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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,339
    and thus far I must say it is the best one, the current E-class. It is obvious that if I didn't like the marque I wouldn't have bought another. (Keep in mind that my favorite brand is Lexus, having had five.) The fit and finish are excellent and the materials and ergonomics are great. The control the car gives is secure, comforting and fun to drive.
  • jim256jim256 Posts: 14
    While it's only my third MB in a row, my new E is also the best. The fit and finish are superb, styling continues to get remarks, the interior comfort is better and the interior is more attractive. Handling is tops. The dealer is great.
  • retnavretnav Posts: 25
    You are probably more right than wrong. In the past The Mercedes star had no effect on me, but now that I am driving one I enjoy seeing that star,haven't any idea why. Twenty-five years ago my wife and I chose sailboat over an MB. Had to sell the boat this year--arthritic knees--and was perfectly happy with my Acura. Went to the boat show in December and saw only two cars that made any impression on me E-class MB and the Subaru Outback. Had just bought an Outback so for no good reason started researching the E.
       Seeing that my RL was dropping like a rock in resale, I negotiated what I considered a good deal on the E and bought it---- in spite of some comments on these boards. So far I am pleased with the car as are posts 4802 and 3. But as others have noted we have all paid a good price for these cars and I am sure all owners here are distressed to find folks with problems that just shouldn't seem to be and what appears to be a cavalier MB attitude. So far my dealer has been good, and I haven't had any real problem, but it doesn't appear that MB is prepared for quick fixes for minor problems. My Acuras and Hondas had problems too some easy and some not. So thanks for your wishes for our good luck; hopefully we won't need it and MB somehow will create a better reputation for making fixes.
       Whistling Dixie, maybe so!
  • monakhmonakh Posts: 16
    You will notice there is a lot more activity, and there is much talk of trouble in the new E. There is much heated debate on the way Mercedes has handled the COMAND II Nav issue with us, the customers. They just have not been very forthcoming.

    I absolutely love my E, but my experience with my dealer along with the trouble I have had with the car has left a real bad taste in my mouth. Despite this, I will likely go ahead with the 04 E55 that I have on order. Sad, but true.
  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    For the past two fill-ups I have put STP Fuel Injector cleaner in the gas tank and my 2003 E320 no longer shakes (in drive) at full stop with engine warm. Could have been foul up in the lines. Seems to have gone away. As for liquid motor mounts causing this type shaking, I doubt it. 8800 miles now and no sign or indicator suggesting oil change.
  • gsenthilgsenthil Posts: 154
    Do you know the pricing vs E500? What is the std equipment?
  • This is off another site. What do you think? This confirms my decision to wait for MY2004.

    I found some interesting detail on the Nav system in the DC media site (perhaps it showed up on an earlier thread?). Note that this is for the *European* release, but it does contain some interesting tidbits of info. I'm particularly curious why the rear seat screens are mentioned here but not avail in the US. The clincher, of course, is the last sentence.

    Affalterbach, Oct 10, 2002
    A new COMAND system celebrates its world premiere in the E 55 AMG

    The latest generation of COMAND is marking its world premiere in the E 55 AMG. The pioneering radio, navigation and communications system is available as an option and stands out with its extensive range of comfort and safety-enhancing features. The new COMAND comes as standard with an RDS car radio with double tuner for FM, long, medium and short-wave reception, an amplifier with 4x 25-watt output, video DVD and audio CD player, and DVD navigation with dynamic route guidance based on RDS-TMC. Faster data transfer allows the new and highly efficient MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) bus system to considerably increase the processing speed of the system. The 22.5-megabit bandwidth is a four-fold increase on the previous system, which used a D2B data bus system.

    DVD navigation increases the speed and precision of the route guidance system

    The enlarged 6.5-inch colour screen in 16:9 format improves clarity in the navigation, audio and TV modes (optional). The navigation system is based on leading edge DVD technology, with a series of factors making the latest incarnation faster and more precise that the previous CD-ROM-based system. The navigation computer has a more powerful processor, and the system uses a separate asynchronous channel for the route guidance function, which cannot be occupied, by other channels. The detailed data underpinning the DVD system makes it even more powerful and precise. A DVD for the whole for Europe avoids the need to change from one CD-ROM to the next, making the whole system more user-friendly.

    Route guidance also possible in 3-D

    The route guidance system can either run with the familiar map and arrow presentation or using a new three-dimensional bird’s-eye perspective. The driver can also select an extremely informative split-screen option, which shows the road map on the left-hand side of the 50:50 screen and the symbols and advice on when to turn off on the right-hand side. The enlarged 6.5-inch colour display in 16:9 format improves clarity in navigation and TV mode. The navigation system can also be extended to include a dynamic route guidance function as an option. There is a separate slot for video DVDs and audio CDs, and a connection point for an MP3 player. The new COMAND system has 30 audio channels, with sound quality showing a considerably improvement on the previous version with six channels. The optionally available surround-sound system offers the additional pleasure of a concert-hall ambiance.

    A second monitor for the rear can be ordered as an option. This allows the rear passengers to watch the television whilst a different function is in use (for example, the navigation system or radio) on the COMAND module in the front of the car, or when the TV pictures are faded out in the front for safety reasons when the car reaches 6 km/h. The rear display offers plug-in facilities for two sets of headphones, as well as auxiliary equipment such as a video camera, digital camera with video output and games console.

    “Bluetooth” telephone with state-of-the-art radio technology now available

    Also available as an optional extra is a “Bluetooth” telephone. The cordless handset works with cutting-edge radio technology and can be used in combination with the fixed-installation car telephone. A mobile phone is also available as an alternative. Both telephones are fitted with a hands-free facility and can be operated using voice commands (LINGUATRONIC), or via buttons on the COMAND screen or multifunction steering wheel.

    The mobile office with Internet access and voice control for all functions

    As an option, the new COMAND system can be adapted to function as a mobile office, giving the driver and passengers the benefit of WAP Internet access, enabling them to send and receive SMS messages and e-mails, and providing a personal address book function for good measure. Access to the MB Portal will be possible in the near future, as will voice control during a journey, allowing all COMAND functions to be controlled by the driver or front passenger’s voice. The LINGUATRONIC system already available for the telephone and radio will be extended for use with the navigation, TV, Internet, e-mail, SMS and address-book functions in the new COMAND system. There is even a voice recorder on board, allowing short messages to be recorded quickly in much the same way as with a dictating machine.

    With this extensive range of new technology and functions, Mercedes-Benz is making an important contribution to road safety, as the driver no longer has to take his hands off the steering wheel or his eyes off the road in order to operate the COMAND system.

    The new-generation COMAND system is now available for the E 55 AMG and all other Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloons.
  • Hi all
    Just purchased a '98 e320 4matic wagon. I also purchased a couple of extra remotes that need to be programmed. Anyone here have information to share on how to program Mercedes remotes?
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    For information on how to program your remote garage door opener, go to on the web. You'll find detailed info there on the easy steps to follow.

    The local garage door company just serviced my automatic door opener on Friday, and I had to reprogram the remote on my 2000 E320 (button on underside of rear view mirror). I learned that my opener uses a "rolling code" but it was a simple matter to complete the programming.

    Let us know how you make out.
  • aggie76aggie76 Posts: 266
    Don't know about the MB but it's different that what mbdriver is describing, he's refering to just getting the garage door working and you're interested in getting the key programmed for doors, trunk, panic alarm - correct? I've got a Lexus and it was fairly involved with locking and unlocking the doors five times, inserting the key and then doing more activities. Best bet is checking on one of the MB owner sites or maybe somehere here has the guide like I got from some guys for my Lexus.
  • Well, thanks to jim256, the dealer replaced the motor mounts after he found "some paper" on the shaking (ticking)and dieseling problem I had been experiencing on my '03. This fixed it.
  • jim256jim256 Posts: 14
    I had new keys on an '01 C320, and it was a dealer operation from what I observed. The ordering of SmartKeys is apparently a dealer event since each key can be disabled or enabled via the car's software. There is also a learning process where the key has to sit in the slot for some period of time after it is enabled. I do not know that, for example, you can give me a spare SmartKey and I can just have it "reprogrammed" to work in my car. It's more sophisticated than that, I believe. I had a '98 E 320 that needed a new fuel sender, and that, as well, had to be ordered for that car with specific instrument cluster data from the dealer to interface with the computer. It could not be off the shelf or swapped from another car.
  • thanks for all the responses - I'll probably ask the dealer how much they want to reprogram the two extra key remotes.
  • I've only had the wagon for a month or so and this weekend I had a disappointing experience. We went to a relative friend's house in the early afternoon (it was in the high 40's when we arrived), but when we left the temp had fallen into the low 20's. The roadside parking area which had a fall of snow had melted and a sheet of ice formed under one side of the car. I thought to myself that this should not be a problem because our mighty wagon has 4matic. By this time, you know where this story is headed and, lo and behold, the side with the ice simply spun the tires, but the other side d/n respond. It was not a big deal, but I'm wondering why the other wheels that had traction did not respond. Isn't it 4matic all the time - I don't have to press any buttons, do I? I had the trans in "D" - would it have made any difference if I started in a lower gear? thanks for any help
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    Take a look at 4774 and 4775. That might be your problem..
  • beepabeepa Posts: 12
    Hi! I have a '99 E320 and was reading the posts and ran across #4775 where it was advised to 'turn off the traction control'. How is that done? I don't see any switch in my vehicle that does that.
    I'm waiting for the owner's manual. I had to order it.
  • livetodrivelivetodrive Posts: 104
    I am not sure if your 99 is the same as my 2001, but if it is, they are referring to shutting off the ESP, or Electronic Stability Program.
  • beepabeepa Posts: 12
    Thanks livetodrive but I don't see how to shut off the ESP either.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    On my 99 E320 4matic the ESP switch in on the left of the Gear-Shift and close the ash-tray. Once you press it you will see the warning triangle in the speedometer confirming that ESP is OFF.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    You had to pay for a loaner? Drats! My dealer (EuroMotorcars in Bethesda, MD) provides loaners free when warranty service is involved. The loaner fleet is 100% Mercedes!
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    That's amazing.

    Nothing handheld in the modern world take more than a few milliseconds to program.

    Maybe it's the dealer who is the slug?
  • beepabeepa Posts: 12
    I don't have that switch in my car. But, I also have not had any of the problems that others are posting here. I live in Western Mass and we've had a helluva winter and I have had absolutley NO problems with regards to driving in snow. In fact, I had a Ford Explorer before this and although I don't have the ground clearance, my experience has been very positive with this 4-Matic!
  • beepabeepa Posts: 12
    My dealer, Lewbar Imports in West Springfield MA not only charged me $10 + gas, they gave me a Buick Park Ave.!!!! When I dropped off my car and asked for a loaner, the service guy (a real condesending S.O.B.) said that I have to ask when making the appointment. Uh, isn't it HIS job to ask the customer or am I misconstruing the term 'Customer Service'? He said they only had 4 loaners (all Buick's) and they have to be reserved ahead of time.
    While on the subject, I went to the same dealer to purchase those ever popular H6W parking (standing) light bulbs. At first the parts guy hands me a 12 watt amber bulb. When I told him that was the wrong one,it was a 6 volt H6W, he says "We use different part numbers." He then started to look on the computer for the part.............unfortunatley he was looking at the BACK END of the car. After pointing him in the right direction, he says "Well, I have some bad news for you. You have to replace the entire housing." After restraining myself from jumping over the counter, I offered to go out and remove the bulb in question. He then called another person over who, at first, agreed with the first person. Upon seeing the color of my face change from white to red to purple, the second guy say's "Wait a minute", checks the computer and finally produces the correct bulb.
    My problem with this experience is if this had happened to a person who did not know any better, would they have installed a new housing for who know's how much, when all they needed was a $5 bulb?
    I think I just might drive an extra 25 minutes to another dealer in Hartford and hope that this attitude doesn't prevail!
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    beepa, you've got the worst service I've seen posted so far. I'm mechanically challenged so I had dealer service change the bulb on a '98 E-320. Cost about $6 for the bulb and $19 labor to change it. Didn't need a loaner. They changed it in about 30 minutes.
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 211
    It seems to imply you are quite happy to be charged $6.00 for a bulb, and $19.00 labor to change it. And you are satisfied not to have needed to get a loaner and leave the car to get this work done. Do I interpit your post correctly...This is all AOK?
  • beepabeepa Posts: 12
    No! No! The bulb was a seperate issue. The car had to go in for warranty work previously---THAT'S when they charged me for the Buick.
    I changed the bulb myself. I was just venting about the lack of intelligence at this particular dealer.
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 211
    It is r1 97's post #4826 that I was questioning. Actually, I do not really deserve an answer. I just thought it odd to be satisfied to pay so much for so little.IMHO.
  • beepabeepa Posts: 12
    I too was addressing r1 97.
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    I think beepa may have responded to a question by acco20 directed to me.

    Yes, anytime I can get away from a MB repair for $25 or less, I'm a happy camper. I understand that $6 is about the going rate for a parking light bulb. The $19 labor charge seems reasonable for just about any kind of work no matter how trivial. Getting it done in 30 minutes seems prompt enough.

    I hope this clear things up.
  • hotrod051hotrod051 Posts: 11
    I am the owner of a new Silver 2003 E-Class. While the looks of the car are above average as most people would agree with, the quality of the build is very dismal. Below are a list of problems that have occurred since I picked my car up in October of 2002:

    1. In December an annoying noise was coming from the transmission everytime I stepped on the accelerator. I brought it in to the dealership and as it turned out the entire rear differential needed to be replaced. At this time my car had 1200 miles on it. Dearlership could not explain what the problem was.

    2. On a recent vacation to Florida, in an attempt to use the air conditioner, the AC OFF light came on and the air conditioner did not work at all. At this point the car had less than 5000k miles and the air conditioner never worked. Had the air conditioner repaired at a Florida dealership and they needed to change the Air Conditioning Control Head. Great way to spend in 90 degree weather for 2 days.

    3. The gas cap became stuck in the holder on the gas door. When I removed it, the metal and plastic pins were not lined up. The only way I could get the gas cap back on the car was to break the plastic ring. This shows how cheaply some parts of the car were designed.

    4. And the icing on the cake! After returning home from Florida finally with a fixed air conditioner, I attempted to clean the car when I noticed that the Mercedes emblem on the rear driver's side tire simply fell off on the way home.

    I understand that these problems might be unique only to my car, but I felt it was necessary to let other Mercedes owners what problems to look for. Please feel free to post a message if you have had or have heard of any of these same problems.
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