't waste any into the applicator. Do this treatment at least once a year, twice is better. The Pinnacle products they mentioned are pretty good, but you might also want to check out a conditioner product called Connolly Hide Food. Learned of that stuff when I owned my POS Jaguar X-Type. ;-)

    OT - speaking of Hendrick Lexus - also during my recent routine service visit I mentioned the increasing road noise coming from the Toyo Proxes J33 OEM tires. They replaced them with new Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus tires, under "customer goodwill". Wow, what a difference these new tires make! And talk about customer satisfaction!
    I even told them my windshield wipers were streaking and they replaced them at no charge, too! Can't say enough about my dealership!
  • lexloothalexlootha Posts: 12
    jkellerman, I have an 01 ES and I have a ticking noise from the right side of my dash.
    My dealer has been working hard to determine the source. We are reasonably certain it is coming from the A-pillar. However, after replacing the cover, I'm still hearing it. I have another appointment to try again. If your issue is resolved, be sure to share the details. It is driving me crazy, so I'm anxious to find a fix.
  • memoff1memoff1 Posts: 2
    I have a 97 es300 and the rear seatbeat does not lock into place. My mother's ls400 has the same problem. Is there an inexpensive fix to this problem other than replacing the seatbelt?
  • lexloothalexlootha Posts: 12
    It is unlikely that both cars have seat belt problems. I'm guessing it's user error. The seat belts have to be fully extended and allowed to retract for the locking mechanism to engage.
    Should you find that there is in fact a problem, the seat belts carry a lifetime warranty (I think) and shouldn't cost you anything to repair.
    Sounds like you're installing a car seat. Good luck.
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    I think to lock the car seat in place, most cars require that seat belt be pulled out all the way until a slight click sound is heard, then let it retract as much as possible to tighten the car seat.
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    Sorry lexlootha, I didn't even read your post all through before I posted the same thing. You are 100% correct.
  • hoorayhooray Posts: 15
    My 2002 now has an intermittant problem with the right rear window being stuck in the up position. When this happens, it will not go down using the remote, the drivers door switch or the right rear door switch. Today it was at Lexus and since it worked for them today (don't you just love intermittant problems!) they did not do anything. I am frustrated and concerned that it could also get stuck in the down position and ruin my interior if a thnderstom hit. Has anyone else had thjis problem and had it fixed by Lexus? Thanks!
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    All season tires are listed as a no cost option for the ES300 on the Lexus website. My Lexus dealer's internet sales person told me that all ES300's come through with the high performance tires. He states that I would need to special order a car to get the all season tire option. I really enjoy all season tires in the wintertime. I dread having to buy rims and snow tires. Why does Lexus do this? I thought the IS was the high performance car, not the ES?
  • richm4richm4 Posts: 169
    Putting "high performance" tires on the Buick, er, I mean ES300, is a joke.
  • ipeipe Posts: 2
    I recently bought a certified “01 ES 300, 4 sp, w/37k miles and most options and would like a little advice. In the 3 months and 3k miles I’ve had the car I’ve noticed the following; 1) When cold, tends to resist shifting from 2nd into 3rd gear. This occurs between 30-40 MPH and does not happen once warm. 2) Takes anywhere from one quick crank to two to three times to start when cold or warm. My wife’s ‘01 Accord starts easier. Maybe the fuel pump? 3) Periodic rattle in driver’s armrest/door panel on bumpy roads. 4) Alignment adjusted to limits and stills veers
    just a bit at times to the left. 5) “Click” sound coming from back a couple of seconds when first pulling away. Sounds like an auto door lock but it doesn’t lock the doors.

    I returned the car one week after purchase about the alignment; the other issues I’ve noticed since then and will be discussing with dealer soon. Overall I really enjoy the car. It’s quiet, smooth and quick. Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions that you may have!
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    I have the same car and experienced (1).
    Usually in cold morning, it resists and then shifts roughly into 3rd. But when the rough shift occurs, it's usually just once, never more than twice. Regarding (2), the engine starts rather vaguely and the exhaust note is not so obvious. I used to have difficulty in determining when to release the turn of key. That may be the reason.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    You are getting incorrect information. No ES 300 comes with high-performance tires. However, there are all-season tires and "summer-only" tires. Any climate with even the slightest chance for bad weather gets all-season tires. For example, in the Midwest all cars come that way no matter what. In some other climates, like Southern California, the "summmer-only" tires may come on the car. In that case the all-seasons would probably be an option.
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    Thanks for your help. Just for the fun of it, I logged on to I used zipcode 14221 for Buffalo, NY thinking that may represent a snow belt location to Lexus USA Marketing Manager Denny Clements and his top gun staff. I requested a 2003 ES300, and under tires, the listing is, "P215/60 VR16 BSW Performance." That's right a VR rated tire. The option reads, "P215/60 R16 AS."
  • ipeipe Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. Did you talk to the dealer about the rough shift or just live with it?
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    Well, it doesn't bother me much so I live with it.
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    "When cold, tends to resist shifting from 2nd into 3rd gear". Are you sure that it resists shifting from 2nd to 3rd, or it resists shifting from 3rd to 4th (overdrive)? Many cars are designed not to shift into overdrive when cold. My Altima, Maxima, RX300 and QX4 all say that in the owner's manual.
  • raddboy41raddboy41 Posts: 249
    Nope, pretty much all V6 Toyotas don't shift from 2nd to 3rd until higher RPMs when cold. It's designed into the system and is nothing to worry about.
  • neuroguyneuroguy Posts: 34
    As lenscap said, you are getting bogus information. You shouldn't need to special order a Lexus just to get the type of tire you want on your vehicle. I would speak to someone else at the dealership. They should be able to just switch or install the type of tires you want at no charge, if the dealer is worth anything.

    Heck, as I mentioned in another post, I complained to my dealer (Hendrick Lexus, Charlotte, NC) about my Toyo Proxes J33's excessive road noise - after ~7,000 miles. They replaced them with Michelins at no charge under "customer goodwill". Now that's a GREAT dealership for ya!
  • lexloothalexlootha Posts: 12
    You referenced a clicking noise when first pulling away. I noticed a similar noise in my 01 when I first got it. I took it back to the dealer only to learn that it is quite normal. It has been a couple of years so I don't recall the exact explanation, but it has something to do with the brakes adjusting themselves. Every RX300 loaner that I have driven makes the exact same noise, and it is even more noticeable than the ES. After 2 years and 30k miles, I still have the noise. You need not worry about it.

    I echo neuroguy's assertion that the dealer will swap tires. When I selected my car, it had Bridgestone tires on it. I simply told the dealer that I wanted the Michelin. They swapped with another car. No resistance, no discussion, no problem.
  • slov98slov98 Posts: 112
    I have the 03 camry v6 and also hear a click at the beginning. I read on the camry board that the clicking noise is the antilock breakes turning on
  • Thanks everyone for telling me all these stuff. I am going to buy a 03' ES300. Thanks again...
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    They're making far more on a sale than it costs them to exchange a set of new tires for another. That's why most dealers won't hesitate to swap tires in order to complete a sale.
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    When I have the car on but engine off, I hear a loud buzzing noise when outside the car (well, loud in a quiet garage that is). This is with all light turned off. Turning on the HIDs adds even more buzzing.

    I've never had a car that's done this (besides the HIDs). Is this normal for the current model ES?
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203

    I have 01 ES and experience (or experienced) the same buzzing noise as you described. But when I just tried it, there was none. This puzzled me because I thought the buzz
    was always present with key on and engine off.
    I'm now suspicious the buzz noise is present only
    when the car is cool. (It's been driven about 2 hours ago under hot weather and still hot under the hood.) I have a feeling that the buzz will come back once it is cool, maybe in the morning.
  • car2maticcar2matic Posts: 1
    When will the 2004 ES be avilable?
  • gekko2gekko2 Posts: 87
    The 2004 ES330 will be here in September 2003 per my dealer. No significant changes vs. 2002/2003 other than 3.3 Engine which will increase horsepower by 20%.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    20% of 210 would be 42... the 04 ES will have 225 or 230hp, not 252..... torque should be in the 240lb ft. range. Just dont want you to get your hopes up too high...

  • lexloothalexlootha Posts: 12
    Kreativ and Sopecreek,
    My 01 makes the same buzzing, however the key need not be in the on position. Simply placing the key in the ignition will generate it. Also, it doesn't matter if the engine is cold or hot, the buzzing is there. Though it is never loud and the only time I am able to hear it is in the quiet of my garage. Kreativ, like yours I also get a different buzzing when I turn on the HIDs. This buzz is slightly louder, but again I can only hear it when my surroundings are really quiet, like in the garage.
    I'm guessing it's normal.
  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    You are right about the key in the ignition.
    I checked it again with garage door closed and I could hear the buzz when I get under the hood but not from inside the car. Well, it used to be much louder, clearly audible even from the inside. It used to bother me somewhat, but now I cannot hear it... I still believe the temperature can play a role (when cold, buzz becomes more prominent.) Then again, overall noise level within ES increases during the winter season.
  • richm4richm4 Posts: 169
    Will Lexus get into the 21st century by offering steering wheel radio controls on the 04?
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