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Nissan Maxima



  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    I am pleasantly surprised to learn that the Maxima is named the most reliability car in the executive/luxury class. The survey was done in Germany and was listed in this toyota website -- I think this is significant coming from the Germans and, most importantly, from a Japanese competitor.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Maxima's most coveted top ranking is for its customer satisfaction. The categories are: quality-reliability 35%; vehicle appeal 25%; service satisfaction 23%; and ownership cost 22%. Maxima owners should be proud of their cars top ranking. Even the mighty Toyota has acknowledged and so conceded, by publishing the JD Powers survey on its website.
  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    Nissan ties with Citroen? That can't be too good. Also, remember that the Maxima in Europe is the I35. That's why it's in the luxury class.
  • deyounkdeyounk Posts: 12
    Does anybody know what sort of deal you should expect on a new Maxima GLE in Canada?
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    I rented an '03 Max SE for two weeks.. Liked its power (compared to my '97 SE), but the turning circle with those big 17" wheels was horrendous--44 feet, I believe. The car is cumbersome, awkward and hard to maneuver in tight spaces. I hope they correct it in the '04s, but I'm not optimistic.
  • dzubadzuba Posts: 159
    Bought a 98 GLE two years ago with 48K miles on it. Today it has 109K miles, and runs great. It has been a very reliable and fun car to drive. The car has been extensively serviced by my local Nissan dealer and has had all the recommended check-ups, etc... No major problems at all.

    It seems I am consistently sent mail from my dealer recommending service programs about every 7500 or 15000 miles - are these really necessary things that need to be done, or is the dealer just trying to make money on services.
    They each run on average about $300.00.

    Back in 1991 my 1984 Grand Prix ran great, had 160K miles on it -and never needed all these scheduled maintenance visits. Aren't cars made better today?
  • Actually the turning circle of 2000-2003 Maxima with 17" wheels is 40 feet. The turning circle on the 04 Maxima will remain the same. For comparison purpose I checked the turning circle on the following cars:

    Acura TL TypeS : 40
    Mazda6: 38.7
    Altima: 38.7
    Neon SRT: 41.5 (can u believe that?)
    Lambo Murcielago: 41.5
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The dealer just tries to wring money from your wallet on service visits. Follow the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual, and you should be ok.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    vocus: I believe that the owner's manual does recommend services every 7,500 miles (A), 15,000 miles (B) and 30,000 miles (C) with extra things at 60k, 120k, etc.

    dzuba: It appears that you drive roughly 30k miles per year. Assuming that is a lot of highway milage, I think you can skip the "A" Services without much worry. I started doing that a few years ago on my 1995 Maxima and only take it to the dealership every 15k miles. I average 20k miles per year, until I got an S2000 as a third car. I am hesitant to skip the 15k mile services, since I'd rather know that they've checked the brakes, belts, etc. than have them go. Example, I timed the replacement of my brakes to before any further wear might have resulted in rotor damage. Had I gone too far, a relatively inexpensive brake pad replacement would have turned into a much more expensive rotor replacement. The "B" service at my dealership runs about $225, but they always seem to have 10% off specials, plus give me credit for changing my own oil.
  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    I couldn't agree more about the maneuvering. It's definitely noticeable in parking lots and even making U-turns. My slightly larger (5 inches in length, 3 inches in width) Oldsmobile Intrigue was easier to maneuver and felt smaller than my Maxima does (and for good reason... the turning radius is 40 ft on the Maxima and just 36.6 on the Intrigue).
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    I wonder if the turning circle of the Max with 17" tires is only 40 feet. I know someone checked it, but I recall that in their test of the Infiniti I35, Consumer Reports listed the turning circle with 17" wheels as 44 feet. The Infiniti is slightly longer, yes,a couple of inches maybe, but I would think the turning circle is the same. I may be wrong.

    But for contrast, check out the BMW 325 or 330. Amazing.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    It's almost all in the size of the tires. My '02 GXE with the 16" tires only has a 36ft. turning circle.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    There may be some correlation, but not much. When I test drove the BMW M3 last year, I noticed that it has a tight 36' turning radius with wider 18" wheels (optional 19" = same radius), which is 4' less than a 2003 Maxima SE with narrower 17" wheels/tires.

    I've also noticed a significant difference in the steering "ratios", if that is the correct term. The amount of steering wheel input needed to turn a given amount in a Maxima is substantially more than in a BMW M3, 5-series or my S2000. That seems to contribute to the Maxima steering feeling loose, compared to these other cars. I would like to see Nissan steal a steering engineer or two from BMW. It can't be that difficult to design tight steering with a small turning radius.
  • poogpoog Posts: 3
    Does anyone know if you can tell the model (GXE, GLE, SE, etc.) from the VIN? I see ads for Maximas but a lot of times they don't say what model. I've been assuming that if they don't say the model, it means it's the GXE. Is that a safe assumption?
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Posts: 326
    Yes, it's a safe assumption that when dealers advertise unbelievable low prices, they're referring to the base model stripped. Also beware of the ad that says, "One at this price." Because when you call they'll tell you that one's been sold, but we do have others near that price (i.e., bait and switch). "Near that price" means a lot more expensive.
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    VIN #, How to Read it.
    1st digit is where vehicle is built, 1,4,5=USA, 2=Canada, 3=Mexico, Puerto Rico or Costa Rico, 6=Australia, 9=Brazil, J=Japan, K=South Korea, L=Tawain, S=United Kingdom, V=France or Yugoslavia, W=Germany, Y=Sweeden, Z=Italy.

    2nd and 3rd characters indicate specific manufacturer.

    4th through 8th characters are a portrait of the specific vehicle, Brand, Body Style, Engine Size & Type, etc.

    9th character is a security code that identifies the VIN as being authorized by the manufacturer. Law enforcement can determine if a VIN is authentic or not from this character on a specific vehicle.

    10th character is the model year of the car. 1980=A, H=1987, J=1988, N=1992, P=1993, T=1996, V=1997, through Y=2000. Then 1 = 2001 and so on. There are no I, O, U, or Z years.

    11th character is the specific plant which assembled the vehicle. Each manufacturer uses different codes to identify their plants.

    12th-17th characters are the serial number of the specific vehicle. Not all companies start at #000001, practices vary among manufacturers.
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    What you need to look for is the stock number, not the VIN. Thats how the dealerships get away with the "one at this price", because that stock number IS the one offered at that price. Thats how they can still employ the ol'bait and switch(never had it happen to me) and avoid false advertising at the same time.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    For cars of similar length, tire will mostly determine the turning circle. The M3 is a good 1 to 1.5 feet shorter than the Max.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    The M3 is indeed almost 15 inches shorter than the Maxima, but that still doesn't explain the Maxima's 40' turning circle on "only" 17" wheels and tires. And actually, wheelbase has more to do with the dynamics of turning a circle than does vehicle length.

    Look at the 5-series and 7-series by comparison.

    Maxima = 191.5" long, 107.5" wheelbase, 17" wheels, 40' turning circle.
    BMW 530i = 188" long, 111.4" wheelbase, 16" wheels, 37.1' turning circle.
    BMW 540i 6-speed = same length/wheelbase, 18" wheels, 37.4' turning circle.
    BMW 745i = 198" long, 117.7" wheelbase, 18" wheels, 39.7' turning circle.

    Looking at the 5 series, which is comparable in size to the Maxima (BMW = 3" shorter, but 3" longer wheelbase), the difference between 16" wheels and 18" wheels is only 3" on the turning circle, which is negligible. And both are nearly 3 feet less than the Maxima. Even the behemoth 745i with 18" wheels has a smaller turning circle than the Maxima.

    Clearly, the Maxima has a much greater than average turning circle for a car of it's size (and wheel size) at least compared to BMW. I suspect it is related to the engineerig design of the steering. Perhaps FWD vs. RWD has somethong to do with it. It's certainly not due to 17" wheels which, although bigger than previous Maximas, are average or small by today's sport sedan standards.
  • in my turning circle. I don't think this comparison would hold me back from buying my Maxima. BMW makes a very, very attractive vehicle, but not an attractive price.....I only wish there was a BMW dealer where I live. But I'm very satisfied with my Max!
  • But, they are out of my price range!

    Oh well, I'll take my Nissan as well. It has been an awesome car.

  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    And I think agree that it must be even more than 40ft. Now that someone mentioned it, it does seem like it takes an unusual amount of left to right movement to steer the car, especially in parking lots and tighter corners; certainly not a tight feeling. Perhaps this is why there's an amazing amount of torque steer too... just too much play in the wheel from left to right.
  • Hi All, sorry to say that I have finally met the third and most annoying problem with the '03 Max.....the leaky sunroof! I've met and fixed both the hood rattle and the faulty Bose stereo head unit (I hope!), but now I've encountered the leaky sunroof. I took my car into a touchless carwash (don't want to mess up my paint and Zaino coating!) the other day to get the winter road salt off my car and noticed upon exiting that my roof liner was wet, especially along the driver side. Boy, was I pi**ed!!! I'm hoping it was a fluke with the cold air temperature (-15 celcius) causing the rubber/vinyl seal around the sunroof to harden, thus making it easier to "move" under the high pressure of the sprayers(?). Anyway, has anyone else out there had a similar problem? What was the solution? Did the dealer have a good fix? Is there a TSB for it? I will contact my dealer this week for an appointment to have it looked at, but I would appreciate being "armed" before I go. One thing I find real frustrating in my area is how sleazy and dishonest the Nissan dealers are. I had a lot of trouble with them in the past with my '97 SE, so I'm not looking forward to another "fleecing". Thanks in advance.
  • hammer19: Yes, I have an '03 SE and the ONLY problem I've encounted SO FAR is the sunroof leaking when I went thru a car wash, it did not leak in the rain. But, my dealer fixed it. My service manager contacted a nissan engineer and they said that the glass needed an adjustment. I'm not sure if they took the glass entirely out, but whatever they did, it fixed my leak. After I picked it up I went straight to the same car wash, and it did not leak anywhere. So hopefully, you just need it adjusted like mine. Good Luck!

    So far, that is the only problem that I have had. I bought it back in Nov. and it only had 5 miles on it. It now has 1500 on it. I love the car, period.
  • al57al57 Posts: 67
    I am looking for some answers based on my Post 6205.Are the amount of posts based on the turning radius of the max so important? When you test drive isnt the turning ability or lack of evident right there? Lets entertain some possible waranty concerns of fellow max owners
  • bobfeldbobfeld Posts: 33
    is it okay to use regular unleaded fuel in the 03 maxima??
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    Thats fine. Premium is recommended for optimal performance, however.

    Thats one problem that I looked for based on whats been said leaks with my 02 SE.

    However...Half of the hood(drivers side) experiences the proverbial hood bounce, the other half is OK. According to the TSB(VIN range) my car is not supposed to be affected. Not really a big deal, but does anyone else have half-a-hood bounce?
  • bill_lbill_l Posts: 38
    I'm going to buy a 96' Maxima with 106K miles on it. I'm wondering 96' maxima uses a chain or a belt, and at what miles it should be replaced and how much it could be cost.
    Thanks a lot.
  • kvsm3kvsm3 Posts: 32
    dont worry, your maxima has a timing chain. I have a 96 and 99. All 4th gen, 5th gen and upcoming 6th gen maximas have timing chains. they all have the bulletproof VQ engine. :-) Timing chains do not need to be replaced.
  • The 2k-2k1 Maxima that came equipped with the 16" tires had a turning radius of 35.5' even though those models (GXE, GLE) have virtually the same front suspension as the SE model. I believe Nissan put some stops on the steering rod of the 17" wheel models to prevent tire rubbing. However, when you put the 17" OEM wheels on a GXE Maxima there is no rubbing. I have no idea why Nissan engineers decided to artificially increase the steering radius on the Maxima.
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