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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • et610et610 Posts: 40
    I was able to get a $1,000 discount from the MSRP on an E500. Had to do some shopping around and get out of the metro area to get it.

    It seems that the large dealers in the metro areas have to try to hold the line so that they can treat all of their repeat customers equally. Smaller cities seem to be more willing to discount on a normal basis for everyone.
  • linardlinard Posts: 59
    dbirzon, our 5 series Beemer did that for about a month and a half at speeds above approx 70 mph. At which point, there would be an annoying buzz which I figured to be the wipers b/c when you flicked them, the vibration and noise stopped. It happened about a month after we got the wipers so maybe they were curing? Who knows, but it went away...

    calipro, I am highly skeptical about your opinions on the new form of engineering that goes on at Mercedes. Article after article has praised both the 320 and the 500 with or without Airmatic on the autobahn speed stability it exhibits AND the fact that you can consider it a drivers car. Mercedes has not lost it's high speed stability in any of its cars nor will it ever "dumb" itself down to American tastes. It may adapt which is evidenced by the fact that European Benzes ride lower than American market Benzes but the shock and spring ratings are not compromised for us. If anything, they're an optimal balance between handling and luxury performance.

    Your opinion on the braking performance of the new E class and it's window into Mercedes' lack of optimized cutting edge technology is completely farfetched (note the word optimized). Not only has the SL and the E class been praised for their braking performance and impressive braking distances and fade resistance, the technology itself has been praised for it's "intelligence" and the fact that it is completely revolutionary. I can guarantee Lexus will emulate this technology.

    While I agree that the system may feel artificial or not completely seemless, I give credit to Mercedes for actually coming out with it and continually working on making it feel like a normal braking system while working much better. For example, the SL500 braked from 70 in 158 feet according to Car and Driver, that is phenomenal.
  • I am taking delivery of a new 2003 E 320 in a few days. I live in Toronto , Ontario.
    Should I buy new rims and snow tires? A friend who has an older model with ESP system claims that I don`t need them. I live in a house where the garage is under the house and the driveway
    has an apx. 30 degree slope.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    I don't think Mercedes (or any other car manucturer) breaks very much new ground on technologies these days. If anything, the car companies only revolutionize the 'requirements' and drive their suppliers.

    So most likely, it's their suppliers of major subsystems, like Hella for lighting and Contential - Teves for suspension and braking that are the ones doing the revolutionary work.

    There's a good article on the Conti website in their press archive from September 1999 where they laid out the product roadmap from ABS through Electronc Hydraulic and Electro Mechanical braking.

    Conti also did the air suspension that is getting popularized in the 2003 Audi A8. It's very similar to the Lexus system. GM has an interesting ferrofluidic system in the shocks of the new Corvettes, that actually modulates the suspension effects of the shocks in real time, by changing the force field on the ferrofluid, thereby changing its viscosity. I don't know if it was developed inhouse or not.

    Speaking of which, the new Sensotronic Cruise Control in the new E was 'emulated' by Lexus in the 2001 LS430 with their 'laser cruise control' two model years ago.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    Snow Tires provide much better braking on ice or snow than all seasons . With such a steep slope you will need good traction for braking under slippery conditions. Winter tires will provide you with better safety and peace of mind.
  • ghomazghomaz Posts: 68
    Thanks jim256 for the classification details. I took delivery of a 1998 "Starmark" E320 sedan this weekend and am very pleased with my purchase. I was considering the BMW 5 series also, but the E320 looks and feels so much more elegant and solid. Also, while it may not be a BMW beater in performance and handling, I am not out to prove my car's or my driving skills on the open road! The E-Class's performance is good enough for me. Plus the E-Class is more practical as it has generous trunk space compared to the cubby hole of the 5 series. Of course, this is my special occasion car, my regular being a 2001 Accord V6 which I also love.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Sorry, I looked all over for the Edmund's link you mentioned about the rattles in the LS430 and couldn't find it. Would you share it with us all?

    There were some pretty nice ones in favor of the Lexus here on Edmunds:


    The reviewer actually commented favorably, on,

    Lexus handling on Molholland Drive! Imagine that.

    And at:

  • mall610mall610 Posts: 24
    Our all time favorite Mercedes Commercial was the lady singing about wanting her Mercedes-Benz. I can't really describe it but think some of you will remember it.
    Anybody know more about it. Who was singing and when it was on?

    I'd like to try to get a copy from MB.
  • The most famous MBZ song is probably by Janis Joplin. It should be easily available at a record, cd store near you.
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 266
    I don't think its Joplin but its now ringing in my head so thanks for suggesting it this a.m. Now I'll be humming it all day long. I am not that good on song artists so can't be much help.
  • I picked up my white E320 last week. I love the car's looks and performance, but slightly regret my choice of Stone for the interior color. While it looks great, it shows off dirt easily (especially the carpet which is so bright that it's almost white). While spraying ScotchGuard on the carpets, I noticed the trim around the door is fabric! If I had to do it over, I would pick a different interior color.
  • I'm pretty sure it's Janis Joplin.
  • mall610mall610 Posts: 24

    Thanks. It was indeed Janis Joplin and the song it was taken from was "Mercedes Benz".

    I checked it out on the Amazon and also Barnes & Noble music sites. There is an audio clip there to check it out. It is the same song.
    Probably better music sites to check it on but those were the only two I know of easily.

    I was surprised that I didn't know who it was or what it was from but, never was a great fan of Joplin.
  • gsenthilgsenthil Posts: 154
    If you are interested, watch the whole ad at my MB website
  • sovrensovren Posts: 17
    Well, all I have to say is WOW! After driving a C-class for 2 years I finally understand the distinction between "near luxury car" and "luxury car". The E is so much more car than the C.
    I got Pewter outside and Charcoal inside. It is so elegant both inside and out. I also ordered the DVD Nav system. Paid the discounted price of $1625. It will arrive in the first quarter of 2003. Dealer will install at no cost when it arrives.

    I drove several 2000 thru 2002 E's as demos and loaners over the years. I always said I would not buy one as they appeared stodgy and the interiors were in bad need of update. This car totally changed my mind. It is a very nice, safe, kinda sporty, elegant and beautiful car.

    Looking forward to all of your comments about your new cars as well.
  • jim256jim256 Posts: 14
    Congratulations on your new arrival. I went from a '98 E320 to an '01 C320 and back to the E320 for 2003. I share your enthusiasm for the new one. It is quite a car and generates a lot of interest. I have not been disappointed by any aspect of the car, and the handling and ride are even better than I recall in my old E. The quietness at speed is almost eery. I could not be happier after 3 weeks of ownership. Mine is silver/ash.
  • mall610mall610 Posts: 24
    Would like to see your MBZ Ad site but the link did not work. Can you post the address or a better link?
  • I have wanted a Mercedes Benz from the time I was a teenager, before Janis Joplin was born. When, I believe it was the very early ''70's, I first heard her sing "Mercedes Benz", it became a sort of a mantra for me. Thus when I ordered my first one, a 2001 C Class, that song would not get out of my head:

    "Oh Lord wont you buy me a Mercedes Benz, My friends all drive Porches, I must make amends. . ."

    Therefore, when it was delivered, there could be no other license plate for this baby but: "AMENDS"

  • My husband and I are debating the E500 to replace our LX470. I have an X5, so no need for two trucks. Plus I really miss our old 96 E.

    One question though, I have heard several of you reference a $500 discount for purchasing the DVD nav now. Our dealer back in DC(EuroMotorcars) and Loeber Motors in Chicago claim they have never heard of this discount. Where can I find this information to show the dealers that this is in fact true. Euro does huge volume, so I am really surprised that they claim no knowledge of the promotion.
  • A letter to MB dealers was dated August 27, 2002 explaining the $500 discount. If you go to and you go to the August 30, 2002 issue, you will see an exact copy of the letter the dealers received.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Any comparisons between the three cars you've owned (particularly the 98 E and the C320) would be greatly appreciated
  • jim256jim256 Posts: 14
    Purely my "survey of 1" observations:
    98 E320: well assembled, but it did not have the solid bank vault feel I remembered from my last MB ('83 240D) many cars prior. It had more of a Volvo-like solidness and road feel as in my '89 Volvo 740. The new V6 had impressive acceleration and feel. Handling was great at higher speeds but characteristically looser at low speeds, my normal driving. Almost no repairs in 3 years/28k miles--fuel level sender and main seal, both handled quickly. Great resale value.

    '01 C320: better low speed handling, good turn-in feel, very tossable compared to my '98 E. Several electronic glitches: keys, both front turn signals. The keys took a week to resolve, with a new module in the dash. (It was a very, very early production model, ordered for me and the first the dealer got in--I expect some glitches as a result, and I'm usually an early buyer of new models.) Build quality was good, felt more solid than the '98 E, but although I am just 6'0" and not overweight, the roominess, particularly what I call "wing room" extending the elbows, was limited. 2 years, 19k miles. Fair resale value because the '03 costs the same as the '01 MSRP.

    '03 E320: This is what I was after, I think, after 3 weeks of use. The roominess is there, handling is as good or better than the C at all speeds, build quality is outstanding with no noticed assembly issues, and the door has the old bank vault sound. The power application is less linear than the other 2 cars, but I believe it is because the accelerator has more logic in its software to adapt to driver preferences, and since I'm still in break-in I have been driving conservatively. I expect it will change. The electronic brakes have a few traits but nothing that is intrusive or diminishes confidence in them. Again, conservative driving so far. (At the MB "On Track" day in Richmond, a similar E320 was very responsive so I expect it will adapt.) Every feature the C had seems better executed here, including all the display screen options. The quietness is remarkable. This has Michelin tires, the 2 prior had Goodyears and I would recommend you get the dealer to swap out any Goodyears if they still use them. I have not seen any on the lot on the '03's but both were noisy after 5k miles and gave poor wear.
  • I just picked up my new 320 E. The car has a huge cargo space but no
    cargo net. All the attachments are installed in the trunk but NO net.
    My dealer war suprised when I called. Apparently the 2002 models
    came with the net. I know its not a big deal but when the car comes in at over $ 82000 .00 one would think that Mercedes would not be so cheap
  • jgraveljgravel Posts: 54
    Peter, how did you get up to $82K on a 320E. Did it come with a driver?

    -Jay :)
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    82,000 Canadian Pesos I'll bet!!
  • jgraveljgravel Posts: 54 must be right. I'll be quiet again.
  • rayscarrayscar Posts: 70
    Hi et610. I would have replied sooner but I have not been online for a few days. My car has been assigned a ship and may already be on the water but it now looks like I won't get it until the first week of November. :(

    I still intend to get the invisible bra. You can see the edge of the clear plastic on the car if you are close up but that's better than chips in the paint. It is also supposed to protect the expensive headlight lens from pretty good size rocks too.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Thanks for your perfect "survey of one". You hit the point I was looking for ie the soldiness issue particularly between the 98 E and 01 C (I can't afford an '03 E). Your assessment of this echoed my perceptions. Thanks again for your time and trouble.
  • Base price was $69,950(Canadian)
    Parktronic $1500
    Panoramna Roof $1850
    Solar Panel $1120
    Multi-Contour L $640
    Multi-Contour R $640
    Rear Sunshade $720
    Bi-Xenon Headlamps $1425
    Harman Kardon $1150
    Climate Confort F $1780
    Freight,PDI $1335
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