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Mazda MPV



  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    My salesman sent me an email today to tell me our van was built on 5/15/03. I asked him what the shipping time will be and he said it generally takes 5-7 weeks to get here once it's been built. I was thinking the shipping time was only about 2 weeks. Why would it take so long to ship it here, or is my salesman just pulling my leg? It doesn't seem like it should take that long to get here.
  • tomj5tomj5 Posts: 209
    Get the VIN # of your car. That is proof that it is built. Then go to the Mazda web site and email them asking where the car is include the VIN#. If sales can't get the VIN# then they are blowing smoke up you know where.. I did that and Mazda found the car at Oxnard having stuff installed on it (extra 2 weeks). It took 11 weeks to get my car...
    I love it... When the word gets out these cars are going to be hard to get...
    I have always believed that the cars built in the model year spring time are the best cars.. Problems have shown up by then and they are fixed at the time. Never buy the first models of the year... Those cars are for the guinea pigs....
    Hang in there you will get it...
  • saber86saber86 Posts: 128
    just curious. there are lot of mpv sitting on dealers lot right now. why are you special ordering a mpv?
  • mazda_guymazda_guy Posts: 183
    Rutger, your theory of poor MPV resale value seems to be going down to drain

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Per's list, the MPV is closer to the worst on the list than the best. The Ody and Sienna (the old design, not the new '04 model) are tops at 51% and 52%, the MPV is at 60%, and all the rest are at 63-64%. That's a big jump from the Sienna to the MPV. Still, these numbers are only part of the story. Acquisition cost is important, and the MPV shines there. Also, it's really a different kind of van than the Ody and the new Sienna. It is the best small-wheelbase minivan out there.
  • My MPV's TMV was $24514. Therefore, in 5 years, according to Edmunds, my MPV will be worth $9864 (24514-$14649.57 (24514 x .5976)). I paid $22175 which is $4435 below MSRP and is typical of what others are getting with invoice pricing and $2000 rebates. Therefore my depreciation would be 1-($9864/$22175) = 55.52% over 5 years. Still not as good as the Ody or Sienna but it more accurately reflects the reality for many recent MPV buyers.
    Another way to look at it is I lost $12,311 in value in 5 years. If I had bought a Ody LX for the TMV of $24212 (zip code 36106) its value would be $11842.44 (24212-12369.56) (24212 x .5067)) in 5 years. I would have lost $12369.56. So I saved $58.56 and got more options and a little less room.
    I had no idea how this would work out when I started typing but now that I calculated it all out, I feel even happier with my MPV purchase.
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    I think too that the MPV can be called a "true mini". The other vans really aren't mini at all. I feel that the other vans, i.e. Ody and Sienna, Windstar, Grand Caravan/T&C, GM's and now the upcoming Quest are really trying to be in league with SUV's i.e. the Chevy Tahoe, Ford Expedition etc. Some of them even offer AWD as an option. I'm not saying it's bad, just that it's the league I think they are trying to enter. Oh, another good example would be the Montana. It will have a whole new look and they are aiming at it not looking anything like a van.

    The price of the MPV is also decent. I'm happy I bought one based on the numbers!

  • tomj5tomj5 Posts: 209
    Plus the MPV is pretty....My 03 MPV is a coastal blue color that changes to silver at night and alternates between sea green and blue in the day.... LOVE it...
    Lots of people are asking about the MPV. They want to know where we got it..
    Hondas and Toys are ugly and the dealers are snotty. (my biased opinion). LOL

  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    A few points: On resale,how did the VW Eurovan come in third ahead of the MPV or anything else? You walk into a dealer with a trade in, one is an MPV, the other an ODY. If you are the dealer which one do you want? If you're a Mazda Dealer which do you want?
     Tires: I have the original Dunlop SP40's on my 01 LX, 31k miles,need to replace (probably go with BF Goodrich Control T/A), and have always rotated and kept proper inflation. They were fair,expected more treadlife.
     mileage: The MPV like many other vehicles should and could get better mileage if the Mfg's were put under more pressure. The technology exists today to increase the mileage dramatically but the auto/oil industry and the Bush administration stand to lose too much. Even so, I am disappointed with Mazda/Ford for not doing more to improve mileage on a van which is one of the smallest and has one of the 'weaker'engines. On our 01 you would think with the 2.5 engine would be better on gas; one reason it wasn't is because the hp/weight ratio was too low.
  • eddie777eddie777 Posts: 33
    I have a coastal blue MPV also. It really is a gorgeous color. Everyone has commented on it. My neighbor claims he had the exact same color on his 65 Barracuda (but I doubt his memory is that good).
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Re: Resale... In that case, I still don't know why you don't cut your losses and buy a Honda then.

    Lsinc, good points. AWD is becoming mainstream in vehicles as a bonafide safety feature (imo), and soon it'll be as common as side impact airbags as an option.

    The size increase of 'mini'-vans leads to higher inertia in a crash, and that energy has to go somewhere... either to the occupants of one vehicle or another, and it would be selfish to hope it was 'the other guy' getting crunched in the crash w/ a heavy minivan/SUV wannabe... 4500lbs Odys, Siennas, Windstars, Voyagers, 5500lbs Sedonas... They *need* bigger motors to haul their heavy keisters around... but now I'm broaching over to an anti-SUV thread ;)
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    rutger3 I have to say you lost me on the trade in thing?

    As far as gas mileage goes, I'm not so sure that the MPV is getting a fair trial! What is good gas mileage for a 3.0 DOCH V6 on a vehicle weighing in at 3,794 lbs.? I'm not unhappy with my average of 20 mpg. around town and my 25 plus mpg on trips.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and please, correct me if I'm wrong. Is there not a difference between a DOHC V6, 24 Valve enigne and a push rod V6?

    I'm confused, the '04 Sienna is also using a DOHC V6 except it's larger and the '04 Sienna is larger and weighs more. So how is it that it's claim is 19/27 mpg? The Sienna is totally new, so how do they know that 19/27 is accurate? Are they basing it off of the old model? What technology is the MPV missing? What is good gas mileage?

    I guess I'm just sick of the MPV being bashed because it's not big and get's "bad" gas mileage. So again, what's good gas mileage?


  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    True AWD is nice. But it can also be dangerous. I'm not trying to bash anything. I think sometimes people purchase AWD for the wrong reasons. Ice is ice and no matter what you are driving you are going to slide. IMO, if you have 4 wheels driving, the slide will be harder to control. I love driving my husbands subaru legacy in the snow (not ice). It pulls along so nicely and I have to admit I feel safer. On that same note, there are people who think they are invinceable when they are in an AWD or 4WD vehicle and will travel at excessive speeds in bad conditions. I'm not bashing SUV's because it's not only SUV's that come with this option.

    While I'm at it, back to the gas mileage. Let's pick on the H2 with it's 10 mpg average and leave the MPV alone. Even my sisters Suburban get's about 12 to 15 mpg. Nobody picks on her car! It must be because it's bigger and nobody wants to tangle with it??? ;o )

  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    it's the only way we could get one optioned the way we wanted it.
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Many people don't know this, but the EPA's testing method is antiquated, and it's actually a simulation. as they don't drive a vehicle on an urban/city route to get their numbers. To derive a vehicle's EPA fuel economy numbers, they test the vehicles indoors on a dynamometer with a test driver accelerating and braking according to a procedure that is computer-monitored for consistency.

    Basically, they roll the car up on these spinning drums, which allow the car's wheels to roll during the testing. The EPA does adjust for the vehicle's weight, cd and rolling resistance... numbers that the manufacturers supply, and they are not independently verified (read: it's in the mfgr's interest to give numbers that favor the vehicle). Highway speeds are simulated at 48mph (a number that they've used for almost 30yrs).

    Here's the most important part: The EPA does not measure how much fuel has actually been liberated from the fuel tank in calculating their figures. They base the figure on a measurement of carbon released during the simulation, I mean test. This derives the EPA fuel rating. This is why they always write "Your Mileage May Vary" on the window sticker.

    Now, since they don't measure direct fuel consumption, which is okay, they area more directly measuring how efficiently the engine is burning the fuel, which sounds like the same thing but isn't. If the Sienna motor has lower internal frictions and the camshafts are tailored more tamely, then it's going to burn less fuel, doing similar work than the MPV and its Duratec motor... but really only slightly. Myself, I think the difference is mainly found in the transmission's gearing, for a more relaxed engine speed during cruising, which will require less fuel... and since the Sienna's motor probably burns more efficiently than the MPV's, it'll release less carbon to be calculated in the EPA's fuel economy calculation.
  • Just to be more accurate in my comparison of the Ody to the MPV when it comes to resale and cost at the end of 5 years. The TMV for a Ody LX is $24,224 (I was in error on my previous email). An MPV equipped closest to match an ODY LX (rear air, 4 season pkg, traction control+side airbags, cassette player) will have a TMV of $23,078, but will cost $20,988 (assumes you get the MPV for $2000 below invoice). So after 5 years the Ody is worth TMV-depreciation or $24224-$12274 = $11,950. The MPV would be $23078-$13971 = $9287. Therefore a 5 year Ody would be worth $12,274 less than you paid while a comparably equipped MPV would be worth $11,701 ($20,988-9287) less.
    A $573 advantage to the MPV (plus you get a CD player).
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    4 weeks on the water, 2 weeks at the port and a few days for shipping to the dealership is normal for the MPV...
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    My salesman sent me the VIN for my MPV. I sent the VIN to the folks at What exactly can they tell you? Its location? When it will arrive at the dealership?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    When doing your resale calculations on the MPV or any other vehicle, you need to consider the impact of rebates. The big rebates in effect today for many vehicles drag down the resale values of new models. That is one reason why Odys tend to have high resale value--lack of rebates and other discounts on new models. Same with the Sienna (at least until recently, while Toyota is closing out the last '03s). The rebates do hurt the resale of the MPV, DC vans, Ford vans etc. But you get a big discount up front, so it's at worst a wash. You don't get something for nothing.
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    Hey, thanks for the gas mileage information. It really helped! Now I know I can put to rest this entire mpg issue. It drives me NUTS! ;o )

  • tccmn1tccmn1 Posts: 278
    I had ordered mine in Oct.last year. I received it on 2/15/03. (4months - 15 weeks) Orders only go in once a month and must be booked by dealer before the 15th to make that month's batch. That was the story I got in DECEMBER! Dealer did not state that in October.

    My MPV also was lost locally in the Twin Cities at the terminal where they come in. It took a week for the dah dealer to locate it! Dealer originally said the unit would be in around the early part of!
    Then, apologized and kept me posted until February. Threw in a bug shield and some other stuff for me because I was a little edgy.

    I ordered because I wanted Silver, GFX, PWR ROOF, 6cd chnger, fogs, TCS, LX, ROOF RACK, ABS, Side air, PWR DOORS, trailer hitch FROM THE FACTORY.
    Glad I got all this stuff!!... especially the pwr doors. Kids like it and people think they're cool...they are handy too!

    Was worth the wait though.
  • tbonertboner Posts: 402
    Rich's times are probably pretty accurate. It took my car 4 weeks to arrive from Germany when I returned from my tour of duty.

    I picked it up directly at the port in Charleston, SC instead of waiting another week or two for it to ship to Fort Gordon, GA.


    Wondering why I shipped back my Beretta GTZ instead of a Bavarian Built Machine???
  • lsinclsinc Posts: 270
    A little edgy after waiting 4 months for your car and then finding out in the iterim it got lost somewhere in shipping? Hmmmmmmmm, I think that I would have needed therapy by now! Yikes!

    Hey, my MPV is Silver too! I love the color! With the exception of fog lights and the FREE bug thingy (I'm jealous) I have all of the same options. My kids also love the auto sliders! My little one (she's 7) asked if the moon roof is called that because people "Moon" other people through it! I really don't know how she knows about "mooning". Oh wait, of course, she goes to school! }= o )

  • tbonertboner Posts: 402
    With javadoc on the MPV mileage. Heck, if poke around on the internet there is probably an MPV fan site with my story of taking the '00 MPV down to visit Mickey and Shamu last December, me three girls with luggage that weighed more than they do, a car top carrier, and a driver with a very heavy foot and the speeding ticket at the top of Monteagle in TN for 80 MPH (and that's after slowing from three digits going up hill, just to see if I could) and we averaged around 19 IIRC, (that's what it looks like according to the data on my PDA)

    I wouldn't say the MPV fuel economy is stellar. My 87 LeSabre at 3300# empty, plus me and a rubbermaid tote full of tools averaged 23.1 in 75K miles of mostly urban driving with maybe 10K of that being cross country.

    I think one advantage of the low revving pushrod engine is less internal friction. So ultimately a pushrod engine will get better fuel economy, since it can run at lower speeds and hopefully generate less heat and internal friction.

    However, with a few exceptions, I find DOHC more fun.

  • tomj5tomj5 Posts: 209
    Mazda sent me an email telling me where the car was located. Plus what week it would be delivered to the dealer. The dealer has a routine delivery schedule. The car will come in one day and it will be ready the next day. Mazda was right on with my car. It came in as they said....
    Hang in there...

  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    How long after your MPV was built was Mazda able to give you that info? Mine was built on 5/15/03 and I sent them an email yesterday. They replied today and said the only info they could get at this point was its build date. They couldn't get any shipping info yet. They said to check back with them in about a week.
  • mlbaron27mlbaron27 Posts: 3
    Okay I know I'm a woman and for some reason that make the service department think I don't know anything about my car.. Well the transmission is slaming into gears and the check engine light came on that's the first time with only 155 miles. The second time we had all five of our children in the car the check engine light came on and they said to drive the car so we did. But then the over drive light was on and the check engine light,but the over drive light was flashing.. 400 miles .. So know the MPV is at the dealership again.. Funny thing is we used to own a ford windstar and we traded it in for the MPV.. Our rental car is a ford windstar.. thanks for listening any advice please... Melissa
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    There's also a MY2000+ Mazda MPV Problems discussion you may want to cross-post in. Try a "Search This Discussion" there for "overdrive light" - I saw some posts that sound similar to your problem. Good luck!

    Steve, Host
  • glideslopesglideslopes Posts: 431
    Incredible information on the the EPA numbers. I had no idea it was set up in such a way.

    Fuel "liberated" from the tank. Too much!!!!

    Mark. : )
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    The short answer is to make sure that the gear selector is in 'D'. Sometimes the blinking OD light was caused by not being exactly in gear.

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