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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    It's probably time to stop worrying about the transmission problem.
    They have done everything that can be done for the current model and a redesigned model will be coming one day.
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    Most likely it will be for MY 2007 although it could be launched in the Spring of 2006. The new engine most likely will be the 3.5L 280 Hp V6 found in the 05 Avalon. If you are concerned about the transmission issue just check the 2005 Avalon forum as new owners are posting their ownership experience. I haven't seen anything negative regarding the transmission so far.
  • isdsmsisdsms Posts: 3
    My concerns are not so much with the transmission for I understand the technology, but rather with the outdated exterior styling, weak engine and techno features. Other than those items, I love the car. The TL is cheaply made and the Avalon Limited 05 is improved but still dowdy. My hope is that my concerns will be addressed in the model revision.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    I'm not sure "outdated" is the word for the exterior styling.
    It wasn't attractive even when it first came out. They ruined the looks from the previous generation. Only the interior looks better than before.
    The engine is not weak, but it has less power than most competitors other than the Mercedes C240. Even a 325i has less than 200HP.
    The ES330 certainly has adequate power for a car that is non-sporty.
    If the transmission\throttle response was as slick and refined as you would expect in a Lexus, it would be very nice to drive.
    I wish it were quieter also. It is somewhat quiet, but not even remotely as quiet as an LS430. I think every Lexus except the IS should be shockingly quiet and this isn't. Tire noise is quite apparent on average roads.
  • ventureventure Central PAPosts: 901
    I test drove an '05 ES 330 today with heated seats. I say that particularly because it felt like there were two big cobblestones under the seat. I can't imagine driving it for a few thousand miles in a copule of days. I was uncomfortable after about 15 minutes.

    Has anyone else noticed that or did I drive an odd-ball? Maybe I should have driven another one, but that really turned me off as far as the ES 330 is concerned.

    Not to mention that it didn't have much power, but that's another story.

    2018 Legacy 3.6R, 2015 Crosstrek, 2015 Forester

  • sopecreeksopecreek Posts: 203
    My 2001 ES 300 just had 60 k maintenance. I took it to the Lexus specialist instead of the dealer for the service. The cost was $200 lower compared to the dealer, but the dealer service did include "oil conditioning" whereas the Lexus specialist didn't. Anyone knows what oil conditioning does? Does this have something to do with the engine sludge issue?
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    You'd have to ask the dealer what they mean by it. They could just be pouring in a bottle of additives during the oil change.
  • kmg68kmg68 Posts: 108
    " have heard that a model makeover is due fairly soon. Does anyone have information regarding the change and the timing of it?"

    My dealership here in Atlanta expects major changes for the 2007 model. Does anyone know what those changes might be, or when the 2007 model will hit the dealerships?
  • jf02fwdjf02fwd Posts: 7
    Enter 2007 above in the search field for approximately 13 opinions.
  • bikegalbikegal Posts: 50
    I feel your pain!

    Might want to go to They have an auto pen that gets rave reviews.

    I plan on ordering one today since I have small scratches on my NEW 2005's bumper. At least I had the car three months in all it's exterior perfection, smile.
  • Thanks bikegal. That looks perfect for a small touch up. I am going to order a Silver Metallic.
  • I have a 2004 ES330 equipped with nav. system. Can anyone confirm if these cars are wired for satellite radio? I note that the AM radio button has "SAT" as alternate. Regrettably satellite radio has not, as yet, been approved by the CRTC in Canada. However, when the day comes, I'd like to know if the car is ready without adding additional receivers etc. Thanks!
  • about2buyabout2buy Posts: 12
    I'm not certain about the 04 as I have the 05 with the nav system. The button reads the same on the 05. Even though satellite radio is available in the US and the radio is equipped for satellite you still need to add Lexus' satellite receiver/antenna to the car. The only thing I think this will save is having to have a seperate display for the tuner as it will come up on the nav screen. Dealer quoted $800 to add the capability to my car. I passed on it.
  • Thank-you for your quick reply, About2buy. I see now how it works!!
  • gelightgelight Posts: 10
    I read an article in the 3/18/05 Wall Street Jr. that Lexus would be making some changes to the 2006 ES330 to jazz it up a bit. has anyone heard any details on this?
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Why when, at the end of 2006, the all new, redesigned 2007 model is being released?
    All I could imagine is some special trim "Coach Edition" etc. to add some interest in it's final year.
  • Can someone tell me the Pros and Cons of 'summer tires'? We live in NC where some ice and snow occurs in the winter, but the dealer's Lexus's all come with Summer Tires. We're told that makes for a quieter ride, but... will these tires be safe in winter driving?
  • bikegalbikegal Posts: 50
    I lived in Virginia. My car came with summer tires when I picked it up in December. I have since switched to all season tires. But before I did I got caught in snow one night. IT WAS HORRIBLE. I drove home doing 20 mph. I avoided 95 as I would have died.

    You can not drive in icy/snowy conditions. But otherwise they are very quiet and smooth.
  • I've just purchased a certified 2001 ES300 with 30,000 on it. I've noticed that there's high pitch whistling sound (similar to an old fan belt sound) which comes on for about 2-3 seconds every minute. Is this normal? This is my 12th car, and I've never noticed it before, but then again this car is much quieter than my 2000 Mercedes.
    Is this A/C Compressor going bad? The dealership mechanic told me that this noise is normal, but I am having a hard time believing this.
    I'd appreciate any help.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Funny you should mention this. I also test drove the older model of the ES300 a few years ago. I also noticed this sound when I test drove the car. It bothered me but I hope for your sake that you get used to it. I am almost 100% positive that it is the A/C. I am not sure if it is the compressor or something else having to do when the A/C is on. When the heater/AC is running it is quite normal for the compressor/AC to come on periodically. This is the sound that you hear. Hopefully you will get used to it and in the future you will not even realize it. I hope that this helps. You do have a very nice car there except for this quirk.
  • Thank you for a quick response. Maybe I've never noticed this sound on my other cars, because the ambient noise was loud enough to drown out this A/C sound.
    I took the car into the shop anyway, and hoping that the mechanic will come to some conclusion, since he already replaced my A/C belt.
    Thanks again.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    I will be anxious to hear if he can "fix" it. I have not noticed this sound on other cars that I have driven. It sure did bother me when I drove the ES300 though, but I am very sensitive to those type of sounds. Please let us know how it turns out.
  • I've just talked to the service manager, and he told me that it was freon flow sound. He told me that it was perfectly normal for this car. I'm getting another mechanic friend to take a look at it while he's changing my brake rotors and pads. I've driven my father-in-law's LX470 and his GS300, and I've never noticed this noise before. I too am very sensitive car sounds, and it still bothers me. At least I have on paper that I had it looked at for noise, so if the A/C compressor fails on me, I can trace it back to this event.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Thanks for your reply. I agree with the service manager that it is normal for this car but I still do not like it and it did bother me too. The "freon flow sound" is completely plausible.
  • ljwalters1ljwalters1 Posts: 294
    I have some q.s about the voice features of the nav system:

    1. Does the system allow you to input addresses using your voice? Both street numbers and street names?

    2. Is the nav system integrated with other features, like climate control and radio? My TL allows me to say "Temperature 70 degrees," and then makes the appropriate change.

    3. Can you input data while driving?

    4. Is it also a touchscreen system?

    Thanks for all your help.
  • I bought a 2005 ES330 from Lexus Kearny Mesa in December 2004. I have about 3,300 miles on it. I am experiencing the transmission hesitation problem. Had I known about this problem (I should have researched Web sites like this), I NEVER would have bought this car.

    I have a typical hour-long southern California commute to work that involves stop-start driving, constantly going between first and second gears. The car frequently lurches forward, to the point where I often don't feel I have control of the car. For me, this isn't just an issue of annoyance; it borders on unsafe. For a $35,000 car, this problem is unacceptable, particularly given Lexus's reputation for quality. Like many others above, I was told at the dealership that "the car is performing as designed" and "you'll get used to it soon". Nonsense.

    I called the Lexus Customer Satisfaction Dept. at 1-800-255-3987 and the guy I talked with said they get complaints about the ES's transmission "daily". I am disappointed that this problem -- one that clearly many people know about -- was never disclosed by the Lexus sales staff.

    I have already filed a report with the National Highway Safety Administration (1-800-424-9393) and am filing written complaints with Lexus and Consumers Union. I urge others who are having this transmission/acceleration problem to take action. It's clearly the only way we're going to get results.
  • jf02fwdjf02fwd Posts: 7
    See messages 4775 and 4782. You may be able to improve performance by "reprogramming" with a more aggressive driving style. I got my '05 this month (Jan. build date) and it has some of the sluggishness, delayed throttle response mentioned by others on this board. (It is a lot like my '02 Highlander in this respect.) I plan to try the aggressive driving style mentioned by others in hopes of improving response. I would not classify my car as exhibiting anything approaching unsafe performance...just mildly annoying. I went into the purchase eyes open, having read this board thoroughly. Good luck.
  • turnbowmturnbowm Posts: 76
    For me, it was a deal-breaker. There is no excuse for having hesitation/transmission shifting issues in a car at this price point.

    The wife's '98 ES300 seems to be the one with the advanced technology!

  • about2buyabout2buy Posts: 12
    In answer to your questions:

    1. No. You input street addresses, numbers via the touch screen. No voice commands for that.

    2. No. Temperature is set via regular buttons not on the touch screen and not via voice. The radio stations are set via the touch screen although you can command the audio on or off via voice.

    3. No. You can give it the pre-determined voice commands while you drive and you can use the touch screen for things like changing the radio stations and the views of the maps but you can not, for example, change the destination information (things you would use the touch pad to do) while the car is moving. The touch screen actually dims those buttons once the car is in motion.

    4. Yes. (See above)

    I find that the voice commands are frequently misunderstood by the system while the car is in motion. I'm told by the dealer that it's the background noise of the movement the causes the system to get the voice commands wrong.
  • ventureventure Central PAPosts: 901

    "For me, it was a deal-breaker."

    Me too - that and the uncomfortable drivers seat. I only drove the car for about 15 minutes, but the hesitation was horrible. (The drivers seat felt "lumpy" too)

    I'm picking up my BMW this afternoon. :shades:

    2018 Legacy 3.6R, 2015 Crosstrek, 2015 Forester

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