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Kia Sorento Real World MPG



  • joehickjoehick Posts: 28
    Do you think Kia reads these blogs and do they care? I can tell you one thing that after speaking with there customer service people They could care less..
  • lanshilanshi Posts: 22
    Believe me Kia does not care whatsoever, I have told them about the blog and they just said they are trying to make things right. HA Has anyone gotten a good trade in for their Sorento, Looking to trading mine in. :confuse:
  • purchased KiaSorento 2013 i am sick with my mileage, 400 km to a 64 litre tank if im lucky.. was told 600.. how can they be wrong by 200 km??????? No one wants to help, dealership hasnt responded to my numerous calls , emails, complaints, had a scan said yes it was def on the low end of the specs... I hate it , it was over 40 thousand .. i want my money back, i complained the 1st week i had it, i was told .. wait till 10 k.. my god i cant afford to drive it to 10 k.. does anyone know of a class action suit in good old CANADA.. or had any luck getting a lawyer involved ..

    thanks.. :lemon:
  • I know this is for Hyundai, their step sister, but Kia may join in, posted on MSN 4 days ago :

    Owners can opt for a lump-sum payment or discounts at a Hyundai dealer. Kia's lawsuits are still pending.

    Hyundai will settle a class-action lawsuit after advertising incorrect fuel-economy estimates on about 600,000 cars sold in the U.S., according to court documents filed earlier this week.

    In November, when the Environmental Protection Agency discovered fraudulent estimates on 75 Hyundai and Kia models from 2011 to 2013, several car owners sued both companies (Kia is a subsidiary of Hyundai). The latest case filed in the Central District court of California has combined all 38 suits into one, according to Automotive News.

    The actual amount of the proposed settlement was not disclosed, although one individual suit wanted $775 million in damages to be paid. Kia is not part of the settlement but may join it, the report said.

    Before this settlement, Hyundai and Kia quickly responded with a lifetime cash reimbursement program to pay all affected owners the difference in gas money for as long as they own the cars. Owners have already signed up to receive preloaded debit cards each year depending on their annual mileage. Hyundai and Kia plan to pay out about $225 million and $187 million respectively.

    In total, about 900,000 owners are affected and stand to benefit from either payout.

    Owners who choose to be part of the settlement can no longer receive annual payments from the automaker. Instead, Hyundai owners can take a lump-sum payment, a service credit at a Hyundai dealer worth 150 percent of the lump-sum payment or a cash rebate valid on a new Hyundai equal to 200 percent of the lump-sum payment.

    Annual debit-card payments vary by state gas prices and model -- some saw their EPA ratings drop more than others -- but for a Californian owner of a 2012 Elantra driving 20,000 miles per year, the payout would be about $89, according to Automotive News.

    Ford is under an EPA investigation for similar claims that it inflated fuel-economy estimates on its C-Max and Fusion Hybrid models. Lawsuits are also pending.
  • thank you.. im thinking of just selling it.. but will keep my eyes open and go one msn
  • First of all they did not say you will get 32 miles to the gallon driving 70 miles an hour. If you drive 60 miles per hour you will notice a difference. If you back down driving 55 miles per hour on 55 speed limit road, you will get better yet. Why don't you try and drive 85 on the open highway and see if your mileage drops more. Anyone knows driving faster and stomping on your gas pedal will decrease your mileage. Next time ask at what speed you will get that mileage.
    Best of luck.
  • i drive like an old lady... no gas pedal to the metal... im off to montreal in a few days straight hwy .. we shall see what i get.. i just managed 389 km for my last full tank.. (ouch) at 75$ to fill.. come spring i may take the hit and sell on kijiji and find something def not awd.. and a 4 cyl.. i heard there is a class action suit here in CAN but cant find anyinfo on it.. so if anyone knows could you please let me know.. thanks
  • People can defend KIA all they want but when it comes down to it, they got busted and tried to half heartedly make amends. While many of us claim/can show that the mileage is worse than what they fess up to, we have the right to feel poorly about KIA. I have had plenty of cars that met, sometimes even exceeded the MPG EPA estimates under the same comfortable driving habits I still use...
    To add my misgivings about KIA, I note that the Soul was discounted dramatically (6 MPGS?), and they advertise a special price on the 2013 Sorento on a TV commercial here, while showing a 2014 model which is 80% new comes across as "dirty."
  • I know that is a bummer when you spend that kind of money and don't get what they suggest( in perfect weather) These vehicles could and should be getting 50 mpg but the gov has control on this and are making money on us buying more oil and gas. It is only going to get worse if we have the gov control everything. I have noticed that if you want great mileage you have to get the smallest engine and 2WD and a stick shift. But who wants to buy a stick.
    Have a good week.
  • Thank you for that information. I was actually going to look at the Kia sorento but have changed my mind now. I will keep looking also. Toyota and Honda and Subaru are my next ventures. The outback sounds good.
  • par732par732 Posts: 8
    Kia finally took my Sorrento and asked the dealer to test drive and establish the actual day to day driving mileage and after they kept the car for a day they reported that the best they can do is 19 MPG combined City/Highway (6 miles less than advertised #) and much less for the city. Then Kia called and told me to go screw myself because functionally there is nothing wrong with the car. I will wait to see what comes out of the class action lawsuit. Otherwise my mission in life is to inform people of the situation and if I convince one person not to buy Kia I am happy I am satisfied. I am trading this car with Toyota Highlander and convimced my brother to do the same thing.

    Good luck everyone.
  • joehickjoehick Posts: 28
    Your right, they stated we would get 28mpg highway, not that far off. And by the way Mileage was a key part of the buying element in my decision.
    I have posted here since day 1 that the mileage sucks. I have driven my vechicle at all speeds in many different situations and come up with the same mileage I have always recieved. I am lucky if I get 12-14 city and maybe 18-20 highway. And yes that is at 55mph
  • lanshilanshi Posts: 22
    I am up to 40,000+ miles and the mpg is still the same 26/27. I DO NOT PUT MY FOOT INTO IT as I drive 128 miles a day so I can't afford to waste gasoline. KIA dealerships could care less about the consumer believe me. Everytime I take it in I question it and they say they are still trying to do right. I have told them to forget it they will never do right in my books, they just plain and simple lied to us all. DON'T BUY A KIA SORENTO AND I ALWAYS SAY DON'T BUY A KIA THEY LIE TO YOU.
  • I am not having issues with my mpg. I get solid 22 mpg city and 29 - 30 highway. I have the '13 Sorento LX 4cyl GDI. I would probably due much better than 30 highway, but driving from Wisconsin to Indiana entails driving through Chicago and I usually run 75 - 85mph so I don't get run over. I just turned over 12K miles.
  • After about 14,000 miles, my 2013 Sorento started to drive erratically. The transmission can't decide what gear to be in and the engine no longer has any torque. I have taken it to the dealer three times now, and each time they keep telling me that it is driving correctly. That's pretty strange because for the first 10 months, it generally drove fine, though with crappy gas mileage. Then one day it started to occasionally drive odd, and then it became a permanent. When driving up an incline, it shifts down two gears, snaps your neck from the unexpected acceleration, then shifts back up, and then back down... rinse and repeat.

    I simply hate my Sorento. I am looking at offloading it so I can get a more trustworthy car.
  • Length of ownership-34 days; 820 miles on OD; type of driving- no daily commuting (retired), mostly rural area driving as needed or desired, an occasional hypermile (traffic permitting) and no extended travelling as yet to determine "highway-only" mileage; gas mileage obtained-23.3 mpg. I enjoy my Sorento. I traded in a '12 Ford Fusion that offered up 25-26 plus mpg with the same driving type as described above. I wanted a vehicle that offered more utility and mpg's that I can live with. I found that and more (unbelievable list of standard equipment with the EX trim) in my '14 Sorento.
  • I am curious. I have the exact same model and avg 22 mpg no matter what. My miles are easily 90% hwy and very little city. There is no way that I can reach your mpg of 29-30. Are you hand calculating this or are you going off the dashboard numbers?
  • Does anyone have any information on the class action or any individal settlements with Kia regard the MPG misrepresentation? I have done much research and cannot find any updates or even if the action is still pending. Someone somewhere has to have some info on where this is all at, or have those with the big pockets buried it from public knowledge????
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited November 2013
    I don't know about any class actions. Kia "settled" with the EPA after that agency investigated.

    Hyundai and Kia To Compensate Consumers for Overstating Mileage Claims

    Here's the quick link:
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