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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    The 350 models, in reality, have 3.7 liter engines. This is a break from traditionally specifying the engine size as the model #..


    I'm glad to hear they are coming; I meant to ask my salesman about them last week when I was at the dealership.
  • cmwjrxcmwjrx Posts: 1
    This guy must be paid extra for that statement or he doesn't have a LS430. My first Lexus, a 2002 with the ultra-luxury package, is a real benz-eater. I have a lot of company, including Consumers Reports, J. D. Powers and others. They are all correct. All it has needed is the periodic oil change. (I am NOT paid for any Lexus hype. Just the facts.)
  • Which guy are you referring to? If you are referring to me then I must inform you that I am not paid by anyone! So far I have not been "eaten" by a Lexus or any other automobile. I am glade that you have so much company. It sounds like you are paid for your comments.
  • hms3hms3 Posts: 4
    Wow! Where did you find that deal? I am waiting to see what the new W164 class will look like. I will lease a new E320 AWD sedan or spring for the newly design ML
  • sacguysacguy Posts: 27
    Benz-eater?? How about a nomination for the worlds most reliably boring and bland "couch" mobile?
  • lovemyclklovemyclk Posts: 351
    "A real benz-eater"... really?? How so?
  • sapparosapparo Posts: 68
    It's a Benz chomper all right. World's better built than any Benz of today. Even Honda builds better cars then these overpriced german built junk of today. The C class interior looks like it was sourced to Walmart suppliers. They can't touch Japanese quality, maybe sometime in the next decade they'll discover that concept. This message paid for by G.W. Busch.
  • My wife has an '02 C320 and I own an '05 E320 CDI and both have been trouble free and a pleasure to drive. We love the looks of both and would not think about any other auto for our use. We bought them based on what we wanted and not what someone else thought, be it either individuals or so called surveys. We do not ingage in racing so we are not concerned with being "eaten" by others, Lexus, BMW, etc. Previously I had a '95 C280 and an '01 E320 which were both excellent, trouble free autos and a pleasure to drive. In the past 55 years I have owned many vehicles, American, Japanese, Italian and German made. Some were good and some were not so good. Since 1977 I have purchased 17 new autos, 3 Japanese, 10 American and 4 MB. All but one have been pretty much trouble free. The problem one was a '96 Seville which had many electronic and air conditioner problems. For what its worth, I am NOT paid to say anything regarding this posting! I am a retired electronics engineer and am not on anyone's payroll.
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    My E-class even with low profile and sport suspension does not rattle like our Honda mini-van. Our 2002 and 2005 both rattle over rough roads like mad.


    The Hondas definitely are not what I consider of high quality.
  • hjbornhjborn Posts: 20
    I too have had lots of cars in the past 60 years. I'm 82 but am driving my first MB, a 2000 E320 which I bought new. As we don't take driving vacations any more, it has only 35000 miles. It has been almost flawless. I did have an annoying squeek in the steering which took four trips to the dealership, but it was eventually fixed under warranty by a new rack and pinion. The MB is by far the best car to drive of any car I have owned. Something happened recently which I find interesting. I started having a "kick" when the gears shifted; seemed to happen once or twice a day for a week or so. Then I recalled reading that the transmission adjusts automatically to one's driving habits. So I changed to starting out more aggressively. Within two days, the transmission settled down, and it has been perfect for the past two or three weeks. Has anyone else ever had this experience?
  • Also have 2001 E320 Sport. Is this only a cosmetic exercise or is the suspension also changed? Dealer says no.
  • Here's my 2 cents worth (actually $50k plus tax). I have a 2000 E320 with 101k miles. I didn't get an extended warranty, and it has had some problems. A couple of window regulators and several other items, a headlight that melted into the assembly (I think that's what he said, still confused by that one). Including scheduled maintenance and the fixups, I'd say I've spent around $3,500 on it since the warranty ran out. I think overall the quality was good, and the car is rock solid and a pleasure to drive and own. This is my 8th car (including for my wife) and I've been impressed with the quality compared to others. I've only had one other car to 100k (a Saturn).


    One impression I get, and this is not based on scientific evidence, but is that the overall quality of all cars has gone up in the past 10-15 years. So when the ratings come out, sure it would be better all things equal to have the best quality vehicle, but I think the ones down the list really aren't that bad. I guess it all depends on what someone wants. If you want the most trouble free car, I'm sure MB is not the one to go for.


    I'm looking for another car. I'm leaning away from MB just because I don't want another E (want something new), can't afford an S, but might consider the CLS.
  • '03 E320, my first Benz. Beyond the shadow of a doubt the worst automotive experience of my life. You'd think they could make doors that fit the car, but no. Took it to dealer in San Diego, they tried to adjust the doors and only made it worse. 2 other dealers wouldn't touch the car after the "repair" of SDMB. Finally got an independant MBZ Authorized Repair shop to fix the badly aligned doors and they told me the wind noise was never going to go away, the doors don't fit the holes. Can't use the phone over 40mph. The car has been in the shop for over 70 days in 19 mos. of ownership. Squeeks, rattles poorly aligned interior, door trim at different levels than dash, headlights come out of adjustment every couple of weeks, sunroof sometimes closes completely and sometimes not, unfixable rattle from cup holder.. etc etc etc.... Leased this new and have been through a slow and agonizing rebuild of my new car. Tried to sell it to a dealer after 2 mo's and he offered 38K for a car with 2200 miles on it and having spent one of those two months in the shop. I guess he didn't want the thing either. Waited till my 40's to get a Benz and have never been so disappointed in a car or a car maker. Can't wait to get out of this thing and into something that is of real quality. All door/window rubber replaced, stereo twice, instrument cluster, trunk springs, seatbelt adjusters, seat motor, Arm rest, Tele Aid module, door handles, Grinding when steering wheel is adjusted/can't be fixed and on and on and on. I will say it's a pretty car but other than that, I don't have one darn good thing to say about it. Sorry for the down message but that's my experience with MBZ. It will be my last.

    Glad some of you got a good one and I hope you all continue to get good ones. This was just to much money for such low quality.
  • w210w210 Posts: 188
    It has to be pretty bad for the other two dealers not wanting to touch it.


    They must be taking you for a ride brushing you off saying things like this can never be fixed, etc.


    My E55 with much stiffer suspension is perfect, no squeaks, no rattles, no wind noise.


    I wonder if your car had been in an accident before you took delivery?


    Anyway, good luck you should write to MB USA.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    "I wonder if your car had been in an accident before you took delivery?"


    That is what I was thinking too. Sounds like a Ford I had once.


  • bigrobnhbigrobnh Posts: 114
    Afternoon folks,


    I used to contribute occasionally to this forum but have taken a year or so off. I have to say I have a love/hate relationship with my car. I have a 2001 E320 4matic that I picked up brand new in March of 01. When the vehicle is working it is the most amazing car I can imagine owning. Ride is impeccible, good power, great features, size is perfect and it looks amazing. However, the car has been far from trouble free. Here is a summary off the top of my head of the issues I've had (there are probably more). They are in no particular order:


    - 3 times for a transmission leak. Claimed to be 3 different problems (xfer case, differential, transmission). This got me a 1 yr/100K mile extended warranty comp'd by the dealer.

    - 3 times for two different fan speed regulators that disabled the climate control system. First time they didn't fix it and, instead lectured me on my understanding of the "automatic" cc system.

    - failed drivers headrest motor

    - broken cover on sun-visor mirror

    - broken wood trim on dash, actually split in 2 due to the cold. This took two trips as they "ordered the wrong part" the first time.

    - rubber on rubber "groan" from steering column. "fixed" but back with it as it only happens in the warm weather.

    - ABS/BAS failure, replaced a shorted out module.

    - Fog light out, turned out to be corroded connector and wiring harness

    - failed fuel gauge.

    - rattling sunroof shade


    Then, in mid December, I put the car in for mount/balance 4 snows, 4 wheel alignment and a state inspection. got the car back 450 bucks poorer and 4 days later (and that's with the warranty).

    - worn control arm - part not in stock add a day.

    - failed coolant hose - dumped in parking lot when bringing in to do control arm work. attributed to cold weather. part not in stock, add another day.

    - wobble in belt pulley system bound by tech - had part!


    Loaners, when I can beg one out of them, have ranged from a Lesabre that smelled like an ash tray, to a corolla (also ash tray like), to an ML to a brand new C240 4matic w/dealer logos on the side. There have been other forgettable ones.


    Cars are mechanical beasts and will have problems. It is my opinion, however, that the number of problems I've had with this car is a little higher than one might expect. My biggest issues are, however, the dealers inablity to correctly service the vehicle and the fact that they NEVER have parts in stock. I also hate how they pretend to have never seen issues before when, by following forums such as this, you can see that they are actually common.


    Mercedes could read this and contact me and say, BigRob, we'll pick up all future costs on this vehicle, you'll never have to spend a dime. That doesn't solve the fact that it's a 60 mile round trip + multiple days without my car every time I have an issue.


    Love/Hate. I come back from a service appointment and I'm enraged. Then the car slowly works its way back into my heart again to where I don't know how I can get rid of it. Man, this thing is a piece of work.



  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Sorry about your problems BigRob. If I still worked for the MB-North America-CAC (Customer Assurance Center), which I left at the end of 1996, I would be able to walk over and give your message to someone that could do something about it. Unfortunately, the cast of characters there has changed so much that I don't know anybody who still works there.


    Having said all of that, I doubt that it would have done any good anyway. I have periodically ranted about the attitude of upper management at MB-USA, whereby they believe that they know better than their customers what those customers need, want and desire. I find that just a tad arrogant. The best story surrounds the launch of the SLK; MB-USA wanted to make damn sure that it went off well, so they did all of their customer research and came to the conclusion (among many others) that the car should only be offered with an automatic transmission only (as usual).


    At that point I was doing the alternating month thing, working one month in Montvale, and the next in Stuttgart, so I had a chance to drive a pre-production SLK with a 5-Speed transmission while in Germany. I liked it. When I got back to Montvale, I was looking over one of the cars that was to be used for the PR launch (more on that in a moment), and happened to comment, out loud to no one in particular, "Gee, it's too bad us Americans can't get a 5-Speed." I didn't realize the VP of the CAC was standing behind me apparently quite smug in his belief that I would be drooling all over "his" car. When he heard my comment he got quite angry and started shouting at me, "What the hell are you talking about? We spent millions to determine what options to offer on this car (I suspect that was an exaggeration, then again, maybe not), and the fact of the matter is, Mercedes customers don't drive sticks. Period. Besides, only an idiot would want to drive a car like this with a manual."


    Being a bit of a hot head myself, my response was kind of predictable, "Well then I guess I'm and idiot." He gave me a very nasty look and stormed off. I found out later that he had put the word out that my contract was not to be renewed at the end of the year. Oh well.


    Anyway, the designated Saturday for the big PR event for the SLK was a couple of days after our little exchange. The intention was to hold it outside so that there would be lots of photo-ops of the old SLs, their owners, and of course their big smiles when being shown the new SLK. Best laid plans of mice and men and all of that, it rained, big time. So, since all of the participants (both people and cars) were already there (some from great distance), the event was held inside the shop at the CAC. My in-town "office" was a loft above the main shop floor (where I got to see lots of cool stuff) and that gave me a birds-eye view of the proceedings. Long story short, almost every one of the old SLs were equipped with three pedals (all of them?), and to put it mildly, the owner group was less than enthused about the new automatic only SLK. During the Q&A, the previously mentioned VP was asked repeatedly about the "research" that led MB to think that the manual transmission was not desirable in the SLK. Sitting in my perch watching him grow more and more uncomfortable, all I could do was bite my lower lip to keep from laughing out loud. I lasted just the remainder of the year there, rumor has it that he didn't last much longer. Oh, and the SLK is now offered with a manual transmission. ;-)


    Best Regards,

  • my '98 e320 4matic has 218k miles. Typical maintenance issues, mostly minor. Larger ones were catalytic converter and ball joint. The car is still as solid as day one and I wouldn't hesitate to take it cross country. I expect to have it another 200k miles.


    I recently needed to replace my wife's car (A totaled x-type). Lots of options, but she chose the e500 4matic. The worst thing about it was we already had one - no fun without some diversity. (Although I did try to talk her into a used Porsche. No deal.)


    Her e500 was cheaper than two G35x's, which I would have needed by the time she has the mileage I have. If you can afford the price and the boredom of driving a car for 250k+ miles, the german taxi is actually an inexpensive car.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    That is one of the more interesting stories I've ever read on Edmunds. I wonder if the managment at these German companies will ever realize that if they were a little more open minded about things they'd really sell a lot of cars.


    From the reviews I've read about the SLK there must be a different team in place because not only does it have a manual trans, its a very good one at that. Even the fickle as hell British press loves the new SLK and its manual transmission. Now if MBUSA could just hit similar home runs with the products devoted to this market like the new ML and soon-to-be R-Class, they'd be on to something. Pre-1990 this arrogance tolerable and even arguably great for the company because they produced cars that matched the arrogance, unrivaled by anyone. There is no way they'll make it with such arrogance now because they cars don't and won't support it. Even Ferrari has had to come down off its perch and actually compete with former market losers like Aston-Martin and Lamborghini.


    It seems Mercedes in general has learned their lessons about incorrect specifications and shoddy build quality if the new SLK and CLS are any indication. I still don't think that MBUSA and VWoA espcially has the full attention of their top management back in Germany


  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Thanks. ;-)


    I have a few other juicy ones that I've posted here from time to time. My stint with Mercedes was both a lot of fun and very frustrating. I am a systems developer by trade and a car nut by hobby, as such I was really into the car aspect of working at MBNA (as they called it back then, prior to a little spat with the bank of the same initials). The wierd thing (for me anyway) was the number of people who worked there who could care less about cars in general and Mercedes-Benz cars in particular, they were only there for the job. Grrrr! I am happy to report that the folks I worked with in Stuttgart were quite the opposite, they LOVED their cars.


    Best Regards,

  • bigrobnhbigrobnh Posts: 114
    Thanks for the uplifting story. As I said, I have no idea what Mercedes could do to fix the situation (other than close the dealership in Manchester and open a new one in Nashua).


    It looks like there are an expanding number of choices to replace my 4matic when I can't take it anymore. M35x, GS300x, RL. There's always the A6 and I think I read the 5 series is coming in AWD. I don't trust the former and I don't like the appearance of the latter. You can even look at 300c and a Ford 500 (well, not really). There are quite a few choices in the mid sized AWD sedan category now.


    I'm leaning toward the M35x and the RL, primarily because the dealers are local. I'd like the GS but that is also a Manchester dealership and involves the 50+ mile round trip. On top of that the GS does not have the 11K-12K mile service interval of the E320. That is the ONLY thing that has maintained my sanity.



  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    Lastbenz, what an unfortunate story. If I had the same experience as you have, I would run and never look back.


    Fortunately, both my E-class and ML-class have been really good. There have been more issues with the ML but both have performed superbly.


    Shipo, what a wonderful story. I must have missed your previous ones as I didn't remember you working for MBNA. Keep the stories coming, they are very interesting!


    I most likely trade the ML in this fall and might go with the new ML but it now does not offer a third seat. I might have to move up to the R-class suv. The Land Rover LR3 is another strong possiblity. If Lexus would update the LX430, that would be a strong contender.


    Have a great day, Mark156
    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A reporter would like to interview someone who recently bought a large sedan such as a Mercedes E-Class, Lexus LS 430, Mercury Crown Victoria or any large Cadillac or Lincoln.


    Please send your daytime contact info to by Friday, February 11, 2005.
  • Dear Sir,


    Forgive this late reply to your commentary, but I am one of those God forsaken who gambled on MB being "bullet-proof" and indeed have transmission problems out of warranty with a '94 E320 sedan (~128k miles).


    I loved the car when I saw it 2 yrs ago, and followed that lust in replacing an '89 E300 with ~180k miles.


    I am soooo upset with Mercedes Benz for not building the tank I had expected this car to be. It was too much of a gamble at 46 and kids approaching college years.


    SO, I leased a 2004 Honda Accord coupe as a low cost alternative to my E320 in July 2004. I cannot come to terms to even sell my E... it is still sitting in my drive way 7 months later! Its in working order only no reverse gear. I'm afraid to find out that I might only net ~$4000... a damn paralyzing experience.


    Any suggestions of insights would be appreciated.


  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    No problen with late reply as I just returned here myself due to a hard drive (computer - not car) crash.


    As for suggestions: Save your love,lust and other emotions for humans, not cars. A car without a reverse gear is NOT in working order. Think of your '94E as an beautiful, sexy but expensive mistress. Pay for your pleasure or get rid of it.
  • mezecamezeca Posts: 66
    Have you ever really seen a brand new car with doors that are not aligned? Especially as bad as the one's being described? The only time I've ever seen door alignment to be off that severely is from side impact damage.
  • I want to buy new Mercedes Benz in a few days
    E-class 320 4-matic model with following options.

    1: Deser silver exterior
    2: Premium package
    3: Heated fron seats

    If some one has recently bought similar car then I want to know how much he/she bought it for.

    I will then use this information to negotiate and bargain proper price.

  • Ashok - I don't remember the exact cost of my 2005 E320 CDI; however, the cost was MSRP plus TT&L. The dealers in Houston would not discount the CDI when I made my purchase. Good luck.
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    You might get more response on the "Mercedes Benz E-Class: Prices Paid & Buying Experience" forum.

    Good luck!
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