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Mazda MPV



  • abangabang Posts: 44
    I distinctly remember seeing the MPV listed on the Mazda UK web site. It no longer is but when it was, it came with a choice of a 4 cylinder petrol or a diesel engine.
  • smssms Posts: 7
    I saw several MPVs in Leuven, Belgium this past Autumn. They all had small diesel engines like most vehicles over there. I was also amazed to see a Chevy Lumina and a Pontiac Transport, both mid-90's vintage. The Pontiac even had a manual transmission. One of the students I met in Leuven drove an early 90's Chevy Caprice with the V8. I wouldn't want to park one of those in Europe.
  • asafonovasafonov Posts: 403
    According to, an MPV is not sold in the UK but Mazda5 (coming to NA soon?) is.
  • Interesting that the UK survey was co-sponsored by Warranty Direct -- 30,000 cars worth of data ain't bad.
    The U.S. arm of Warranty Direct seems to get regularly slammed on the Edmunds extended warranties forum primarily because they are not affiliated with the auto manufacturer. Mazda's EasyCare extended warranty service contract that our dealer offered was outrageously expensive for so-so coverage, but EasyCare is owned by Ford. I'm considering a Warranty Direct policy on my new 2005 MPV to get comprehensive coverage out to 7 years/100,000 miles for about $1,200. Anyone had long-term experience with Warranty Direct for their MPV?
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    You might want to try asking your question over in our Smart Shopper board, specifically the discussion Extended Warranties where you will find a greater number of people to tell you about experiences with Warranty Direct.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Look like the 2005 MPV will be the last one for a this point there is no 2006 MPV planned for the US market.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    According to a newsletter from Edmunds, there will be a 2007 MPV which will be on sale in Fall 2006. ;) tid=NL990385&DARTmail
  • abangabang Posts: 44
    According to this article at autoweek, there may no longer be an MPV in the North American market after the current model ends sales here this year.

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    <a href=""
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    As we have seen Mazda has been trying to decide if they want to include the MPV in the 2006 line-up. Only a month ago I was told, by mazda, there would not be an MPV for 2006. But it appears that have changed their mind again and there will be a 2006 MPV. Just got the official word today.

    There are NO changes other than color.

    deleted mica, titanium, razor blue, sand mica

    added colors....brilliant black, bronze metal, strato blue, galaxy gray.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    "sand mica"

    The sand mica(tan) color is currently called Cosmic Sand. Which I assume will be called Bronze Metal for 2006. I don't know about calling a color bronze metal...that denotes third best. Maybe, Gold Metal. ;)
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    I've had my Mazda MPV LX for almost a year now. I couldn't be happier as it has proven to be a quality/reliable vehilce.(knock on wood) I had to take it in the first week of ownership due to whistling a free loaner car...5 hours later problem taken care of. Other than that it was been problem free. No door rattles or squeaks, no problems with a/c, or with condensor being punctured,no problems with stereo or sound, no problem with seat comfort, no transmission problems(hard shifts, surges etc), no problem with noise from windshield, no problems with brakes or warped rotors...worn out pads, no radiator problems,no problems with steering... only recall that I know of was side door sticker should have said to inflate tires at 35 psi not 32psi.

    Have put a little over 7,000 miles on it during this time. MPG has been good...what we expected. Fit and finish excellent. Interior and exterior styling tops...sporty...very elegant and sophistacated lines. I do wish low end torque was a little better...but midrange and higher is excellent. Is lighter than bigger handles more like a car.Parks a lot easier. Perfect for the family of 4 who doesn't need the extra space of the larger minis. With rebates and incentives available now...easily the best value for the money. :shades:
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Was the recall for side door decal the reason CR no longer lists the MPV as very reliable? :blush:
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    I believe it was Hans.You know how CR is, they look for the smallest thing...then put it under a neutron microscope. ;)

    By the get anything for my MPV for its birthday? Which is today!
    Already got a nice hood deflector for it. How about a nice windshield sun delfector for that sunny Florida trip we're getting ready to take? :shades:
  • nwngnwng Posts: 664
    that's what happen when you purchase a car near the end of its production cycle and I am a great believer in running changes during the cycle to work the kinks out. I did it on my last two vehicles and they were great. If it wasn't for my wife I would be driving a 05 mpv
  • jc9799jc9799 Posts: 70
    Guess this is my return to Mazda. Previous Mazda was a 94 Miata, which I sold about 8 years ago. My MPV is 12 days old. Well, 12 days since it became mine. Very nice. LX with rear ac. Blue, not tsunami blue, the more subdued one.
  • nicks462nicks462 Posts: 1
    The Mazda MPV gets terrible gas mileage. I get like 17-18 miles to the gallon, worse than my Chevy pickup. After transitioning from a Toyota Camry (with over 200K miles) that got 37-41 MPG strong, I was in shock. I thought there was something mechanically wrong with my MPV - even though it runs real well. Anyway, those considering an MPV should be aware of this. The MPV does not deliver the gas mileage one would expect in an efficient Japanese engine design.
  • kentwongkentwong Posts: 36
    I am also previous owner of 99 Camry owner who had tried very hard to fit 3 childseat in the back seat of it. I got 28 mpg at the best with the Camry 50/50 city/highway. It did 40 mpg for me a few times when used in 100% highway trip without A/C running without a passenger.

    There are several things affect the gas mileage.
    profile, weight, size of engine, engine technology, numbers of peopele carrying, tire pressure, alignment... As far as talking about efficient Japanese engine design, American had never been good at building 4-banger. No mini-van out there can offer the gas mileage like the Camry with 4-cyl, period.

    I have not taken a long highway trip with my 04 MPV so far. The worse I got was 19-20 mpg and the best was 23-24 mpg. Winter(using heater) and summer(using A/C) both hurt the gas mileage a bit. Also check the tire pressure and keep them above 35 psi will help.
  • k203206k203206 Posts: 20
    I just read an article on "Fox News" website that the Ford Motor company plans to match GM's employee discount plan for Ford Products. This Ford employee discount plan will end on Aug 5. Does this discount plan include Mazda products.
    If it does, I will be buying a Mazda MPV within the next month! Anyone hear about this :confuse:
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    It's a Mazda tuned Ford Duratec motor that's in the MPV. I have gotten 25mpg highway and 17mpg during the winter in our '02 ES. Overall average is just under 20mpg, but we only average about 10k miles per year in mostly short trip/city driving. Looks like we're getting the rated mileage, which is 18mpg city, 25mpg highway.

    Elsewhere on the 'net, I've read of others getting decent highway mileage (>24mpg) and those getting 17-18mpg city.

    FWIW, real-world MPG figures of those with the new Ody are a bit lower than expected too.

  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    after 37k on the Dunlop AS 4000s, it is about time.

    Reading reviews on Tirerack and here, it looks like the Yokohama Avid Touring, the Yokohama Avid T4, and the Kumho ECSTA HP4716 might work out well. The T4 is a "T" rated tire (higher speed) and a bit softer. All are between $53 and $65 each.

    Anyone have thoughts? We are in a HOT climate, no snow, minor winter rains.

  • jc9799jc9799 Posts: 70
    Hey John,

    Listen, I'm no expert on tires...but...I'm under the impression that one should replace their old tires with ones that have at least equal speed ratings. The OE Dunlops are H rated, which only the Kumhos can match. Probably, a better place to ask would be the "Ask Connor..." thread in the Tires board.

    I noticed the Tire Rack customer reiviews on the Dunlops were less than favorable. How did they do for you?

    Good luck.
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    The real rating you should watch for on tires is the load - the number before the letter for speed rating. The 16"s are 95H, so looking for a tire that is 95T would be acceptable as well (in fact, someone from another site got a letter from Mazda stating it was acceptable). The load rating is what the tire can handle for weight.

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    mazda is not participating in the Ford employee pricing plan......A big reason to run the program is to eliminate excess inventory. Mazda has a product shortage with its best selling products so there is no reason to do a give away sale.....

    oddly enough the AVP and lease rates for July increased tremendouly on mazda products. This is due in part to not enough product on the ground. example, MZ6 base went up $70 per month.
  • Hello Everybody,

    so I took my first HIGHWAY ONLY trip on the 4th of july weekend. I put 178 miles on highway, from 8am to 11 am in a 75 F temperature, using AC 80% of time. I was cruising between 70-80mph.
    Much to my surprise, I got terrible gas milage: 15.67 mpg... (i filled the vehicle up before entering higway, and after puting 178 miles filled it up again - i got 15.67 mpg...)
    What is the probable cause?

    I take very good notes on my fuel economy.In the last 6 month, which translates to 5610 miles driven, my average mpg is 20.89. This is combined city and highway driving in chicagoland area.

    What is your opinion?
  • Aha, I am driving:
    2000 Mazda MPV LX 2.5 v6 with 76k miles on it.

  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    yep, I agree, the 95H would be preferable. There are a ton of reviews on Tire Rack though of MPV owners that put the 94S Yoko Avid Tourings on and simply loved them compared to the Dunlops.

    No real complaints with the Dunlops here, we have 32K on them. But the new ones are "V" rated and cost over $100 a pop at Tire Rack. If the Yokos are cheaper, and according to many, in all ways an improvement over the Dunlops, that holds some weight with me.

  • 96pathfind96pathfind Posts: 22
    Very interested in a new '05 MPV. However, on first test drive yesterday, wife and I both noticed what we found to be excessive amounts of road noise echoing through the cabin. This was present on each and every type of road surface we encountered. In addition, we both noted the ride to be quite stiff, bouncy and jittery. None of the reviews I've seen have mentioned these qualities, and I'm beginning to wonder if we drove one that had a tire problem or something. Anyone have any thoughts/experiences/wisdom to share? Was this abnormal, or are my standards unrealistically high?
  • 96pathfind96pathfind Posts: 22
    Searched "noise" on this board (shoulda done it before my first posted message- sorry!), found several references to noise and jittery ride believed caused by the stock 16" Dunlops. Question is, has anyone actually replaced these with a decent touring tire and, if so, what was the result???
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,443
    Test drive a different MPV and see if there is a difference. I find the MPV to have a fairly quiet ride.Did seem a tad "jittery" when we first bought it...but fine now. The Dunlops tires are performance tires...designed to match the MPV stiffer and sportier suspension. I have read from many posters who haven't cared much for the Dunlops and have gone to a different tire. Though I don't know about putting touring tires on. I have heard many MPV owners have put on Michelin Hydroedges as well as several other brands...which give a softer,quieter, less jittery ride. There is a topic discussion called Ask believe). You can get some advice on picking out a better tire and opinions of other owners. Maybe, your Mazda dealer will switch out the tires for you. May cost a little more for the Michelins. Both the OEM Dunlops and Michelins are $110-130 tires. Good luck.
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