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Nissan Maxima



  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    * Price honored through 5/13/2004 when purchased from the CarMax location below. Vehicle subject to prior sale. Price does not include tax, title, tags, and document processing fees.

    I guess their prices are from day to day.
  • lichtronimolichtronimo Posts: 212
    Anyone know when info is going to be available or when Job1 is?

    I wonder if they won't revise the rear to provide two exausts (instead of the current four chrome finishers) consistent with the 350Z, Murano and now Altima...
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    I'd like to see them spruce up the interior like they're doing for the Altima. With Alti getting better interior why buy a Maxima??? Was only thing better about Max.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    Along with a better interior, Nissan needs to redesign the front
    of the car which would include doing away with the now infamous
    " corporate tooth ".

    It's almost as if there were two different design teams. One
    for the front and one for the back , and neither knew what the other was doing. It's probably the same two teams that did the 5th. gen. Max. and screwed up the rear on that car. ( rear looks like a Neon....Oh my God!!).

    Maybe they will get it right on the 7 th generation Max., but by that time I'll probably have a TL.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Agreed. TL is car to buy now. Or on lower end is Mazda 6. G35 AWD is an option for me being in MN. 6 more payments on my 2000 Max, going to milk it a while yet, save some $, and see what comes out in next couple years. I actually like the big 300C Hemi, maybe once that goes AWD I'll test drive it. Not sure if get AWD (aka 4matic) with Hemi or just V6 though.
  • nd4spdnd4spd Posts: 23
    Does anyone know, when Nismo will release the cold air intake kit for the 2004 Maxima?
    They have it for the Altima and the 350Z, but not for Maxima…
    Did anyone put a cold air intake on his or her Maxima yet? If yes, how is it working for you? Personally, I do not agree with statements that Nissan screwed up the exterior of Maxima. The rear end looks great, it looks like a solid, and powerful car. My car gets a lot of appreciation and people always stop and look at it. I live in the area, where I don’t see a lot of Maximas, so it works for my advantage. I had a 2003 max, and while it was a very nice car, it looks ridiculously outdated next to the 2004. Plus, the 2004 handles a lot better, the body roll is almost non-existent, and thanks to the 245/45R18 Goodyears, this car sticks to the road a lot better then the 2003 Max did.
    BTW, if you don’t like the front end, especially the grill, you can have an aftermarket chrome grill put on, makes the car look a lot better. I saw a black 2004 maxima with the aftermarket grill – it made me want one too, looks really sharp!
  • nd4spdnd4spd Posts: 23
    Right now Nissan has a special financing on 2004 maximas, I traded my 2003 and without down payment, got myself a 2004, SE, with sunroof for a $30 more a month, not sure exactly, what my total is, as they manipulated the numbers so much. But the thing about it is that I did not loose much money on my trade in. provided I had 42,000 miles on my 2003 max, it also needed new windshield, new brakes, new paint job and tires. So instead of spending $1500 on maintenance, I bought a new car and hardly paid any extra.
    Now if I wanted to buy a G35, or the TL, like most of the people on this board, well – it would have made my payments go up by $250 a month, I don’t know about you, but this, plus the outrageous gas prices (2.15 / gallon) is enough for me to look away from the Infiniti/Accura dealerships.
    As far as the 300C is concerned, good luck getting one right now, they are hard to find, and I hear that the owners are already complaining about the numerous issues with it. Maybe in 2 years, after DC will work all of the issues with the 300C out, and make sure that their MDS system really works (Chrysler’s below average reliability is well known).
    But then again, in 2 years someone will have even a better car out there. Just look art what infiniti and accura are cooking.
  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    So what you are saying is that you are only paying $30 more per month for the same period? I.E. if you only had 2 years to go on the 2003 then you still only have 2 years to go and are only paying $30 more per month. Or did they refinance you for another 4 or 5 years?
  • nd4spdnd4spd Posts: 23
    I wish it was only for 2 years! Nope, I had to refinance it for another 5 Years @ 1.9 %.
    But, I never keep my cars for more then 2 years, as you can see I traded my 2003 maxima a year after I bought it. I cannot lease because, no one will lease a car with no mileage restriction. In my case I drive a lot, almost too much. I’ll trade this 2004 Max next year, maybe for another max or maybe for a 300C.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    you REALLY should be leasing, dude.

    you said you put qabout 30k miles per year? well, guess can do that with nissan. do a 3 year with 30k per year, and you should be able to beat the payment you have.
  • nd4spdnd4spd Posts: 23
    I put 42,000 miles in 1.5 years and that is nothing, usually I drive more.
    Out of these 1.5 years the car was in a garage for 4 month, as I was out of the country. Therefore I put 42 k miles in 14 month, which is way above any lease allowance.
    Plus, if you lease with Nissan, for 3 years, you end up paying more (I had them work out a lease for me, and it ended up being higher them what I pay now. However, I do not want to argue that leasing might be a good option; it’s just not for me.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    you will lose lots of money on any car you have...

    but you will lose alot less that way...that was my point. good luck.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Given how much mileage you drive and how much you spend on cars, there may be one car made exactly for you: 2005 E320 CDI. Load it up for a MSRP of about $55,000, buy it through European Delivery for 7% less ($51,000 +/-) and you will have a car that will make you money over the next 6-7 years.

    I had a business associate who owned hotel properties in several states. He had an old Mercedes 300 SDL (over $50k in the early 90's). He put 400,000 miles on the car in 9 years. He took the mileage allowance, rather than depreciated it. That produced over $130,000 in tax write-offs. Given his federal and state tax bracket, he MADE money on the car. He then handed it to his daughter who just turned 500,000 miles on the car.

    Seriously, for the amount of miles you drive, there is no way I'd be buying a Maxima or other mid market car every 1-2 years. Even if you can't write it off, the Mercedes E320 CDI will cost you less in the long run, factoring depreciation. And that's not even considering that it gets close to 40 mpg on the highway using cheap diesel fuel. And, lest you think diesels are slow, the 201 hp, 369 ft-lbs of torque on the E320 CDI will produce 0-60 times of around 6.6 seconds. It is as quick as the previous generation E430 8-cylinder gas model, and faster than an automatic equiped Maxima.

    I just closed a deal to buy an Acura TL 6-speed. My Acura dealer is also a Mercedes dealer. I only drive 15,000-20,000 miles a year and we have three cars, but the E320 CDI was even tempting for me. But the choice is yours, keep driving mid level cars for 50,000 miles at a pop or move up to a Mercedes and save money in the process.
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Interesting view of the MB from an economic and tax perspective. I wish I could use my car as a writeoff. Unfortunately, I don't drive to work and put on less than 6k miles a year.

    IMO, I believe the Max is as (if not more) reliable than the MB, particularly in light of recent decline in MB reliability. If you visit another Max enthusiast board, you will see that a lot of Max owners have over 200k miles on their cars. Also, you can get 2 Maxes for the price of 1 MB. To me, the Max makes more economic sense, if you are not concerned about image or status.

    On the other hand, when you compare the 04 Max with 04 TL, the TL gives you much more in terms of luxury and fit and finish such that stepping up to TL is an easy choice. As a Max fan, I hate saying that, but that is the reality which I cannot deny. It looks like many of the Max owners, particularly those who are willing to spend more than $30k, have moved over to TL's greener pastures.
  • maxsteelmaxsteel Posts: 5
    [this should put you to sleep...]
    I drove an 04 Altima V6, I thought interior was nice, I guess alot of others are extremely picky, anyway, the car has really bad torque steer/pull to the left from a dead stop, and I read the 4-cylinder's have some serious cold start and other problems. The new Accords are really great, but I didn't like the brake, tire, and transmission problems, how cheap is that, and they made the springs too stiff so I'd have to get custom softer ones. I considered a used Accord but they're almost all 4 cyliders and are pricey. So I ended up with a used 2001 Maxima GXE, which I am very impressed with, I might get softer springs, but I'd have to do that with just about any car nowadays, and I saved a chunk of money. They really should come with grocery getter springs and make performance enthusiasts buy custom springs instead of the other way around.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    They do come with grocery getter springs. They're called a CAMRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lichtronimolichtronimo Posts: 212
    You could buy a Camry SE and get a decent looking car that is still more softly sprung than either the Accord, Altima or Maxima.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    If you think a 2001 GXE is too stiff, forget any of the imports. Get yourself a nice Buick and run the tires at about 25# of pressure.

    The GXE does indeed have the softer springs, which are noticably softer than my 1995 Maxima SE. Which is noticably softer than my new 2004 TL 6-speed. IMO neither of the latter two cars is uncomfortably stiff as a result of their better handling suspension set-ups.

    I am not sure what your definition of a "grocery getter" and "performance enthusiast" is, but if you want a wallowing, fully insulated ride with the driving dynamics of the Love Boat, you will be hard pressed to be happy with any post-1995 Japanese car worth purchasing. Or German or Swedish.

    Perhaps GM needs to re-introduce Oldsmobile and start producing more of the "not my father's" models that they tried to get rid of a few years ago. Even my 86 year old mother thought our new TL was very comfortable.
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    you already took delivery of your new TL? did you get rid of your 95 max? how close to invoice did you get it at?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Picked up the TL on Saturday. Traded in our Honda S2000, but kept the 95 Max, which I think we will relocate to our second home. The Max isn't worth much by the Blue Book (10 years, 153k miles), but is still a darn good car worth keeping as a back-up.

    I got the TL at $1,000 over invoice, which isn't as good as some have done on a non-Navigation, but a fair deal on a Nav equiped car. Given my constraints/specs being 6-speed, Navigation, high performance tires, only 1 color combo (athracite/ebony), and no test drives, I was pretty much stuck with ordering one from the factory.
  • jegjeg Posts: 7
    I've been comparing the Maxima to the Accord and Mazda6 and my feeling while driving the cars is that the Maxima is much wider than the Accord and Mazda6, yet, the specs indicate that they have the same width. Even the Nissan salesguy touted the Maxima as wider. Is there an industry standard for measuring width - for example, measuring at the car's greatest width - or is it possible that the manufacturers are measuring at different points? I just can't believe that the Maxima is the exact same width (70.3 inches) as the Accord, and only .2 inch wider than the Mazda6...

    I prefer the driving experience in the Maxima in every way over the Accord and Mazda6 with the exception of feeling like I'm going to scrape every car I attempt to park next to. I will adapt much more quickly if I can confirm that it's really the same width as the Accord...
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I just checked and the new 2004 TL we just bought is 72.2" wide. I would have thought the 2004 Maxima was in the same ball park. However, I think your worrying about scraping other cars is more psychological than real. I'd get whatever car you really like and rest assured that the width will feel natural within a few weeks of ownership. It's not like you're buying an 82" wide Hummer.
  • nd4spdnd4spd Posts: 23
    I wish, I could afford a 55,000 car, heck if I did, I would not be hanging around here now would I? If I feel like taking out a mortgage (for a car) I rather take it to buy a house.
    I don’t look at a car as an investment, I cannot write it off or keep it for longer than 2 years. Cars have to be practical and FUN. Like your Acura TL, I’m sure you love it, as I would. I would probably drive a lot faster than you would as well.
    Usually, people that can afford a 55,000 car, do not buy it because it has a good gas mileage. Anyhow, enjoy your TL, I love the way it looks. I did test drive one, and loved everything about it, except for the price and the dealer. Also, the closest dealership is 60 miles away from my home and it is in a neighboring state, which makes a lot of unnecessary headache. So, no TL for me, I’ll trade my 04 Max for a 2006 300c, next year
    And will enjoy the power of Hemi.
  • jegjeg Posts: 7
    Thanks, Habitat, for offering your thoughts regarding width. While I'm asking questions...I've read some of the debate here about using 87 vs. 91 octane fuel in the '02 and newer Maximas. Some of the Maximas that I'm eyeing are former rentals with 30,000 miles. I'm assuming that premium fuel was not used in these cars. Are the consequences of using 87 significant enough that I should shy away from former rentals with that mileage?
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    Everyone has an opinion about 91 vs. 87 octane in the Max. I've usually played it down the middle and run the 89 (in Florida) without any problems. Each viewpoint has merit. The 91 octane guarantees maximum engine performance and protection; the 87 has not seemed to damage engines, but performance and gas mileage may suffer.

    Frankly, when buying rentals, my concern wouldn't be so much what grade of gas that the renters used but how much abuse the car absorbed. 30 thousand rental miles can age a car prematurely...
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    i would certainly stay away from a maxima with 30k RENTAL miles... i know when i rented one in seattle, i slammed on the petal every chance i get to see how fast it could go to 60..LOL.. thats just the nature with renting a maxima..
  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Buying from a rental company is still better than buying a salvage titled car from e-bay. lol.
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    i would certainly stay away from a maxima with 30k RENTAL miles... i know when i rented one in seattle, i slammed on the petal every chance i get to see how fast it could go to 60..LOL.. thats just the nature with renting a maxima..
  • aaron_84aaron_84 Posts: 1
    When asking friends and family for advice about buying a car, they keep telling me to wait for the period when the '05 models are released. Supposedly that's when the '04s go on "clearance." Is this true? If so, when will the '05 Maximas be released? Thanks for the help.
  • nd4spdnd4spd Posts: 23
    September, or Later (According to my dealer)
    It is probably true that the 04 maximas will be cheaper when the 05 model comes out, but your choices of colors and options will be very limited, i.e. you will be getting the leftovers, that no one else wanted. Not that there is anything wrong with that. If you live in the area, where there are several Nissan dealers, your chances of getting the 04 Maxima at a great price are a lot better.
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