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Volkswagen Passat 2005 and earlier



  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    I read somewhere that the force of an eggshell breaking on your car is nearly the same as someone smaching a drinking glass on your car. I'm no physics expert though.
  • clscflmclscflm Posts: 71
    OK, now don't laugh -- but is there anything you can wash your new Passat with to help protect it against such unwarranted assaults (and other such things that fall from the sky when outdoors)? Anything VW especially recommends/uses? (I know; I can check out the Maintenance list, I have, but still wondering) I like to be well informed...
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    are working under the principle of Velocity, or Gravity...depending upon the
    point of origin.

    This has nothing to do with the 26 coats of paint on your Passat...Actually
    you can also test this yourselves in another less dramatic way...Take a key and
    drag it down the side of your new car...then do the same thing to your Steinway
    in the living room or den, and then finally any another beautifully painted object in
    your home...

    The results will no doubt all be similar; putting to rest the idea that VWOA is
    selling a faulty product, but one that is merely vulnerable to vandalism...
  • car_nut1car_nut1 Posts: 66
    Now that my Passat is a month old, thought I'd read through the manuals. Booklet 3.3 mentions that passengers should weigh no more than 150lbs or 68Kg. Do you think this is a typo? Or, should most of us be selling our cars? Maybe dieting. I know I won't be able to get back in my car for at least 3 months. If a friend drives, I can ride on the roof, 220Lbs or 100Kg maximum there. Please respond so that I know where I belong.
  • seongobaeseongobae Posts: 1
    I have one-week old passat. It runs great at first and now it has an annoying noise from passenger side. I am sure it comes from air conditioning system. The noise is kind of scratching material from the passenger side of engine hood, when
    I turn off the AC, I can hear the noise for a while and then can't hear that. So, if someone have same problem, let me know how to fix it.

    And you guys know Homelink with sunvisor extension. But I am not sure what it is.
    I have this option for my car but I couldn't find sunvisor extension at the manual or wherever.
    If WV didn't install the sunvisor extension,
    I should ask for it.

    Last thing, my car do have sunroof, but it didn't work at first. I was so upset and I want to find out what is the cause of malfunction. Actually I couldn't wait for the dealer service during the weekend. So I tried to dignose the problem by myself, and found that VW didn't install the fuse for the sunroof. Oh, my goodness! Then I put the fuse in the box and now works fine. Can you believe VW didn't put the fuse and didn't test all systems.
  • pkraddpkradd Posts: 358
    Seongobae. Your dealer is at fault for the missing fuse. When VW calls or you get a questionaire make sure you give your dealer failing grades. You were probably asked by your salesman to give passing grades of course, but don't. My car was in prep for 3 hours before it was turned over to me. I know because I drove it from the storage facility with the plastic wrap all over it to the dealers lot. I had a slight "whinning" fan noise when I turned the air conditioner on for a few days, but it eventually disappeared and has not returned. A lot of cars have fan noise at first. So did my two previous Camry's. Tell your dealer about the missing fuse and let them know that you are not happy about the poor prep.
  • cliffybcliffyb Posts: 114
    VW did not reinvent paint or the painting process when they came out with our beloved passat. Things that damage cars in general(like eggs)will damage your passat. If you are interested, BMW builds an armoured version of its 740il. That car can stop bullets with its windows...eggs I'm not sure. Anyways, we all feel your pain concerning the damage to your car, but in this time of suffering it is important not to play the "blame game". The other day I came out of a customers place and noticed some small dents in the back of my passat's trunk. Instead of blaming the dents on an inferior grade of metal, I took it down to dentpro and had them removed. I suggest you do damage control by just getting your car fixed ASAP. Getting mad at VW will not ease the pain.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    The 150# number is universal and is part of a traditional formula
    to compute the GVWR for all vehicles...Cars & Trucks...

    Not too dissimilar to medicine that uses 165# as a standard from which
    all else is then computed, drug dosages, etc. Sort of the Common

    As to Booklet 3.3 you have to multiply 150 X 5 = 750#s, plus Luggage and
    the other ingredients...

    Now...give me another 10 situps!!!!
  • I bought my Pas sat 1.8T auto on June 8. It is a pleasure to drive. I took it in a week later because of a defect in the windshield. It wasn't a scratch, but looked more like someone took a knife and made a slice through the layers of glass if that is possible. The dealer replaced it under warranty, and they were nice about it too.

    I notice the "lag" that occurs when I accelerate from 0 in drive. When I use Tiptronics shifting the lag is not there. It's more fun driving on surface streets using Tiptronics anyway.

    Other than that I've had no complaints. This car is sporty yet classy, cool yet sophisticated, stylish yet conservative, slow yet . . . . that's enough.

    I get so many looks and compliments about my car. I wish I could have afforded the leather, sunroof and wood trim, but then again when you add all of those options the Pas sat ceases to be the bargain I was looking for in the first place. By the way, I walked into the showroom and asked to talk to the Fleet salesperson. I drove away in my 2001.5 Pas sat for $350 over invoice. In my opinion Fleet is the only way to go.
  • sam082158sam082158 Posts: 5
    Anybody ever try the Driver's Option that's available? Was wondering what makes it different from a traditional lease. Also, does someone out there have any experience to share doing business with Southpoint VW in Baton Rouge, LA?
  • hk6hk6 Posts: 6
    I am considering to buy a new Passat V6 GLS model.
    Please advise, any comments will be appreciated.
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    I bougth a 1,8 5spd Passat in 98, it has been faultless and a pleasure to drive, and the service and dealings with them have been excellent, no guimmicks or pressure in any form.

    We are considering to trade the Passat for a new one, this time an automatic with a V6 because the wife does not find the 5speed convenient anymore in the stop and go traffic.

    Any comments from Passat's with auto and V6.

  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    I want to know how you talked the wife into letting you get a Porsche and all she gets is a Passat (it's a nice car, but it's no Porsche).
  • clscflmclscflm Posts: 71
    Forgive the ignorance here, but I've heard that the 2002 model, with its new warranty and minor upgrades -- will actually not have the major gizmo many of us anticipate -- the CD player -- in the first wave of arrivals. So, other than that warranty, what will be any different from the 2001.5 that should make anyone beat down the door to snatch up the new 2002? Surely the other minor additions don't merit it. And why is it exactly that the new model won't be complete until later? How much later? Is this just a rumor or fact? TIA.
  • bluenicbluenic Posts: 1
    Any suggestions, I have just purchased a new 2001 Pas sat 1.8T sedan . It has a Standard single CD AM-FM Stereo Audio system . The instructions state that it is a Eurovox model HPB-4680, I am having big problems with the AM Reception in the area I live in South West Australia. Any normal cheap radio will pick up at least 5 strong AM stations in our area , but I am only able to get a weak reception on 1 AM station.
    So, has anybody got any suggestions on how I can improve the AM reception with this Audio system supplied with my Passat

  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    You are right, no reason...the .5 launched, the new Warranty is in place for the
    02s, CD coming with the late Sept. & early Oct. cars. might want to check on something as simple as the AM ground...
  • ring2001ring2001 Posts: 4
    I quoted Edmund's invoice cost for a 2001.5 Volkswagen New Passat GLS V6 4dr Sedan (2.8L 6cyl 5M)including destination at $22,599 to a dealer in Georgia and got the following reply..."$217 Port charges is not listed on the net's invoice". What's that all about?
  • ulurutechulurutech Posts: 6
    I noticed a lot of negative comments in regards to the Tan interior on the Passat 2001.5 models. I'm on the verge of buying a GLX.5 and am leaning toward the tan interior mainly for the hot days of summer here in Sacramento (black is baaaddd on those hot days)

    Don't get me wrong, I think that some of the color combos with black and grey interior looks good but I'm leaning for a tan interior with a complimenting/contrasting exterior color I saw and *liked* the Silverstone Gray Metallic exterior with the tan interior till I saw the "horrendous" post in regards to the color combo. Other colors I like was the Blue Anthracite or Blue Silver.

    Am I just a sicko with bad taste?

  • car_nut1car_nut1 Posts: 66
    tan interior is no longer really tan, more like butter color. Last years tan is probably the "tan" your picturing. My 2001.5 GLX, pine with tan was so awful I traded it after 350 miles. I got indigo w/gray. Looks great. Also, the tan was filthy after 10 days. Headliner was covered with fingerprints, only way to remove was to shampoo which I didn't care to do. I think the tan is a truly ugly color. Just my opinion and experience. Why can't VW start using "real colors", BRG w/saddle and true navy w/oxblood red leather. Some of the great British colors. Please, no more metallics.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Port Prep = $25
    FloorPlan Interest Reserve = $92

    Total = $117

    Diane...I love the new Beige(Butter) interior; some do not...That is what makes a market!
    It is really more of a practical issue to me...I like the Beige in my Indigo Blue GLX, but
    then again, I don't transport a lot of kids and their gear in it. Beige is Beige and if low
    maintenance is important, then Grey or Black is better. My Wife's Variant has grey
    leather, and although not as bullet proof as the black it is certainly more forgiving
    than Beige...But...You should get what you one here is going to step for
    your payment; so live large!!!
  • mulfomimulfomi Posts: 56
    I was over at VWVortex and was doing some reading and several people were talking about a diverter valve. Since I am about the farthest thing from a auto mechanic, what is it, what does it do, and why do people want to change it?

    Also, in regard to the colors, I also did not like the "tan" interior. Of course, as other people have also mentioned, I have the Mojave Beige with the grey interior which takes some getting used to. I just washed it last night and I think it looks great. I would have preferred the silver blue with grey or corrada red with grey but trying to find a 1.5 with the turbo and a 5 speed without leather was difficult.
  • telainetelaine Posts: 29
    I have the Silverstone gray with gray interior and I think it looks great. I've seen the Silverstone gray with beige interior and I think the interior looks too bright for the car. It really isn't the best color combination in my opinion. I think the beige looks better with the Mojave Beige and the Frisco Green. But if you like it, it doesn't matter what others think unless you plan to sell the car in a few years.

    I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with the walnut trim. I noticed the door handle on the passenger side has a weird appearance - it looks like it's smudged or fogged up. Either this is a recent occurence or I just didn't pay attention before. It's very rare that I have passengers, so I don't think it's from human hand contact. I haven't tried any type of cleaner yet. Any suggestions?

    One more thing, I don't have a sunvisor extension either (post 1386). I read about it and it was confusing. I have homelink on the visor, but no type of device that will extend the visor to eliminate more sun.
  • hk6hk6 Posts: 6
    Beige interior looks really good on fresco green exterior
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Try a little bit of *Goo Gone*... During shipping those door handles are
    wrapped with tape and what you are seeimg is a bit of residue...should
    have been attended to before delivery, but will clean up with ease.

    Extender is above and in front of your rear view mirror...
  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    I thought the "old" beige was too light, the "new" beige" is practically yellow to my eye. To each tier own though.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    I live in Florida and wanted a dark interior in my 2000 Passat - I tinted the windows with the lightest tint level and always use a good silver reflective windshield shade whenever I park, even if it's just for a few minutes. I have the luxury package as well and leave the rear window shade up all the time in the summer. These measures made a huge difference in interior heat. My dark interior stays a lot cooler than a beige interior that isn't protected.

    The silver reflective windshield shade is really important no matter what your interior color is since the top of the Passat dash is always black and soaks up an increadable amount of heat.
  • mtwallacemtwallace Posts: 28
    Add me to the list of those who think the tan is UGLY! Too bright. I thought the black was too dark - would never find anything I dropped on the floor! The grey is just right and looks very nice with the indigo blue exterior.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    In addition to vwguild's items, there's probably a $100 dealer association fee for advertising.
  • venanzikvenanzik Posts: 72
    I would like to know if anyone has recently used this plan through vw. or knows more about it. Are there any disadvantages to be aware of? How are the payments figured out? I posted questions on this once before in other places but didnt seem to get any responses. i was planning on leasing or using the buyers option on a new passat..thanks for your time..
  • car_nut1car_nut1 Posts: 66
    Still can't find the visor extension. What exactly is it? I looked above and in front of the rear view mirror. Is it possible it isn't on my model, .5 GLX? Also, as long as we're talking colors, has anyone ever seen an ink blue?
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