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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    This past weekend, Motorweek, the TV show, had a review of the Dodge Ram Van which is a re-badged Freightliner, which is a walkin van designed and built by MB in Germany. It is currently being sold in the US (UPS has bought hundreds of them!) and has a 2.7 liter DIESEL with approx. 165 HP but well over 200 lb-ft of torque. Apparently the emissions standards are different for trucks than for autos which is why we won't see diesels in cars for a while longer.. Sure would make a nice E270 wouldn't it ??
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    quote microrepair-Apparently the emissions standards are different for trucks than for autos which is why we won't see diesels in cars for a while longer.. Sure would make a nice E270 wouldn't it ?? -end

    E320 is a car and it will be available in April of this year in USA from MB with diesel engine.
    Also, VW has been selling thousands of diesel cars in USA and Canada for years. The TDI VW has been sold in USA and Canada since at least 1996.
    Yes, emissions standards are different for diesel trucks compared to diesel cars.
  • ahmadmahmadm Posts: 15
    Dear MB Owners:
    I have been having problems with the windshield defogger. I live in Maryland and in low outside temperatures if I turn the climate control ON, all of the windows, windshield and rear included, get badly fogged up. The moisture sometimes is so heavy that I have to stop and hand wipe it. This only happens in low temperatures outside. Keeping the system ON removes very little moisture. I took the car to the dealer and they traced the problem to faulty wiring on the AC compressor. Guess what, it is hitting freezing temperatures again and the problem is back. Any insights into what may be the issue here? Thanks a bunch.
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    I had a 2001 E-class and never had any problem with the windshield fogging up.

    A few suggestions:

    1. Clean the interior of your car, if windows are dirty, they're more likely to fog up.

    2. I presume you do not have the recirculating air on when you're trying to defog?
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    Which diesel is coming to the US? Will it be an E270, E300, E320, E350 ????
  • E320 diesel. Check out this week's
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    E320. Saw it at the NAIAS yesterday. The sales rep said in the low 50's. Bummer
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I've heard pricing comparable to the E320 gas. Not the great deal the E300TD was, at $3k+ less than the E320, but I for one wouldn't consider the E320 gas over the E320CDI for the same price.

    Question to new "E" owners: how would you rate the quality / reliability of 2003/04 E-class vs. previous generations. I'm a bit skeptical of Mercedes based upon the overall drop in quality that I keep hearing about. Is it overblown or real? After BMW's redesign of the 530i (yuck), the E320 CDI may be the first automatic transmissioned car I will have ever owned. Quite a leap, but I just hope the rest of the car holds up to the same degree as Mercedes legendary diesel engines.
  • Over the rear seat there is a dome light. 2 of the switches operate the rear reading lamps, and 2 switches don't seem to do anything. I cant find any mention of the rear ceiling light in the manuals. Anyone?
  • Has anybody but me noticed that when you leave the car for service, or with a valet parking guy at a lot, if you lock the trunk and glove compartment and take the metal key out of the black "Smart Key" to keep with you, and leave the parking attendant with just the black Smart Key, there is no hole left for the attendant to attach a paper key tag to, that will identify the smart key to belonging to any particular Benz he has on the lot... nor can he hang the key up on a key board, because the glove box/trunk key you took with you, has the hole! Shouldn't the plastic Smart Key be smart enough to have a hole molded into it? The only way I see around this is to get a glove box/trunk key that doesn't fit the car and leave it in the Smart Key slot all the time, to utilize its hanging hole. That way you keep the real glove box/trunk on another key ring in your pocket. ??? But that doesn't seem to be "smart"
  • Have an 03' E500. Last car was 00' E320.I think the issue with decline is not in quality but with reliability. These new cars have alot that can go wrong with electronics.Maybe too much new tech at once. My impression is that many(not all) bugs have been worked out in the last year. With regards to quality I can tell you from my experience that the new design looks,drives and feels better than my last generation E.
  • clemboclembo Posts: 253
    I agree with jprescott. I have had 2 E500s, MB replaced the first car because they couldn't install a navigation system. Combined I have put 18k miles on both cars and nothing has gone wrong. There has been a few minor nagging electronic issues, but the overall quality of the car is excellent. I love BMW's but the direction of their styling on the 7 & 5 is awful. The interiors are even worse then the outsides. Also the Benz dealers seem to be very aware of the perception of quality issue and will pretty much do whatever is needed to keep you happy.
  • After talking to the dealer and consulting with web pages I'm still not sure when it is appropriate to raise the car with air matic. Does this add to comfort even more? Is this only for ground clearance on a rough road or in the snow? Any one have ideas or a web link?
  • Any idea when this is going to be available on the E series?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks for the feedback. One of my business associates just got on the list for a E320CDI to replace her 1999 E300TD. Perhaps I'll join her.
  • I now have this problem. Does anyone know if MB has identified a problem and a solution. Last time I brought the car to the dealer in they lubricated the boot. That did not work. Any ideas appreciated
  • I too had the boot lubricated on several occasions with some temporary improvement. MB then replaced the rack. The moan disappeared initially and then reappeared to a lesser degree, but only in warm weather. I have 2000 E320 4-matic and was told that it is a bigger problem in 4-matic than in RWD. I've never heard of a case where the moan was completely resolved. Good luck
  • rablakerablake Posts: 16
    I have a 2001 E320 4-Matic which moaned until the Combination Switch [(Signal lights, w. wiper/washer (opcode 542800)] was replaced. Silent turns since Apr 03.
  • jchkjchk Posts: 5

    Could anyone kindly post a link or a copy of the letter that Mercedes sent out regarding the resolution of $3250 or buy-back for those who ordered the NAV?

    I would truly appreciated that as I am currently in Negotiation with Mercedes and they need a copy of the letter to prove the claim.

    Thanks in advance.

    mbnotforme "2003 E Class Comand/Nav Debacle" Jul 22, 2003 6:26pm
  • Does anybody know whether the 500 V8 engine will be changed for the E class for the 2995 model year?
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 211
    Do not know............but I wolld like to get a look at it in person??????
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    No changes for the V8 in the E500 for 2005, but expect the E320 to become the E350 with a brand new 24V 265hp V6.

  • jchkjchk Posts: 5
    Just wondering if anyone has successfully exchanged for the 2004 E-Class with Nav/Command or getting any other compensation?
  • thank you merc1; when will the v8 engine change?
  • clemboclembo Posts: 253
    My non-Nav car was replaced for another 2003 E500. I don't know of anyone that recieved a 2004. MB was pretty particular about getting the exchanges done by the end of last summer which was just before the 2004's came out. The whole process was handled well and I feel that MB was very fair in fixing this mistake.
  • vicvvicv Posts: 41
    They change the ambient light from the rear assembly. One slowly increases it and the other slowly decreases it. I found this out last night by reaching back over the seat and trying it, thereby hacking off my wife who thinks only Tim the Toolman should do such foolish things.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I wouldn't look for the V8 engine to change until at least 2006 or so, when the new S-Class appears.

  • any other changes forecasted for the E500 4MATIC for the 2005 model year?
  • jchkjchk Posts: 5

    Thanks for your reply. How did you get the car exchanged? Is there any letter sent from MBUSA that helped you for the exchange? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I was just informed by a friend who is a leasing agent with Mercedes that the European Delivery program was revised two weeks ago to give a 7% discount off MSRP. All information I've seen on the web seems to indicate a 5% discount. Anyone know the answer. That extra $1,000 between 5% and 7% has me thinking European Delivery is worth considering.

    Also, I'm considering an E320 CDI assuming it is available late spring or summer through ED. I know the CDI will be "hot" for awhile and little if any price discounting for US delivered vehicles will occur for several months. However, I am wondering what kind of deals/discounts people are now getting on 2004 gasoline E320/E500's? Is it likely that if I wait out the intitial demand for the CDI that I could get 5-7% off MSRP without going to Germany?

    Finally, I've seen 2003 E320 sport with 2,500 miles, mint condition advertised in the Washington Post for $42,000 and a very low mileage 2003 E500 advertised a couple of weeks ago for $46,000. These seem like low prices compared to MSRP new. Further suggesting big dicounting on new E's??

    Thanks for any responses.
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