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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • I asked the very same question of the dealer re: ordering a new CDI (320) and the deal is that the rear window blinds that are the roll-up type are factory installed. The only ones you can get if they did not come with the vehicle are ones that clip in place somehow. I got the info from the parts department- they were able to look it up and find a photograph.

    If your car doesn't have them already in the rear door panels, then you cannot do the roller-blind shades aftermarket.

    The clip in ones are not too terribly expensive.
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    I'm with you. I love the MB driving experience, which is why I keep returning to the brand. I prefer my E-class it to everything else I have driven, even my 3 series convertible.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    A reporter for an influential U.S. publication is working on a piece about Mercedes and would like to hear from consumers. He’s wondering whether the recent quality problems are enough to stop consumers from buying Mercedes in the future. He also cites that Mercedes says it has worked hard to fix the various problems and is producing the best quality cars ever. He’d especially appreciated hearing from any long-time Mercedes drivers around who agree or disagree. If you have a story to share, please respond to with your daytime and evening contact info., city/state of residence and what models of Mercedes you own/have owned, no later than Weds., Sept. 28, 2005.


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  • I will say that our current (#2) Atlanta-based MB dealer has worked with us in a positive manner. We switched from the dealer where we had purchased 3 MB's to one of their competitors. Regarding the bumper issue on the 1999 ML, we were forced to find the replacement part ourselves since we were out of town when it happened and the MB Regional Service Rep was arrogant as all get out.

    Since it was my wife's car, she all but called it quits on MB, a car line she always admired. The saleswoman we worked with at dealer #1 had since changed dealers and went to bat for us at her new dealer. Arranged for a fully loaded 2002 ML at their cost and she has provided excellent service.

    Although I love my 2003 e39, I do still desire another MB one day when things get back to where they should have always been. I can (somewhat) live with a manufacturing defect, but I can't live with the arrogance of sales and service people. Believe the inconsistencies across the dealer channel contribute to many of the issues I read about on this board.
  • Totally agree on the driving experience. They know they are not BMW and never cared. Just "built like a bank-vault" solidity and extremely sound touring characteristics. To me, the Rolex of cars... built like they were carved from a block of steel and designed to run forever. Of course, I'm refering to the prior-gen S-Class and W140 E-Class! That, to me, signified the luxury of world-class engineering and quality.

    Although my e39 provides an exceptional ownership experience, it is a very different and more "sporting" vehicle. Would love both brands in my garage as follows (current models)...

    MB S-Class (new platform)
    my current e39 530SP
    BMW 650
    CLK55 cab (would love the SL, but need room for my wife and the pooch!)
    BMW M3 6-sp (no SMG)
    MB 420CDI (when it is available)
    SLK55 (wife loves it)

    and, gotta have the new 997 Carerra C4S :)
  • Would you mind letting me know which Mercede's dealership and salesman that you have been working with? I have been looking for a 2004 E320 and the dealership in South Atlanta is horrible. I'd like to buy in my city, but, if they find out that your educated, won't buy their warranty, trade in, or use their financing, and if you also know what mercedes are worth today, they basically told me to go elsewhere, so, I have been working with a dealership out of Ga.
  • Well, let me gush some more. I traded in a 7 yr old C-class. At 7 years old, it still felt new, no rattling, very solid on the road, handled very well, no diminishing of power from the engine, even the paint was still very bright. After a wash, it looked new (from about 20 ft away, any closer and you'd see the rock chips and the scratches).
  • I am in NC & have had great service. Presently have 2001 E320 & 2005 SLK350. # 17 & 18 in MB's that I have owned. Both have had only minor problems which have been received exceptional attention from my dealer. Also from the factory rep.So no complaints.

    They also have been getting quite a few CDI's. 2005 as well as 2006 models.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    I wonder why they have a problem if you are educated and don't use their financing, they don't want your business...

    Mercedes has alsways been known as a well made car...theoretically, you paid more because you were buying a car that was barely broken in at 200,000 miles, whereas the avg American car was well worn at 50K and worn out at 100K...

    If they are having true quality issues, dealers should be offering top-notch service and putting pressure on Mercedes to improve quality...if it really is a PR problem, meaning that the car is good but false rumors have been circulating, then it is up to Mercedes to use proper PR to set the record straight...

    OTOH, if I were BMW and Audi, I would keep my eyes open and recommend to my dealers to give folks super-service beyond the call of duty to win them over...

    If Mercedes quality truly has deteriorated, does anybody know why???...
  • Can you give me the name(s) of the dealerships that you mentioned in your last post? I think that is ok with the rules of the forum as long as you don't give me names of sales person, right?
    Thanks! :)
  • so far for my E350 and still running! That is outstanding! I have the following options and would like to say something about them:
    1. Keyless entry. Worth the money. Yes, especially if you are in a hurry a lot.
    2. Xeon headlights: Has more value in cool-looking, then praticle.
    3. Dynamic seat: not worth it.
    4. Navigation: worth it.
    5. Premium audio system: Not sounding as good as the one in Lexus or Acura, but still worth the money.
    6. Sunroof package. Worth the money if you have people in the back a lot.
    7. Tire pressure monitor: Way worth the money! It warned my immediately after a punture.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You are correct - dealership name is good, salesperson's name is bad. :)
  • I just came back from a wedding where seemingly everyone over 55 claimed they didn't drive at night. Wouldn't Xenons make 60 year old eyes 20/20 again? Aren't they a Good Thing?

    What the heck is a dynamic seat ?
  • I have Xenons on my Audi and they DEFINITELY make night driving easier. 'Course, I'm not 55 yet, so dunno about 20/20 vision- maybe something to look forward to??
    They are indeed a Good Thing!

    Appreciate the input on options. How do the tire pressure monitors actually work? Do you see the number of pounds pressure, or does it just flash a warning when the pressure drops below a certain range?

    [There is actually a used CDI I'm looking at that has this option, and it has me intrigued. ]
  • I live in Buffalo where the winters are mean and unmerciful. I need a solid car for long distance driving over the Adirondacks and into the wilds of Quebec. Looking to drive it for 300,000 + miles over the course of many years .... Any comments on the 320 cdi for this type of of objective?
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    I dont have Xenon lights on my E, and miss them, having had them on 2 previous vehciles. Am not quite 50, and no, Xenon's aren't corrective lenses, but I do find that the brighter light does make driving at night easier. Have also noticed that the forward "throw" on the stock lights is not what I was accustomed to on my earlier MB's. I have heard a number of comments from other owners about this.
  • Are you sure you don't want a Tahoe? Can you even get a 320cdi in AWD? Before you are convinced you want a diesel in upstate NY and Quebec, what about fuel gelling, hard starting and other cold weather problems? (Tupper Lake is commonly 20 below in the AM). Is there a dealer between Albany and Montreal? Between Albany and Syracuse? A diesel would be great to run down the throughway from Buffalo to Boston but might not be as good for stop/start type driving.
  • Dealer is MB of Winston-Salem (NC) 336-760-4580. Bought 2001 E320 Sport about 18 mos. ago w/Starmark(now Certified). Great car. Great service.
    Prices seem to be competitive. When I bought mine I was looking for a particular car and they had Exactly what I was looking for so price was not the #1 issue.
  • Have had 2 cars---1 MB--w/ Xenons. Great brightness but poor distance. Bought last 2 MB's w/standard lights and had dealer install Sylvania Bright Star bulbs.They put out a strong WHITE light (not as much as xenons) but much better than OEM lights. Also adjusted lights up slightly higher so distance coverage is better that xenon.

    Approx $40 per pair. Dealer installed n/c. Buy them @ your local parts store.
  • Hello Habitat1
    Did you ever find someone to cut you a better deal than ED$ on your E320CDI? Sounded like you were able to get hold of ED invoice info for BMW? Can you help me research this? I am presently trying to decide between ED and USA delivery, and so far seem to find the best deals on the East Coast, but I live WEst Coast. Appreciate anything you learned in your research (assuming you did in fact purchase a CDI in the end?)

  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    I read a small article in the paper last week that the exec. who had been running the Chrysler Division just got promoted to CEO of Daimler-Chrysler. The article stated his goal was to halt the quality slide at MB. The article sounded hopeful that he will improve the overall company based on his performance in making the Chrysler Group successful. He also has since announced he will make significant layoffs in their German plants.

    Maybe there is hope....
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    He's a star. He needs to change the culture at MB and now that Jurgen Schremp has been pushed aside, Dieter may get the freedom to do just that.
  • This might wake someone up. I have a 2000 E320 and will probably be getting an M45 as a replacement. I still like the Es and have enjoyed mine but have to say that Infiniti is offering a fantastic product, equal to or better than the E in many respects, for quite a bit less money. May not have the cache of Mercedes now but the M is a fantastic car.
  • ssamahassamaha Posts: 17
    a Datsun is no Mercedes! sorry.

  • What we really need is a Datsun vs. Chrysler test; that will prove which is the better car. .
  • ssamahassamaha Posts: 17
    good one! LOL

    But to be fair, MB has shifted a lot of parts by way of Chrysler, thus their VAST improvements.. the same hasn't happened in reverse(yet!), thank God!

    The high end Japanese cars all share A LOT of parts with their lower end parent companies. And in most parts of the world the Infiniti, Lexus etc.. marks don't even exist, they're simply sold under their normal names.. it's just all American targeted marketing...
  • ssamahassamaha Posts: 17
    To answer you... IMHO the CDI is easily good for 300,000 miles if the rest of the cars holds up as well as the engine... Diesels are always going to be much more durable than gas engines for the following reasons:

    -Diesels are usually Iron block
    -Diesels are built to higher strength standards do to their 18:1 or more compression
    -Diesels rarely rev more than 4500RPM... significantly less than a gasser
    -Diesels are high torque engines and as such rarely need to rev even more than 2000rpm in normal driving

    all this leads to a long lasting engine.. combine this is lower maintenance required... no spark plugs, tune ups etc...

    The bad news in the 2007 CDI will not be a Iron block, nor an I-6 (which is much better than a V6)... the good news is it will have AWD available.. due to the added room of the V6.

    Don't worry about cold temps with these new diesels, they for the most part start right up... a subfreezing, you'll need max 30seconds on the glow plugs.
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    I was fascinated by the ads for the M45 and last month drove my 2001 E320 to the nearest Inifiniti dealer and test drove the M35 (I don't need or want the big V8). In many areas, it is a better car; it has more doo-dads than you can count. And the drive train, even with the (weakling) 270 HP V6 is way more than adequate for everyday driving. But, the bottom line is that the ride quality (not the heandling) is not even close to being in the same class as the E. It was a very harsh, jouncy ride for a "luxury" car, even more so than the 2005 530 I drove a few weeks later. It handled great; like a sports car, but I personally could not use it as my every-day car; I'd get sick real quick of that harsh ride. Particularly here in the Northeast with our frost heaved roads..

    Now, I had the same complaint earlier this year when I test drove a Chrysler 300C, but when I went to different dealer and drove another one, the second drove a lot smoother. I suspect that some dealer mechanics are putting way too much pressure in the tires. One of these days I'll test drive another M35 at another dealer and hopefully find that the mechanics overfilled the first one I drove.

    I know of an independent mechanic in my town who swears that the tire pressure should be what is listed on sidewall as maximum pressure.! What an IDIOT !! I had him change over my tires last year and I noticed the harsh ride in my E within the first 100 yds.. When I got home I checked the pressure and he had put well over 40 psi into the tires! As soon as I reduced them to the more normal 27-28 psi, that great ride returned! :D
  • garyh1garyh1 Posts: 386
    One of these days I'll test drive another M35 at another dealer and hopefully find that the mechanics overfilled the first one I drove.

    If you look at the M35/45 forum, you'll see quite a few messages from folks who took a test drive (or actually took delivery of their new car) and were concerned about the ride, until they checked the tire pressure and discovered that Infiniti ships the cars with the tires way overfilled. Unless the dealer bleeds out some air, you'll get a harsh ride. Hopefully that is what caused your disappointing experience. I would be interested to hear what happens if you try another test drive. Or perhaps you could just call back the salesperson that arranged the previous test drive and ask him/her to check the air pressure in the demonstrator you drove and let you know if the tires were in fact over-inflated. If they weren't, then I could see a lot of current E owners staying away from the M. But I haven't heard people complain about the ride of the M - the only thing people mention is some higher than expected engine noise from the M35 (not so much with the M45), since the engine apparently revs pretty high. Did you notice that at all?
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    Thanks for reminding me about the shipping pressure in the tires. I had read a note about that last year when I drove the 300C. I will make it a point to test drive the M35 again at a different dealer and AFTER I asks the sales man about the tire pressure..
    Re: engine noise. I didn't notice that it was particularly noisy, although I had the salesman with me so I drove very sedately :( with no high revving..!
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