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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    I'm no techie, but sounds like the sensor in the unit that detects the presence of the magazine is not working. Assuming you are out of warranty, I would take it to an auto sound shop and have them check it out before spending $1200 (hopefully not $1200k as you wrote - that would be $1,200,000!) at the dealer to replace it.

    If it actually needs replacing, you'll find a similar (if not better) head unit available elsewhere for less. In my '98, the MB factory unit was actually made by Alpine (a Japanese company!), and the exact same Alpine unit without the MB symbol on it was available at Circuit City for about half the price.
  • lauren12lauren12 Posts: 4
    Thanks garyh1,
    Yes, I mean $1,200.00! I think you're right that I'll have to try an auto sound shop out there instead of MB. There seem to be so many auto sound/stereo shops out there that I'm not sure which one to trust. If I walk in Circuit City or BestBuys, do you think those sales guys know enough to know which cd unit would work with my MB? So in your MB, you purchased the unit from Circuit City and an auto sound shop install it for you for a reasonable charge??
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    CC or BB should be able to look up and install a compatible replacement unit, but I don't think they would necessarily be the best places to check out your current unit.

    Actually, in my case the MB dealer ran out of MB-branded units and installed an Alpine unit. I didn't discover it until months after I had bought the car. I then checked out at CC the same unit the dealer had put in, and it was about half the price that MB was asking.

    But I did buy a replacement car stereo at CC for another MB car I had (an old E320 wagon that we passed on to my daughter), and they installed it without any problem.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I will be looking soon to replace my Audi A8L W-12. I'm interested in the S63/65 AMG's, which are the more appealing models to me. I owned an '05 (W220) S65 AMG that was a blast to drive, and I'm hoping to collect some of that experience again.

    I had a brief interaction with an S600 on yesterday at the local MB dealer. The car was really amazing and better than I thought. I drove an S550 for a whole day about 2 months ago and really liked the dynamics of the car. While not quite as planted as my previous 760iL or even the S65, it adapted to the road really well. The only hold out for me would probably be that the interior isn't quite up to Audi's standard. No huge biggie, but I wish they would've spent more time on interior refinement, which was once a MB strong point.

    Which brings me to my point. Have any of you fellas drove or bought either of the AMG variants yet, or even an S550? I'm really leaning towards the S63 as 503-hp is quite enough for this car.

    I've narrowed my choices to the S63, the upcoming LS460L(depending on suspension refinements), Maserati Q-P. So any help would be appreciated.
  • lauren12lauren12 Posts: 4
    Thanks garyh1 for your thoughts on this topic. I will try both BB or CC and the local sound stereo shops to see which one can fix it for the best price. I will let you know when its fixed, hopefully soon so I don't have to change the radio stations every 3 minutes while I'm driving!

    I know someone else with a 1999 E320, which has the same 'no magazine' error as my MB. They didn't get it fix either as they think its too costly from dealership quotes.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    If MSRP is 87K for a barebones S Class (Option Package II is apparently not available and Option Package III seems aimed at the AARP crowd--I mean if I have trouble looking in the mirror or need a massage I'll go to a gymn) what would be a good transaction price in late summer? The AWD option is apparently going to cost 4K this summer when it becomes available. My local dealer tells me he is already taking names and assigning numbers (why do these German car dealers sometimes come across like my old first sergeant?). What would be a reasonable deposit, if any, to get in his AWD queue? I'm in no rush as long as I can get into one before the snow flies this year. Do you think I could get the AWD for free by then as the early adopters will have already bought their cars? Would I be shooting myself in the foot with a very complicated machine if I picked up the S Class of my choice at a distant dealer and just drove the thing home over Thanksgiving?
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    This is a bit slow Tony
  • s430amgs430amg Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 S430 AMG and I just received a message that the brake lining is wearing visit shop -

    A couple of questions -

    Is it recomended that I take it to the Mercedes Benz shop to get replacement pads or can I go to a shop that specializes in foreign cars?

    Does the AMG make a difference when replacing brakes?

    Will the signal go off if I take it somewhere other than Mercedes?

    The Mercedes shop quoted $250 while other shops are in the $150 range - is that right?

    If I take it to somewhere other than Mercedes what should I ask the shop -

    please respond

    Also I was planning on going out of town MD- NY and Mercedes can't get me in before, would it be okay to drive and get fixed upon return? Light came on two days ago.


  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Sorry for the neglect of this thread, I didn't have it on my tracking list.

    Well it was Chrysler and Daimler-Benz that merged back in 1998. I at the time needed medical attention upon reading about it, but have since recovered. ;)

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Good to see you've posted here also.

    I assume the more recent decision to get the Audi S8 means all of this has been decided already???

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Well there is no data on the new S-Class so far as reliability is concerned, but if you look around on some other MB mesg boards you'll find a shocking lack of complaints about the car. I have the feeling that the new S is the most reliable Benz in at least the last 10-12 years. I doubt you'll be able to get 4Matic for free considering how the S550 will still seemingly be the only car besides the A8 to offer AWD in this segment. I don't think you have anything to worry about with the new S.

  • cardwancardwan Posts: 2
    Any idea the difference in the heat reduction using the above option? Worth the money to buy this option if this is not a standard in the MB car?
    I suppose that the laminated glass should be more safe and more sound-proof.

    Any comment?
  • djt21djt21 Posts: 13
    I have an S500 4matic with stock 17" wheels. The car had great traction last winter with the stock 17's and Michelin MXV4 all seasons. For aesthetic reasons I want to go up to an 18" wheel. Will I get as good or similar snow traction with an 18" wheel and all season tire as I am now with the factory 17" setup. I'll typically be driving through 4-5 inches of snow per storm. (I'm not willing to do the winter/summer changeover every 6 months).
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Maybe someone would be kind enough to give their impression of the new S Thanks Tony
  • corim3corim3 Posts: 3
    i love my car but hate the single wiper, can anyone recommend a new wiper blade/arm setup that will wipe clean and not smear? also in winter, i get a lot of snow/ice load up on the blade which is dangerious. thanks for any help roger
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Got my first chance to check out the new Mercedes today...I thouht it to look quite spectacular, and was surprised that the front fender flares and rear looked fine, and set the car of in a special way....I guess I am addressing this to Merc , and am surprised and dissapointed no owners or the new s post their experiences on this board Tony
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    If you come up with a superior wiper blade==please let me know the brand Tahnks Tony
  • I agree we need to get some 2007 S550 owners to post - come on! I know there's a few of you lurking out there...hahaha.
    Just picked up my 2007 Mercedes S550 yesterday and spent most of the day testing it out on the highways of northern New Jersey and I am impressed and totally satisfied after the initial day and 150 miles. I Got the andorite grey with black interior with premium package they all seem to come with, that's the keyless go and ventilated seats among other things. Also got the night assist, which throws up a crisp and clear infrared image, i tried it out and it's cool, but without fog or some other more stressful situation it was easier to just look out the window 100% of the time. Anyway, took advantage of the 73% residual for 27 months, which is now 72% I think, and also got about $3000 off MSRP ( not a lot off because it had the "rare" night assist option which i wanted).
    I decided to go with RWD (rear wheel drive) after researching it versus all wheel drive and found that decent snow tires on a rwd car will perform nearly as well as average tires on all wheel drive in almost all cases. Took a curving, pretty sharp highway turn at 85mph that most cars wobble in doing 50mph - in the S550 it was as smooth as can be - at 85mph! Wow.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Congradulations....I wonder if the night vision would also work if it was raining pretty hard? I have seen a few of the s550 and think they look quite good...Blkhemi has a 600 on order, so i hope more of you owners will post ....Thanks Tony
  • Sounds like you're leasing. If so, would you mind sharing the deal with the residual you mentioned.
    Beautiful car. Enjoy it and please keep us posted as to your experience. What were you driving previously?
  • Sure, it was a 27 month lease, 73% residual, .0039 money factor(about 9.36%, very high, yes) and 10k miles per year. MSRP was 95.7k, including a 1k gas guzzler tax, and I got approx. a 3k discount off the MSRP, brought 6k to the table, about 1k of that 6k went to bank/registration/document fees, and I ended up with a monthly payment of 1450 a month including taxes. I also get clipped with a 595.00 return the car fee at the end of the lease which i failed to catch during the negotiations. I will pay for two oil changes and a front brake pad change at 20,000 miles, but should not get to the 30k rear brake pad change. I estimate all in money for the 27 months, taxes, doc/bank fees, return car fee and not including maintenance to be about 45k.
  • Thanks, after you get some miles on it, I'd love to hear your review. I'm drooling over that car.
  • For the S550, my dealership is suddenly offering $1,000 over invoice and buy rate (currently 00375)for a lease. This seems to be a good deal...? Dealer claims it's just because times are tough, but does anyone know if something different is planned for the 08 model years? Does this sound like a good deal? They didn't tell me about the 27 month 72% residual...
  • $1000 over invoice sounds like a good deal to me. There might be new dealer incentives or the dealer might be moving his RWD stock ahead of the arrival of the 4matics...who knows, but I hope they have a color and option package you like. The .00375 money factor is still very high - about 9%, but combine that with a relatively high residual, like the 27 month 72% residual and it all "averages out". Expect the high residuals to reduce by about 1% a month over time. The money factor is the wild card over time, but with rates falling over the last week or so, maybe they will lower that high money factor. As for the '08, I asked about model changes before I finalized my '07 S550 lease and I was told no major changes over the next few years.

    Be aware there seems, in my opinion, to be a large stock of RWD(rear wheel drive) '07's all around the country - I called several large dealers around the country and they all had plenty to choose from, and with the 4matics out in a few months you can count on dealers wanting to move a few at a decent level. Keep us posted!
  • As you weighed out your financing options, what were your thoughts about buying? Did the 73% residual look to be a lease subsidy? Did you have to lease with MB -and tolerate the high money factor--to get that residual?
  • I've ordered a 2007 S550 4Matic and have yet to see a price. The dealer is knocking $2500 off list. Anybody know when the first ones are coming off the line? Certainly, they'll have released the pricing by then! Does the 4Matic come with the 7-speed transmission? I'm also told that the 2007 won't have the hump in the passenger footwell that my 2003 S430 4Matic has - true?
  • mikes -- thanks for the input. Is the performance expected to be that different between the RWD and the 4-matics? On the money factor, I thought 9% high also, but if I go to US Bank or elsewhere, the money factor is better but they also lower the residual... My dealer hasn't told me about the 27 month 72% residual -- that sounds like a good one.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Does the 4Matic come with the 7-speed transmission?


    I'm also told that the 2007 won't have the hump in the passenger footwell that my 2003 S430 4Matic has - true?

    True, the new S-Class was engineered from the ground up for 4Matic and the 4Matic system is also brand new and more compact compared to the version in use on every other current Mercedes.

  • Be careful with the high residuals. Make sure you really want that car! The US Bank MF is .00265 with a residual of 48% on 36 months, they do not offer a 24 or 27 month lease. The payment is $200 higher but if you need to get out of the vehicle early or you want to buy or acquire it at the end of the lease term, you will be $8,000 upside down. The 27 month residual is $9,000 lower than the current auction value of the S550 as of today. Once MBZ takes care of the component problems they are having with the Sports the bottom is going to drop out of the base vehicles. We have an 07 S550 with 17K miles that we own for 70K. I have dealers that are selling the base vehicle at 500 under invoice.
  • Buying crossed my mind, but I was not ready to drop over 90k in cash to buy the car outright, and in my mind, even without doing all the math, the lease deal appeared subsidized enough to make leasing the way for me to go and honestly my motivation was really to get a state of the art car for a year or two and then flip into the next newest state of the art car. Ideally if I could have gotten away with a "good deal" on a one year lease I would have done that, but no one offers what anybody would call a reasonable one year lease. With my lease at the end of 27 months I'm out around 44k all in, including all taxes, for a car with a negotiated price of around 93k. So let's say I had the sack to drop 93k in cash on the car and bought it outright - doing the basic math, and using the 7% tax rate here in NJ, that's 93k plus 6.5k in taxes: 99.5k all in - now, let's say 27 months passes and I sell the car, and here's where we have to be realistic - I just checked '05 S500's on ebay and there's about 15 of them and not one is bid over 55k and that bid is for an '05 with 10,000 miles on it with an original MSRP between 85k and 90k, so in my mind the real value of these cars after 27 months is around 65% of the original MSRP at best and more than likely lower(high 50%'s to low 60%'s) once you put 20k-40k miles on the car, but for arguments sake let's use 65%. So say I paid 93k cash for the car (MSRP close to 96k) and using 65% of the original MSRP I get a car worth 62.4k after 27 months, which means I'm out 30.6k (93k-62.4k) PLUS taxes 6.5k(7% NJ state tax on the purchase price of 93k) for a grand total of 37.5k I'm out all in if I sell the car for 62.4k after 27 months - so in this case it beats the lease by about 7k...hmmm. But other things to consider...change the 65% to 58% and you now have a car worth 55.7k after 27 months and that brings your all in costs up to 43.8k, about the same as the lease! Let's face it, nobody knows what the car will actually be worth 27 months from now, could be 68% of msrp, could be 58%, and I'm leaving out the money made by investing most of the 93k instead of spending it on a depreciating asset which is thousands of dollars over 27 months at current short term rates, but in my mind by leasing I took out all the WORRY about depreciation and the HASSLE of selling a used car and MIGHT have gotten a good deal to boot - to be determined 27 months from now when a 96k MSRP '07 S550 with 22k miles goes on Ebay!
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