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Head Rests

e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
edited September 2014 in Chevrolet
Any time the seat back is near upright the head rest is constantly beating me on the back of my head and causing me pain in the neck. This is no matter what height I adjust it to. I have a short inseam, 29", and plenty long arms, so it is not like I'm putting the seat back too far ahead. I've come to the conclusion that it was designed for knuckle draggers who drive laying down from the back seat.
I asked the dealer about turning them around and was told they could not be. This idea was someone else's from over in the KIA Rondo forum because it is a major issue with that vehicle as well. Just check out the number of posts.

From desperation I made some new attempts at removing the headrest and turning it around. It turns out there is a lock on the second post that stops it from coming all the way out. You may have to depress both, simultaneously.
It is not a cure for the bad design, but it will stop it from beating the back of your head. That is removed, turn it around and shove it back in. The locks do not work and it will want to go all the way down. I'm toying with some ideas to stop that from happening and will post back if I find resolution.
BTW, my neck is starting to get slowly better and still need pain killers later in the day. This design is as dumb as the guy who sits on his wallet all day and then can't figure out why he gets pain down his leg. ;-)


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    malexbumalexbu Member Posts: 169
    Early on, with my first Malibu 2005, my head could feel the headrest
    more than it would like to. I.e., I was uncomfortable.

    I can't say I feel that now: I don't remember feeling the headrest
    pressing at my head last time.

    The solution: a strongly lifted lumbar support and adjusting the seat
    position, including the angle between the seat and back. Essentially,
    my rear end now dives into the angle so that the back, supported by
    the lumbar support, positions my head away from the headrest.

    When I got the 2006 Maxx, this past August, its seat felt pretty
    uncomfortable to me, compared to the 2005 Bu's. (While it looks
    similar, there is something in it that makes it different somehow.)

    Not anymore: after many adjustments of angles and shifts, my Maxx's
    seat is not at least as comfortable as the ones in the 2005 sedans.

    You may want to try and follow my example.
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    rdesantisrdesantis Member Posts: 30
    i did the same thing to both the head rest in my Maxx and HHR. by turning them around I was able to sit up taller and not tilt my head so far forward. However they went down as far as they could. I have about a half inch of the metal post exposed. no big deal to me. if there was a DVD player in the head rest then there would be a problem. I also have driven a few brand new Ford vehicles (2010 Flex, Taurus) and the head rests are even worse. The head rests are designed to come out, I have even taken the passenger side head rest of on long car trips so my wife could tend to our baby.
    The forward angle of the headrest is hear to stay, it is to aid in minipal whip lash, so it is what it is in many brands of cars. if the weren't designed like that we would be complaining of "poor designed headrest in a whiplash situation". Enjoy your Maxx, there are other things to worry about. :shades:
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    e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    I drove an 09 Focus and did not notice this problem. Getting whiplash because that darned thing keeps banging the back of my head is not fun. I just received an OK from the VA to start seeing a physical therapist for my neck. It is better but 3 months of pain in the neck, it is a pain in the neck. (;-
    There is supposed to be a natural arch to the neck and no matter how you position the seat back these rests will force your neck into an unnatural position.
    I suspect this is another case of the test dummy not talking.
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    e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    I am happy to report that with the headrest turned around I'm able to move the seat back forward a couple of clicks without the headrest hitting the back of my head. This more upright position relieves strain on my bad back. And in more than one way since I don't have to reach so far for the wheel. But it does raise concern over the airbag.
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    ahoser13ahoser13 Member Posts: 6
    I don't understand how the headrest coming so far forward is good for anything. It is at least 2" to 3" in front of the seat. Doesn't make sense !!! AWB
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    e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    edited March 2011
    It makes sense only when you see those driving that have ignored rules concerning proper seat belt use, sitting upright. You know which ones I mean, the ones practically laying down and driving from the back seat.
    Write to your congressman because it is NHTSA that imposed stupid design.
    What is AWB?
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    e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    You need to read the NHTSA report that caused this. It is not a matter of safety because some auto makers presented evidence to them that their designs worked but the idiots from NHTSA refused those designs and instead forced their own idea. I'm betting that it was headed by an idiot that likes to lay down while driving and wanted something to prop his head up.
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    ahoser13ahoser13 Member Posts: 6
    AWB are my initials. My son just bought a new Honda Accord & his headrests are not a problem. Since my wife will be driving the new Malibu most of the time I will only need to put up with the inconvenience a couple times a month. I don't understand why I didn't notice this problem when I test drove a Malibu. Hopefully they will offer replacement headrests in the future if they get enough complaints. Thanks for reading & listening. AWB
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    e_net_ridere_net_rider Member Posts: 1,380
    Very interesting that the Honda does not have the problem. Worse than the 09 Malibu is the 11 Buick Lacrosse. I know there are lots of other vehicles that have been complained about.
    Maybe it is time to take another look at that NHTSA specification. I know there are specifics in it such as related to height of passenger, angle of headrest, etc. If GM has gone beyond the spec, maybe we can force a NHTSA recall & have them replaced.
    More on the 11 Lacrosse. But there is also the issue of rather poor back support from the seat. It is like they designed the seat for two adjustable supports and then decided to install only one because it moves up and down. The problem being it can not be in two places at the same time. If you set it for lower back, then you get a sag for higher up the back. If you move it up, the support, then you get a low back sag. I've had the dual pump up bag back supports in a GM and this change is junk. I'd rather have the very firm leather seats in a Malibu which give much better support.
    Buick you hear that? So in at least two areas of creature comfort the lowly Malibu beats the Lacrosse. Make that three since you brag about Buick quiet tuning. On some surfaces, the road noise is much worse in my CSX.
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