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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    This is unbelievable. They should be tripping over themselves to make happy given what you paid for that car.
  • twatkins2twatkins2 Posts: 2
    Just picked up my new S500 WOW what a car (toy)
    looking for some new rims any suggestions or prices
  • airmaticairmatic Posts: 54
    Yesterday afternoon, I received a call from the SD dealership, saying the car is ready and that simply the tire had to be realigned. However, I contacted my usual technician at MB of Laguna Niguel, and he told me that was completely B-S. He said that probably one of the five bolts on the wheel was loose, and that they just wanted to cover up their own mistakes. I am certainly never going to service nor purchase another MB there again, as their service is by far the rudest and their technicians are certainly the least-trained. For those living in S. Cal, I certainly recommend Mercedes Benz of Laguna Niguel. Although I drive an hour from San Diego just to service and purchase a car there, the drive is certainly worth it. At least I get treated there with respect, like I have always been treated with Lexus.

    I have not sent a formal letter yet to Mercedes-Benz, USA. I plan on doing so within a week. However, today, while calling MB of Laguna Niguel, I talked to my saleswoman, where she was offering me roughly $1000 off invoice on a new 2003 S430, and that she’d give me deep discounts on several options. However, she had to go early, so she would call me back today. I have not yet decided, as I am seriously considering the 2003 BMW 745Li. But then, the 745Li is due for a refresh in several months, and I am afraid that during that time waiting, my S430 will kill me either in an accident or emotionally ;-)
    (also, I am sort of sick and tired of driving behind the wheel of another S430, so I am seriously stuck)

    After she calls today, and I will tell you what she said.

    Halleluiah! Today, I get to pick up my S430 that has been in for serious repairs at least a dozen times.
  • boo20boo20 Posts: 85
    A loose bolt doesn't cause any problems in the short term. I've driven with one bolt missing for months without any problem.
  • leej2leej2 Posts: 7
    Thanks, Airmatic, for a delightful description of what driving an S class is supposed to be all about and such clear descriptions of the problems that you are having. It's a shame though that when you spend 80K+ for a vehicle that you need to have apprehensions about a 400 mile road trip.
    I have to agree that I5 is one of the few places that one can truly appreciate the reasons for having an "S". My wife was making the trip from the Bay Area to L.A. 2-3 times a month in her 02 S430 and, until we started having so many problems with it, the knowledge that she was in this car gave me a great feeling of security. I don't know if you have it but Distronic makes the drive even better. It is one of the few things that work well and it truly makes long trips more pleasant.
    I am getting the feeling though that we are one of the lucky ones with only 14 visits to the shop (typically 2 or 3 day stay) in 20 months of ownership. It's there right now as the shift lever refuses to move. My Service Manager's repeated comment when we are "discussing" the problems that we have had with the car of "At least it has never left her stranded" are no longer valid. My wife is now reluctant to stray too far from home with the car.
    I am also preparing a letter to MB about options for getting rid of the vehicle. Unfortunately, with 51K miles the depreciation (>$40K on a trade in) is really hard to swallow. Our dealer has offered more (unspecified amount) if we trade it in on another "S" but we are apprehensive about owning another and encountering more of the same problems. The problem is after driving an "S" it will be very hard to find something comparable. Looking at a GX470 though.
    Keep us posted.
  • leej2leej2 Posts: 7
    It's nice to hear from someone that is not having major problems and is happy about the service they receive. I wish our dealer was the same.
    We have to drive 20 miles to the dealer and if we don't scream loudly when the car is in for repair they rent us a Ford Escort from the Enterprise office next door.
  • airmaticairmatic Posts: 54
    you are lucky that you got a Ford Escort. MB of San Diego usually gives me a Toyota Carolla. If i complain loudly, i may get a C240, or rarely, an ML320.

    by the way, i got back my S430. it seems to be driving fine. the dealer is insisting that it was the wheel-balance was off. however, one of the technicians secretely told me that perhaps, the car auto-shutted off, when it thought I was hatting the red-line on RPM (i wasn't ever near it, though). or that the emergency brake activated (i have heard of similar reports of this while driving at high speeds at

    MB of Laguna niguel is offering $69,120 for a base- 2003 new S430. as for the trade in value of my car, it's $51,000. (well, it has about 31,000 miles and is a year old, but its really in excellent condition...)
  • airmaticairmatic Posts: 54
    just a quick question-
    have any of you guys purchased a new mercedes at Fletcher Jones Mercedes in newport beach, california? i drove there today, and decided to investigate the prices of a new S430 there, and the salesman refused to disclose the price after discounts, nor are they willing to discuss any discounts. they said that they will inform me of their price when the actual vehicle comes in to the dealership from port or whatever. i stormed out. has this ever happened to you?
  • brokawbrokaw Posts: 2
    I'm considering buying a 2000 S500. When will the new body style be released? Also, the car is coming off a friend's lease. Any suggestions as to whether to contact Mercedes to lease this pre-ownwd or whether to go straight to a bank to finance a purchase or lease?


  • sbhatia2sbhatia2 Posts: 2
    I need to buy CD#1 (CA and NV). The dealer has the 7/2002 release. Is there a 7/03 release due out shortly? I know the 01 and 02 releases here made in July.

    Should I wait or is there no big difference year to year?

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I'll boldly predict that the next S-Class will be presented at either the 2005 Geneva (March) or Franfurt (Sept) shows. Eithe way we'll get it in 2005 as either a 05' or early 06' model.

  • airmaticairmatic Posts: 54
    I just rented the movie “bad company” with Chris Rock and Anthony Hopkins in it. It features a fantastic car scene chase, with of course, a 2000 black-opal (I believe) S-Class (I can’t tell what kind… looks like a European version, because of license plate, but wheels look like US version). At the beginning, the car looks beautiful, but by the end of the chase, its ready to be junked. It’s a pretty good movie, though kind of confusing for me at first…

    By the way- I finally got back my S. I’ll probably keep it until the new S-Class comes out, or when the refreshed 745Li arrives.
  • twatkins2twatkins2 Posts: 2
    any info on after market extanded warrantee compared to mercedes benz warranty
  • ssinwellssinwell Posts: 14
    I heard that Shell offers a 93 octane (read this in the Toyota townhall chat). Up to now I have used only Unocal or Mobil etc, which have 91 octane only.

    If true (i.e, that Shell offers this) that using the 93 octane would be beneficial for the engine? I'm not concerned about MPG or cost, but merely what is best to use...
  • johnnyboy4johnnyboy4 Posts: 10
    Would seem like that engine is gone.

    You may say that then Mercedes would be ridicoulously expensive. A 7-speed, and the 350 engine would make the car similar to the current S430 performance wise and could be cheaper by maybe 5k. 500 could drop in pirce as well or pump up in number of features. Would be strange to keep around the 430 just for one car. Not really smart considering cost.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    That very same question was raised when the CLK430, E430 and ML430 were all replaced by 5.0L cars, but Mercedes is sticking by the S430 and it does get the 7 sp trans this fall also. I seriously doubt we're getting the S350 for 2004, but anything is possible. Mercedes was still using the 4.3L V8 for the CLK430 Cabriolet up until this spring, and the 4.3 does come down the same assembly line as the 5.0L motor so it's really not expensive to keep it around until the all new engines arrive in 2005.

  • boo20boo20 Posts: 85
    What new engines? I was going to get an S this fall. Are these 'new engines' something worth waiting for?
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well there has been a lot of talk about the next generation of direct injection engines, CAR magazine has a good writeup about them. I believe it's the August issue. The S-Class isn't scheduled to get any new engines until it's redesigned sometime in 2005. The SLK, which should debut either Jan or March of 04' and the CLE should carry the new engines first. There are no official details yet.

  • johnnyboy4johnnyboy4 Posts: 10
    Both have nice torque especially the 500 but if you look at their RPM figures they could jump up a bit maybe giving 10 more hp to the 430 and 15 to the 500. One other thing that is strange for me. Why did the figures on the 430 keep going down every year. Even if they are three valve these engines should still be more efficient than let's a 6400 rpm Q45 engine geared toward power.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    The "430" models have always had the same power rating of 275hp and 295lb-ft of torque, only the ML had different ratings. When did they go down?

  • johnnyboy4johnnyboy4 Posts: 10
    I remember the original in 2000 being something like 17-24.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Oh that, well the S430 has gained weight since 2000. Most cars gain a few pounds during their production run due to added features, safety equipment etc.

  • l125l125 Posts: 1
    Any one here about rebates on the S Class in August? Are dealers sitting with abundant inventory which may force action action by Mercedes to help make way for the 04's coming in September? Ready to lease but if I can save a few bucks along the the way I would be happy to wait the week out.
  • karkeskarkes Posts: 1
    Anybody have the VP or SVP contact info at MB USA for customer service. My 2000 S430 has been in for A/C problems 6 times, COMAND center problems 4 times, system problems (brakes, engine, etc.) 5 times and misc junk another 3. All I want is a swap for a car with a better repair history, nothing new, just even swap. Nope, they won't do it. They say that's what the warranty is for, to fix the problems. Well they aren't the one in the shop every other month.
  • boo20boo20 Posts: 85
    That's not what the warantee is for. That's what lemon laws are for. Depending on the state in which you live an unsucessful attempt to repair a major component after three tries triggers the lemon law. I believe that attornys take these cases on consignment and get paid by the manufacturer if you win.
  • jawdocjawdoc Posts: 6
    We're considering a 4matic '04 S500. Anyone out there having any luck with reliability in late model S class vehicles. I have an E320 4matic wagon ('99) and it has been very disappointing.
  • jawdocjawdoc Posts: 6

    Sounds like a really good deal. Good luck.
  • mb1raymb1ray Posts: 3
    I am not going to get an S class, I'm just passing on this good deal!
  • jawdocjawdoc Posts: 6
    I appreciate the headsup. Thanks.
  • In response to karkes message #1548, you should be able to get the address/phone number for MB USA from their website. We were able to use the lemon law in Virginia to obtain a new S500. The vehicle had to be owned for 18 months or less and have been in for service 3 times or more for the same type of problem (refer to my messages 1487, 1493 and 1498). Good luck.
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