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Nissan Maxima



  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    What's wrong with my Maxima ? Oh......not much.....just O2 sensors, MAF sensor, ignition coils, a completely fried headlight PLUG, seized LR caliper, and of course the infamous " warped rotors ".

    Years ago , when people had a lot of trouble with a " made in Detroit" vehicle they would say they had bought a " Monday" or a " Friday " car because apparently alot of autoworkers would take those days off. Well, I guess this is afflicting Nissan's plants in Japan. I think 50% of the plant that made my car didn't show up for work that day.

    I also have a '02 Maxima the wife drives ( only 20,000 mi. on it ). The cam and crank angle sensors were replaced under warranty on this vehicle. I don't park the '00 Max. near to the "02 Max. I don't want the '00 troubles to rub off onto the '02. :) But hey.... they are great cars when they are not in the shop !!
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    i have a 2000 gle with 4 speed auto.... city driving ~21 m/gallon and ~25m/g on the highway using the correct method to measure gas mileage... fill till it clicks, reset odo, refill it later taking into account how much gas you pump..and dividing the mileage on the odo with the gallons put in...

    Roar, you had a seized LR caliper??? is that the driverside rear caliper? my dad told me that one time, he drove the max to the park which is 5minutes away...and that wheel/brake was alarmingly hot.... i wasn't sure what happened, so i've been keeping an eye on it... do you know if there's a TSB? what did you do.. bring it to the dealer?

    isn't the maxima made in the US? i thought it was made in TN..and not in Japan.. at least for 2000+
  • carman4carman4 Posts: 15
    I have a 05 maxima sl with automatic transmission I get 28 mi to the gallon on highway and 15 in city with 93 octane fuel is this normal tom
  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    To current and future owners of 2005 Maxima..SE or SL..and why?
    Looks to me like SL is cheaper than an SE with leather? IS there much difference in the ride between the 2?
    AT, btw.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    Generations 1 thu 5 were made in Japan. The current iteration ( 6th) is
    made in U.S. I had a drivers rear caliper seize. One day after driving it in the rain, I noticed steam coming off of the alloy rim. Not good ! $140 for caliper installed by dealer. To my knowledge, no TSB's on calipers, of course there are TSB's on the rotors.

    On the rotor TSB, Nissan states that the rotors should be turned ON the car with an on-the-car lathe for the ultimate in truing. Not many dealers have this machine.
    I called all 5 dealers in my area and none of them had this lathe !!

    ps: I'm getting about the same mileage as you. With 75% Hwy. driving I get ~24-25 mpg.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    I've often wondered about this myself although I have a 5th gen. max. At the time I bought mine, If you compared prices between a fully loaded SE and the GLE, you'd wind up paying more for the SE.

    I believe the same is true for the 6th. gen. You will probably pay more for a " loaded " SE than you would an SL. The difference in ride is marginal depending on how sensitive your " butt" is. The SE a has slightly stiffer ride , again depending on how sensitive you are.
  • max16max16 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know which NGK spark plug to use for a 2000 SE? I went to several websites and each one had a few to choose from.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    I bought PFR5G-11 NGK's ( gap @ .040 ) and am waiting to to hit 80,000 mi. to install them. Nissan recommends replacement @ 100K mi. but I don't want to wait that long. On a personal note, I would never use any other plug other than NGK's in a Nissan. I have never had ANY problems with them !! ( Don't ask me about Champions ).

    ps: if you want installation instructions, I believe you can purchase the factory manual ( CD format ) on ebay.
  • blbblb Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 2004 Maxima SE with 6 speed and have problems with it grinding when shifting from 1st to 2nd (mostly when it is cold out). Nissan replaced the transmission but I still have the problem. They also replaced the fluid but also no help. Their field service rep says it is normal gear noise. I have had 3 other Nissans (all manual), 85 Chevy Celebrity and others with manuals and never experienced grinding like this. I do not buy that it is normal gear noise and would NOT recommend a 6 speed Maxima.
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I know you wrote this a couple of weeks ago but I thought I'd chime in.

    My 02 SE had this minor recall done at one of my services. It was early on like maybe 15k. I only have 43k on it now. Anyway, ever since that recall was done, my car has had these vibrations at idle. It's weird because with idle problems, the tachometer usually fluctuates, but my tach doesn't move. It's been a minor annoyance. I didn't bother to check what the recall was at the time, and they just did the recall with my regular maint.
  • ceasarceasar Posts: 1
    well what needed to be done was for you to buy the bose adapter and get everything installed for free ! that is how it should be done, anything else is just them not knowing what they are doing.

  • jara97jara97 Posts: 2
    Really compared to the Avalon but impossible to get now and we weren't treated well at all in the two Toyota Dealers we visited. Got a loaded SL with navigation for around $30,500 was treated great at the dealer and am thrilled. Not sure for the money you can do better because I have tried them all. We have looked at different cars for over a year to include the Toyota Avalon, Lincoln ls, Pontiac Bonneville, Buick Lacrosse, Lexus RS 330, and apples for apples a very nice car indeed. Should we go with synthetic oil the first oil change? Book says 3750 miles but am thinking of having the first oil change done around 2000 miles. Also does anyone have any experience with the black nose cover as far as does it damage the paint etc. Bugs are terrible here and thinking of getting one. Great forum...Thanks in advance... :)

  • kennyg5kennyg5 Posts: 360
    Congrats on your new SL. I have looked at the 05 Avalon and think the interior looks much better than the SL. However, Maxima is known for its great engine, which I can attest to because I have 03 and 97 GLEs, and they have been very reliable. What I don't like about the Maxima is its rear suspension, and I don't think the suspension in the new Max has improved much.

    Also I believe Nissan's quality control has worsened in recent years because I hear a lot of people complain about fit and finish as well as rattles and squeaks. Heck, my 92 Max was perfect for more than 10 years. My neighbor's son bought it and he is very happy with it.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    Vinyl nose masks can be a problem. Typically, dirt and grit get underneath and can scratch the paint. Also, over a period of time, it may fog the paint underneath.
    I installed the 3M clearmask to the hood, bumper , mirrors. headlights and fog lights. So far I am very happy with the clearmask. It's costs a little more than a vinyl mask. It ran me about $300 to have it installed but it is really worth it imo.

    ps. Congrats on your '05 !!
  • Stay away from the mask. Bought one for my 05 SE from a local Nissan dealer, the mask will cause a severe vibration once you hit 65-70 mph.
  • Tell me more about the clearmask. My vinyl one doesn't work with the vibrations that it causes.
  • roar1roar1 Posts: 193
    There are places where you can buy the 3M clearmask online and install it yourself. IMO, I would definitely have this professionally installed.
    This is not the kind of product to experiment with on a new Maxima.

    I would start by asking several Nissan dealers who they use to install aftermarket products on their cars ( pin stripes, spoilers, etc. ). In particular, ask them WHO installs the" clearmask " film. Also, you can do a "google " search and possibly come up with some installers in your area.

    I am extremely happy with this product, especially the film that goes over the headlights. The headlight film is twice as thick as the film for the paint.

    I would also take a look at some cars that have the film already installed. This film is virtually 99.9% transparent but if you look hard you can see the film edge if you look for it. Some people think that the film line is objectionable, I don't. It's alot better than having a vinyl nose bra "flapping' around !!

    p.s. Whoever you get to do the job, ask them how many cars they have done ?
    The more, the better !!!!
  • sschumersschumer Posts: 19
    I'm interested in purchasing a Nissan Maxima SL (in the Bronze color). Wondering what changes Nissan might make for the '06 model. My understanding is that the changes from '04 to '05 were very minor. Anyone know if we should expect same for '06? Also, any idea when '06s would likely start showing up -- late Summer? Fall? Later? Bottom line, is it worth waiting for the 06s for any reason, or would you recommend just buying an '05 right now?
  • I was pricing a new Maxima and was quite disappointed to find that you can't get a red one with the Elite package. :confuse: I really don't understand the interrelation of some option packages on new cars. Well, the extra money for the rear heated buckets probably isn't worth it anyway.
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    alright... here's an update of my brake work over the weekend... what had happened was, i took my car over to the monroe shop in newington, CT to get my brakes checked, because of a seized caliper.. and they told me it would cost me $720, to fix my rear brakes, which consisted of new rotors(wagners) for both sides at $100 each, and new calipers for both sides at $200 each.. he also wanted to change my front rotors for an additional $350.. I told the guy.. i'll come back another day..

    I bought 4 new brembo oem rotors for about $56 each, we jacked the car up, put it on stands..and removed the wheels.. (only did the fronts for now) After 48k miles, those orig rotors looked rusty.. we proceeded to remove the caliper, which was held in place using 2 bolts requiring a 14mm socket.. that part of it wasn't that bad using a hand wrench.. it took a lil effort but got the bolts loose on one side.. the pain was the two bolts that held the bracket that the caliper sits on.. dont know the name of that part... that required a 19mm socket, but we broke the wrench in the process.. so we headed to sears and bought a air compressor with a air racket.. that was $350, but I split the cost of that with my cousin who does alot of work on his 3000gt.. we headed home to unbolt those 2 stubborn bolts.. as soon as we got those off, and removed the bracket... you could pull the rotors out without any effort... i put in the new rotor after cleaning them with rubbing alcohol, and then put the bracket back on... i've also noticed that the pads were almost brand new so those didn't need replacing... we opened up the hood, removed the cap to the brake fluid bottle and then we used a c clamp to push the piston that's on the caliper back into place.. and bolted the calipers back on.. after that, the wheel goes back on and we did the other side... after the wheels are on, replace the brake fluid cap and pump the brake petal a few times till the pressure builds back up in the system. now i just need to find some time to do the rear brakes... but i saved myself big time cash!
  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    I was annoyed to find that you cant get the Burnt Orange Leather without the Elite Package. :mad:
  • blyonsblyons Posts: 3
    Several months ago I requested help in figuring out what the bumping sound I was get under the floor on the passenger side. Someone was kind enough to suggest it was the strut and he was right but I can't find that message on here. Well I did take it bck to the dealer in Roswell, Ga. and they said it was the rubber piece between the strut and body (bushing). As soon as I drove off the lot I notice that the noise was gone.I did cost me about $15. I just wanted everyone to know. This is a great forum for info. THANKS!
  • Hey,
    I just got a 01 Maxima GLE equipped with the Bose 7 speaker package. I am wondering if I can hook up a regular amp with Infiniti sub to the system. I have heard rumors about ohms or frequency being different. Does anyone know anything about this, or how to do it?
  • For the age of this car it's been running great! However....the check engine light in my '89 Maxima goes on and off intermittently (were talking like once every month or so). Also, VERY frequently (like 3 times per trip), the speedometer seems to stop working then start up again (I have been told this is probably a speed sensor, if anyone knows where that is located I would love to know so I can replace it). Anyway, on the infrequent occasions that the check engine light DOES go on, it coincides exactly with the speedometer not working. When the speedometer picks back up, the light goes off. I probably won't see it again for another month, but the speedometer problem is constant. What is up with that? If y'all have an answer, you are my heroes!

    Thanks in advance,

    Todd In Folsom CA
  • vonnyvoncevonnyvonce Posts: 129
    My son tells me his 2000 Maxima pulls left or right when braking. There is no rhyme or reason about when this might happen and in what direction this might happen. Dealer checked it out after thinking semi-frozen calipers and said no, it was not that.

    Any ideas????
  • mdashalimdashali Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy a 2k Max SE. This will be first Nissan after years of Mazdas and Toyotas. Its got 69K. What kind of problem should I be looking for in near futher with this kind of mileage? What type of maintenance should have been done during 60K service?

  • sschumersschumer Posts: 19
    Have never owned a Maxima before, interested in buying one. New to this forum. I have flexibility in terms of buying an '05 now or waiting 'till the Fall to buy an '06. Plan to keep for many years. Any suggestions on pros and cons of possibly waiting for the '06? If I knew there'd be no or minor changes, I'd buy now.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Most common problems are quirky stereos, O2 sensors, brakes/rotors, sometimes trannys and especially common is bad COILS. If you can afford to go up to a 2002 the power differences are extremely noticeable, like night and day in the automatic, and the trannys were beefed up.
  • ccermakccermak Posts: 260
    Not sure on changes between 05 and 06, but from reading a lot, and being a current Nissan owner, I'd almost lean towards an 05 Avalon or TL instead. And that's coming from a Nissan fan. I just think the quality has slipped a bit in the last few years. Most would agree, even the diehards. Although there are still positives on the new Maxis.
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Posts: 433
    guess what folks... my 2000 maxima's driverside rear brakes (caliper) siezed up again while i was driving from NY to CT.... the reason i noticed it was because as i was driving on the highway, i noticed that my brake pressure was really really low, on certain braking attempts, the brake petal would go almost all the way to the floor when trying to brake..... now that's scary during bumper to bumper traffic..

    i pulled over to check the brake fluids which was fine...but noticed that the entire rear driverside was HOT... the wheel was hot to the touch... while the other 3 wheels were cool to the touch... i called Geico for a tow truck but in the mean time, i pumped the petal a few more times, and it seemed like the pressure was okay again.... i decided to take it slow and drove off.... i took a few stops to make sure it wasn't overheating... and paid attention to my brake petal.. which seemed to work again... and my wheel returned to normal temp... my next step is to completely change the rear caliper... if you have a 2000 or 2001, i would pay attention to the brakes..seems like its the one weak point on this car... brakes are scary when it doesn't work right................
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