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Mazda MPV



  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    While the MPV is small in stature, it carries a big stick.
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  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    I have a homelink system in my Jeep. It's not a monthly service, but you do have to spend some time setting it up at first. It works kinda like a learning remote control--for your garage door.
  • mnthomasmnthomas Posts: 1
    Hi folks! Your discussions helped us pick out our '03 MPV LX. It's great! I've been trying to find out about Mazda factory daytime running lights. I've seen internet postings at concerning the Mazda DRL module and how to install it on a Miata. My local dealer (Minnesota) can get the part for our MPV, but doesn't guarantee I have the right wiring harness to install. Has anyone out there done this? I'm looking for instructions. I'm trying to do this myself, as it's been described as a pretty simple change.
  • acedriveracedriver Posts: 131
    Well, I got the best of both worlds when we got our Passat a couple of years back with the Tiptronic tranny : Auto when you don't want to, Manual when you want to. Two notches, no clutch, no waiting. Row your own gears and rest your legs :-)

    Well, if there is no floor mounted shifter, where do I keep my right hand while driving ?? Ummm .. let's see on the steering for 10 o'clock, 2 o'clock position ?? Naah! That's just for winter driving !! So, I will think about resting my hand on MPV's shifter and see how it flies with me.

    Funny: I have not taken a test drive yet :-)
  • tomj5tomj5 Posts: 209
    Our MPV arrived yesterday. Shipping time was 11 weeks to the day. Very impressed with dealer service.
    Here are my first impressions at 6.5 miles on the ODO:
    1. The front end is heavy, but the suspension is very good. It handles intersection dips easily.
    2. There is a very slight "rumble" feel in the steering. Most would not notice it.
    3. There is no "cushion" in the Dunlop tires. They feel like hard plastic. (35lbs) The Dunlops will be replaced with Michelins.
    4.Engine power is excellent. Smooth throttle response. I feel like I could "burn" rubber if I wished.
    5. Tranny shifts smooth as butter in all gears.
    6. Basic radio works good. The shifter doesn't interfere with radio. Note: this is not a "music" radio. Speakers are not good quality, but ok for my talk shows and news. The controls work great and very handy.
    7. The LX seat covers are not good. We are having the front seats redone in leather.
    8. The hitch is a neat installation. There is a "logic" box with independent power and sensors to the car lights. The trailer lights cannot "knock out" the car lights. Order this from the factory. It would be extremely difficult to add later.
    9. The dealer pointed out a danger with the rear seat. Do not put your fingers in the "loops" that are the retract controls. You could break your arm if the seat slams down with your fingers caught.
    Childern should never retract the seat.
    10. The side doors slide easily and the safety locks work great.
    11. I love the dash controls and gauges and speedo are easy to see at night.
    12. The ac will freeze you on high. It is 100 degrees here.
    13. The 4 seasons rear air/heat works great.
    14. The auto rearview mirror is great. It draws power from the car. Order it with the car. It would be hard to add later.
    Overall impression: I LOVE IT!!!!. This is my ninth new car and it is the best!!!
    More info will be forth coming...
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    when discussing re-sale value it is important to look at purchase costs... If something has a big incentive (i.e. $2000 rebate) the resale value will reflect that. If a car is selling at MSRP it will reflect it also, with a higher resale value. But, the important number is "cost of ownership" year ago joe blow buys a 2002 MPV-LX for $19,999 (which was a common LX price with rebates/incentives) he drives it 12,000 miles and wants to trade it. Auction value on this van right now is $14,000. The cost to the customer to drive the MPV was $6000.

    A 2002 Oddy-lx was around 25K with no discounts and a long wait a year ago. The same unit is selling at the auctions around here at $19,000. The cost to the customer to drive the ody is apx $6000...same as the MPV

    So values alone don't tell the whole story!!!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Great post.

    I do worry about Joe's uncle who bought a car the week before a $2,000 incentive kicked in. His TCO just took a hit.

    Steve, Host
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    Do you mean yours came in 11 weeks after you ordered it? I hope you don't mean it took 11 weeks for them to ship it here after it was built.

    I contacted my salesman yesterday about our MPV. It was originally scheduled for an early May build date, and as of yesterday, it still hadn't been built. The delays have started already. The 9-12 weeks I was told it would take to arrive after I ordered it would've made for a late May or early June delivery date. It already looks like that isn't going to happen. I still have a bit of a cushion before I have to turn in my leased vehicle, but that cushion has already started to disappear.
  • edle777edle777 Posts: 19
    Owned it about 2.5 weeks now, got about 1000 miles on it. General impressions:

    - very well put together; no rattles or squeaks, fit and finish are near perfect
    - very good acceleration; more than adequate for the highways
    - very maneouverable; I like what the stiff suspension does for its handling (my friend's Windstar is like driving a boat!)
    - very roomy; more than enough for our family of four
    - very comfy front seats; I esp. like the seat height adjustments
    - love the sliding 2nd row seats
    - love the 3rd row seat; easy as pie to fold down and put back up
    - it's the best looking MV out there!!!
    - tranny not very smooth, esp. at varying city speeds; gear shifts are noticable
    - fuel economy could be better considering its smaller size
    - the passenger side 2nd row seat doesn't slide as close to the door as possible (the driver side seat is closer); this makes the walkthough to the 3rd row narrower
    - uncomfortable 3rd row; too low and hard (but who cares, my family will never be back there, only guests, LOL)
    - a minor point: the shifter blocks some of the HVAC controls

    By no means a complete list of observations, just the things I can think of right this minute.
    Overall, we love it. Definitely should be on the short list of people who don't need the room of an Ody or Sienna.
  • jwtotojwtoto Posts: 11
    Does anyone have these on their MVP? If so do you think that they are worth having. It is an optional item but I've yet to see one so equipped. I'm thinking about getting some from the dealer and installing them.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    the passenger side 2nd row seat doesn't slide as close to the door as possible (the driver side seat is closer); this makes the walkthough to the 3rd row narrower

    This is so the cup holder is still usable. Not saying you are incorrect, but Mazda didn't want your cokes to get squashed.
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    Ok, my '03 LX has 2,500 miles on it. Here's my list.


    -Very well constructed. No rattles or anything. Very solid feeling which I like.
    -The second row seats are extremely comfortable. With 2 kids, I can leave the third row folded down and put it up when needed.
    -Ample room for my 5'2" frame to get through to the back if necessary.
    -Love the moon roof
    -The auto rear sliders work great and have had no complaints on their operation.
    -Tranny shifts like silk. No issues even on hilly back roads.
    -handling is above par and nothing like a traditional minivan. More car like.
    -acceleration is awesome. I'm bound to get a ticket if I'm not careful.
    -tumble under third seat is a very nice feature.
    -Tailgate feature with the third row seat is very handy when at a park etc.
    -Second row seats remove easily and aren't that heavy.
    -Didn't have one single warranty "fix it" at our first service check.
    -I find the fabric on the LX seats to be adequate. I covered mine with seat covers and cut out the area (on the seat cover) for the side air bags and did a little sewing so the seat cover won't tear.
    -love having the big gulp holders in the doors.
    -10 cup holders a plus.
    -Overall fit and finish is excellent on the MPV.
    -Very easy to park in tight spaces.


    -The tires are somewhat lacking and will most likely change them at some point.
    -would like 2 more speakers for the sound system.
    -gear shifter is a bit long and hides the air conditioning button.

    That's all I can think of. Gotta go get the kids from school.

  • kevriakevria Posts: 14
    Yup. We just got them installed last week (I somehow missed them when doing the initial purchase). I always buy mudguards on my vehicles because it:

    A) Help keep the paint behind the tires from chipping
    B) Reduces the rocks that get thrown at the car behind you.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Lsinc... I just read you punny post from yesterday.... I'm still laughing!

    Great point on Resale values, Rich.

  • dwsmhadwsmha Posts: 35
    We got them too, as an option so they look great. My white car has nice tar stripes on it (will never get white again) but our MPV with 2500k on it is still tar free. Gotta love them! We also got shimmering sand color, mainly because it matches the color of dust, which is often on our van. :(
  • tomj5tomj5 Posts: 209
    I ordered in last week of Feb. I got a Vin# April first. This means the car exists. I ordered a hitch. This is installed at Oxnard CA and takes two weeks extra. So it kind of depends on your options on how long it takes. Eleven weeks was right on target for me. The dealer "lost" it for a while but Mazda web site "found" it for me at Oxnard.

    A side note: I took the car up to 100mph 4.5K on tach today. Engine ran great and very quite with power left over. I could have "pegged" it (120) easily. The suspension gets a little light in cross winds. No vibrations, cockpit was quite. Low wind noise. No rattles. Tranny smooth as butter. Power stops on brakes fantistic. Excellent Brakes. No skip or hop and no drift. Very smooth stop. Steering very positive and road "feel" was ok. The engine temp was stable (air temp 100). Passing power is great. The CD and radio controls on the wheel are great. Cruising at 100 and playing with the radio is easy.
    Don't like the tires they have a bad "feel" to them. Checked with Discount tire. It seems that the MPV has an odd size and type tire. They had to order the Michelins. I got $35/tire trade in on the Dunlops. Discount said that the tire is very hard to sell.
    Like my MPV more and more...
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    Are you sure you bought the right vehicle? I know the MPV is touted as the "zoom zoom" van, but I doubt if it was made for running 100+ mph. It's good to know it'll do it though. Mine will probably never see more than 80.

    My salesman is going to do some checking with the Mazda folks to see if he can find out what's going on with our MPV. Hopefully it will get built here pretty soon.
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    Hey, got to be punny once in a while! Glad I made you laugh. They say laughter is healthy! =o )
  • tomj5tomj5 Posts: 209
    Oh yeah, no doubt, it is a MPV. It criused at 100 no problem. The wind got up otherwise I would have "pegged it". It was stable, but cross winds raised the "pucker factor". I have driven so called " hot cars" that would not do what the MPV will do.
    I am rethinking the tires. I can find no reason after cruising over 100 for 5 miles to change the tires. Yes they have an odd feel to them but I can get used to it. I have never experienced any vibration with them. There was a slight "rumble" at 40 PSI. I lowered the pressure to 35 and it went away. Plus no sulfur smells.
    The MPV is more of a ZOOM ZOOM machine than people think. If it is breakable, I want to break it before 12K miles. With tighter suspension this baby would out run anybody.. It is a great cross country machine. Look out 18 wheelers you will eat my dust..
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    Ok, I don't think I will go out and try that tomorrow but......I was coming home today on the highway and was driving along with the moonroof opened, blasting the tunes (kids were in school) and before I new it I was cruising along at 85 MPH!! For me, that's like WOW! (Ok, I don't get out much!) Anyway, I didn't even realize how fast I was going. I didn't slow down either! My MPV just wanted to move and it was FUN! I just love the way this van handles and moves along!


    P.S. The 18 Wheeler comment had me laughing! All I could think of was a basketball court where all of the players are over 6' tall. Along comes the 5'11" guy/girl out maneuvering, out running and basically stealing the court! Bigger isn't always better! I'm 5'2", I should know! :)
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    Forgot to say "Congratulations" on finally getting your new MPV! Have fun!


  • eddie777eddie777 Posts: 33
    Maltb, I guess it makes sense for the seat not to slide all the way over so you don't squish the cupholders. But since you mentioned it, I don't like that they put two on the passenger side and none on the driver side. Oh well, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a couple $4 holders and they fit very nicely over the outer armrests. Easier for the kids to reach too.

    Mudguards - love them. Reduce mud, snow, rocks from hitting the car body. On my old car that didn't have them, in the winter I hated having to always kick the 10 pounds of snow that stuck all along the side of the car. I think all that snow contributed to that car rusting faster too.

    Acceleration - I think this van has plenty of zoom, zoom. I was surprised how easily and casually I got up to 70 or 80. When cruising at 80, I felt like I was going 50.

    Excellent brakes. Nuff said.

    I'm surprised some people don't like the Dunlop tires. Mine are the SP40 and the Dunlop site says their best feature is a quiet ride. I find the ride quiet. Having said that, given a choice I would always take Michelins over anything else. 40 psi seems high, mine are recommended at 35.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I hear you about how effortlessly it will do 100. One evening I was taking my 15 y/o nephew 12/13 y/o nieces home after babysitting for us. On the 3 miles of freeway between mine and my sisters, I got up near 110 and motioned to my nephew (sitting in the front) to look at the speedo. He looked at me in shock. So when I dropped them off he said something to my sister and she turned to her girls, "were you going 110?" their response was "no, not even". My nephew was left high and dry...hehehe. It really feels like you are still doing 80.
  • tomj5tomj5 Posts: 209
    One reason to do a high speed run is to raise oil and coolent pressure and temp so any leaks will show up. Not a drop or any sign of leakage. I am very impressed with the car and engine. The engine is really smooth for a V6. I got underneath tonight and was impressed with the "I beam" rear suspension. The gas tank is in the middle and protected from rear enders. Lots of hoses and wires underneath. Must be the 4 seasons stuff. But well protected. Nice bash plate under the engine. Although the drive boots kind of out in the open. Got to watch out for road junk.
    Neat hitch installation. Added armor for rear enders.
  • jwtotojwtoto Posts: 11
    More advice from the initiated requested: Has anyone ever found a product or procedure to remove hard water spots from auto glass? Evidently hard water was allowed to dry on the windshield sometime in my MPV's past and left these ghost spots that show up in bright sunlight at the correct angle. Any help would be appreciated.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Just a guess, but I'd avoid getting it on the paint or metal that surrounds the affected area.
  • jwtotojwtoto Posts: 11
    How do California car prices compare to other State's prices? I assume that the smog restrictions would add something extra to California cars.
  • glideslopesglideslopes Posts: 431
    We have had no issues with the SP 40's on our 02 LX. We have 11,000 miles. They have been great so far.

  • eddie777eddie777 Posts: 33
    For the record, I'm fine with the Dunlop SP40's, but there were some other people making comments about not liking the tires and trading them for something else. Glad to hear you've been happy with them so far. I'm not about to trade them in unless something goes seriously wrong with them.
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    Yes, in order to replace the stock speakers you have to remove the door panels. You also have to remove the rear panels to access and replace the rear speakers. There are sites dedicated to the MPV that have in depth details of how to replace the speakers . . . along with some good recommendations on the type of speakers to get.
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