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Toyota Echo



  • heenasheenas Posts: 2
    Hello Folks,
    I have a 2001 Black Toyota Echo, my first and only car, it has around 40,000 miles on it, I bought it brand new.
    I absolutely love it and it has given me absolutely no problems unit Yesterday (I think this is also because I get the oil changed like clockwork )

    Yesterday on the highway, My dear Echo had a flat tire, I am covered by my insurance for road side service and that guy (road side service guy) says he did not know why the tire gave away, on further inspection he also said that all the 4 tires looked pretty used and may be I should go and get all 4 of them replaced at Costco

    So is this something that all/any of you have faced, if so please let me know what tires would you recommend

    Or the guy was simply trying to scare me in to getting new tires, so that what would be good for the insurance company

    Or is this something I should expect, that Echo tires need changing after 40K

    Please comment as it would really help me
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Yes it is entirely reasonable that your car would need new tires at this point. My 2001 has 26k on it and the tires are not ready to be changed yet. Tire wear is a function of how you drive the car so there isnt a specific mileage that they need to be replaced. There ARE wear bars across the tread in a line. You could look for them or ask the tire salesman to point them out.
    I hanvt decided on what tires i will put on the ECHO when it needs them. Right now i like the Dunlop Sport A2s because my sons car has them and it runs real good in snow. Good luck and tell us what happens!
  • oilerfanoilerfan Posts: 1
    I'm a college student that has about 125K on my echo. The sparkplugs have never been changed. I haven't noticed anything wierd going on, but I'm going to change them cause I know my dad would be furious that I haven't yet taken care of this. Do you happen to have these instructions from Kneisl still around. I would love to get a copy of them. Thanks
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Youll need a 5/" sparkplug socket, a 3/8 inch drive ratchet with a 10 inch extension. Also a 10mm socket. The sparkplug socket must have a rubber liner capable of gripping the sparkplug.
    To get the wires off the sparkplugs, youll need to remove the 10mm bolt that secures them. I suggest removing and replacing one plug at a time so you dont get the wires mixed up. Look in your owners manual for the correct sparkplug gap and check the plugs before installation.
    Getting the plugs out is easy. Installing them is easy too but getting the sparkplug socket to come off the installed plug might not. If the extension pulls out of the socket after youve tightened the new one in, try spraying wd40 on the rubber insert of the socket and checking the fit with the sparkplug until it is tight enough to hold the plug on its trip into its hole, but loose enough to slip off the plug after you tighten it.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    The complete proceedure i wrote up for changing the sparkplugs is message #4393.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • srmarksrmark Posts: 1
    As an owner of a Land Cruiser and an Echo, I feel very safe in either since I spend a good deal of time riding a motorcycle. Get some guts and enjoy the drive. If you dwell on the negative, it's gonna happen to you.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    > IF you dwell on the negitive, its gonna happen to you
  • mnmanmnman Posts: 34
    reba05- I live in the Twin Cities, my '01 5spd gets 47 highway summer at best, 32 city winter at worst. I still have the Potenza tires at 52K miles, they are rated for 40K... I will be buying a new set very soon. The only prob is I feel a loss of power at acceleration sometimes. I haven't checked for codes yet. I use 5w30 Mobil 1, change it at 7k, new filter and top off at 3.5k. When I bought the car used in early '03 some laughed, now the price of gas has silenced them....
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    I saw gas on TV for $3.33 a gallon. Here in NJ its still $1.90
  • pesterkidpesterkid Posts: 18
    My ECHO does'nt have power steering...I love driving it anyway...
    Just curious to know how much it might cost to get power steering installed?
    Anyone know?
    Thanks much.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Well you need a belt,a pulley, a pump and the hoses and a new rack. I would guess about $2000 for the parts. I suggest calling the dealer and asking the service rep.
    But you are LUCKY not to have PS. Youre getting better gas mileage than the rest of us and you probably paid a lot less for the car. If anything, youd want to REMOVE PS.
    BTW, how is the car to drive without PS and how much did you pay for it? Was it the fabled stripped ECHO for $9999?
  • I was just wondering if someone can answer a few questions for me. I have a 2000 echo and when i clock my milage i get between 30-35 mpg on a normal sunny day. I heard this number can be higer. My check engine light came on and when i got it checked out, It said that the oxygen was too lean. They said my oxygen sensors were bad, so i replaced them. THe check engine light came on about 2 days after and still reads the same message. Help! What else could be the problem? What else constitutes so i can get better gas milage on the car? My last question is how do I install the two speakers in the dash? I see the wire when I pull off the grill, but do i need a special adapter to wire the spreaker? Thanks
  • ldlopezldlopez Posts: 13
    A moped: I think not.
    It's 106 miles round trip to work!
    I mean where would I put my Lunch ?
  • ldlopezldlopez Posts: 13
    I noticed something strange.
    Most of the rest of the product line of Toyota
    gets better MPG with the automatic vs the manual.
    This is not true with the Echo.

    I was also wondering if in real life the Echo
    gets better MPG with a 5 speed.

    I wouldn't get anything but the 5 speed
    anyway. It has to do with control going up a
    hill on ice and haveing AT transmissions shift
    at the wrong time (wrong time means any shift!).
  • pesterkidpesterkid Posts: 18
    Hey there,
    I got it from a dealer for about 7000$, its a 2003 which had about 34000 miles.
    Its great to drive, no power steering prob does'nt matter at all cos it's absolutely great to handle...
    I am not too sure about the mileage, cos we checked yesterday and we are only getting 28 miles a gallon...which is horrible...
    What do I need to check/do to get better mileage?Please do write about this....
  • pesterkidpesterkid Posts: 18
    My ECHO came with just a radio, where would be the best place to find a not so expensive CD player for my car?
    Would it cost a lot to get it installed if I end up buying it online?
  • reba05reba05 Posts: 36
    I was quite excited the other day when I got 37 miles/gallon on a long drive - I felt that was pretty good in the cold - in summer I hope to get 40, however, I have an automatic, I don't anticipate 47....that's great!
    One negative after that long drive are some rattles and squeaks around the dash and back end, not sure why that all of a sudden happened, is that where the low cost=low quality? I hope to locate the noises and "silence them" as I have only had the car for 1 month.
  • reba05reba05 Posts: 36
    I just put in about $500....CD Player was not bad - $145 for an Alpine at Best Buy, 4 speakers = $220, however speaker installation cost more than expected...but definitely worth it if this car lasts as long as they say.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    i would call a local junk yard and see if they have an ECHO with the factory Cd player. Sometimes they will even install them.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    First thing: has the maintenance been done? Air filter, sparkplugs, oil change, correct tire pressure? If you have an auto are you sure its in DRIVE? How did you check the mileage? You should fill the car with gas, 0 the tripmeter. Then when you fill it again, note the mileage and divide by the number of gallons you put in. After doing these things, you might have the car checked for fault codes at the dealer. Theyll hook it up to the computer and analyze the engine etc. If everything checks out consider how you drive. If its cold out, if you drive fast, if you drive in the city, youll get less mpg. But 28 seems pretty low even for that. I would check out the maintenance, the tire pressure, and make sure youre putting it in DRIVE and not 1 or 2 etc. Tell us what you find out!
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    You buy an automatic transmission if you have to drive in heavy stop and go traffic frequently. Or if you physically cant shift a manual. A manual tranmission gives you better control of the car in winter driving and even in the rain or on dry pavement. It will brake the car for you whereas an auto wont as much. A manual transmission lasts longer than an automatic. If its not abused and the oil is changed, it can last forever. An automatic will definately blow at some point no matter how carefull you are with it. Unless you do a lot of freeway driving then it wont. From what Ive read on this forum, the ECHO definately gets better mpg with the manual than the auto. A manual however as a clutch and unless you are carefull that will need to be changed at times. And if your bad it at that could be frequently!
  • pesterkidpesterkid Posts: 18
    Hey there,
    We got a complete maintenance done right after we got it from the dealer.
    The maintenance guy did tell us the oil changes had not been regular in the past.
    It is in drive, we doublechecked that right before we started driving.
    Tire pressure, good!
    I was wondering if maybe it might take one tank to just get into shape, the dealer did say it was with him for a month or so...and dont know how much the other owner drove you think the car not not having been driven much over the past few months could affect mileage?
    I will take it back to the mechanic and see if he might figure something out.
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    If all of the things i mentioned above have been done or checked, thats all I know to do. It seems to me it shouldnt matter if the car has been sitting. But if you have a dirty airfilter, sparkplugs, etc that would be a cause. If you do find another cause lets us know. Good luck!
  • reba05reba05 Posts: 36
    I did have a factory CD player - but to only install new speakers, I felt the output of the factory product wouldn't have been up to par with the speakers. When you are paying so little for a car, why not splurge a bit?
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    The little I spent on my ECHO lets me afford the motorcycle of my choice.
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    Hey kneisl1, I did the same. Bought a beautiful 2004 Suzuki DL650. Has all the acceleration and speed I could possibly need!
  • kneisl1kneisl1 Posts: 1,694
    Is that the Vstrom or os that the dual sport?
  • pulgopulgo Posts: 400
    That is the small V-Strom. An incredibly versatile motorcycle.

    The sun is out today so I will go on a ride this afternoon. Mileage while riding two up is 58 mpg. Amazing.
  • ldlopezldlopez Posts: 13
    I've found lots of auto/ac Echo's but
    very very few 5 Speed Manual Echo's.

    Should I just get an automatic transmission
    one (yuck) ?

    After living with a '86 Toyota w/o air
    I'm really not up to it.
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