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2011 Honda Pilot



  • mkb74mkb74 Posts: 3
    just left a deal of 3k down 15k miles per year and 450 per month including tax, for 36 months, on an ex-l w/nav in nnj brother in law said that was too much to put as a down payment what do you guys think ???
  • solosolo Posts: 48
    It is also clear to me that Honda cannot improve their new models. I own a 2004 Pilot since new (among others). I have driven the new model (well 3 year old new) and don't like it as much as the 04. The wind and road noise has not been addressed and they all have a transaxle noise that only I seem to hear.. But someone tell me what 4 wheel drive is out there that has the width to load 4 foot wide plywood!?
    And to not get a 5 star rating is an F.
    I think the [non-permissible content removed] are going the route of our domestics.
  • barleybrewer55barleybrewer55 Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    I have put 6 tanks of gas tru my 2011 pilot. I am really pleased with the gas mileage. On a long trip in Wisconsin , relatively flat, I got 23.9 mpg on the highway. The worst I got was 15.9 and that was towing a 3000 pound boat. You must have something wrong, dragging, etc.
  • avalonfanavalonfan Posts: 28
    Just purchased a fully loaded 2011 White Diamond Pearl Pilot with gray interior. We have about 300 miles on the car. First impressions are positive. Smooth, quiet ride. Dealership in Lynnwood Washington was first class throughout the entire buying experience.

    We plan on taking many road trips with this vehicle. Before selecting the Pilot, we checked out around a dozen other SUV's. The Honda fit our needs, just right.
  • I am purchasing a Thule crossbar/ski rack system and the crossbars come is different lengths, 43", 47", 53" and 60".

    I do not want the bars to extend past the width of the car and wanted to know if anyone knows which size will go the width of the Pilot without extending over?

    I am not at home so I can't do this now but I am looking to buy a car rack for my 2011 Pilot.

  • ripjripj Posts: 1
    I purchased a new 2011 pilot touring 10 months ago now and can say I am a little disappointed.
    I have owned other Honda products and have never had any normal (expected) problems for at least the first 5 years of ownership. Unfortunately I can't say the same for this new vehicle.
    Within the first 5 months of ownership the paint on the back hatch was bubbling with rust. This was fixed. Most recently (month 10) I am having problems with the electrical system all the interior lights will not work. I took it to the dealership with hopes of finding a quick fix they tried to replace the fuse but as soon as they put the fuse in it blew. So to say the least I am pretty disappointed thus far with it's track record.
    However I was recently on a long drive Toronto - Philadelphia and was got almost 1000 Km per tank. I didn't expect that.
    However, I am concerned with the other problems and wondering if others are having any similar problems.
  • walk_the_walk2walk_the_walk2 Posts: 140
    edited April 2012
    I hate to say this, but I bought a 2011 Honda Pilot new on Jan 6, 2011. Have had a lot of problems with it, relatively speaking, which makes me real glad that I bought the 100K mile extended warranty. Problems so far include:

    1. Before I had 12000 miles on it, the front axle seals starting making a funny noise that I noticed when I backed up. I had no idea what the problem was, but the dealer sure did and replaced them. I suspect this should've been a front axle seal recall, but customers never were told unless yours failed, as mine did.

    2. The interior holds onto dirt like a political reporter. It sticks to the cheap-[non-permissible content removed] plastic trim that they used for the door panels and the console, and no cleanser made, in fact, nothing short of nuclear force, will remove it.

    3. This vehicle has more blind spots than President Obama. I have actually smacked into objects with the rear bumper twice. They say it's because the sight line on the doors is so much higher, so maybe it's because I drove a smaller SUV than this one before I bought the Pilot. Anyways, don't stand behind me when I am backing out of a parking space, or you'll meet your Maker prematurely.

    4. I suspect that the transmission is not as rugged as I had hoped. While the rated tow capacity for a 2011 4WD model is about 4500 lbs., I'll bet the real value is closer to half that. Anyway, don't volunteer to drive a float for the local parade!

    5. Someone posted that the hinge on the back hatch was coming loose on their 2011 Honda Pilot and mine was the same! I think it is due to sun exposure. That little plastic flap that covers the hatch hinge is held on by hope and some crappy adhesive, and is under spring tension. I was able to show the tech BRAND NEW VEHICLES in the dealer lot that exhibited this same problem. Oddly, others do not exhibit it. Bad day at the double-stick tape factory??

    6. Mine is Bali blue. Or is it Bali purple? Or Bali black? I can't tell, but it sure as hell ain't no shade of blue. And it's the poorest quality paint job I ever saw. So, let's call it Bali Crap. Just look at the paint job and it scratches. You practically need a complete repaint job every 6 months if you drive your SUV in the woods.

    7. Apparently, there is a recall on the front suspension? I don't have details, but it's enough to trigger the lemon law for me.

    SUMMARY: The safety rating is so-so. The overall quality is so-so. The interior and exterior paint and parts are simply crap. The front axle seals are total crap. The jury is out on the engine and transmission, but the later may also be crap. And, the front suspension is pure crap. It does have fairly good gas mileage for a heavy SUV, and is very roomy and comfortable, but so is a Ford Explorer. So does the good outweigh the bad?
  • azlib62azlib62 Posts: 3
    I'm on this site because my wife is getting bad directions from the Nav. I see I posted 2 years ago. Now we've had it 27 months, 47,000 miles. In general, Very happy with car. No mechanical problems, low maintenance. Guess I hadn't rotated tires enough as I had to replace front but back were still good. My wife got used to the seats and is now comfortable in the car. Starting this year the nav system is giving bad directions, including after paying Honda $99 for updated Nav disc. Otherwise very happy.
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