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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Yeah that's it alright, but hopefully they'll change the color a

  • Does anyone know how many digits the odometer readout has? 5 or 6?
  • chapman7chapman7 Posts: 23
    I have a 2002 S55 with approximately 500 miles on it and have had a problem with the tires from day one. The steering wheel vibrates and the car shudders when you drive it after the car has sat over night or for a longer period. The vibration gets very noticeable above 35mph. MB tells me it is due to the "soft tires" on the S55, which they say form flat spots after the car sits for awhile. Has anyone else experienced this situation with these tires? Is there a tire available that doesn't perform like this? Thanks for your help.
  • roger58roger58 Posts: 3
    Your dealer is right. I have a 2001 S500 sport, which has the same wheels and tires (Dunlop sp9000's). Being performance tires, they are designed and built to emphasize handling, as such soft nylon belts are used, and the rubber compound is 'soft' to enhance traction. That however is the tradeoff. When the vehicle is left overnight, the tires will slightly 'flatspot', hence the vibration the next day. However, once the tires warm up, and the rubber becomes more compliant, you will notice that your vibration completely disappears. How far and at what speed you have to drive to warm the tires are based on the outside temp., but allow at least 5 to 15 miles. You should then be completely vibration free. This trait regrettably, is an inherent characteristic of pretty well all the high end performance tires. If after a good drive with the tires now fully warm, the vibration remains,have your dealer recheck the wheel balance, or check for a rare, but possible defect in one of the tires.
  • chapman7chapman7 Posts: 23
    roger58: Thanks for the info on the soft tires.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...have been six digits on MBs for so long I can't remember when it was otherwise...many moons ago, anyway, and long before 1992...
  • Hey, I'm looking at a '96 S320 LWB in fabulous condition and am curious about peoples opinions of the 24,000 price tag, it's a V6.

    Also any knowledge of how this model year has held up. When do major service overhauls tend to occur, etc.

  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    It's a straight 6, and one that has a reputation for being prone to oil leaks, both at the back of the valve cover, and in the front. That's one thing to check carefully.
  • ssinhas72ssinhas72 Posts: 7
    Thanks for the fantastic information on this board. I have recently moved to US and looking for a luxury car around 50 K US price range. One of the options I am evaluating :
    Pre-Owned S class sedan.

    Based upon the prices I have seen so far it seems I can get a 2000 Model S430 with about 40,000 Miles for about 50-55 K USD. I am planning to lease it for three years and hopefully buy the same later.

    Do you think it may be a good option ?
    Any particular thing that I may need to be aware of ... I have no specific color or options in mind

    thanks in advance !
  • tiger40tiger40 Posts: 10
    The S is a beautiful car ....but you should be aware of some things and I will share my experience and you can make up your own mind.

    First the 2000 will have a analog non-trimode phone instead of digital trimode. This will limit your phone range and phone service options if you decide to use the phone.

    Also I have a 01 S430 and have had several things go wrong and I bought mind new! Here is a list:

    Brakes make noise after 10k miles-was told that this is due to the metal pads they are now using and I had to fight with Mercedes to put Brake Silencers on the car...this has help.

    The entire Navigation unit went and had to be replaced...that cost almost $7k

    I have had to replace the keys several times because they did not open the trunk or the doors.

    Had to replace the phone twice

    And just this was towed away because of Antifreeze leak (I don't know what is wrong with it...I will find out this Monday)

    Having said this, I would strongly encourage you to get a extended warranty thru the dealer if possible.
  • ssinhas72ssinhas72 Posts: 7
    thanks Tiger40 for the information, I do plan to ask for extended warranty.

    Is there any other thing that I need to be sure of in a two year car, I am wondering about some of the points ...

    - Is 40,000 Miles too much to consider in buying a two year old car
    - Is there a way I could check if this is a car that has been in any accident
    - In terms of price, is 50K USD a reasonable price for a two year old S430

    thanks a ton !
  • tiger40tiger40 Posts: 10
    Is there any other thing that I need to be sure of in a two year car, I am wondering about some of the points ...

    - Is 40,000 Miles too much to consider in buying a two year old car >That is on the high side and although it is a 00....the car was probably on the road at least half of the year in "99.

    - Is there a way I could check if this is a car that has been in any accident. >Yes, you can put the VIN through It is a small fee and you will get a report back on that vehicle.

    - In terms of price, is 50K USD a reasonable price for a two year old S430 >I think it may be high...but it is what the market will bear. Edmunds has a really good assessment for new and used car prices. Below, I just put some general info into Edmunds and it appears that you are getting a very good deal! But run the VIN thru Carfax to make sure of no major accidents and lastly get an extended warranty for sure! Lastly enjoy one of the most awesome cars made today!!

    2000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 4 Dr S430 Sedan

    Color: Black
    Mileage: 40,000
    Condition: Clean
    Zip: 01879

    Trade-in Private Party Dealer Retail

    Base Price $51,882 $55,014 $57,905

    Optional Equipment $1,729 $1,840 $2,158

    Color Adjustment $136 $144 $152

    Regional Adjustment $82 $87 $91

    Mileage Adjustment $-841 $-841 $-841

    Condition Adjustment $0 $0 $0

    Total $52,988 $56,244 $59,465

    Certified Used Vehicle $61,015*
    * You should expect to pay this amount if this vehicle has been certified as part of a manufacturer or authorized reseller program.
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    Mercedes is giving Audi, BMW, and VW no time to breathe. The new flagship, S600 with 500hp is sure to smoke the new 760Li, Phaeton- and A8-W12s, as well as probably anything else in the class, while also giving midsize luxury sedans (the likes of M5) a real run for their money (although, for twice as much money, it really hurts).

    Ever since this engine was talked about regarding to Maybach, I dreamed of its combination with the S. Surprisingly, Mercedes is turning this dream into reality, by being exremely dearing in the power department (not one, but two 500 hp models, S600 and S55).

    I am awaiting the stats to see how the Twin Turbo and AMG compare in performance. S600 is said to reach 62 mph in 4.8 seconds, and we already know that MB tends to be conservative in the beginning (SL55 consistently beat the claimed 4.7 sec in almost any test done by magazines around the globe). My logic tells me that the AMG should be even faster, or else what would be the point. Although, the current S600 has outperformed the current S55, so anything can happen.

    To all who can afford these fine automobiles, I wish I was in your place!!!
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    If you take a look at post no. 413 at this threat, posted by yours truly, you can read how I somehow "felt" it in my "MB-infected" blood that we woold eventually have a 500 hp S Class. What I did not know is that we were going to have two :-) Hurray!

    Where si everyone? It is such a special time for MB fans, and no one is around? Or should I assume you are lining up at the dealerships? LOL
  • wishnhigh1wishnhigh1 Posts: 363
    Could it just be that nobody cares?
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    ...I thought this was a place for enthusiasts!
  • Was thinking about this. It's common sense, but I feel better when it's print. Anyhoo - if both are making 500 hp...S600 with 800Nm of torque and S55 with 700Nm...either way, it doesn't matter right? Since the S55 V8 will be lighter (and overall the car will be lighter) than the S600 V12, then wouldn't the performance figures on the S55 be either comparable or better than the S600?

    But I still like the S600 better... =)
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    The 5.5L Kompressor V8 is not a light engine. And keep in mind that the new 5.5L V12 should be relatively compact (I think). Isn't that the sense of using turbos?

    I also would like the S600 better. It is smoother, quieter, and should be much more refined, be it in the ride or the quality of materials (more high wuality wood, whereas I can see the S55 getting aliminum or stone trim, which in itself is not bad). And that extra 74 lb/ft of torque should make for a more relaxed acceleration. The torque peak in the V12 also comes substantially earlier (at 1800 rpm) whereas the S55 achieves this at 2650). I do not believe that the S55 can outperform the S600. I believe the difference belies in the way these two engines will deliver the power. That should make them feel like two different animals.

    Both of these cars are a bit of an overkill. They have as much horsepower, and more torque than a Viper. These power games are getting crazy. At least, MB is giving BMW, AUDI, and VW a run for their money. Somehow, their 400 something Hp seem less than before. That should make for some overtime at the development sites. I can say it is safe to assume that an M7 is in the way.

    I am looking forward to seeing some more official information, including some specs, for there cars.
  • wishnhigh1wishnhigh1 Posts: 363
    "...I thought this was a place for enthusiasts! "

    Trust me, I am a full fleged car enthusiast. I just find it hard to be enthusiastic about a car that less that 1% of the United States population can afford.
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    At this point I cannot afford an S600 either, but I still get excited about such achievements at my favorite brand, as it may ne something I may drive a few years down the line. That one percent of the population probably does not have time, or desire, to talk in a chat room, when they can be driving their cars.

    Anyway, I am sorry for stretching it like this. I do respect your opinion.
  • wishnhigh1wishnhigh1 Posts: 363
    Well let me tell you how I feel.

    I feel that Mercedes is a great company, with a great product...and they know it. Just like Harley Davidson did when the bikes they built were the best. Now look at them...they are just overpriced machines for fat slobs who still think Peter Fonda defined the Badass category.

    I see the same thing happening: They begin to care less about keeping at the top of all of their game, because they are the top name.

    However, Mercedes is taking a different approach to the situation. Harley Davidson decided to stop revamping their product lines, and just sell the same bike year after year, and increase their prices to fit their market demand (brilliant buisinessmen behind this thought process...I mean who cares about the prolonged future success of the company as long as I can retire comfortable).

    Mercedes is doing it a little different. The top of the line Mercedes products blow away the competition. However, on a price competitive basis, they blow away nothing. The C series mercedes are nothing but dulled up BMW 3 series clones, marketed to make it seem like you are buying a piece of S500. The SLK is a dulled up BMW Z3, but marketed to make it seem like you are buying a piece of SL500. etc etc etc...In reality, they are just boring cars with nothing innovative but the name.

    So yes, I would love to be the person to drive an SL500...but unfortunately I am not, and thousands of other car enthusiasts are not as well. We could buy a lesser Mercedes, but as we all know, there is nothing too enthusiastic about the lesser models.

    Mercedes is content selling mediocre cars, at inflated prices, because they have a few standout cars and a rich history. A hypothetical exaggeration would be like Ferarri deciding to revive the yugo(maybe build it in italy though), and market it as having the same rich sports car tradition and heritage as a $250,000 Ferarri. But you get all hyped up about buying a new Ferarri that you can actually afford, and it is nothing but pure disappointment.

    Porsche has it covered. When you buy a base boxster, you get the same, or similar enjoyment as if you were to buy a GT2. BMW has it covered as well...when you buy a BMW 3 series, you get a little mini piece of what it would be like to drive an M3. Even Lexus has it covered...buying an ES300, you get a little taste of the luxury to be had with an LS430. However, Mercedes has their top of the line product too far out of reach, and their available product lacks all similarity to the good stuff. But it sells because the Mercedes name is/was at the top of their game.

    That is why I, and many others, do not get excited about a new Mercedes supercar coming out. There is not one single remote chance that we will ever experience anything like it...desipite what the clever copywriters conjure up.

    I think it is fun to dream about cars. However my dreams have shifted. Instead of dreaming about McLaren F1s, Porsche Turbo S's, Ferarri 550s, and Aston Martin Vantages...I have decided to dream about having a well paying job with a loving family, and a house that I own, with a nice, $14,000 Dodge Razor to drive to the track on weekends...with my son in the passenger seat, observing everything I do so when it is his turn, he can make the same run.

    So, call again when they decide to put a 250 horsepower engine in the C230 coupe...and still keep it less than 30 grand. Thats the stuff that gets me excited, and somehow I feel that many enthusiasts feel the same way.
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I do partly agree;I'm not really interested in talk of very high powered S-classes. The only one I'd really consider is the S430. And even this one is not as decontented as I'd like. The Command system,for example,is a $2,000 option on the lesser cars. I really wish they would make this an option across the board,as I think it utterly useless.
    the S Class is a car I admire greatly,but I find the AMG version too boy-racerish,and the 12 cylinder just too needless.
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    I do not agree with you that non-top-of-the-line MBs are not exciting. Let Mercedes be Mercedes, and BMw be BMW. If I wanted to drive a 3 series, I will buy the BMW and not look into the C-Class. The people who buy the C Class do it for the design, as well as for the hevy feel (read stability) in the road. The SLK in my opinion does not want to copy the Z3 (didn't they come at roughly the same time?!!), let alone the SL500.
    I admit that I would rather buy a 3 series before a C-Class, but that is me. Not all people looking for a compact sedan are looking to do what I would into a 3 series, that is drive it sportly.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    I agree! except for the 3 before C part. For me it's C before 3. For me It's about "as well as for the hevy feel (read stability) in the road" and quiet refined ride. Drove a C320 yesterday. What a nice car except it had 25000 miles and the goodyear eagles made a lot fo noise and the bushings squeeked.
  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    MB has released the press info on the 2003 S and documented the changes/modifications. There really isn't all that much except for engines and 4-matic. Interior looks the same and exterior changes are hardly noticable. Worth checking out though
  • v12powerv12power Posts: 174
    I guess I am fortunate, I am able to buy the top of the line cars. I have an '01 S600, the wimpy 362 hp version, and a '98 750iL. These are truely worth the money if you can swing it. The S600 is a true marvel. My wife and I just completed a 3000 mile driving trip to Colorado and back in the 600. The command system is very useful, no need for maps with the nav system. In addition it finds hotels and provides phone numbers etc. The features, like a turn signal the flashes three times with one touch, become hard to live without. The power is intoxicating, the active suspension is amazing. I was cornering at insane speeds on mountain roads in this car. The look, the feel, the features, the performance are the standard of the world.

    As a side note, I ran across a Mc Laren F1 near Telluride. It was silver with NY plates. He passed us going the other way, then must have turned around because he came up behind me shortly thereafter. We were on a pass road between Placerville and Ridgeway, I selected "sport" and picked up the pace. I was no match for the F1 but, we had a VERY good time. It is a bizzare site to see the driver in the middle of the car! He finally shot past and continued on. Like most of these experiences, we saw the highway patrol right afterwards, I am glad he was in front, and happier still that we had toned it down by then. It was my first sighting of an F1, very cool car!
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    Will you get the new S 600? Yours is hardly "wimpy", but those extra 138 hp. should make for a huge difference.

    Myself, I will be glad to get a 2001?2002 used S600 a few years down the line, hopefully with sport package. By then, some depreciation will be dialed in.
  • lovenavylovenavy Posts: 15
    anyone in los angeles know any fine mb dealerships
    i can purchase a S500 from.
  • v12powerv12power Posts: 174
    I was, of course, joking about the wimpy part. That is another thing I cannot imagine, letting such powerful machine loose on the streets. BMW, MB and Dodge are all coming out with 500 hp cars. That is really nuts if you think about it.

    My 600 goes 0-60 in about 5.5 seconds, that is seriously fast for any car let alone one of its size. It already wears fixed caliper Brembo brakes grabbing cross drilled rotors. This is serious stuff for a sedan. I personally think it would be irresponsible to sell a 500hp car to someone without some high speed driving instruction under their belt.

    I honestly don't know if I will follow the trend up and buy the newer versions. They are spectacular but, I am tempted to simplify. I would be tempted by a V8 mid size from BMW or MB. Maybe even a wild RS6 Audi would do. The honest truth about these cars is that they require more service than I care to keep up with. As they get more complex and powerful I suspect the maint headaces to continue.
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