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Nissan Maxima



  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    check all my tires ,3 vehicles once a month. most do not need air or maybe 1-2 pound low then adjust. gle has been down 15 pounds on one front and one rear tire other 2 are alright. with old tires never had this happen. cannot beleive that all of a sudden 2 wheels are bad?
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    that someone would cite build quality as an issue with these vehicles. My 02 SE is tight with no rattles either. However, of the tens of thousands that roll out of the factory each year there's bound to be a few that are not up to snuff.

    BTW- I posted on the maxima problems board concerning the dimly lit check engine light that's on all the time. Would anyone know anything about that strange problem?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    If the savings on getting a used 2002 w/ 20k miles vs. a new 2003 is only $3k (i.e. 12%), I would definitely go new 2003.

    I find the peace of mind in knowing that I am breaking in the car myself to be worth something (probably more on the S2000 that I bought last fall than a Maxima, but still important). In addition the used 2002 has less than 1/2 of its warranty left. Not a big deal, but neither is saving 12% over a brand new car. Also, if you have any intention of selling/trading in 4-5 years or less, a 1-owner 2003 will be worth quite a bit more than a 2-owner 2002 with an extra 20k on it's odometer. If the extra $3k up front doesn't break your bank, I think its a good investment. I wouldn't go to a used 2002 unless you were saving more like $6k (equaivalent to 30 cents per mile).

    If anyone out there disagrees, please let me know. I'd love to buy new every year, drive 20k miles and sell at the end of the year for only a $3k depreciation hit. Maybe we can work out an annual deal.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559

    That can happen with any used car however.

    I think the odds of getting a seriously abused Maxima from a rental company are much higher than getting it from an original owner.

    I know for a fact that the rental companies do not break in their cars according to the manufacturer's recomendations (I've driven a lot of rental cars with less than 300 miles on the odometer, several times as low as 100 miles).
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    I'm selling my 2000 SE and have listed the car on I have had only one serious inquire but was to far to away. I placed an add on but no luck yet. I listed it on ebay yesterday and am waiting to see what happens. Can anyone tell me what else I should do. I cannot trade in since my next car is also from a private party. The new car incentives are not helping either. I went to my Nissan dealer to get a estimate and was given a bunch of garbage. They said the new 3.5 liter 255 hp really killed the car (2000 & 2001). What does that have to do with it I asked? The body style has not changes and the performance is still very close. I cannot believe they think I am that stupid. I also think it was the wrong thing to tell a current customer that our automobiles resale value are hurting for this that and the other. Well I guess I should stay away from Maxima's since the next generation is due out in the spring. All the 03's will be worthless too right?. What a bunch of @#!. Finally they said well your mileage is high (65,000). I said well I drive about 21k per year. How do you figure that he asked. I have owned the car since July 1999, that's 39 months, due the math. O I see what you mean. Gosh I hate dealing with stupid people. Were giving you a little extra since that car is in perfect condition.

    Well two words will sum this up. See ya!

    I have purchase 4 cars from them over the years and this is what I get. Anyway, if you can think of anything else please post a reply. I hesitate to park it in a busy corner with for sale sign's in case of theft or damage.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I kinda figured Maximas would suffer low resale, given the rebates and incentives they are giving on them now. I have also seen some popping up in rental fleets, and that lowers resale value as well.

    If you have a Carmax around you, you could take it there. They will buy your car, whether you buy theirs or not. Their site is Good luck.

  • dmele1dmele1 Posts: 7
    The car is fun, once you disable the traction control, otherwie it acts as if it's too modest to pass any cars that are on the road. I like my car, i have every option available except the GPS nav-system. I love the leather, the meridian package, the traction control (good safety feature), the body is very aggresive, i get great looks from my stock rims and the rear wing, needless to say the only thing i did was tint the windows. By the way did i mentioned how great the sunroof is?
    Now the only things that i would recomend NOT to get would be the bose system, plain out it SUCKS!!!! i think eventually i will replace it, i am currently getting the dealer to replace the entire radio due to the many problems i have with the 6 cd in-dash system. Aside from that the paint also sucks! so i am not sure how my car will lokk 3 years down the road when i decide to trade it. One thing is for sure i think i will have to get a bmw and audi or i might just try the V8-passat, cause i dont like any of the other cars i see, not too sure about lexus.
    My car has plenty of power, pluss i am a daddy and i dont want to drive a minivan. If u have specific questions please email me at :
  • dmele1dmele1 Posts: 7
    i love to speed, and i have to say that i have 9K miles this far (5 months later) When i purchased my car, i wanted to rip the road at 100 MPH+
    so last week i finally got the balls to do it.(123MPH) i did it for about 10 minutes while crossing NJ I-80. WoW, what a rufh, but the car felt a bit loose and the tires were not gripping as i thought they would, every time i took a vurve the rear felt as if it was slidding, how can i improve the handling of my car without putting so much money into it?
    Any New yorkers that can recomend good places to get performance upgrades in Queens?
    What about tires any recomendations???
  • Well, I guess I am lucky in that my 03 Max SE in Majestic Blue has a great paint job that has a lot of depth and shine to it. I would not let the dealer wash it before I bought it so the only person who has cleaned it has been me. I have 3 coats of Zaino on it and it continues to impress me on the quality of the paint. I have not had any sound system problems and I think the Bose sounds great. Hopefully, this will continue..I am taking a road trip with it this weekend so I'll see if I get the dreaded paint chips that so many are talking about. There is no way to avoid some of them but we'll see how it holds up. Just changed the oil to Mobil 1 5W30. Gas mileage so far has been a low of 19 and high of about 23. As stated before, my only wishes were lighted steering wheel controls and a tilt wheel that tilts up more than it does. so far is great! Although I only have about 1100 miles on it thus far...interior is tight and rattle free and the power of this engine is amazing.
  • Believe me, you will have problems with the paint in 6 months to a year. ;) My majestic blue is a "paint chip" heaven!
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    I picked up my 03 GLE Max Monday and now have 25 miles on the odometer. I can't speak about paint chip problems, but I can tell you the "premium" Bose system is inferior than the Bose system in my 96 GLE. The new system lacks mid range, all it has is chirpy, eardrum-ringing highs and heart pounding bass. I don't care much about the boomy bass but I like vocals. I can't believe Nissan and Bose cheapen the audio in the flagship car. Shame on them. I will drive the car this weekend and report on its performance. So far, I like the new exterior shape, the xenons, the heated steering wheel, the memory seats, the automated driver exit system, the satellite radio controls and the extra ponies. I would like to try the Zaino protector but don't know where to get it. Is that the best paint chip solution?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I can somewhat sympathize, but I also think you need to be realistic.

    You didn't say what you were asking for the car, but what would you pay for a 3+ year old car with 65k miles when a brand new Maxima SE can be had for $25k or less? And, by the way, the difference in performance with the 255 hp 6-speed 2002/3 is significant. I have a 1995 SE 5-speed and was heavily lobbied to trade for a 2000 a few years ago. I was convinced (and auto magazine tests seem to confirm) that my 1995 was quicker than the 222 horsepower 2000/2001 model. That's not the case with the 2002/3 6-speeds. That certainly doesn't mean that your 2000 is worthless, but it is a slight factor.

    I decided from about 1998 on that my 1995 Maxima was worth more to me than I could ever get in a private sale or trade in. Just last fall, I considered getting a 530i from my Nissan/BMW dealership. They apologized that, even though the Maxima was in near perfect condition, they couldn't offer me more than $5k for it (115k miles). I again decided it was worth more than that to me, kept it and bought a Honda S2000 as a fun car instead. The Maxima now has 130k miles and it STILL looks and runs like new. I've now decided that when it's time to get a new sedan, I will give away the Maxima to a family member or friend before I trade or sell it for a low price.

    If you are really itching to get a new car, then you have to do what you have to do. But I might suggest you consider that you have a lot of good life left in your Maxima that others may not value as much as you. A lot of my friends and business associates (and even employees) are driving around in new $30-$100k+ cars. I am not embarassed in the least to be seen in a 8-year old Maxima with 130k miles, given the way it looks and has held up. You've got 5 years to catch up to me, and by then the resale issue won't matter as much.
  • Zaino is a wax/polish and is the best out there in my opinion. It will not protect better against paint chipping just like any other quality wax but the ease of use and the results of this product will amaze you. It is only sold on the internet so do a search for Zaino. Also, fiddle with your bass and treble controls on your Bose system. There is a big difference in the sound quality when you play CD's vs the radio. I have to adjust the bass down when playing most CD's but you are right when you say it has a lot of thumping bass to it. Your rear view mirror will vibrate at stop lights if you turn up the radio. Anyway, spend some time adjusting the fader and bass/treble controls while listening to your favorite cd and you should be able to find a great match.
  • dmele1dmele1 Posts: 7
    my rims got a small dent on the edge and somehwere on the middle of the wheel, can they be repaired or is it more like i need to replace them?
  • dmele1dmele1 Posts: 7
    what is the biggest size of tire that a 2002 SE (auto) max can wear given that i want to keep the stock rims?
    Or should i just replace the rims all together?
    any recomendations?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    My selling price is $14,500 and Nissan was looking at $12,000. I was thinking around 13k minimum from the dealer. All my sources including Edmunds, KBB and NADA say higher for a private party value. I guess if I don't sell in the next 30 days I may consider keeping the car.

    BTW, a similar year Honda Accord EX V6 are selling in the mid to upper teens, so I figured the bigger and better Maxima should be able to bring the same resale value.

    Thanks for your impute
  • 1. Upgrade tires (like Michelin Pilot Sport A/S or Nitto)

    2. Upgrade springs (like Maxspeed)

    3. Add front strut tower bar

    4. Add rear sway bar

    Go to and check the forums for more info

    Then you're off to the races.
  • I've gone upwards of 120 in my 2002 SE and it feels pretty solid. Do you think it has to do with my 02 GLE wheels with the Turanza's?

  • When I bought my 2001 Max, I knew it didn't have the Bose, but I had also pulled my aftermarket stereo from my old car. No biggie, except I just cannot wait at all to get the aftermarket in, since the stock stereo is pretty bad (rattles).

    I have no discernable paint chips, but I bought the car used, so I probably don't look quite as close as those who buy new.

    What the car is good at picking up is door dings/scratches. Park very far away from other cars if possible. That, and any kind of scratch on the black bumper (there are a few) instantly reveals the white underneath.

    As for quality of paint, like I said, I don't notice significant chips, but I don't get a magnifying glass and go over my car either. Just enjoy the ride--its a great drive, folks. And if you think the paint thing is isolated to Nissan--go to the Camry boards and read the problems/complaints about paint chipping there.
  • weltonwweltonw Posts: 21
    I have a 2k2 6-spd Max with just over 5k miles, and since about July I've noticed that the engine pings/knocks lightly under certain conditions. The problem only occurs if the RPMs are in the range 2400-2800 and the engine is under moderate load. Under light or heavy load, or at different RPMs, I've not noticed it.

    The problem is really getting to me. For one, the 3.5VQ engine is supposed to be one of the best, yet here I am at 5k miles with pinging/knocking. Second, it really takes away from the driving experience. I'm starting to get paranoid about possible long-term damage I could be doing to the engine since a large portion of my driving is under these conditions. For example, when cruising at 75mph on a long trip a lot of time is spent with the engine under moderate load and with the RPMs in that range. Because of the speed I can no longer hear the problem, but it might very well be happening for long periods of time.

    As for gas I *only* use premium (93 and higher) from well-known vendors. I've also tried different stations to rule out the possibility of bad gas. Made no difference.

    I took it to my local dealer about a month ago, and a mechanic rode with me on a test drive and heard the problem. But because there were no engine service codes in the computer they said they couldn't do anything about it.

    I plan on taking it in again soon to the dealer I purchased it from (a different one). This time I'm going to push them harder.

    Bottom line, this is not normal for a car/engine this new. And just because there's no code for it doesn't mean there's not a problem. The computer can detect many problems but not all.

    My questions to people in the forum are:
    1) Has anyone else ever experienced this? If so, were you able to track down the problem?

    2) Anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing this? Water in the gas? Bad knock sensor (although wouldn't that generate a service code?) Bad ignition coil(s)? Bad spark plug(s)? When I bring it in I'd like to have a list of valid things they can check.

    3) If you had this problem in your car, how concerned would you be? Am I justified in thinking this could cause long-term damage? Or should I think of it more as just an annoyance?

    Thanks in advance for any help. I'll also be sure to post an update after I visit the dealer.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I have a 1995 SE 5-speed and have never had any pinging or knocking under any circumstances in 130k miles. So I definitely would be concerned about it in a virtually brand new car.

    My only suggestion would be to demand a visit by the factory rep if you don't get the problem solved by your selling dealer. Let them know that all of us here on the Edmunds' Maxima board, including lot of perspective buyers, are anxious to hear what the problem was and how it was solved. I certainly am.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Took my new GLE out this weekend for a 120 mile trip; the odometer now reads 150 miles. The engine is smooth and powerful, the tranmission shifts imperceptibly (turning off the traction control enhances silkiness), the car is rattle and squeak free, but at speed over 70 mph, wind noise becomes a bit prominent (worse than my 97 GLE), but turning up the stereo helps to drown out the wind noise. The radio sucks (only on par with my clock radio), the cd and cassettee are marginally acceptable (sound quality worse than the 97 Bose that has equalized amplifers). I averaged 61 mph and got 21.8 mpg (90% highway). I hope the mpg goes up after the car is "broken in." On rough pavement, the car's interior gets quite noisy - inadequate sound insulation and/or 17" tire more noise prone than the 16". The car handles two lane highway with twists and turns quite admirably, but hitting a bump and the rear beam axle lets you know that the Max hates bumps. Overall, I think the 03 GLE is an excellent car for the money (better than the Acura TL-S).
  • I am trading in my 2000 Sterling Mist SE for an Infiniti G35. Here is my experience over the last 3 years. My Max only had the optional automatic transmission, no other options.

    I took delivery on 10/99.

    I paid 23,000. There were no incentives at the time, except 5.9% financing. The sticker was just under 25,000.

    I had the transmission TSB (technical service bulletin) performed even though the dealer could not duplicate the problem. I had the brake TSB (warped rotors)done twice. The brake rotors are warped again. I had the coil packs replaced because of engine pinging; all under warranty. I had to argue with the dealer each time to obtain warranty service.

    I never had a non warranty repair, except for brake pads.

    The paint did not hold up very well over the last 3 years, particularly on the rear bumper. Then there is the creaking sound that comes from the A-pillars during the winter.

    My Maxima turned out to be a great vehicle. Roomy, comfortable, great handling, quiet and fast. A quality vehicle despite some minor shortcomings. I am very satisfied and would absolutely buy it again.

    While I would recommend the Maxima to anyone, I chose to replace it with the Infiniti G35. I am moving up market.

    Anybody else upgrade to the G35? What are your thoughts?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Thanks for the interesting report. I have a 1995 Maxima SE 5-speed purchased new in September 1994, now with 130k miles. None of the "minor" problems you mentioned, other than the A pillar creaks which I solved myself by inserting wood shims between the dash and A pillar. (dealer had removed entire dash twice and installed foam tape - all unsuccessfully). If one looks closely, you can see the top edge of my wood shims at the dash / A pillar joint, but it worked.

    I considered replacing my Maxima last fall with a 530i, but elected to keep it another year or two. Did you compare the G35 to either the 530i or 330i? I prefer a manual transmission and "sport" rather than luxury handling, hence my choices last fall. Also, with discounted European Delivery, I could get a great deal on BMW's compared to their MSRP. Roughly $36k for a 330i with an MSRP of $40k+ and roughly $41k for a 530i with an MSRP of $47k. A G35 at full MSRP doesn't seem like as good of a deal, but I understand they are now discounting in our area. I also understand the G35 sedan will offer a 6-speed soon.

    I would be interested in your decision process and what else you considered, since I will add the G35 to my list of possible choices once I get back in the market. Thanks.
  • Took my 03 Max SE (Auto, Titanium, Meridian, Traction, Sunroof) on about a 300 mile road trip this weekend in Washington. Went over the mountains and came into some foul weather. Car cruised effortlessly and silent at 80MPH the whole trip. No squeaks, rattles or wind noise. Averaged 26 MPG on premium. Checked car carefully upon my return after washing and no paint chips or dings etc.

    Could somebody check their center armrest for me and see if it has some free play when it is in the up position (not open, just up on the second level). Mine moves back and forth a few inches and when it is all the way down, I can hear it move when you take your arm off of it. Very minor I know but wanted to see if others did the same. Otherwise, wish the seats were just a little softer but love the car.
  • Don't they both come from the same place?? Visit:
  • rcmaxrcmax Posts: 11
    My 97'Maxima has 75K miles and never ever gave a problem till now. The only dealer recomended servicing I got done were at 15K, 30K and 60K miles plus the regular oil changes at every 3500 miles. I skipped the dealer recomended services at every 3500, 7500 and 15000 mi intervals. I did it because I believe that Maxima is a well built car and really does not require the dealer to "INSPECT" it so frequently and saved me a bundle. Also I personally am not happy with my Nissan Dealer in CT, becoz this guy always comes up with something which needs replacement even for a minor service.

    What bothers me is whether I am someway damaging my car by skipping the minor services. As my car has been running good all this while I don't believe so, but definitely would appreciate others' take on this and their servicing schedule.
  • Yeah, I hear a little bit of pinging and knocking at about the same rpm's (2400 - 2800). It doesn't bother me though. It is very slight and only happens on hot days. When I get on the engine hard, it does it real quick and then stops after the rev's build. Bottom line for me, it doesn't bug me.

    Here in SoCal, though, the octane is only 91, so that might contribute to the problem (at least in this state). Good luck!

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The only real thing they do at those services you skipped is the oil changes. Just keep all your paperwork or receipts when you change the oil yourself, and you should be ok.
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