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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • The E is a nice looking car but cheaply made inside and the reliability ratings are not good compared to other luxury cars!
  • Have a 2000 E320 bought new. At about 56K and 2.5 years into ownership, and YES out of warrenty, my air conditioner was not producing cool air. The re-cycle air button was also stuck in the "on" position. Turned out to need a new evaporator with a repair cost of $3,600!!! Fortunately M-B picked up the labor $2,400 leaving me to pay for the parts $1,200. Aside from some rust forming on the edge of the sunroof, the car at 67K has been OK. I'm just bracing myself for the next malfunction that will border on the absurd regarding cost. For older E's the dealers have realized a gold mine.
  • My lease comes up in a year and I would very much like to know if the 2003 has GPS (Command?) available as an option. I'm NOT referring to Tele-Aid but to the system a la Magellan, in which you input a destination and the computer gives you a moving map and voice prompts to guide you there.

    If this is not now available as an option, does anyone know if it will be on the 2004 or 2005 models?
  • Have my new E320 for 49 weeks and this Tel-Aid expires in 3 more weeks. I am not renewing. Don't use it and don't buy the idea that if you need it once, it's worth it. Carry a cell phone. For $240 per year I can go to the Palm restaurant almost 3 times and enjoy myself more. I called Tel Aid once for directions and they wanted $3.50. Are they kidding?
  • boo20boo20 Posts: 85
    The 2003 E class has a CD ROM based navigation system (as an option). This is one area where MB has lagged behind the competition. For 2004 it will be DVD based and you will not have to swap out CDs as you travel.

    merrel: agree that Teleaid is a ripoff. After the free first year I stopped the service. Many other people were commenting about this when it was first introduced in the 2000 model year. It's worth maybe $100 a year at the most IMO.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,339
    the above comments on the (monetary) value of Tel-aid and On-Star. If one is heaven-for-bid in an accident where the airbag deploys, the service will notify the authorities of the occurence, location, etc. This is perhaps its only value. It's like insurance, a tremendous expense and there if you need it, but not comprehensively or exhaustively complete. For making calls and reservations, I also much prefer the cell phone.

    When I used the service to call about warning lights going off on a DTS Cadillac I once had, they told me..."to consult with my authorized dealer" about dah! The service IS worth about $5-10 per month and should be included during the 4yr. warranty period with the E-class IMO.
  • To those of you who e-mailed me on how to purchase a new Mercedes, I apologize for taking so long. You see, we had a hurricane here on the east coast last thursday which shut off my power until just a few minutes ago. I'll respond to your e-mails by tomorrow noon.

  • The next time you are at your MB dealership (this probably is an all too frequent occurrence) ask the dealer-principal to read his current copy of Automotive News. You know the one that your "sales consultant" should be reading but it cuts into his free time ...This $5 per copy weekly is the bible of the industry and is the furthest thing from a consumer report magazine or a buff book.

    Ask for this week's (September 15) issue. The Page One lead article is "Bugs Bite Mercedes Quality". According to the article "This is the first time Mercedes-Benz has acknowledged the wide spread quality problems." The article goes on about a 2000 vehicle buy back of E class vehicles, M-B's ranking Number 15 (BELOW Chevy) in the JD Powers 90 Day Initial Quality Study, etc. etc.

    M-Bs Joachim Schmidt, head of worldwide sales isn't upset. "We have problems but ...we are very successful in terms of sales and we are very successfull in terms of brand awareness." Later he says "Our image is great". Fantastic he seems to be implying. As long as we can pump these units out to gullible nouveaus, we're all set.

    Gee, it seems to me that to plunk down the cash (or, more likely, to sign the lease documents) to get into one of these things is beginning to sound like Not A Good Idea. And to do this for "status" reasons? Might as well put a bullseye on your chest as a "fish" easily taken by the fake-rolex crowd offerring off shore tax shelters, resort time shares, and unregulated hedge funds (sorry about the oxymoron).
  • What month does MB generally release the new E-class?
  • I have one year left on the lease of my Mercedes Benz E-320. At what point should I start looking at for a new car at the dealer?

    I figure the possibilities might be either a leftover 2004 or a new 2005.

    Any thoughts on this subject will be appreciated as this is my first car leasing experience.
  • boo20boo20 Posts: 85
    I think that the new Es come out in October.

    blockislandguy: I remember visiting an MB dealership in the early 90's when they were losing money and getting their butts kicked by Lexus. The dealer at the time told me "do you really think that this is going to continue? MB is the greatest car company in the world and has been in operation for 100 years. They won't allow this to continue."

    And, sure enough, they changed their model lineup and are now selling more cars and making more money than ever, criticism from nonowners (and some owners) notwithstanding. MBs main problem with their cars is a lack of consistancy in reliability. As they are spending a billion dollars a year repairing these cars under warranty I'm sure they will soon do something to change this.
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    I am not in the Auto field and subscribe to Automobile News out of interest. I could not believe the comments made (see #5255 above)in the article blaming all their problems on electrical glitches due to their desire to be at the forefront of technology. I have had numerous Mercedes and still have an older 500SL,560SEC and 560SL as well as a 99S500. I made the mistake of getting a 430 ML in 1998 and that was the most troublesome vehicle I have ever owned. When I got rid of it last year it still was a rattle trap since they could never fix all of the build issues. I currently have an XKR that has been virtually trouble free. I am thinking about upgrading the S but would have to see an increase in reliabilty.I think they have more than just a reliabilty problem with electronics. P.S.( I just had the door handle of the S500 come off in my hand and last year my wife had to replace the transmission in her 35,000 mile E320 station wagon).
  • buster6buster6 Posts: 128
    I read on another site that MB just announced a new "hidden incentive" on 03 E class cars. The edmunds incentive page does not reflect this info, does anyone know what the amount is or how long it runs?

  • cdbry:

    Thanks for your response! You told me that you got bad experience from Fairfield Mercedes Benz, could you tell me more specific? How good is the after sales service at this place?

    The salesman at Mercedes Benz of Greenwich looks ok too me, I met him last week, but I heard their after sales service is bad, which is very important to me.

    Other Benz dealer in Fairfield county would be in Danbury, which I didn't visit yet.
    I want to buy a 2004 E320 with a good & honest sales & service before and after the sales. Still undecided in this matter. Any advise from anybody out there?
  • Congrats to pathdoc. I get a kick out of the fact that at least one other non-automotive retailer type besides myself reads the Automotive News. At $135 a year it ain't cheap but you do keep current in the field. Kind of like his M-B dealer reading JAMA (Journal of the American Association) if he wanted to keep up with what pathdoc was up to!

    But that raises another subject; why are automotive retail types so poorly read? Most salesman don't even read their trades -Ward's Dealer Business, etc., let alone general business magazines or even their regional ones (e. g., Boston Business, Maine Biz) from which they could pick up leads.
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    Thanks for the complement. I read numerous auto magazines because I love autos and have a passion for the hobby. I think many (most) auto sales personnel could care less about cars except to make a living. They could just as well be selling appliances. I know a local exotic used car dealer who told me that to him they were just used cars and had no special meaning. I will often visit a car dealership out of interest to look at a new model and am appalled at how little the sales person knows about his product not to mention the competition. If I play dumb but ask incisive questions I am amazed at the uninformed answers I get.
  • clemboclembo Posts: 253
    The Navigation system on the 2003 E Class is not CD ROM it is DVD. I have had my car with the Navigation system for two months now. It is a replacement car as my first car could not be retrofitted for the NAV system as originally promised. At least MB took care of the situation properly with giving new cars to the people like me who were affected.

    The NAV system is very good, not as easy to use as some others (Acura, Lexus) but it does have good features for finding places in unfamilar cities and it is much better than the older CD based system.
  • Does anyone know if the 2004 E320 is going to become an E350 with higher displacement? I heard this from a dealer today but can't verify it. Also, has the problem with brakes been fixed during the 2003 production yr or was it put off till 2004?
  • wolverine11:
    I asked the same questions to a dealer in CT too, and he said that he will know within a week, at the same time he pointed out the ML 350 for 2004, with an engine size of 3,724.
    Go to the MB USA website for this engine spec.
  • I've been reading a lot of posts about NAV system, electrical Gremlins, other issues with the 2003 E Class. Does anyone know whether in the second year of production these problems will have been fixed?
  • Edsoto,

    what we have experienced with our C320 2001 at the MB Greenwich:

    1. We need 3 weeks in advance to make appointment for the first service for oil change and we don't get a loaner car, because you need to reserve the loaner car at least 4/5 weeks in advance. Thats what they say at the time I call for a service appointment. Is this normal ?

    2. Steering wheel off center. They said they will fix it the next time I bring the car for service, they said it's just a small job. I trust them, and I brought the car 13 months later to the dealer for fixing the steering wheel, odometer was around 9000 miles. Brought the car Friday morning, no loaner car, get the car back on Saturday, they need 2 days for doing it?

    The bad thing is that they want to charge me a couple hundreds dollar for doing the job because I brought the car 1 month too late " for adjustment you should bring the car within a year". I explained to the service guy that the steering was off from day one I got the car, but he won't give up. After I complain with the service manager, then they waved the charge.

    I observed that their service area is too small, so they can't accommodate enough cars for service.
    On the other side they are selling the new MB a lot its like "selling hotdog".

    After sales service is important if you get a car with problems. Shouldn't happen to MB.
  • Well, at MB Greenwich, I did have to wait for an appointment.

    At MB Manhattan, the wait is about 2 weeks. When I was there last (Early July), MB Manhattan said that they no longer take drive ins - You MUST schedule an appointment. Ugh.

    The Steering issue was the worst - but more attitude than problem. If they showed that they cared and couldn't fix it, I would have been upset, but not angry. MB Manhattan at least seems like they care somewhat about your happiness.

    And thats why I bought the car to begin with!

    (PS- Where did my posts go???)
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    have to put up with this poor service.
  • I kept a cool head at MB Greenwich: Even though I was thinking of making a scene at each of these visits, I didn't. Knowing what I know now, even though I got a good price for my 2002 E320 from them, I should have known you get what you pay for! I would have paid the extra $2000 or so and purchased the vehicle directly from Manhattan MB (Thats another story).

    I felt that MB Greenwich just didn't care. I brought the car there about 5 times:
    1st: No car wash. Service Rep said sorry. Other cars did that got picked up that day did get washed.
    2nd: Service Rep: "This will get fixed on Friday." Friday came and went, so my Saturday morning was spent at the dealer.
    3rd: Same visit as above (Problem not resolved): I wanted PHONE menu to show up. Mechanic says sure, it takes 5 minutes. Some how, I ended up waiting until he got back from lunch to this 5 minute job). It is only my time.
    4th: The steering was off on the car. SIMPLE: Star on steering wheel at 80 - the car drives straight. I was told for about 5 miles of driving with a mechanic that it was the crown on the road, the cars don't drive themselves, Tire pressure, blah, blah, blah. I wish I taped all of this! This mechaninc did not want to admit there was a problem. (MB Manhattan finally fixed this). MOST ANNOYING THING - It took 3 visits before I gave up!
    5th: 2 out of the 5 loaner cars were from the rental place across the street. This is after having your name on the reservation list.

    I thought the nice guy approach would have helped me along. That if I didn't complain loudly, that I would get treated well. Boy, was I wrong with that approach!
  • Also, the time with the finance guy should have told me something is amiss after the sale!

    He gave me a list of 'after-sale' options to buy (Radar detector, car detailing, etc) from a Xerox copy that must have been through the copier a thousand times (Very blotchy, not lined up). This came across as very tacky.

    Also, at the time, from the finance guy's desk area, you could see all of the salespeople's sales on a wall. Tacky!

    Then the extended-warranty discussion came into play... All I had to ask was "If the cars are that good, then why do I need an extended warranty..." Conversation did not go that well after that.

    Needless to say, I was with the finance guy for a total of about 3 minutes!

    Watch out.
  • I didn't mean to bring any negativity to this discussion about dealerships in CT.
    I don't want to get into any details (Mercedes is fully aware of what happened) except to repeat to you, if you're looking for a dealership that you CAN'T trust, you now know where to go, from my last message to you.
    I'm sure that you will choose the right dealer to buy from, since you are taking your time with the research.
    Best of luck to you!
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Of course there's the option that you can buy a car that's put together right when it leaves the factory and stays that way while you own it.

    Being in 15th place reliability-wise means that you have lotsof choices above MB. This helps you avoid the dealership issues.
  • Footie, you just don't get it and never will. People don't buy (correction, LEASE) these things because they are good cars and a value for the money. In fact by all empirical measures, they aren't. Nooo, signing paper for one of these indicates that you are of a different social order than the rest of us. With a lot more discretionary time during the business day to visit a MB service department than a serious person really has.

    While the Germans are laughing all the way to the bank, the MB driver's employer/employees/vendors/clients/customers/patients/etc. are just LOL at the insecurities expressed in such a move.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    I agree that if you're looking for a very reliable car you don't look at MB. But if you're looking for a durable car that will still look and run good when it has much more than 100K miles on it, then MB qualifies. In my humble personal opinion, the difference between reliability and durability is how much the repairs cost as a percentage of the current value of the car. Since the MB cars start life as expensive toys, it usually makes sense to repair them until they are really old and worn out. That isn't true for many of the inexpensive cars on the market.

    I'm not a card carrying member of the "different social order" (higher?) and therefore my current E320 may be the one and only MB I ever own because I am now retired and unless my investments skyrocket back to where they were 3 years ago, I'm doomed to own a lower strata car in the future. But I bought the 96 E320 (exactly 5 years ago today, by the way!) for it's ride, handling, solidity, and perceived durability. It's been a great ride so far (125K miles) but not without some expenses for repairs. And MANY sets of front brake pads.!!

    Given the recent apparent decline in quality, if I were to have the funds, I may opt for something other than MB, something that is nearly as solid and luxurious and much more reliable. Even though I have the free time, I don't want to waste it in the MB service department.
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