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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You can talk over those recommendations with a Tire Rack rep in this discussion: Ask Connor at the Tire Rack. Let us know how it goes.
  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    I would also consider the Firestone Affinity LH30. Depending on where you live, this can be a very good tire with excellent snow traction for a all season touring tire with H speed rating. It also is rated 560 for wear.
    I put a set of these on my '95 Toyota Avalon (similar size and weight to the current model Lexus ES). I have over 60,000 miles on them and they should go another 20,000.
    I plan to replace my OEM Michelin MXV4Plus on my '03 ES 300 with the Affinity LH30 when the time comes. (Haven't been as happy with the Michelins on the ES. Will only get about 30,000 total miles, and the snow traction is miserable with the Michelins). I'd never pay the premium for the Michelins if they hadn't come as original equipment.

    Check out the Firestones on
  • dwinerdwiner Posts: 13
    Just about to buy a 2005 ES 330. In the Boston area they all seem to come equipped with the optional 17" rims and all weather tires for $80. Seems awfully cheap for that kind of upgrade, but then I noticed a disclaimer (the first one on the list!) in the sales brochure which states that I should expect significantly reduced tire life with 17" tires, likely below 20,000 miles "depending on driving habits". Well, all tire life depends on driving habits, but it's unsettling to see this in print for the only tire I can get on the car. Conventional wisdom suggests to me that a larger diameter tire turns fewer times per mile and should give longer life.

    Do any of you have experience with these 17" tires? Does anyone know why Lexus was compelled to make the statement?
  • shocasershocaser Posts: 36
    It depends on the type of tire on the car. Performance tires have a softer rubber compound to increase handling. This also reduces tire life. It could be that the reduced tire life is a result of the type of tire, not the size. I ran Michelin Pilot XGT V4 tires on my '94 SHO. I averaged 30,000 miles per set and went through 3 sets. These were performance all season tires. I was happy to get the miles that I did.

    My 2004 ES 330 has the 16" bridgestones on it. The tires so far are wearing very evenly and very well (11,000 miles so far). I expect to get a lot more miles out of these tires, mainly because I drive the ES 330 much more sedately than I did my SHO.
  • alohafigsalohafigs Posts: 1
    It is critical to change this filter every 10,000 miles. I have 13,000 miles on my '04 ES330. Right now the car is at the dealership because my carpet and mats are full of water. Mold began to grow on the carpet. I had clear plastic mats over the carpeted mats. Last car wash/vacuum was about three weeks ago. Didn't notice the problem then.
  • I got an ES300 instead of waiting for ever on my LTD 2005 Avalon. I want to know the ‎difference between ES300 vs. ES330. is it only the engine or what else? Do you think it ‎is better to use K&N air filter and Mobile 1 oil?‎
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 1,204
    Main difference is the slightly larger engine. Mobil 1 is good oil. Save your money and don't get the K&N filter.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    I agree; save your money and do not buy the K&N filter. Studies have shown no difference despite what K&N says.
    What year ES300 did you get?
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    Don't worry about the disclaimer. If you are a pretty sedate driver(like the typical ES driver), you will get well over 20K miles out of the tires. A typical ES driver gets closer to 40K to 45K miles out of tires.

    With the bigger and more expensive 17" tires, many carmakers put the disclaimer notices in brochures and next to the window stickers on new cars.
  • its an ES300 2005. I shall receive it today. I will go with Mobil 1 oil. any one recommend a good back seat cover. I have 3 kids and i am sure the leather would not last long without a cover.
    any advise in general about the car

  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    If you have a 2005 then you have an ES330 which means that your engine size is 3.3 litres which has slightly more horsepower than the older 3.0l engine. The 3.5 engine in the new Avalon is a 3.5l and has additional horsepower.
  • I am sure its ES300 2005. They "Toyota dealer in Saudi Arabia" did not intreduce the ES330. They added more options to the ES300.

    They say the car will be completly changed next year, body and Engine change.

    I am happy with my Lexus any way.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    I am sorry. I did not realize that you are in Saudi Arabia. I was thinking USA. I am not familiar with what Lexus sells outside the USA.
  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    You didn't mention the model year of your ES300. Toyota/Lexus has/had a problem with oil gelling in the V6 ES, RX, Camry, Avalon, Sienna, and several 4cyl. Toyota models as well. This was in the '98-'01 models, if I remember correctly. They "offered" to repair the problem "one time" for those owners affected. (They fought unsuccessfully to deny the problem - claiming that it was the owner's negligence in failing to change oil/filter as recommended in the owner's manuals).
    If your car is not in that age bracket, I would question the validity of your Lexus service claim. If it is, there should have been some sign of the problem prior to it showing "no oil" on the dipstick - 3 weeks after an oil change. I had a '99 RX with the problem. It would "use oil" slowly. By that I mean I would check the dipstick between 5,000 mi service intervals and would have to add a quart or two over that mileage to keep it registering in the proper range. It started showing the problem at about 45K miles on the odo. No other symptoms. No blue smoke out the exhaust. No engine oil light or check engine light on the dash - nothing.
    For your dipstick to register nothing, the engine would have to be at least 3 quarts low; probably closer to 4. I can't imagine the engine "using" that much oil in 3 weeks unless there had been some symptom of excess oil useage prior to your last oil change, or a noticeable leak of oil in your garage/driveway. For them to claim that the engine "has a complete load of oil" and yet not register anything on the dipstick is a bunch of hooey. More likely, as you suggest, they forgot to put oil in the engine at your last service. I'm sure they are seeing "oil gel" if the car was driven with no or very minimal oil for 3 weeks. The problem with "fixing the problem under warranty" is that the engine would have to be completely re-built in order to clean out all of the oil gel/sludge and repair any additional damage done by driving the car with no oil. I would doubt if they can or would perform that extensive of service for free.
    If I were you, I would negotiate a different car or new engine with the dealer, telling them that you feel that there was some negligence on their part. You may have to hire a lawyer.
    Best of luck.
  • scoti1scoti1 Posts: 676
    The policy was extended to also include MY2002 with manufacture dates of 2001 and early 2002.
  • clocurtoclocurto Posts: 4
    Has anyone else come across an annoying rattling noise in their drivers side door? It happens every time i hit a bump. It sounds exactly as if the window is rolled down and is shaking. sounds like its coming from right in the middle of my front drivers side door and the rear drivers side door.
  • It depends on the number of owners. If you have bought it used, it could be from the ‎previous owner. It could have resulted from an accident to the door making the noise. ‎Ask the dealer to check the rubbers holding the window ‎ :D
  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    I experienced a similar noise on the passenger side of my '03ES300. Lexus replaced the door seals under warranty and it corrected the problem. They referred to a Toyota Service Bulletin (TSB) describing the problem.
    Check with your Lexus Service Mgr.
  • toyotabobtoyotabob Posts: 3
    Trying to decide between the 05 TL and the 05 ES330. Acura recommends 91 octane but around here you have to jump to the 93. Was wondering what people are using in the ES330 ?
  • beardiebeardie Posts: 44
    I've got 6,000 mi. on my 05 ES330 and have used nothing but regular 87. Car runs fine other than the usual slow speed hesitation. IMHO, spending extra for higher grade gas is a rip-off. This is not a high performance car. You will appreciate its ride just as much with 87. Good luck with your choice.
  • Get some Goodyear Eagle GT's
  • olddaveolddave Posts: 21
    I own a 2005 ES330 I purchased in April, 2005. I live in Colorado and I use the lowest grade octane available here - 85 octane. On a recent 3900 mile road trip to Washington DC, we purchased the lowest octane gas available whenever we needed gas. The car seemed to run just fine the entire trip.
  • koswus5koswus5 Posts: 4
    I recently was looking at cars to get, and cam across a used fully loaded 2003 ES300. Unfortunatly the sales person did not know much about it, I actually taught him the open feature on the navigation system and he secretly saw him playing with it a few minutes later. Does the navigation system have the capability to play DVD videos?. I was also wondering about people opinions between my other car choises 02 gs300 and 03 Lincoln. I was wondering if I could get you opinons on how these cars compare to teach other. Thanks to anyone able to help.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Posts: 1,289
    "03 Lincoln" doesn't narrow it down much.
  • olddaveolddave Posts: 21
    I own a 2005 ES330. I just looked through the "2005 Lexus Navigation System Owner's Manual - ES330" and I could not find any reference to using standard DVD videos with the system. So I assume it does not have that capability. The manual is Toyota Motor Corporation Publication No. OM33661U, Part No. 01999-33661.

    I hope this is helpful to you...
  • We ordered our 05 ES 330 over the weekend and had intentions on getting xm radio until they showed us where the antenna would go. On the trunk lid. The antenna is black and the car white. It would stick out like a sore thumb. Is this the only place to put them ?
  • olddaveolddave Posts: 21
    I had the same concern about the SAT radio antenna when we purchased our 2005 ES330 with Nav system in April, 2005. That is one of the main reasons we did not purchase SAT radio. We thought the antenna location was unacceptable.
    I wondered why many other manufacturers mount the SAT antenna at the rear of the middle of the car roof, but on the ES 330 Lexus does not. But then I read somewhere in the Lexus owner's manual (or in the Nav tutorial) that the GPS antenna is mounted just below the package shelf in front of the rear window. I don't know for sure where the FM/AM antenna is located.
    I am not a wireless techie, but I suspect the SAT antenna is not mounted on the rear roof because the antennas would interfere with each other.
  • popeye7popeye7 Posts: 15
    Has anyone heard when the ES 330 will undergo a change in body style? Photos, etc.
  • thanks, dealer fixed the problem. they said that there were screws loose...thats the second time the dealer fixed a "screw loose" problem. once for my drivers side seat, now the window. they said maybe when they tinted the window, it wasnt secured properly.

    thanks again!
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